Chapter 835 – Extraordinary Skill

The young woman wore a violet dress with a design of scattered flower petals. Her shoulders seemed as if they were carved by blades, and she possessed a slender waist and a jade white and smooth face. She was beautiful, pure, and gentle, and she was extremely striking as she walked gracefully from the depths of the passageway.

She was precisely that young woman, Ling Qingmo, that gave Chen Xi the impression that she was forgetful and had an explosive temper.

She seemed to be slightly irritable, and her ink black and beautiful brows were knit together. She puckered her pink little mouth as she muttered some strange things while walking. “What’s the point in watching a group of geezers boast, it’s so boring…”

When she passed by Chen Xi, she actually didn’t notice Chen Xi existed at all, and she only stopped abruptly when she brushed past him. She tilted her head and couldn’t help but cry out in pleasant surprise when she saw Chen Xi’s appearance clearly. “Hey, it’s you!”

Chen Xi nodded with a smile. “We meet again.” 

At this moment, the door to a VIP room in the depths of the passageway was suddenly opened up. The grey haired Daoist Ling walked out before he raised his head to look at Ling Qingmo, and his face sank instantly as he berated. “Qingmo! You left just like that! Don’t be too rude!”

Ling Qingmo’s small face darkened, and then she suddenly pulled on Chen Xi’s sleeve and said to Daoist Ling, “Grandpa, look! This is the Talisman Formation Grandmaster I told you about. How is it? He’s really young, right?”

Daoist Ling had walked over at this moment, and he was slightly stunned as well when he saw Chen Xi. But flames of rage were burning in his heart at this moment, so he just nodded to Chen Xi before looking at Ling Qingmo, and then he said with a gloomy expression, “Come, go back with me!”

Ling Qingmo shook her head like a rattle drum and said, “No, no! I won’t go back even if you kill me!”

Daoist Ling was infuriated to the point his mouth twitched when he saw his granddaughter be so stubborn. “If you continue being disobedient, then Grandpa will punish you!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Ling Qingmo seemed as if she was terrified, and she raised her hand to cover her right ear tightly before screaming while fleeing like a little deer that was fleeing in terror.

“Big Brother, Big Brother, quickly save me. Grandpa doesn’t like me anymore!” The young woman cried out loudly while fleeing, and her clear voice resounded throughout the passageway.

“You’re being too presumptuous little girl. I won’t forgive you no matter who comes to help you today!” His granddaughter not giving him the slightest face in front of Chen Xi caused Daoist Ling’s face to darken, and he was infuriated to the point of gritting his teeth and pursuing her.

In next to no time, the pair of grandfather and granddaughter had vanished without a trace.

Chen Xi watched this scene with amusement, and then asked curiously. “Xuan Yun, why did she cover her ears earlier?” That action was too strange, and it caused him to remember it vividly.

The beautiful female attendant pondered briefly before understanding the reason, and she covered her mouth and giggled as she said, “Young Master, you’ll understand why after you pinch her ear.”

As a woman, she naturally understood that young woman with special physiques would more or less have some sensitive spots, like the ears, neck, beneath the rib… It was even to the extent that there were some even more private places.

If one wanted to deal with such a woman, then targeting such sensitive spots would allow one to obtain unexpected and miraculous effects.

Of course, as a woman, such spots were extremely private and wouldn’t be easily exposed. Normally, only a Dao Companion who was extremely intimate with the woman would use these spots while flirting…

So Xuan Yun was unable to make it too clear, otherwise it would be too exposing.

Chen Xi vaguely understood something, but it couldn’t be helped that even though he was acquainted with many women in his lifetime, he was a blank sheet of paper in this aspect, so he naturally didn’t understand why Xuan Yun’s smile would be so ‘thought provoking.’

Chen Xi shook his head and stopped thinking about it, and then he followed Xuan Yun to arrive before a VIP room in the depths of the passageway.

There was a bronze plaque hanging above the door to the VIP room, and a line of numbers were written on it — 007.


After Chen Xi entered the VIP room, he noticed that it was like a completely different world within. It was decorated elegantly with ingenuine ideas, whereas a Talisman Diagram Screen similarly hung at the center.

Compared to the screens in the main hall, the screen here was even vaster, and the strings of talisman markings that flowed within it caused it to seem like a lake that hung in midair.

According to the information provided by Xuan Yun, there were only 10 VIP rooms like this, and it was specially provided to extremely respectable experts and Talisman Formation Grandmasters to utilize. So even if it was empty, others weren’t allowed to enter it.

Chen Xi sized the room up briefly before placing his attention onto two objects.

The first was a meditation cushion that was woven together from the branches and leaves of a primeval Void Mulberry Tree, and a completely verdant talisman brush that was fine like one’s pinky and possessed a chilly tip.

These two objects didn’t seem ordinary at first glance. Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the meditation cushion and instantly felt a cool and refreshing energy charge into his mind, causing his soul to feel clear and translucent.

He picked up the talisman brush and stroked it gently, and it similarly felt extremely comfortable.

Chen Xi was very satisfied. He’d come to the Talisman Diagram Grandhall for the sake of repairing the talisman diagrams in the Talisman Tower, so doing this in a VIP room would undoubtedly save him even more time, and he wouldn’t have to worry about being disturbed by others.

“Young Master, this screen is different from the screen in the main hall. It’s capable of displaying all the damaged talisman diagrams within the Talisman Tower, and you can choose any damaged talisman diagram to repair.” Xuan Yun explained from the side in a light voice. “In other words, you can select any of the various talisman diagrams that appear on the 3,600 screens in the main hall to repair.”

