Chapter 836 – Who Exactly Is It?

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On the screen and beneath the number that represented VIP room number 007, the amount of Virtue Energy changed without end, and it was steadily ascending like a bamboo shoot that shot up after the rain.

This was too unusual!

The attendants before the screen knew extremely clearly that every single star of Virtue Energy represented a damaged talisman diagram, and an ordinary Talisman Formation Master required around two hours to repair a single talisman diagram. Even if it was a Talisman Formation Grandmaster, it would at least require 10 minutes.

On the other hand, a situation of repairing a talisman diagram to earn Virtue Energy every few tens of breaths of time was simply unprecedented!

At the very least, in these few years that these attendants had taken a position in the Ninth Rank Hall, it was the first time they’d encountered such a situation, and it caused them to be terrified and shocked to the extreme.

At this moment, they finally understood why Lu Ying would have such a strange and astounded expression because their eyeballs almost fell out as well.

“Who’s in VIP room 007?”

“I don’t know.”

“No matter who is it, quickly call the Lord Supervisor over. This is too unbelievable and practically exceeds the limits of a Talisman Formation Grandmaster. I suspect that something might have happened to the Talisman Diagram Screen!”

After recovering from their shock, all of them were in an extreme uproar and discussed endlessly. Moreover, someone couldn’t refrain himself from charging out of the back room to report to the supervisor.

Not long after, a wealthy looking middle aged man that held a snuff bottle walked in with a regular pace, and he couldn’t help but frown and berate when he saw the group of attendants that were discussing endlessly in a disorderly state. “What are all of you doing!? Silence!”

This wealthy looking middle aged man was the supervisor from the Ninth Rank Hall that was in charge of the Talisman Diagram Grandhall, and he was called Yue Meng.

Everyone instantly shut their mouths when they saw him make an appearance, and they went silent like cicadas in the winter.

“It’s simply embarrassing that all of you are getting excited over a little thing!” Yue Meng grunted before walking forward to inspect the screen.

He asked. “What’s the problem?” “Lord Supervisor, look over here, VIP room 007.” Lu Ying hurriedly indicated.

“007?” Yue Meng was stunned as he recalled the person that was in this VIP room seemed to have been the little fellow that Lord Teng Lan had specially instructed him to take good care of. He seemed to be called…Chen Xi?

He couldn’t help but raise his head, and when he saw the Virtue Energy that was ceaselessly rising in number, his face froze while he couldn’t help but gasp before he said, “What’s going on!?”

Lu Ying said in a soft voice, “Lord Supervisor, you’ve noticed it’s unusual as well?”

Yue Meng said angrily, “Nonsense! It’s simply too unusual!”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but stare at the screen, and he looked at it for a long time before he muttered. “There’s nothing wrong with the screen. In this way, all of this was caused by that person? This…is too astounding!”

He was stunned on the spot while his gaze was filled with shock, and his expression seemed exactly alike to those attendants just moments ago.

When they saw this scene, everyone wanted to laugh yet forcefully refrained themselves from laughing out of fear, causing the atmosphere to instantly become strange, and only the number on the screen that represented the Virtue Energy obtained by VIP room 007 flickered repeatedly.

In merely the period of time for Yue Meng to arrive here, the number that represented Virtue Energy on it had changed into 79!

Right at this moment, the door to the back room was suddenly opened before an attendant rushed in and reported. “Lord Supervisor, it’s bad. The main hall is almost in chaos. Quickly go take a look.”

Xue Meng was shocked, and he returned to his senses from his deep contemplation and said hurriedly, “What happened? Could it be that someone came in and caused trouble?”

There had indeed been incidents of enemies invading the Grandhall to cause trouble in the past, but under the absolutely crushing martial force of the Ninth Rank Hall, all of this was dealt with and put an end to.

But casualties couldn’t be avoided.

Yue Meng wasn’t worried about all this. He was worried that if such a bad incident were to occur, then he might lose his position as supervisor tomorrow and be kicked out from the Ninth Rank Hall!

After all, the Grandhall was related to the repairs of the Talisman Tower, and it was indirectly connected to the safety of the entire city. Once any mishap occurred, then even if he, Yue Meng, possessed a hundred lives, they wouldn’t be sufficient to pay for his crimes.

The attendant was terrified to the point of hastily shaking his head when he saw Yue Meng’s chubby and large face become instantly covered in a cold and murderous expression. “It isn’t an enemy. It seems like something is wrong with the Talisman Diagram Screens, and it caused those Talisman Formation Masters that are repairing the talisman diagrams to be displeased.”

Yue Meng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he heard this, and then he was stunned and asked with surprise. “What? There’s something wrong with the screens?”

He hadn’t finished speaking when his figure that was fat like a ball had charged out of the backroom because the consequences of a problem with the screens was extremely severe, so how could he dare dally?



The main hall was filled with clamorous noise.

A grey haired Talisman Formation Master was irritated to the point of waving his arms as he cried out loudly. “Bastard! Truly a bastard! I bitterly studied it for a long time and was just intending to make a move and repair a damaged talisman diagram when it actually vanished! What’s going on? I don’t care about the little bit of Virtue Energy that I could have earned. I just want to know what the fuck your Ninth Rank Hall is doing! Why would such an incident occur?”

