Chapter 840 – Malicious Woman

The Cosmos Beasts were like a black and dense torrent that covered the heavens and the earth as they blocked before Crimson Swallow City, and everywhere that met the eye was the sound of horrifying battle.

When Chen Xi arrived here, his enormous Divine Sense stretched out to search carefully, and after a short moment, his heart went cold because there was actually no trace of Wen Tianxiao on the battlefield!

He took a deep breath before his figure flashed into the battlefield that was filled with fierce battles, and his figure flickered a few times to arrive in front of a young man before his fist smashed out.


The young man didn’t even have the chance to react when he felt his stomach was struck by a sledgehammer, and his figure instantly curled up while his handsome features warped.

After that, Chen Xi pulled on his hair before giving him a knee to the gut. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A wave of the sound of bones cracking resounded out as Chen Xi struck numerous times before stopping.

As soon as Chen Xi let go, the young man wanted to let out a shrill cry, but the sharp blade on his throat caused him to swallow back all his shrill cries.

“Tell me where Wen Tianxiao is! If you don’t answer me in the time of three breaths, then I’ll refine your body, extract your Soul Core, and you’ll wish you could die forever.” Chen Xi spoke coldly.

This young man was precisely Chen Yuan who followed by Thousand Fortune Granny’s side. Since he’d appeared in the battlefield, Chen Xi didn’t have to guess to know that he surely knew everything.

After he saw Chen Xi, Chen Yuan was horrified, and he almost forgot the intense pain in his entire body. Never had he imagined that this fellow would actually be able to survive after Thousand Fortune Granny had made a move.

Doesn’t this mean that Thousand Fortune Granny is dead?

When he thought up to here, Chen Yuan’s entire body couldn’t help but start trembling. Isn’t this too terrifying? A fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm annihilated Thousand Fortune Granny who was at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. If news of this were to be spread, would anyone believe it?

“One.” Chen Xi started counting.

Chen Yuan suddenly recovered from his shock when he heard this, and then he said hastily, “He… He… He…” He knew the situation was bad as soon as he spoke, and he didn’t know how to continue.

“Two.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

Chen Yuan felt the killing intent beneath the calm in Chen Xi’s eyes strongly, and icy coldness arose in his heart while his soul almost left his body. He didn’t dare hesitate any longer and said, “He… is dead…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he had a dejected expression that was filled with despair and helplessness because he knew very well that Chen Xi would absolutely not let him off after finding out about all this.

Chen Xi’s heart constricted, and he went silent for a moment before he said, “Who did it?” His voice was still calm yet didn’t carry any emotion, and the more it was like this, the more terrifying it was.

Under these circumstances, Chen Yuan had given up on any possibility of survival, and he only hoped he would be able to die a swifter death and not suffer while being unable to seek death, so he said bitterly, “Me and Junior Sister Bi Yin.”

“Where’s his corpse?” Chen Xi spoke with an emotionless expression. When he spoke the word ‘corpse,’ his heart couldn’t help but tremble.

Chen Yuan pointed into the distance.


In the next moment, Chen Yuan’s neck had been twisted, and even his Soul Core had been shattered by an enormous force, causing him to perish completely. Perhaps he knew a long time ago that he would die for sure, yet he probably never imagined that he would die to suddenly and straightforwardly?

Chen Xi casually tossed Chen Yuan’s corpse like he was throwing trash into the mouth of a Cosmos Beast that charged over, and he’d descended to the ground in the next moment before starting to search carefully.

The battle between him and Thousand Fortune Granny had only occurred for a short moment, and it was less than 10 minutes of time since then until he returned here. So even if Wen Tianxiao had been killed, it would have surely occurred not too long ago, and perhaps his Soul Core hadn’t dispersed completely…

But in next to no time, Chen Xi had completely given up this trace of hope in his heart.

He saw Wen Tianxiao fallen on the ground while covered in blood. His legs had already been trampled into a pool of mush, and his upper body didn’t suffer the trampling of other Cosmos Beasts because the corpse of an enormous Cosmos Beast had covered his body.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm, without any emotion, and he squatted down by Wen Tianxiao’s side.

He slowly held Wen Tianxiao’s hand, and he noticed a jade slip was tightly held in Wen Tianxiao’s palm. Even if he’d already died, Wen Tianxiao’s fingers still held tightly onto this jade slip, and Chen Xi could discern that it was a Soundsaver Jade Slip from the cracks between Wen Tianxiao’s fingers.

“I… I’ll return what I owe you…in my next…lifetime…”

Chen Xi crushed the jade slip while a short and hoarse voice sounded out from within. It was only a few words, yet it was spoken with extreme difficulty and strain.

Chen Xi knew that Wen Tianxiao had left this for him before death, but he never expected that Wen Tianxiao would still not forget this matter before death.

Chen Xi seemed to be able to see Wen Tianxiao standing before him and patting his chest with a surging heroic spirit. “I, Wen Tianxiao, am a cultured person, and I admit my defeats!”

Originally, they were supposed to be fighting together before they parted temporarily, yet it had become the last time in their lives.

Wen Tianxiao was a domineering and profligate Young Master indeed. He was one that  cursed all the time and was madly addicted to gambling. But he wasn’t scheming. He was different from the Bai Clan’s Bai Gunan. Bai Gunan’s domineeringness was only for the sake of concealing his inner thoughts, whereas Wen Tianxiao’s domineering attitude was entirely a type of carefree disposition.

So long as such a person took another as their friend, it would be a true friend without any defenses set up between them.

Wen Tianxiao was a friend that Chen Xi had made by chance after entering the Talisman Dimension. Now, Wen Tianxiao had left in such a way, and it caused Chen Xi to actually be unable to accept it.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and felt that killing intent was slowly seething in his chest! He didn’t have the strength to go against the Luo Clan, but he could give a deep and crushing lesson to those that played a part in this!

