Chapter 834 – The Descendant Of The Eastern Emperor

Teng Lan’s appearance was too ordinary, to the point no one would have imagined that a man with such a warm attitude and composed bearing would be an unfathomable expert.

He was indeed an expert!

The were a few thousands of corpses within the underground manor 3,000km beneath the ruins, and blood flowed into rivers. There was no lack of extremely formidable existences amongst these corpses, and there were four corpses amongst them that were still coiled with strands of Immortal Energy. Obviously, they were once Earthly Immortal Realm experts that commanded the winds and clouds before their demise.

Moreover, according to Chen Xi’s inference, it had been less than 10 minutes since the battle between them and Viper’s group began and they arrived at these ruins.

In other words, Teng Lan had completely wiped out everyone in the Blacksoul Gang’s headquarters in this short period of time, and four Earthly Immortal Realm experts were included amongst them!

“That… That wouldn’t be the corpses of the Blacksoul Gang’s leader, Blacksky, and the other three guardians, right?” At this moment, Wen Tianxiao had noticed the horrifying scene beneath the ruins as well, and he couldn’t help but gasp while he spoke with terror.

Teng Lan smiled and obviously admitted it tacitly.

This caused Wen Tianxiao’s entire body to tremble, and he looked at Teng Lan as if he was looking at a monster. Moreover, his gaze revealed deep fear, and there was even a trace of horror.

“Let’s go. The main villains have been eliminated, whereas the gang members of the Blacksoul Gang that are scattered all over Crimson Swallow City are nothing worth mentioning. Monkey scatter when a tree falls, so they won’t cause you any trouble again.” Teng Lan walked forward and looked at Chen Xi as he said, “There’s no need to suspect my intentions. Even I am really afraid of the forces of the Luo Clan. But it doesn’t mean that no one can go against their forces. As for the reason, you’re probably already guessed it.”

Chen Xi had naturally guessed a great deal of things, and a name even flashed within his mind as soon as Teng Lan finished speaking — Liang Bing!

That woman that dressed up strangely, was beautiful yet icy cold, and acted with drive and resolution gave him a deep impression, and it was even to the extent that he felt she wasn’t simple since they’d met for the first time.

She was able to become acquainted with his Senior Sister Li Yang.

She was able to utilize a Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact to move about in the starry sky.

She was capable of casually whipping a Cosmos Beast that was even more terrifying than a Heavenly Immortal to death with a single strike of her whip.

She was able to fearlessly lead him into the Talisman Dimension and the city while disregarding all the rules. Moreover, she was respectfully and reverently addressed as Eldest Young Miss by all the representatives of the Ninth Rank Hall.



When all of this was added together, it was sufficient to cause Chen Xi to have a deep understanding that this woman called Liang Bing was absolutely not an ordinary person!

Now, Teng Lan’s display allowed him to finally guess a possibility, and it was that Liang Bing was most probably the disciple of one of the four great clans.

Moreover, she was a disciple that possessed a shockingly high strength and status!

Only such a figure might be able to order about a formidable expert that keeps a low profile like Teng Lan, and only such a figure was capable of resisting the Luo Clan that possessed monstrous might.



Teng Lan led the way ahead to leave this expanse of ruins, and his attitude towards Chen Xi and Wen Tianxiao remained as before. He was like an attendant that was neither arrogant nor humble and kept a low profile, and he answered every question of theirs with a warm, calm, and polite attitude.

But Chen Xi and Wen Tianxiao didn’t dare take him to be an attendant.

It was even to the extent that Wen Tianxiao was like a terrified little bunny before Teng Lan, and his gaze was fearful while he didn’t dare behave in an arrogant and rude manner again.

When such an appearance appeared on an extremely overbearing and arrogant profligate disciple, it was amusing no matter how one looked at it. But it also obviously showed how great the pressure Teng Lan exuded onto him.

On the way, Chen Xi glanced at Teng Lan who led the way ahead, and he couldn’t help but send a voice transmission to Wen Tianxiao. “Besides the Luo Clan, what are the other three great clans amongst the four great clans of the Talisman Dimension?”

