Chapter 841 – The Luo Clan’s Young Master

Chen Xi had never imagined that he would actually be swept into such a vortex as soon as he arrived at the Talisman Dimension, and this feeling of being schemed against by another caused him to feel unprecedentedly furious.

“Aren’t you extremely furious? This is the consequence of being related to Liang Bing.” Yao Luwei spoke abruptly. “If you’re willing, then I can introduce you to Young Master Luo. Your strength is extremely extraordinary, and you’re a genius. So long as you help Young Master Luo deal with Liang Bing, then the benefits you receive after that will absolutely exceed your imagination.”

Chen Xi raised his eyes and stared at this woman who had a malicious heart, and he said, “Do you think I would even want that?”

As he spoke, he exerted strength with his palm like a clamp, and it grasped onto Yao Luwei to the point her neck bones emitted clear cracking sounds, and blood was almost squeezed out of her face.

“Could it be that you don’t want to obtain the treasures on the Grand Deduction Tower?” Yao Luwei was terrified to the point of crying out in a sharp voice.

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s palm loosened as he said, “Continue.”

Yao Luwei heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, and then she said, “So long as you don’t kill me, then everything can be discussed.”

As she spoke, a trace of a cunning expression suddenly flashed in her eyes. In the next moment, her entire body had suddenly transformed into a thumb sized snake that swished out of Chen Xi’s palm before flying off into the distance.


However, she’d just flown out less than 30m away when she seemed to have collided with a shapeless wall, and her entire body shook violently.

“The surrounding space has already been sealed up by me, otherwise, why do you think those Cosmos Beasts didn’t attack us?” Chen Xi stood there without moving, and a wisp of chilly ridicule suffused the corners of his mouth.

With a flash of light, Yao Luwei revealed her original form while she sized up the surroundings with terror. Sure enough, she noticed that the surrounding space had indeed been sealed up by a terrifying force.

Her face instantly went pale while she was really in panic this time, and she cried out involuntarily. “No! Don’t kill me! We can talk about it! I’ll agree to anything! I’m even willing to be your servant!”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “Even if we were to negotiate, you don’t have the qualifications.”


In the next moment, Chen Xi’s sword had slashed off Yao Luwei’s right arm.

Yao Luwei let out a shrill cry, and her face warped to the limit.

When she saw Chen Xi’s sword slashing over once more while she was unable to dodge no matter what because a strand of pure killing intent had always been locked onto her, she couldn’t refrain from howling. “You can’t kill me! I’m someone Young Master Luo took a fancy to. If you kill me, then you won’t be able to escape the Luo Clan’s pursuit no matter how formidable you are!”

“The Luo Clan?” Chen Xi seemed to be pondering, and then the Talisman Armament spun before its blade pointed at Yao Luwei from afar as he said indifferently, “I’ll get even with that Young Master Luo you spoke of as well…”

Yao Luwei was really stunned this time. “You…you want to kill Young Master Luo? You’re mad, you’re absolutely mad! Do you know who he is? Do you think the Luo Clan’s forces are limited only in…”


A sword howl resounded out as a trace of blood appeared on Yao Luwei’s throat, and she couldn’t speak another word any longer as her expression froze while her head parted from her body. 


“I’m sorry. I was careless.” Within a quiet room in the Ninth Rank Hall, Teng Lan’s brows knit together tightly while he kept silent for a long time before raising his eyes to stare at Chen Xi, and he said slowly, “I never expected that the forces of the Luo Clan have penetrated everything. I’ll give you an explanation for this.”

His voice was calm, yet it revealed a strand of deep killing intent. Obviously, he felt slightly guilty for Wen Tianxiao’s death.

Chen Xi went silent for a long time, and then he said, “Can you help me do something?”

Teng Lan said, “Tell me what it is.”

Chen Xi took out the bottle that contained Wen Tianxiao’s ashes, and then he said, “Take him back to the Woodheart World to be buried.”

Teng Lan received it carefully before he nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you take care of it.”

“Thank you.” Chen Xi stood up and left.