Subsequently, Chen Xi silently incinerated Wen Tianxiao’s corpse before carefully placing Wen Tianxiao’s ashes into a bottle in the Buddha’s Pagoda. 

Fallen leaves return to its roots, just like a fallen man returns home.

After he finished doing all this, Chen Xi turned around and flashed off like a shuttle, and he moved through the battlefield that was covered in violent battles while looking indifferently at everything in  the surroundings as if he was unrelated to the battle.

In the end, he stopped at a remote corner.

In the distance, a young woman with a cold expression was fighting Cosmos Beasts. Her moves weren’t swift and fierce, yet no Cosmos Beast in her surroundings was capable of approaching her.

Her expression seemed to be anxious, and her gaze frequently swept into the distance as if she was waiting for someone.

This young woman was precisely Bi Yin, Chen Yuan’s companion.

Chen Xi’s expression was cold and indifferent, and his calm gaze contained a wisp of seething killing intent. But right at the instant he intended to make a move, an unexpected event occurred.

An ordinary rock on the ground at a corner by Bi Yin’s side flashed abruptly, and then it transformed into a beautiful figure that held a crescent blade and approached Bi Yin silently.

The figure was like an assassin that walked in the darkness.


The crescent blade pierced into Bi Yin’s back and split her chest apart, causing a strand of scarlet red blood to spray out.

Bi Yin’s expression turned pale when she encountered this sudden change in events, and she turned around and saw a beautiful face that was icy cold and murderous. She opened her mouth with the intention of letting out a miserable and shrill cry, yet her mouth was covered by the person before her, and then a blade tore through her neck, causing her head to drop to the ground.

The entire process occurred in the blink of an eye, and it was unbelievably quick to the point it was horrifying. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly before it recovered to normal.

“I’m sorry, I was late.” The beautiful figure that was like an assassin was precisely Yao Luwei, and she tossed away Bi Yin’s corpse before walking over apologetically.

Chen Xi remained silent.

“Young Master Wen was unfortunate and suffered calamity, and I feel rather guilty in my heart. If it wasn’t for me introducing him to the Blacksoul Gang to participate in their bets, such a horrifying incident wouldn’t have occurred.” Yao Luwei approached and stood by Chen Xi’s side as she spoke seriously.

Chen Xi turned around and suddenly stretched out his right arm like a bolt of lightning, and he grabbed Yao Luwei’s throat. At the same time, his left hand stretched out like a sledgehammer as it fiercely smashed onto the air beneath his ribs.


A crescent blade that was like a venomous snake leaving its lair hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when it was struck by his fist to the point of droning violently and dropping to the ground.

Yao Luwei was greatly shocked, and her expression changed indeterminately while staring fixedly at Chen Xi. She seemed to not dare believe that she would fail, and she said with a trembling voice, “You…knew since the beginning?”

“I knew since the moment I noticed his corpse that it was absolutely impossible to kill him in such a short period of time while relying solely on Chen Yuan’s and Bi Yin’s strength.” Chen Xi’s gaze seemed icy cold like a blade, and it descended onto Yao Luwei’s face while his voice didn’t carry the slightest emotion. He said calmly, “I looked at his injuries, and the lethal injury came from the left side of his back, and it just happened to be similar to the technique you utilized to assassinate this young woman. Moreover, only you would be capable of catching him off guard like that.”

Yao Luwei recovered her calm when she heard this, and then she said, “Looks like I still underestimated you.”

“Why did you do this?” asked Chen Xi.

“The leader of the Blacksoul Gang is my Martial Uncle, yet he died because of you. Do you think I shouldn’t take revenge?” Yao Luwei gritted her teeth while a wisp of hatred flashed in her eyes.


Chen Xi gave her a hard slap, causing blood to spray out of her mouth and nose, and her beautiful face instantly swelled up.

At this moment, her throat was choked by Chen Xi, causing it to be difficult for her to even breathe, and now that this slap struck her to the point her hair was disheveled, and her face covered in blood, she seemed rather miserable.

This caused her entire body to tremble while she was both furious and terrified. She wanted to let out a shrill cry but when she encountered the killing intent within Chen Xi’s eyes that didn’t carry a trace of emotion, she instantly shut her mouth.

“I’ll ask you one last time. Why did you do this? Don’t blame me for utilizing special techniques to force it out of you if you lie again.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

Yao Luwei was stunned while her swollen face was filled with astonishment, and she gritted her teeth and said after a long moment, “Because you’re someone by Liang Bing’s side. Do you know? Wen Tianxiao died because of you!”

Chen Xi’s heart sank while his expression remained emotionless.

“You probably never imagined that I would be a secret guard by Second Young Master Luo’s side, and I received the orders to approach you from the moment Liang Bing brought you into Leaping Tiger City…”

“While we were at Golden Mulberry Village, I knew I was unable to capture you, so I headed to Crimson Swallow City beforehand. I originally intended to utilize the might of the Blacksoul Gang to capture you and send you to the Luo Clan before using you to coerce Liang Bing.”

“But I never expected that the situation would unfold in a way that far exceeded my expectations. That bitch, Liang Bing, actually arranged for a peerless expert to be by your side, and it destroyed all my plans. So I could only take a risk and make a move against you at this moment.”

When she spoke up to here, Yao Luwei suddenly chuckled while a wisp of ridicule appeared on her face. “You understand now, right? Wen Tianxiao was only a nobody that accidentally came in between us and lost his life because of you.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while strands of a chilly glow surged silently within them, and he was already on the verge of being unable to control his killing intent.

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