It wasn’t his fault that he was ignorant. He was an utter newbie when he arrived at the Talisman Dimension, and he hadn’t even figured out the rules of the Talisman Dimension when he just arrived, let alone having the time to pay attention to colossi like the four great clans.

Because Teng Lan was present, Wen Tianxiao seemed to not have the mood to joke, and he just glanced at Chen Xi with slightly surprise before he explained swiftly. “Liang, Gu, Yin, Luo. An extremely formidable great figure appeared amongst the ancestors of each of these clans, and they jointly created the entire Talisman Dimension.”

Chen Xi finally came to a complete understanding, but he was still very curious. “The Eastern Emperor Tai Zhen, the Dark Emperor Yuan Xun, Phoenix Queen Yin Ge, Demon Forefather Luo Shang…. There seems to be no one surnamed Liang and Gu….”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Wen Tianxiao interrupted him with a speechless expression. “The Eastern Emperor’s name is Tai Zhen while his surname is Liang, and the Dark Emperor’s name is Yuan Xuan while his surname is Gu! Alas, Chen Xi, don’t be so ignorant, alright? It will make me suspect that you’re teasing me, and I’m not so stupid…”

The Eastern Emperor Liang Taizhen!

Instantly, Chen Xi confirmed Liang Bing’s identity. This woman was surely the disciple of one of the four great clans, the Liang Clan!

The Ninth Rank Hall. 

Streams of people were busily coming and going swiftly, and all of them were discussing the battle that had occurred today. They were guessing exactly who were the two experts that battled fiercely in the sky, and they utterly didn’t notice that Teng Lan, Chen Xi, and Wen Tianxiao who passed them by were the final victors of this battle.

There was a world of its own within the Ninth Rank Hall, and Teng Lan actually arranged a good room for Chen Xi and Wen Tianxiao to rest within it.

Teng Lan instructed before he left. “It’s best if you earn sufficient Virtue Energy within three months, and then head out to the Eastern Emperor County. So long as you arrive there, then even the Luo Clan’s forces will be unable to infiltrate the county.”

After that, this man that looked to be extremely ordinary based on his outward appearance and whose age couldn’t even be distinguished turned around and left. He didn’t leave the Ninth Rank Hall but arrived at a hidden room.

There was only a single table and an exquisite and tiny teleportation formation within this room.

Teng Lan sat before the table and pondered briefly before unfolding a snow white piece of paper and writing on it.

After a short moment, he put his brush and ink away before carefully folding up the snow white piece of paper, and then he placed it into the teleportation formation before him. With a flash of light, the piece of paper vanished without a trace.

After he finished doing all this, Teng Lan heaved a sigh of relief and muttered. “Shocking combat strength, yet limited by his cultivation that’s too low. Compared to those old freaks, he’s still too inferior. I wonder exactly what aspect of his that the Young Miss has taken a fancy to…”

At the same time, within an antique looking room in the Imperial City of Four Emperors.

Liang Bing who was sitting upright before a table and dealing with the various affairs of her clan suddenly raised her head, and her jade white and slender right hand swept out in midair before a snow white piece of paper that was folded nearly fell into her palm.

Liang Bing’s sexy, red, and moist lips couldn’t help but reveal a slight smile when she saw this. It was a paper and not a jade slip, and only her Uncle Lan that had watched her grow up and taken care of her since she was young would understand her preference the most.

“What’s there to make a fuss about killing some pieces of trash. So what if that little fellow’s combat strength is heaven defying? As the cousin brother of A’Li, it would be unusual if he wasn’t even able to kill a 3rd level Earthly Immortal Realm expert…” Liang Bing couldn’t help but shake her head when she opened the piece of paper and read it. She knew very clearly that this matter couldn’t be considered to be severe, and her Uncle Lan had no reason to report it at all. The reason he did this is probably because he’s still worried about my decision, right?

The Luo Clan… Liang Bing sat before the table while holding her snow white chin, and she pondered silently for a long time before a wisp of a cold and fierce expression flashed within her eyes. You want to rope in the Yin and Gu Clans to force me, Liang Bing, to submit? Then I can only prepare a great present for you!



