Chapter 842 – Chaotic Divine Artifact

At the first glimmer of dawn the next day, Chen Xi awoke from his meditation before raising his eyes to look at the first ray of the morning sun that passed through the window. He was silent for a long time before pulling himself together, and then he took a bath and left his room.

A new day was a new beginning. Wen Tianxiao had left, so some things should be kept in the heart, yet not become a barrier that blocked one’s path.

Teng Lan was already waiting outside, and he nodded when he saw Chen Xi come out. “If there’s nothing else, then we’ll leave right away. The Eldest Young Miss has already arranged for everything in the Eastern Emperor County.”

Chen Xi nodded.


After a short moment, a shuttle shaped treasured carriage dashed out of Crimson Swallow City, and it crushed through the layer of clouds as it tore through the sky.

The interior of the treasured carriage was rather huge, firm, and comfortable. There was even tables, desks, and quiet rooms to meditate in within the treasured carriage, causing it to seem like a miniature mobile fortress.

Chen Xi lay on a cushioned bench while sizing up the jade slip in his hand with narrowed eyes.

The jade slip was given to him by Teng Lan, and it recorded matters related to the four great clans and the Grand Deduction Tower in detail.

Since the creation of the Talisman Dimension, its conditions had been established. The Liang, Gu, Yin, and Luo Clans possessed an absolute position of control.

Similarly, it was precisely the forces of these four great clans that had always been protecting the Talisman Dimension.

These four clans were respectively situated in the Eastern Emperor County, Dark Emperor County, Phoenix Queen County, and Demon Forefather County. The four counties stood in the position of the four-symbols, and they guarded the surroundings of the imperial city.

The history of every clan’s inheritance was extremely ancient, their forces were enormous, and their hidden resources and reserves were deep. They far exceeded ordinary extraordinary powers.

For example, the jade slip stated that merely the Luo Clan possessed over 100 Earthly Immortal Realm experts, over 10 Heavenly Immortals, and there were even some old seniors that lived in seclusion and protected the Luo Clan. It was extremely shocking.

Most importantly, each of these four great clans possessed an ultimate treasure. It was the foundation of the establishment of their clans, and it was also their greatest reliance to stand safely through the boundless ages.

These treasures were respectively the Liang Clan’s Heaven Discernment Ruler, the Gu Clan’s Earthgod’s Seal, the Yin Clan’s World Suppression Tower, and the Luo Clan’s Dao Severance Sword!

These four Chaotic Divine Artifacts that came from the primeval times weren’t just great weapons of slaughter that shook the primeval times, they provided great contributions during the creation of the Talisman Dimension.

For example, the Heaven Discernment Ruler had divided Virtue Energy and established the rules and regulations of the Talisman Dimension.

The Earthgod’s Seal created the mountains, rivers, and cities in the Talisman Dimension.

The World Suppression Tower created the dimensional barriers of the Talisman Dimension.

The Dao Severance Sword extracted a portion of the Laws of the Heaven Dao to be transformed into the current unique circulation of the Heaven Dao in the Talisman Dimension. 

Simply speaking, to the entire Talisman Dimension, the existence of these four Chaotic Divine Artifacts were like saint artifacts that created the world, and they were unique existences that ordinary Immortal Artifacts couldn’t compare to at all.

On the other hand, the Grand Deduction Tower at the center of the imperial city was like the heart of the Talisman Dimension, and it was the source of the energy of the heavens and the earth within the Talisman Dimension!

It was common knowledge that the energy of the heavens and the earth within the Talisman Dimension wasn’t spirit energy, Shaman Energy, or Immortal Energy; it was Virtue Energy. In other words, the existence of the Grand Deduction Tower allowed the Talisman Dimension to possess Virtue Energy that could be disseminated to everyone.

Losing the Grand Deduction Tower would cause the entire Talisman Dimension to become an empty shell that only looked impressive from the outside, so its importance was even greater than the four Chaotic Divine Artifacts.

