Chapter 84 – The Old Turtle King’s Purpose In Coming

Chapter 84 – The Old Turtle King’s Purpose In Coming

Xuan Jing? Qing Qiu?

Chen Xi thought in his heart and instantly confirmed the identity of the two people.[1. Their names are directly derived from their demon king titles, and that’s why Chen Xi was able to recognize them right away.]

“Watch out!”

“They’re the Profound-vision Old Turtle King and the Nine-tailed Fox King!”

Du Qingxi and the others recognized the identity of the two and their expression instantly went grim as they went on alert and ready for combat.

Although they had never seen the two demon kings, the names of the two were like thunderclaps that struck the ears. How could they not know that these two were existences that were even stronger and mysterious than the Roc King?

However, in the eyes of Du Qingxi and the others, no matter if it was the azure clothed white haired Old Turtle King or the Nine-tailed Fox King with shoulder-length hair and eyes that were shaped like peaches, the two of them were very different compared to other demon-kind. They both had restrained spirits and indifferent auras, and there actually wasn’t a shred of demonic qi fluctuations in their bodies! If it wasn’t for the Old Turtle King taking the initiative to proclaim his identity, they would have nearly guessed that these two demon kings were human cultivators…

This also proved from another angle that the cultivations of these two demon kings had probably already attained an unbelievable level!

When they thought of this, the hearts of Du Qingxi and the others constricted and they were extremely anxious. They’d only just been saved, could it be that they would be captured once again?

“There’s no need to worry. If these two wanted to make a move against us, then we’d probably already be dead.” Chen Xi waved his hand as he calmly stared at these two demon kings that had arrived unexpectedly with eyes that didn’t contain a trace of fear.

“You flatter us. However, the two of us did indeed come here because we have something to request of Little Brother Chen Xi.” The Old Turtle King smiled warmly, and in his heart, he was instead endlessly praising Chen Xi’s acute perception.


While the Old Turtle King spoke, the Nine-tailed Fox King swing his sleeve, and the floor was fully piled with various treasures that the aura of treasures circulated upon. There were spirit herbs, medicinal pills, spirit liquids, various other materials of bizarre shapes, and there even were a few Magic Treasures with formidable auras!

“You killed the Roc King and these are your spoils. I gathered them for you, have a look.” The Nine-tailed Fox King lightly smiled.

The attention of Du Qingxi and the others were completely attracted by this pile of spoils. They grew up within rich and powerful great clans since they were young, and their gazes were all incomparably sharp. They were practically able to discern with a glance that all the various treasure on the ground were extremely valuable, and if exchanged into spirit liquids, it would probably be worth over 500,000kg of spirit liquids!

500,000 kg of spirit liquids! That was an amount that could allow a Violet Palace Realm cultivator to break through to the Golden Hall Realm in one go!

But, it made sense when thought about, as one of the seven great demon kings who had lived for 10,000 years, it was within reason for the Roc King to possess so many treasures.

However, they were still slightly unable to believe it. According to what the Nine-tailed Fox King said, he seemed to want to gift all these treasures to Chen Xi… What exactly was going on?

Could it be that they really have something to request of from Chen Xi, and that’s why they would offer these treasures provided by the Roc King and gift such a great present to Chen Xi?

It looks like these two fellows did indeed have something request from Chen Xi!

Chen Xi has already instantly understood within his heart, yet he didn’t spare a glance to the various treasures on the ground and asked. “I wonder for what matter did the both of you come here for?”

“Don’t worry Little Brother, it’s absolutely a good thing that’s only advantageous but nothing to lose from. It’s an extremely good thing! But let’s not talk about this matter first, we should leave this place first. Hmm, let’s go to Moon’s Embrace Mountain, that place seems to be Little Brother Chen Xi’s place of repose.” The Old Turtle King let out a hearty laugh. At this moment, he admired Chen Xi even more for being able to be so composed when faced with precious treasures. If it was any other person of the younger generation, that person would probably have been completely captivated and obsessed with the precious treasures since long ago.