I’ve finally recovered!

Within the room, a wisp of happiness flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes. In the next moment, his main body that wore green clothes stood before him with a swish.

Just moments ago, he clearly sensed that after this long period of time, his main body that was in closed door cultivation within the world of stars to recover its injuries had finally recovered to its peak state, and it had eliminated all the side effects that came from the Godslaughter Burst.

Next, I’ll let my clone enter into closed door cultivation within the world of stars to comprehend Divine Abilities, Dao Arts, and various Dao Insights. On the other hand, my main body possesses the Dark Parasol Sapling and River Diagram Fragments, so unless I encounter an extremely terrifying and great figure, my ability is sufficient to deal with various dangerous situations in the Talisman Dimension…


In the next moment, his clone had vanished.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s main body sat down cross-legged instead and sensed the changes in his body while in meditation. After a short period of time, a wisp of a grin appeared on the corners of his mouth because everything was the same as before.

He stood up and didn’t waste any more time, and he pushed open the door and travelled towards the Talisman Diagram Grandhall.

There were still numerous people within the Talisman Diagram Grandhall as usual, whereas Talisman Formation Masters sat crossed-legged before the Talisman Diagram Screens that flowed like silver waterfalls. All of them either had their brows knit in deep contemplation, scratching their heads, or wielding their talisman brushes energetically, and all of them seemed like infatuated people that were immersed in their own world.

Chen Xi really liked this sort of atmosphere where everyone didn’t disturb each other and did what they liked. No matter how the winds blew and rain poured outside, they remained unmoved.

“Young Master… Chen Xi?” A beautiful female attendant came over and asked with a low and slightly unsure voice.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he nodded and spoke with a puzzled tone. “You recognize me?”

The female attendant seemed to heave a sigh of relief in her heart and said respectfully, “The Lord Supervisor instructed earlier that if you come to repair talisman diagrams, I should lead you into a VIP Room. It’s quiet there, and you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by others.” 

Chen Xi’s brows raised as he knew this was probably arranged by Teng Lan, and Teng Lan’s aim was similarly simple. Teng Lan wanted to provide him with an advantageous environment so that he could try his best to earn sufficient Virtue Energy to enter the Easter Emperor County.

After all, 30,000 stars of Virtue Energy wasn’t a small amount.

“Since it’s like that, then I’ll be troubling you,” said Chen Xi with a slight grin.

“Young Master is too kind. Xuan Yun is extremely blessed to be able to serve Young Master.” The beautiful female attendant smiled sweetly.

She had been personally instructed repeatedly by the Lord Supervisor earlier that she had to serve Chen Xi well no matter what, and it caused her to be fearful in her heart. She felt that since he was capable of alarming the Lord Supervisor, Chen Xi surely possessed a great background, and such a young man was usually insufferably arrogant and haughty.

She’d met many such Young Masters, but never had she imagined that the Young Master Chen Xi before her would be so young and have such a good attitude. At the same time that this caused her to heave a sigh of relief in her heart, she couldn’t help but have a good impression of him in her heart.

Under Xuan Yun’s lead, Chen Xi moved through the hall in the Talisman Diagram Grandhall and ascended a teleportation formation that had been specially set up. With a flash of light, a broad and bright passageway instantly appeared before his eyes.

The ground of the passageway was paved with clean and glossy Green Veined Jadestone that seemed like glass. The walls on the side had numerous exquisite and lovely octagonal lanterns hanging on them, and they emanated a gentle and bright glow. Moreover, the air was suffused with strands of refreshing fragrance that gladdened the heart and relaxed the mind because invaluable 10,000 year old Cold Emerald Woodcores were burning within the lanterns.

Merely from this passageway, Chen Xi knew that the environment here could really be considered to be tranquil and peaceful.

But when Chen Xi had just stode into the passageway, he saw a familiar figure moving over from the depths of the passageway, and he couldn’t help but be stunned. What’s she doing here?

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