Chen Xi heaved a long sigh after he finished reading the jade slip in his hand carefully, and then he closed his eyes for a long time before he digested all of this.

At this moment, he finally possessed directly perceived knowledge and experience of the Talisman Dimension, and he finally understood how enormous the four great clans were.

After that, he suddenly realized something and asked. “When one advances into the Heavenly Immortal Realm, doesn’t one have to ascend into the Immortal Dimension? Why do the four great clans still possess so many Heavenly Immortal Realm experts holding down the fort?”

Teng Lan seemed to not be surprised by Chen Xi’s question, and he replied. “Have you sensed the descent of the heavenly tribulation in the Talisman Dimension?”

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding. It was because of the difference in the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Talisman Dimension. Even he who was taken to be a ‘variant’ by the Laws of the Heaven Dao could stay safely in the Talisman Dimension for a long time without worrying about drawing the divine light of judgment, let alone those Heavenly Immortal Realm experts?

“The Talisman Dimension is an extremely unusual existence, and unlike the Mortal Dimension, Immortal Dimension, and Netherworld, it forms a system of its own. Comparatively speaking, it’s absolutely the weakest amongst all the various worlds, but the reason it’s able to stand until today and not be engulfed by the other worlds is the Grand Deduction Tower.” Teng Lan spoke gradually, and his usually calm gaze couldn’t help but reveal a slight sheen of admiration. “So long as the Grand Deduction Tower stands, not a single person in the universe is capable of shaking the existence of the Talisman Dimension. I’m not sure about the exact reason either, but this is the common view of everyone within the Talisman Dimension, and everyone firmly believes it to the extreme.”

Chen Xi was stunned and couldn’t help but wonder. Exactly what sort of existence is the Grand Deduction Tower? Could it be that it’s even more formidable than the gods, devils, and rulers of the various worlds?

He asked curiously. “Then why did the opening of the Grand Deduction Tower this time draw over numerous experts?”

Teng Lan said calmly, “A cultivation technique.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He’d thought of countless types of possibilities, yet he just happened to have never thought of this one.

A cultivation technique?

What sort of cultivation technique is capable of drawing over countless experts that live in seclusion?

It’s even to the extent that people have come in succession from the Immortal Dimension?

Moreover, Senior Sister Li Yang wouldn’t have asked me to ascend the Grand Deduction Tower for this cultivation technique as well, right?

“It’s absolutely not so simple to ascend the Grand Deduction Tower. Since the creation of the Talisman Dimension until today, the amount of people that have successfully ascended its peak can be counted with a single hand.” Teng Lan couldn’t help but sigh slightly. “Even all the members of the four great clans that relied on the four great Chaotic Divine Artifacts are very rarely able to accomplish it.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “How difficult is it?”

Teng Lan turned to glance at Chen Xi, and then he said with a smile, “You’ll understand once you get there. Since the beginning, a few tens of thousands of cultivators would be drawn over every single time the Grand Deduction Tower was opened, yet less than a ten thousandth are capable of entering, whereas someone capable of ascending to the top is even rarer, and it wouldn’t be going too far to describe it as being rare like phoenix feathers and qilin horns.”

When he spoke up to here, he seemed to have thought of something, and then a strange expression appeared in his eyes. “But this time is unlike before. The Eldest Young Miss has prepared sufficient means. So long as nothing unexpected occurs, it’s greatly possible to ascend the top of the tower.”

Chen Xi acutely grasped a few key words in what Teng Lan had said — If nothing unexpected happens and greatly possible. This seemed to be indicating that the opening of the Grand Deduction Tower this time was filled with variables, and even Teng Lan didn’t dare give him a certain answer.

“There’s no need to think so much about it. Your Cousin Sister A’Li ascended the peak of the Grand Deduction Tower the last time. Perhaps you’ll be able to achieve it as well this time,” said Teng Lan with a smile.