“Keep it. These things are yours in the first place, you don’t have to worry about owing us anything.” The Nine-tailed Fox King joked, his pair of clear peach shaped eyes narrowed into a line and was extremely evil and charming.

It wasn’t good for Chen Xi to decline when it had come to this point, so he put away all the treasures on the ground into his storage ring right away.

Under these circumstances, if he were to refuse again, he would seem to be too pretentious and rude. Although he wasn’t able to guess what exactly these two demon kings wanted to do, it wasn’t a bad thing according to his current observations. After all, if it was a bad thing, these two fellows probably wouldn’t be so polite with him.

A treasured vessel of simple and grand make broke through the layers of air as it swiftly flew towards the extremely distant skies.

This time, if it wasn’t for comprehending a complete Wind Dao Insight at the last moment, I’m afraid I would have lost my life here. I must cultivate painstakingly in the future, it’s enough that I’ve felt the feeling of being at death’s door once, I don’t want to try it a second time… On the vessel, Chen Xi stood there while holding the handrail, feeling as if years had passed arose within his heart as he gazed at Moonhowl Ridge that was swiftly disappearing behind him.

“Tsk tsk, if I’m not wrong, this vessel is a graded Magic Treasure!”

“Yeah, its entire body is engraved with various spirit gathering talisman markings, and it’s able to absorb the spirit energy of heaven and earth by itself and transform the spirit energy into fuel. It completely doesn’t require expanding anything for it to fly for long periods of time.”

“It’s indeed an extremely precious treasure vessel.”

Du Qingxi and the others were standing at the side, and they endlessly praised after carefully sizing up the structure of this treasured vessel.

This treasured vessel belonged to the Old Turtle King. When sitting within it, it was stable and comfortable, and one couldn’t feel any airflow in the slightest. Moreover, there were beds, tables, chairs, spirit flowers, fine herbs, and even various types of fine wine and fresh fruits filled with spirit energy contained indoors. It was simply like a palace that could fly in the sky and was extremely comfortable.

“Little Brother Chen Xi, how is this treasured vessel of mine?” The Old Turtle King stood by Chen Xi’s side as he asked with a grin.

“Really not bad.” Chen Xi nodded, he was taken completely by surprise when he’d just ascended into the vessel, because according to his observation, not only was this treasured vessel comfortable, it was also extremely sturdy and was completely on par with a graded Magic Treasure.

A graded Magic Treasure was divided into four ranks, namely the heaven-rank, earth-rank, profound-rank, and yellow-rank; and every rank was divided again into four grades, namely the low-grade, intermediate-grade, high-grade and top grade. Chen Xi was unable to discern what grade or rank this treasured vessel was, but he was extremely certain that it was surely a graded Magic Treasure without a doubt.

“Hahaha! If you like it then I’ll gift this treasured vessel to you.” The Old Turtle King laughed loudly, then decided. “Don’t refuse it, this treasure can withstand a full force strike of a Golden Hall Realm cultivator, moreover, it’s able to fly a distance of 5,000km in two hours. Keep it by your side as a means of defending yourself.”

“How could I do that?” Chen Xi was unable to accept it.

“Keeping this thing is useless to me. If you don’t take it, then I’ll destroy it once we arrive at Moon’s Embrace Mountain!” The Old Turtle King feigned anger.

How could Chen Xi still refuse when the Old Turtle King had already spoken to such an extent? But the wonder in his heart grew denser and denser. What exactly would cause this demon beast of mysterious whereabouts to curry favor with me?

Before long, the treasured vessel had flown to Moon’s Embrace Mountain.

Mu Kui was cultivating and he couldn’t help but be dumbstruck when he saw the treasured vessel descending. But when he saw Chen Xi walk out from within, he stomped on the ground and leaped up, and he was wild with joy as he dashed out violently and shouted in excitement. “Senior, you didn’t die… You didn’t die…”

When he saw Mu Kui so happy, Chen Xi was extremely happy as well, and he gave a rare tease. “Were you so eagerly looking forward to my death?”

Mu Kui’s face flushed red and he shook his head like a rattle drum. “How could I…? How could I…?”

