Chapter 838 – Evil Reveals Its Tracks

As soon as Daoist Ling said this, the other Talisman Formation Grandmasters stared with wide open eyes and waited with burning anticipation.

When they thought about how they would be able to find out the identity of that expert in the next moment, their hearts were excited to the point of almost jumping out of their throats.

Unexpectedly, Xuan Yun’s expression turned serious as she firmly shook her head. “I’m sorry Seniors, but the Lord Supervisor instructed me not to reveal any information about that Talisman Formation Grandmaster since the beginning.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she squeezed her way through the crowd and left hastily.

It couldn’t be helped. She was truly worried that if she still didn’t leave, then she would be coerced and bribed by the group of Talisman Formation Grandmasters.

Daoist Ling and the others were disappointed, and they glanced at each other while their expressions became slightly unsightly.

“I remember her!” Suddenly, Ling Qingmo seemed to have thought of something, and she cried out, “Grandfather, do you remember the time we encountered Chen Xi in the passageway outside the VIP rooms 10 days ago?”

Daoist Ling said angrily, “Of course.”

Ling Qingmo seemed to have thought of something and gasped deeply before she said, “Good gracious, he really wasn’t joking. So it turns out that he really is the Talisman Formation Master in VIP room 007.”

At this moment, the robust bodies of Daoist Ling and those Talisman Formation Grandmaster friends of his shook, and they stared at Ling Qingmo with astonishment while wondering who exactly the ‘he’ she mentioned was.

“Silly girl, quickly tell me who that person is! Are you trying to kill Grandpa from anxiety?” Daoist Ling couldn’t refrain himself from asking.

“It’s Chen Xi!” Ling Qingmo’s eyes flickered brightly as she said swiftly, “Could it be that you’ve forgotten, the person that was serving Chen Xi when we met him that day was precisely that female attendant from before?”

Daoist Ling’s brows knit together instinctively when he heard Chen Xi’s name, but when he heard Ling Qingmo’s analysis, he instantly slapped his thigh and cried out. “I remember now! It really is him!”

But after feeling this excitement, a wave of bitterness washed over his heart. My attitude towards Chen Xi earlier seems to have been slightly excessive. He wasn’t boastful, but was someone that was truly capable!

In this way, what face would I have left to go over and get acquainted with him?

When he thought up to here, Daoist Ling couldn’t help but sigh deeply. I failed to recognize a great figure, I never expected that the day would come where I became someone that judged a book by its cover…

The other Talisman Formation Grandmasters didn’t understand the cause and effect in all of this, and they asked with burning anticipation. “Brother Ling, who exactly is that Chen Xi?”

Daoist Ling’s mouth opened, yet he didn’t know how to answer.

Ling Qingmo discerned her grandfather’s awkward situation, and she grinned from the side. “That young man all of you encircled and forced to leave.”

Forced to leave? All of them were stunned, and then they suddenly recalled that young man who impersonated the expert. Instantly, their expressions become extremely colorful.

After a short moment, someone couldn’t refrain from speaking hastily. “Qingmo, don’t you know that Chen Xi? Why don’t… Why don’t you bring us Uncles to go apologize?”

When they were reminded by this person’s words, all of them reacted and spoke at the same time, and all of them spoke of nothing other than their intent to offer their apologies to Chen Xi in person.

Ling Qingmo shrugged and said with a helpless expression, “Even I thought he was joking earlier…”

Everyone was completely speechless, and their intestines turned green with regret from losing the opportunity to meet a Talisman Formation Grandmaster with such extraordinarily high attainments in the Dao of Talismans. But who could be blamed for this?



As soon as Chen Xi left the Talisman Formation Grandhall, he was stopped by Teng Lan and brought into a private room.

This private room was bright and clean, and it was furnished in an extremely neat manner. It was just like the feeling Teng Lan gave others, clean, ordinary, and practically without any imposing aura, so it was very easy for one to feel at ease by his side.

After they entered the private room, Teng Lan fell into silence as he stared at Chen Xi as if there was a flower growing out of Chen Xi’s face.

“In the history of the Talisman Dimension, I’ve only seen a few people that can repair talisman diagrams like you, and the most recent person was a mysterious young woman.” After a long time, Teng Lan spoke with a gaze that carried a trace of recollection. “That young woman was just like you, she overcame difficulties all along the way, and gaining Virtue Energy had always been an extremely simple matter to her.”

Chen Xi was bewildered as he didn’t know why Teng Lan would tell this to him.

“The difference between the two of you is that her strength was sufficiently strong. When she came here alone all those years ago, she offended the four clans for some reason and encountered a full forced pursuit. Unexpectedly, not only was she unharmed, she slaughtered many great figures from the four great clans and shocked the entire Talisman Dimension in one go.” Teng Lan continued on his own. “Even under such great pressure, she still ascended the Grand Deduction Tower at the center of the imperial city by herself and became the one and only existence at that ascended the top of the Grand Deduction Tower at that time. After all, even the members of the four great clans were incapable of ascending to the top at that time…”

When he spoke up to here, Teng Lan suddenly raised his head while his gaze flashed with a dazzling arc of lightning, and then he stared at Chen Xi and said, “That young woman is called A’Li, and I presume you probably know her?”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he pondered for a moment before nodding. “Yes, she’s my cousin sister.”

After that, he couldn’t help but be slightly curious. Since Teng Lan is someone by Liang Bing’s side, he naturally ought to possess clear knowledge of the relationship between Senior Sister Li Yang and Liang Bing , right? Why would he not know the relationship between me and Senior Sister Li Yang?

But Chen Xi didn’t ask because Liang Bing might have intentionally kept it a secret.

