Chapter 837 – Young People Are Too Boastful

Within VIP room 007.

Chen Xi was like a clay statue, and only his right hand flashed about at an extremely agile speed and drew numerous ingenious talisman marking pathways.

He forgot everything in the surroundings, forgot where he was, and forgot the passage of time.

Under this sort of profound state, his speed of repairing the talisman diagrams didn’t speed up, but its advantage was that it was a constant and long lasting state. After he finished repairing a talisman diagram, his talisman brush swished before he started repairing the next talisman diagram, and he practically didn’t waste any time.

As time passed, he even forgot what he was doing, and his entire body seemed to be strolling through a world of talisman markings, and this world was damaged, aged, and covered in devastation.

On the other hand, he was repairing these damaged places, renewing those aged places, and clearing up the expanses of devastation…

Every time he completed a step, it allowed him to gain an indescribable sense of accomplishment, and his knowledge towards this world grew deeper as well. Moreover, the more knowledge he gained, the quicker he moved in the world while his technique grew even more skilled, and he acted skillfully like a butcher dismembering an ox, with extreme ease. 


The beautiful female attendant Xuan Yun closed her eyes tightly while she took rapid and deep breaths, and only then was she able to slightly calm down the shock that was like a tempestuous storm in her heart.

She was completely subdued by the perfect attainments in the Dao of Talismans that Chen Xi revealed, and she completely didn’t dare imagine that she would actually encounter such a young Talisman Formation Grandmaster in her lifetime.

She didn’t dare open her eyes because she was worried her attention would be drawn over once again and become immersed within his inconceivable attainments in the Dao of Talismans.

Xuan Yun faintly remembered a rumor that when a Saint of the primeval times passed down the Dao in public, due to the Dao being too profound, all his disciples were completely bewildered. Only an ordinary bird that stood on a branch at the side of the Dao Platform was completely attracted by his words and jumped with joy while fluttering about.

The Saint couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. The Dao Hearts of all my disciples are solid, yet they’re inferior to bird that listened inadvertently. Why? There’s no other reason, because only a state of ignorance is closest to the Grand Dao.

But when the Saint finished speaking, the bird instantly passed away because it was too ordinary. It didn’t possess a cultivation or a Dao Heart, yet it had inadvertently touched the supreme meaning of the Dao, so it was unable to endure the contents of the Dao and died in the end.

The Saint sighed when he saw this. Learning the Dao in the single day, yet entering the Netherworld. How fortunate, and how sad?

Xuan Yun felt that she had become that ignorant bird earlier, and she was immersed within the profound contents that flowed out of Chen Xi’s brush to the point she couldn’t break free.

But the profound content seemed to be too terrifying to her, and it was far from something she could understand with her current accomplishments. So she struggled and hesitated for a long time before finally biting open the tip of her tongue and relied on the sharp pain to recover a trace of consciousness. After that, she hurriedly closed her eyes tightly and didn’t dare take another look.

Even though she didn’t continue looking, Xuan Yun knew that this wonderful and favorable encounter today and everything she’d comprehended earlier was sufficient for her to stride more easily and further on the path of the Dao of Talismans in the future!

Seven days of time flowed by silently.

These seven days had completely passed in the blink of an eye to Chen Xi. But to everyone else within the main hall, it was like a tempest that was growing without end, and it fiercely charged at and shook their hearts.

Most of them were Talisman Formation Masters, and there was no lack of Talisman Formation Grandmasters amongst them. But everything that had occurred in these past few days still caused them to feel as if they were dreaming because it was so unreal.

21,000 stars of Virtue Energy!

In a short period of seven days, he was able to gain such a shocking amount of Virtue Energy. Who else amongst them could accomplish this?

If they didn’t see it with their own eyes and witness it together, none of them would believe that there was actually such a ferocious person in this world. Moreover, saying this person was gaining Virtue Energy was insulting because this person was simply sweeping up Virtue Energy!

If those damaged talisman diagrams were compared to numerous enemies, then his speed of repair was all powerful and no one could resist the blunt of his might.

During these seven days of time, the Supervisor of the Grandhall, Yue Meng, had always been on guard here, and he personally witnessed the changes in the expressions of everyone here. He witnessed their expressions change from their initial shock to gradually become astonishment before finally transforming into heartfelt admiration.

During these past few days, there was no lack of other Talisman Formation Masters arriving here, and they were similarly shocked speechless upon finding out about everything.

No one left, causing the entire enormous space in the main hall to be crowded to the point that even a drop of water couldn’t get by. But the atmosphere here was silent to the point a falling needle could be heard, and it was like they were looking up and watching the birth of an unprecedented miracle.

Another three days passed.

The ceaselessly changing numbers that represented Virtue Energy on the screen suddenly stopped changing, and it fixed itself at 30,000 stars without moving any longer.

“It’s over?” Someone spoke with disappointment.

“10 days, 30,000 stars of Virtue Energy!” Someone heaved a long sigh as he muttered with shock.

After that, the entire main hall was seething with excitement and was filled with all sorts of discussion, causing it to be clamorous. Moreover, every single one of them had different expressions on their faces, but it was obvious that all of them were extremely excited.

Right amidst this clamorous atmosphere, a tall figure silently passed through, and he seemed to have not noticed the unusualness in the hall while a trace of regret still remained between his slanted brows.

This person was naturally Chen Xi who’d left the VIP room.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen most of the talisman diagram structures amongst the remaining talisman diagrams, so continuing to repair them is meaningless… Chen Xi pondered in his heart.