Chen Xi felt amused and inexplicably moved when he saw Mu Kui excited to the point of being unable to speak clearly, and he patted Mu Kui’s shoulder as he changed the topic. “Guests have arrived, aren’t you going to make preparations?”

“Oh, Okay.” Mu Kui noticed the Old Turtle King and the Nine-tailed Fox King standing by Chen Xi’s side as they chatted and laughed together, and they seemed to have an extremely good relationship with Chen Xi, causing him to feel even more admiration towards Chen Xi’s ability. He immediately said nothing more and dashed off into the abode like a wisp of smoke to go prepare some fragrant fruits and fine wine.

“This wolf demon has a very genuine character. It’s simply an extremely great good fortune of his to be able to follow by Little Brother Chen Xi’s side, and even I can’t help but be envious of him.” The Old Turtle King smiled as he flattered.

Nearby, the Nine-tailed Fox King also nodded with a smile as well.

Only where there was a request, would an expression be made. Chen Xi understood this principle but didn’t point it out, and he nodded as he said, “Mu Kui is not bad indeed, I look extremely favorably upon him.”

The banquet was quickly prepared, and Chen Xi and the others took their seats before drinking wine and talking with the Old Turtle King and Nine-tailed Fox King.

After drinking to a slightly tipsy state, the Old Turtle King said nonchalantly, “Little Brother Chen Xi, do you know of the past of the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range?”

Is it finally starting? Chen Xi thought in his heart, then cupped his hands. “Senior Xuan Jing, please provide me with your guidance.”

The Nine-tailed Fox King interrupted from the side. “The exhaustion on the faces of these Fellow Daoists are difficult to conceal, I presume all of you suffered many hardships at the hands of the Roc King. How about this? All of you can go rest first and don’t have to give consideration to us.”

His words were filled with the intent of driving them away.

Du Qingxi and the others were naturally able to discern this, but they were indeed too exhausted, as their True Essence was sealed until today and it hadn’t completely recovered yet, so they immediately left.

Up to this point, only Chen Xi and the two demon kings remained.

“This depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range has already existed for 500,000 years, but it’s completely isolated from the world. Not only are human cultivators unable to enter, even the demon beasts within are unable to leave.” The Old Turtle King spoke with deep emotion. “Most worrying of all is that there’s a layer of strange restriction here. It’s utterly impossible for any demon-king to break through from the Violet Palace Realm and advance into the Golden Hall Realm, let alone cultivating to a higher realm of attaining immortality and ascending to the peak of the Grand Dao.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “Didn’t the Roc King want to refine some Bloodsoul Fortune Pills with the intention of advancing to the Golden Hall Realm?”

“Exactly.” The Old Turtle King replied. “But that’s only an act of insanity before death. After all, his lifespan was about to end, and he had to do this for the sake of living.”

The nearby Nine-tailed Fox King grunted coldly. “That Roc King was an idiot. He saw all of you suddenly appearing here and thought that good fortune had arrived, so he wanted to refine all of you into Bloodsoul Fortune Pills. Yet he didn’t know that even if he was successful in refining the pills, it would be absolutely impossible for him to advance to the Golden Hall Realm.”

“Why is it like this?” Chen Xi asked in amazement.

“Because…” When he spoke to here, the Old Turtle King paused, his expression carried a strand of deep reverence and he only sighed after some time. “Because, 500,000 years ago, a mysterious and formidable treasure fell here. The restriction that confined an area of 50,000km of the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range is precisely caused by a strand of aura emitted by it!”

A strand of aura sealed the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range for 500,000 years?

No matter how firm Chen Xi’s Dao Heart was, he still couldn’t help but gasp and said in surprise, “Exactly what treasure is so formidable?”

The Old Turtle King looked up into the sky, and his expression became incomparably respectful as he muttered. “A treasure that can possess such might is naturally the treasure that caused the three dimensions to be in chaos during the primordial era and caused the blood of primordial beings from all the heavens to flow into a river — The Mysterious River Diagram!”

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