Everything that had occurred today caused him to feel rather uncomfortable, and he kept thinking, exactly whose fault was it?

Was it the Luo Clan?

Or Liang Bing?

Or perhaps it was as Yao Luwei said, it was him?

Chen Xi sat cross-legged silently within his room and fell into deep contemplation for a long time, and then a wisp of firmness suddenly flashed past his eyes. Since this matter arose because of the Luo Clan, then the consequences had to be borne by the Luo Clan!


Demon Forefather City, Luo Clan.

Luo Zixuan who wore white clothed was like an infuriated lion as he sat at the center seat, and he stared coldly at the servant that knelt on the distant ground as he said, “She refused again?”

His appearance was handsome, with red lips and white teeth, but the space between his brows carried a baleful aura, and he seemed to be extremely ruthless and overbearing. A mere few words spoken by him were like thorns of ice that caused one’s heart to go cold.

The servant’s body trembled while he lowered his head even more while he knelt, and he replied respectfully. “Second Young Master, y…yes.”


Luo Zixuan slapped his palm on the table, causing the table that was made from 10,000 year old golden zhennan wood to shatter and transform into bits of wood.

“Damnable Liang Bing! Could it be that she hasn’t clearly understood the situation?” Luo Zixuan gritted his teeth while the flames of rage in his eyes seemed to be capable of incinerating space.

The servant was terrified to the point of becoming silent like a cicada in the winter.

“Fuck off! Useless trash!” Luo Zixuan shouted explosively while his eyes were suffused with a wisp of dense detest.

That servant seemed as if he was freed from a crime and the way he withdrew himself seemed almost like he was fleeing.

“Young Master, why fuss about it with a servant? The reason that Liang Bing is persisting might be because she has something to rely on.” A beautiful and graceful figure swayed as it moved over from the side.

Her waist was slender while her figure was alluring, and her eyes that were shaped like the petals of peach blossoms seemed charming and watery. As soon as she walked out, she sat onto Luo Zixuan’s lap while her snow white and smooth arms embraced his neck, and she said with a tender voice, “Keep calm in the face of everything. This is what you always say.”

Luo Zixuan’s expression eased up while he raised his hand to stroke this young woman’s smooth and soft black hair that was like a waterfall, and he sighed. “Yu Long, do you think I can keep calm when the Grand Deduction Tower is about to be opened up? Liang Bing obviously holds the intention of going against me!”

When he spoke up to here, the flames of rage in his heart rose gradually, and he gritted his teeth as he said, “That woman looks like a bitch to me, and she doesn’t know how to appreciate my kindness! If she were to join with me in marriage, then relying on the two Chaotic Divine Artifacts, the Heaven Discernment Ruler and Dao Severance Sword, we would be entirely capable of entering the highest level of the Grand Deduction Tower. But it just so happens that this bitch won’t agree. She truly deserves death!”

The seductive young woman called Yu Long chuckled as she said, “Young Master, since she’s being stubborn, then what are you holding back for? Presently, aren’t the Gu Clan and Yin Clan standing by Young Master’s side in secret? Why don’t you join forces with them to capture that little bitch Liang Bing alive and force her to submission?”

“Those two clans?” A trace of a cold smile appeared on the corners of Luo Zixuan’s mouth. “The forces of the Gu Clan left the Talisman Dimension a long time ago, and only that good for nothing Gu Liushui was left behind. As for the Yin Clan, they colluded with the forces of the Netherworld a long time ago, yet they went for wool and came home shorn. Even their Chaotic Divine Artifact, the World Suppression Tower, was cheated away from them, so it’s difficult for them to be achieve any success.”

Yu Long chuckled. “Young Master, you can’t say that. No matter how the Gu Clan and Yin Clan has fallen, they are two of the four great clans of the Talisman Dimension in the end. If our three clans were able to join forces, it would be quite a big amount of pressure to that Liang Bing. After that, you can stand out and invite the Immortal Dimension’s…”

“Shut up!” Luo Zixuan’s gaze went cold as he suddenly interrupted her. “Don’t blame me for being the first to cripple you if you mention this matter again!”