“Right! Why would this suddenly occur?! I was just fucking repairing a talisman diagram halfway when the screen displayed that it had actually been repaired successfully before me! It wouldn’t be that your Ninth Rank Hall is corrupt and secretly holding back the Virtue Energy we should earn, right?”

“So everyone faced the same problem. I was wondering why the damaged talisman diagram I just selected would suddenly vanish. Looks like it isn’t because of me but there’s something wrong with the screens.”

“A problem with the screens? I think the problem is with these members of the Ninth Rank Hall!”

In the nearby crowd, numerous Talisman Formation Masters were irritated to the point of standing up while criticizing loudly and without end, and it caused the entire main hall to seem extremely clamorous.

In this way, the other Talisman Formation Masters that were originally still repairing talisman diagrams were alarmed, and they stood up with frowns on their faces before shooting their gazes over here.

When Yue Meng arrived at the main hall, he saw this disorderly scene, and the fat on his face couldn’t help but twitch repeatedly. Isn’t this the Talisman Diagram Grandhall I’m familiar with? Why does it simply seem like a foul gambling den!?

He didn’t dare hesitate any longer, and he charged forward before dragging out one of the attendants and asked. “Quickly, tell me exactly what caused all of this?”

The attendant wore a distressed expression since a long time ago because of this scene before him, and he was instantly delighted when he saw the Lord Supervisor make an appearance, so he quickly described everything that had occurred earlier.

The anxious expression on Yue Meng face vanished instantly without a trace when he heard this, and even a wisp of a sneer appeared on the corners of his mouth.

He waved his hand and ordered. “Go, bring over the screen in the back room and allow these noisy weaklings to properly see if our Ninth Rank Hall is really corrupt!”

The attendant received his orders and left hastily.

On the other hand, Yue Meng had already shouted out at this moment. “Fellow Daoists, calm down. I’m the supervisor of the Talisman Diagram Grandhall, and I’ll naturally give all of you an explanation in a moment.”

His voice was like a thunderclap that resounded out in the ears of everyone in the main hall, and it instantly drew the gazes of everyone towards him.

Most of the Talisman Formation Masters in the main hall knew Yue Meng, so most of them calmed down when they saw him make an appearance and solemnly guarantee to give them an explanation.

Instantly, the clamorous noise in the main hall died down, and it became quiet.

Right at this moment, a group of attendants jointly brought over the enormous screen from within the back room into the main hall, and they placed it before everyone.

“Everyone, take a look. Everything all of you do is clearly revealed here,” said Yue Meng in a low voice. He didn’t explain too much because if these people didn’t have this level of a discerning ability, they wouldn’t be worthy of being called Talisman Formation Masters.


The gazes of every moved towards the screen in unison.

In next to no time, everyone noticed the secret within it, and they cried out involuntarily with astonishment. “What’s going on with VIP room 007?”

This voice caused the others to look over as well, and when they saw the number that was ceaselessly changing and rising beneath VIP room 007, all of them stared with wide open eyes while their jaws were almost shocked off.

How could this be possible!

Who exactly is within that VIP room 007?  How could he repair so many damaged talisman diagrams in such a short period of time!?

The expressions of those Talisman Formation Masters that made noise about the Ninth Rank Hall being corrupt changed indeterminately because they finally realized that they seemed to have blamed the wrong party…

It was common knowledge that the screens within the VIP rooms were completely different to the screens in the hall. Not only was it capable of revealing every single damaged talisman diagram in the Talisman Tower, it was capable of allowing one to select and repair a talisman diagram at the first possible moment.

In other words, even if one selected a damaged talisman diagram to repair in the main hall, but if a Talisman Formation Master in a VIP room was faster, then one would be able to obtain Virtue Energy even if one was able to repair it completely!

This was the privilege of priority that the VIP rooms possessed, and it was a publicly acknowledge special treatment.

When they thought how the talisman diagrams they’d pondered on bitterly before daring to start repairing it had actually been dealt with by another in a short period of time, the expressions of all of these Talisman Formation Masters revealed dejection.

Especially causing them to feel powerless was that this person didn’t just complete the damaged talisman diagram they chose, but even the diagrams chosen by the others in the hall had been completed by this person in such a short period of time.

Such extraordinary attainments in the Dao of Talismans was sufficient to make all of them feel embarrassed, and the most laughable thing was that they’d actually placed the blame on the Ninth Rank Hall in front of everyone present here…

When they thought about this, they truly wished for nothing more than to find a hole to hide in.

But people like this were only a small portion of the crowd, and most of the people didn’t notice this at all, and they had utterly no intention to pay attention to all this.

All of their minds had been shocked speechless by the numbers that flickered repeatedly on the screen since a long time ago, and they were guessing exactly which Talisman Formation Grandmaster was repairing talisman diagrams within VIP room 007.

Exactly, a Talisman Formation Grandmaster!

Moreover, this was merely a conservative estimation of theirs because the person’s attainments in the Talisman Dao might even be higher.

Yue Meng couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw this scene, and then a relieved smile of being extricated appeared on his chubby face. But when his gaze looked at the screen that was changing repeatedly, he still couldn’t avoid exclaiming with admiration. That Talisman Formation Master that Lord Teng Lan brought over is really not someone an ordinary person can compare to!

Who exactly is he? 

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