He originally intended to try repairing the Talisman Tower in Crimson Swallow City completely, but because this Talisman Tower was too vast and complicated and coupled with the Cosmos Beasts attacking the city every few days, the Talisman Tower frequently suffered damages. So, he was unable to completely repair it by himself.

This caused him to be unable to avoid feeling slightly regretful. But when he thought about all the various talisman diagrams he’d never seen and had learned of during the time he repaired the talisman diagrams, he was rather satisfied in his heart.

No matter if it was towards comprehending Dao Arts, Divine Abilities, or even deducing Dao Insights and perfecting what one had already learned, the energy of the Dao of Talismans carried an immeasurable benefit.

“Chen Xi!” Right at this moment, a clear voice sounded out by his ear.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look and saw Ling Qingmo, and he couldn’t help but speak with amusement. “Haven’t you fled? Aren’t you afraid your grandfather will get you?”

Ling Qingmo grinned and said, “Grandpa doesn’t have the time to care about me. He’s scratching his head with that group of old Talisman Formation Grandmasters while waiting for that Talisman Formation Grandmaster in VIP room 007.”

Chen Xi was stunned. 007? Isn’t that the VIP room I was in?

“Right, I saw that you were over at the VIP rooms earlier, do you know the Talisman Formation Master in VIP room 007?” Ling Qingmo utterly didn’t notice the unusualness in Chen Xi’s expression, and she asked excitedly.

Chen Xi nodded and said with a smile, “Isn’t that me?”

Ling Qingmo couldn’t help but be stunned when she saw Chen Xi’s serious expression, and she exploded with laughter before she puckered her lips and said, “Don’t joke around. I’m not kidding with you!”

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and said, “Do I look like I’m joking?”

Ling Qingmo stared angrily at Chen Xi and said, “If you’re that Talisman Formation Grandmaster, then I’ll pour tears and water for you throughout my life, and I’ll even follow your every order! But is that possible?”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle, and then he shook his head because he felt this matter was rather strange.

“The young people nowadays are too boastful…” Right at this moment, the grey haired Daoist Ling walked over from the side, and he’d obviously heard what Chen Xi said earlier and glanced at Chen Xi with slight displeasure. He felt that this kid was too boastful because how could a little kid impersonate the Talisman Formation Grandmaster in VIP room 007?

It was simply disrespectful!

As a Talisman Formation Grandmaster that had made a name for himself a long time ago, Daoist Ling had never felt admiration for anyone. But everything that had occurred in this past 10 days had completely changed his attitude, and it caused him to feel extreme respect towards that Talisman Formation Grandmaster in VIP room 007.

At this moment, he was waiting here with the hopes of waiting for that person to make an appearance and meet that person, and it would be even better if he could have a chat with that person.

So when he saw this little fellow Chen Xi actually impersonate the existence he felt extreme respect towards in his heart, the fury in his heart was obvious.

At this moment, those old friends of Daoist Ling’s, the group of Talisman Formation Grandmasters that Ling Qingmo called old geezers had come over as well, and they swept Chen Xi with hostile gazes. If it wasn’t for them restraining themselves out of consideration for their status, they would truly wish for nothing more than to let loose a string of curses at Chen Xi.

Obviously, their thoughts were just like Daoist Ling, and they felt Chen Xi had offended that expert they felt extreme respect towards.

Chen Xi shrugged helplessly when he saw this, and then he turned and left.

“Hey, don’t leave. I’ll make my Grandfather introduce that Talisman Formation Grandmaster to you later.” Ling Qingmo shouted out with a clear voice from behind.

“There’s no need. But thank you anyway.” Chen Xi replied with even looking back. He was able to discern hat this young woman’s attitude towards him wasn’t bad at all.

“Hmph! Qingmo, why’re you paying attention to this boastful little fellow?” Daoist Ling berated. Obviously, his impression of Chen Xi was bad to the extreme.

Ling Qingmo grinned. “That’s the first Talisman Formation Grandmaster of such a young age that I know, so I naturally have to help him when I can.”

“You…” Daoist Ling stared angrily at her, and with an inadvertent sweep of his gaze, he noticed a female attendant just happening to appear from the teleportation formation that led to the VIP rooms, so he instantly didn’t have the time to teach his granddaughter a lesson.

He charged forward with a sudden and big stride to stop the female attendant before he asked. “Attendant, were you the person in charge of VIP room 007?”

The female attendant was stunned, and then replied casually. “It’s was precisely me. May I ask if Senior has any instructions for me?”

She was naturally Xuan Yun. She’d just obtained the news earlier that due to her meritorious service in serving Chen Xi, the Lord Supervisor had already agreed to promote her, and she was fully in charge of the matters in the VIP rooms!

This was a lucrative job that she’d dreamt of. Now it had actually fallen so easily onto her, causing her entire mental state to transform, and the space between her brows was filled with delight and excitement.


When they heard this, the ground of old Talisman Formation Grandmasters surged over like a group of hungry wolves, and they encircled the charming and cute Xuan Yun at the center while their aged faces were covered in excitement.

But this terrified Xuan Yun because she felt that gazes of these old men were too blazing, and it caused her entire body to feel uncomfortable.

“Then allow me to ask you a question. Exactly who was the distinguished guest that repaired talisman diagrams in VIP room 007 earlier?” Daoist Ling asked anxiously. At this moment, even he wasn’t composed any longer. He was burning with impatience and on the verge of scratching his face with anxiety like a youngster that very impatiently wanted to enter the bridal chamber.

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