Chen Xi didn’t take this seriously, and he even dared be sure that even though Teng Lan had spoke like this, Teng Lan was probably encouraging him and didn’t believe that he was really capable of achieving it.

Chen Xi didn’t say anything and just smiled.

The speed of the shuttle shaped treasure carriage was extremely swift, and it was practically on par with teleportation. But even then, they still flew for six hours before arriving at Eastern Emperor County.

Unlike the cities, the Eastern Emperor County was simply like a large scale kingdom, and it was exceedingly vast and magnificent. When looked at from up above in the sky, he wasn’t even able to see the end of the city walls.

Even though he was mentally prepared from the beginning, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh slightly with admiration in his heart when he saw such a magnificent county city, and it was extremely difficult for him to imagine exactly who had constructed such a huge city all those years ago.


The treasured carriage descended to the ground before Teng Lan put it away with a raise of his hand, and then they walked shoulder to shoulder towards the distant city gate.

At this moment, Chen Xi noticed that Liang Bing, who wore her polished and sharp shoes, had her arms crossed before her chest while waiting before the lofty city gate that was an entire 3km tall and 300m wide.

Her wavy golden hair was curled into a bun behind her head, revealing her gorgeous and icy cold face, and her waist was slim while her figure was hot and graceful. She was like an imposing queen as she stood proudly before the city gate, and she actually carried a domineering imposing aura of being capable of holding back an army by herself.

Two rows of old men and women stood behind her at both sides. All of them had solemn expressions and steady bearings, and their auras were deep like oceans while bolts of lightning seemed to radiate from their eyes as they blinked. They were actually Earthly Immortal Realm experts!

Further behind was a dense expanse of servants, maidservants, attendants, guards… A rough estimate put them at around a few hundred. Moreover, the most astounding of it all was that the lowest cultivation amongst these servants was actually at the Rebirth Realm!

How could such a vast array be described as just ‘ceremonious?’

Even Teng Lan’s gaze was shaken briefly when he saw this scene, and then he understood the reason behind this, causing him to smile while keeping silent.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

The sharp and polished shoe stepped on the flat and smooth ground, causing clear and rhythmic footsteps to resound, and then Liang Bing who possessed an extraordinary figure and an icy cold expression suddenly bowed slightly as she said, “I never imagined such an unfortunate event would occur, and I’m deeply sorry. I’ll make it up to your friend.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she straightened her slender waist and stared at Chen Xi.

Even though she’d merely bowed slightly, and the extent of it was so small that it could be overlooked and disregarded, but those people behind Liang Bing saw this scene, all of them were shocked in their hearts and slightly didn’t dare believe their eyes.

After all, this Eldest Young Miss of theirs was the most cold and proud person, and she acted in a fierce and overbearing manner.  Who would have imagined that she would apologize to someone?

Originally, even though they were arranged to come here and receive someone here by Liang Bing, they felt slightly indifferent when they saw the person was only an extremely young little fellow. But now, along with this action of Liang Bing’s, their gazes towards Chen Xi had changed slightly.

Truthfully speaking, Chen Xi was slightly shaken as well when he saw Liang Bing had set up such a huge array to receive him, but along with her completing her apology, he instantly understood that all of this was her sincerity towards this apology, and it was for the sake of eliminating any ill feelings in his heart.

He stretched out his right hand and said, “We meet again.”

Liang Bing was slightly stunned when she saw Chen Xi do this, and then she seemed to have realized something, causing her sexy and moist lips to curl into an imperceptible arc before she stretched out her hand to lightly hold and release his hand. “Indeed.”

When they witnessed this scene, everyone present here, including Teng Lan, stared with eyes wide open from their shock, and their jaws almost hit the floor. This fellow actually dares to shake the Eldest Young Miss’s hand?

Most importantly, the Eldest Young Miss agreed!? 

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