Even though she was sitting on Luo Zixuan’s lap, being stared at by his icy cold and ruthless gaze caused Yu Long’s body to go cold, and she couldn’t feel a trace of warmth any longer.

“Leave.” Luo Zixuan waved his hand and drove her out of the hall.

“Right. I’ve been providing them with good food and amusement all the time, it’s time to pay a visit to those Young Masters and Young Misses from the Immortal Dimension.” He stayed in the hall and pondered for a long time before a wisp of a slight smile suddenly appeared on the corners of his mouth, and then he stood up and tidied his clothes before walking out with large strides.

“Young Master.” Luo Zixuan had just walked out of the hall when that servant from before had returned in panic, and the servant knelt on the ground with a thump as soon as he saw Luo Zixuan. “News has come from Crimson Swallow City, the Shadow Guard Yao Luwei has been killed!”

The wisp of a smile on the corners of Luo Zixuan’s mouth that had just appeared instantly froze, and the veins on his forehead bulged while his handsome face turned horrifyingly gloomy. He kicked the servant and shouted explosively. “Trash! A bunch of trash! All of you can’t even accomplish some trivial matters. What’s the use of keeping all of you!?”

How could that servant withstand the force of his kick? The servant directly curled up on the ground while coughing up large mouthfuls of blood, and he almost lost his life.

After a short moment, Luo Zixuan gasped rapidly for breath and finally calmed his mood, and then he couldn’t be bothered to spare another glance to the servant that lay on the ground like a dead dog before he left.

Wonder Manor.

This was the most luxurious manor in the Luo Clan’s Estate. At this moment, musicians were playing divine songs that were like the sound of nature while rows of beautiful women shook their slim waists as they danced about. Fragrance drifted through the air while ribbons fluttered about, and it was extremely pleasing to the eye.

There were a few young men and young women sitting and watching. They enjoyed themselves drinking wine with delight, and there was even a group of young women carefully serving them at the side.

These bastards really know how to enjoy a life of leisure… When Luo Zixuan entered the Wonder Manor and saw such a scene, the corners of his mouth twitched imperceptibly.

After that, he walked over with a bright smile. “Fellow Daoists, I’ve come to disturb all of you.”

Not long after, Luo Zixuan got along with all of them.

“Junior Brother Luo, do you have something weighing on your mind?” A tall and thin young man who wore a colorful robe spoke abruptly.

Luo Zixuan was delighted in his heart and sighed. “Alas, what else? It’s Liang Bing.”

The young man in a colorful robe smiled proudly when he heard this. “What’s so difficult about this trivial matter? Junior Brother Luo, why don’t we accompany you over there to see Liang Bing?”

Luo Zixuan hesitated. “Is this…suitable?”

The young man in a colorful robe roared with laughter and said, “We came here and received the wonderful and cordial treatment of Junior Brother Luo, thus since you have a problem, how can we sit idly by?”

The others nodded with smiles on their faces when they heard this.

Luo Zixuan was delighted and said, “Then I’ll be troubling Fellow Daoists, and I’ll surely present all of you with a great gift once we’re successful!”

“Hey, you’re treating us like outsiders by saying that.” The young man patted Luo Zixuan on his shoulder and said unhurriedly. “At that time, you only have to bring us along into the Grand Deduction Tower.”

Luo Zixuan’s face froze momentarily, and then he said with a smile, “Leave it to me.” But, his smile was clearly slightly forced.

He knew that even though these fellows spoke of it lightly, they were surely covetous towards the secret treasures at the highest level of the Grand Deduction Tower, and he felt a wave of unhappiness in his heart when he thought of this.

The young man in a colorful robe roared with laughter once again, and then he said repeatedly, “Eat and drink, eat and drink. We’ll leave once the feast ends and head to Eastern Emperor City!”

Luo Zixuan laughed along with them and finished the wine in his cup, but he gritted his teeth in his heart instead. You bunch of idiots! Would I have to invite all of you over if Liang Bing was so easy to deal with? 

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