Chen Xi said with surprise, “What if the damaged talisman diagram I select conflicts with a Talisman Formation Master in the main hall?”

Xuan Yun smiled lightly. “You’re naturally given priority.” 

Chen Xi nodded, and then he didn’t speak any more as he placed his attention onto the screen before his eyes.

Xuan Yun silently withdrew to the side when she saw this, and then she sat cross-legged on the ground. So long as Chen Xi had any instructions, she would carry it out right away, and this was a special privilege only enjoyed by distinguished guests in the  VIP rooms.

The screen was like a waterfall with countless talisman marking structures that were like a river of stars flowing.

Chen Xi’s back was ramrod straight while his mind was clear, and his eyes stared fixedly at the numerous damaged talisman diagrams that floated into appearance on the screen as he quickly became immersed in it.

Swish! Swish!

The tip of his brush fluttered about like a terrified snake in the grass or like a swift bolt of lightning in the clouds, and his technique was extraordinary!

Numerous lively talisman markings appeared smoothly and gracefully onto the screen, and it was like ink spreading on a piece of paper and causing profound and natural lines to drift up onto the screen.

So long as he was studying the Dao of Talismans, Chen Xi would become immersed into his own world, and he would completely lose himself in it and become emotionless. In his eyes, the numerous damaged talisman diagrams were like a strong of barriers placed before him, and every single one he countered allowed him to feel a strand of unparalleled excitement in his heart.

That was delight from doing what he loved.

Moreover, he possessed a fondness towards the Dao of Talismans that was branded into his bones.

His movements were swift, precise, resolute, and utterly smooth. They were cold, graceful, perfect, flawless, and filled with an indescribably beautiful aura.

Xuan Yun’s eyes slowly opened wider as she witnessed this scene, and strands of shock surged out from the depths of her pupils.

What a gorgeous brush technique!

Xuan Yun had always been providing service in this VIP room. She’d seen countless Talisman Formation Grandmasters, and there were many that were young like Chen Xi. But there wasn’t a single one that could utilize a talisman brush to such a shocking extent like Chen Xi!

Could it be that this Young Master is really a Talisman Formation Grandmaster?

Xuan Yun suddenly recalled that Ling Qingmo had once called Chen Xi a Talisman Formation Grandmaster in the passageway earlier…

Gradually, she stopped considering all that and stared fixedly at the screen while her entire attention was drawn over, and she forgot everything in the surroundings.

From her angle, a perfect talisman diagram flashed on the screen every ten plus breaths of time. She naturally understood that those were numerous damaged talisman diagrams that had been repaired successfully.

But…isn’t this speed too astounding?

Xuan Yun’s small mouth gaped, and she was completely shocked to the point her mind went blank.

A Talisman Formation Grandmaster!

He’s surely a Talisman Formation Grandmaster! 


At the northwest corner of the main hall and within a spacious back room, an enormous screen floated there and was flickering endlessly. 

When one looked carefully, the screen was surprisingly divided into two areas, the main hall and the VIP rooms.

Beneath the VIP room label, there were 10 numbers listed out, and they ranged from 001 to 0010.

Similarly, beneath the label for the main hall was 3,600 numbers listed out, and they were listed out in an orderly and clear manner from one to 3,600.

These numbers represented every single screen in the main hall and VIP rooms, and beneath these numbers were a string of numbers that ceaselessly moved and changed.

These secondary numbers represented Virtue Energy, and a single number represented one star.

At this moment, there were many attendants of the Ninth Rank Hall sitting upright before this screen, and they were using the jade slips in their hands to carefully recover the changes in the numbers on the screen.

There was division of labor amongst them. Some were in charge of recording the VIP rooms, some were in charge of recording the numbers in the main hall, and they would use jade slips to record every single change in the screen represented by the changes in these number.

They did this for the sake of precisely analyzing the attainments of a Talisman Formation Master and ability in repairing the Talisman Tower.

For example, 24 stars of Virtue Energy was displayed beneath the number that represented number 406 in the main hall. But he’d utilized three days to obtain this amount of Virtue Energy. So it could be determined for this that the level of this Talisman Formation Master could only be considered to be ordinary and wasn’t worth paying attention to.

Only those Talisman Formation Masters that spent a short period of time to gain a large amount of Virtue Energy would be the focus of their attention, and so long as they noticed such a Talisman Formation Master, the Ninth Rank Hall would spend great efforts to rope in and foster the Talisman Formation Master.

After all, no matter what profession it was in this world, the group of people that were capable of attaining the peak were forever the existences that were fought for the most, and if they were able to rope in a single one, then the benefits were immeasurable.

This was especially so to the Ninth Rank Hall because they were responsible for sending top talents in the Dao of Talismans to the four great clans. So detailed analysis of the numbers on the screen before them had become the daily assignment of these attendants.

“Eh! This change in numbers is so quick!” Suddenly, a surprised and bewildered voice sounded out, and it broke the silence in the back room.

“Lu Ying, what are you making noise about!?” Someone was displeased and berated.

The young man called Lu Ying seemed as if he was unaware, and his eyes stared fixedly at the number he was in charge of while a wisp of shock couldn’t help but appear on his face as he cried out involuntarily. “My god! This speed is simply…simply…”

After choking on his words for a long time, his face had already flushed red, yet he couldn’t find a suitable word to describe it.

“Lu Ying, what exactly has happened?” At this moment, the others were alarmed by him, and they moved over with bewildered expressions.

When they followed along Lu Ying’s gaze to look at that number that changed repeatedly, their faces froze instantaneously while their eyes were completely wide open, and their mouths gaped, causing them to reveal an astounded expression, as if they’d seen a ghost.

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