Even though Teng Lan had mentally prepared himself since the beginning, he couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration when he heard Chen Xi admitting it, and he pondered for a long time before he said with a smile, “Don’t worry. Even though your cousin sister killed many people from the four clans, it isn’t related to you at all.”

Chen Xi naturally didn’t worry at all. After he confirmed Liang Bing’s identity, he’d never suspected that Teng Lan would act in a harmful manner towards him because this came from his trust towards his Senior Sister Li Yang.

Since she dared to leave him with Liang Bing, then it meant that Liang Bing would at least not have the intention of causing harm to him, and this was sufficient.

“Prepare yourself properly. I’ll accompany you to the Eastern Emperor County tomorrow,” said Teng Lan.

“What about Wen Tianxiao?” Chen Xi was stunned. During these past 10 days, he’d earned 30,000 stars of Virtue Energy, causing him to possess the qualifications to head to Eastern Emperor County. But Wen Tianxiao wouldn’t be able to.

“We can leave first and wait for him in the Eastern Emperor County.” Teng Lan glanced at Chen Xi with surprise, and he seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would actually think about Wen Tianxiao at this moment.

“Why do we have to rush?” Chen Xi frowned.

“The Eldest Young Miss instructed that you have to make the best use of your time if you want to ascend the Grand Deduction Tower.” Teng Lan didn’t conceal anything and said slowly, “Along with the upheaval of the three dimensions, the situation in the Talisman Dimension has become chaotic, and many old fellows from the Immortal Dimension or who lived in seclusion have come over. At this moment, only by laying out a plan in time would we have higher odds of success.”

When he spoke up to here, he smiled and continued. “Of course, even I never imagined that you would actually be able to earn 30,000 stars of Virtue Energy in 10 days, and this couldn’t be any better.”

Old fellows from the Immortal Dimension and who lived in seclusion?

Chen Xi felt apprehensive in his heart, and he knew very clearly that if these great figures had all come for the Grand Deduction Tower, then the situation was really pressing to the limit.

After he stayed silent for a long time, Chen Xi finally agreed in the end. 


When Chen Xi found Wen Tianxiao, this profligate and overbearing Young Master was just about to head out. The Crimson Swallow City would be greeting another round of attacks from the Cosmos Beasts today, and he was already impatiently waiting to earn Virtue Energy since a long time ago.

Chen Xi hesitated for a moment before telling Wen Tianxiao that he’d earned sufficient Virtue Energy and would be leaving tomorrow.

Wen Tianxiao was shocked for a long time, and then he cried out. “I understand, you’re the Talisman Formation Master in VIP room 007!”

Chen Xi nodded.

Wen Tianxiao was dazed for a long time when he saw Chen Xi admit it because he’d heard about the incident that occurred in the Talisman Diagram Grandhall. It couldn’t be helped, this matter was too shocking, and it was impossible for him to not hear about it. But never had he imagined that the party to the incident would actually be his own friend.

In the end, he laughed bitterly and said, “At this moment, I ought to treat you to some wine to celebrate.”

“We won’t be able to drink, but we can fight together,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

Wen Tianxiao said with pleasant surprise, “I was waiting for you to say that!”

The veil of night descended.

A wave of rumbling roars that were like thunderclaps resounded outside Crimson Swallow City. A dark mass of Cosmos Beasts descended once more from the sky, and they seemed like a black colored torrent that covered the heavens and the earth as they assaulted Crimson Swallow City from every direction.

The towering bronze Talisman Tower glowed and emanated a milky white fluctuation that stretched towards the surroundings, and it was like a rain of light that the gods sprayed down into the world of the mortals as it enveloped the entire city.

Countless cultivators stood on the surroundings of the city, and they looked up through the screen of light greater by the Talisman Tower. The eyes of every single one of them was suffused with strands of killing intent and intolerable excitement.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

When the firm enormous figure of a Cosmos Beast dashed over from the horizon, the cultivators on the city wall flew out like raindrops and charged towards the Cosmos Beasts.

The curtains to a vast battle was drawn open without the slightest suspense.

Chen Xi and Wen Tianxiao were amongst these cultivators as well. Both of them were side by side as they charged out of the city and slaughtered their way into the formidable array of Cosmos Beasts, and they moved ferociously through the Cosmos Beasts while causing a rain of blood. 

Killing enemies and drinking wine had always been the two types of common methods of communication between men.

“They’ve left the city.” On the lofty city wall of Crimson Swallow City that stretched without end into the distance, a gaunt old woman that wore black clothed stuck out her scarlet red tongue and licked the corners of her mouth before she instructed coldly. “I’ll go deal with Chen Xi later. Both of you kill Wen Tianxiao. Since they dare offend the Luo Clan, then they must pay a price of blood!”

This person was precisely Thousand Fortune Granny.

By her side stood Chen Yuan and Bi Yin, and they both nodded when they heard this before solemnly carrying out their orders.

Thousand Fortune Granny suddenly turned her head to look towards the shadows at the side, and her voice became even more gloomy and terrifying. “Little Girl, the Blacksoul Gang’s leader, Blacksky, was your Martial Uncle. When you schemed against that kid on that day, you ought to have understood that both of you are already enemies. Now, the entire Blacksoul Gang has been annihilated, so could it be that you still intend to watch idly by?”

A graceful figure could be faintly seen within the shadows, and the figure was silent for a long time before she said, “I understand what I have to do.” Her voice hadn’t finished resounding out in the air when she’d already vanished outside the city.

Thousand Fortune Granny chuckled when she saw this, and her gaunt face that was like the skin of an air dried mandarin orange was suffused with a bloodthirsty expression, and she swung the vulture headed cane in her hand as she said, “The sky is dark, and the wind is raging. It’s a night to kill! Let’s set out!”

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