Chapter 833 – Pulling Weeds By The Root

The thunderstorm vortex surged while dazzling and resplendent arcs of lightning flowed madly within it, and it was like the door to hell had been opened and intended to swallow everyone before it.

Viper was terrified to the point his scalp went numb. At this critical moment of life and death, he roared hysterically while his entire body erupted with balls of Immortal Energy and blood that directly shattered the thunderstorm vortexes before him, and he was barely able to escape.

“Didn’t you want Immortal Artifacts? Why flee in a hurry?” Chen Xi’s voice resounded in the sky.

Fleeing was already very embarrassing to an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, especially when being defeated at the hands of a young man at the Nether Transformation Realm, it caused him to be even more embarrassed. So he truly wished for nothing more than to find a hole to hide in when facing Chen Xi’s ridicule at this moment.

But his life was the most important. At this moment, he was busy fleeing and couldn’t care about all this.

“Little Bastard, I’ll surely torture you in the future, and I’ll take your surname if I don’t torment you to the point that you’re in utter misery!” Viper roared with a voice that revealed deep resentment and anger.


A thunderstorm vortex that could hold up the sky charged over and tore through the entire sky while emanating dazzling and resplendent light. In the eyes of everyone in Crimson Swallow City, it was like a heavenly tribulation of the Heaven Dao had soared through the sky, and it was extremely shocking and vast.

However, in Viper’s eyes, it was like a lightning bolt of judgment that was about to annihilate him. His eyes almost split apart while he spat out a mouthful of blood and burned the quintessence of his entire body to speed up his escape.

He came arrogantly and with a bearing of superiority, and he’d played tricks on Chen Xi and Wen Tianxiao like a cat playing with a mouse. But now he was fleeing anxiously like a dog with its tail between its legs, and it truly revealed the sentiment of the ever-changing circumstances of life.

Blood dripped from Viper’s entire body as he dodged with all his might a few times before finally being able to dodge this bolt of lightning. But the young man behind him was too ferocious and had executed numerous divine thunderstorm vortexes that surged through the sky and illuminated the world, and it was like an ocean of thunderstorms had filled the entire sky.

The thunder was vast, violent, and carried a terrifying aura of devouring everything in the world. They soared out horizontally, causing it to be impossible for him to avoid all of them no matter how he moved and dodged.


Viper wasn’t able to escape calamity in the end, and his entire body was enveloped by a thunderstorm vortex. 


Cracking sounds rumbled as his entire body was minced into bloody froth before he perished.

He didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry before he died, and this obviously showed how horrifying the battle was.

A rain of blood filled the sky.

“If it wasn’t for me being pressed for time, you would have surely not died so easily…” Chen Xi shook his head as he stretched out his hand to grab the storage ring Viper left behind after his death, and then Chen Xi’s figure flashed and vanished in the sky. 


Slap! Slap! Slap!

A wave of extremely clear and resounding slaps sounded out. Wen Tianxiao squatted on the ground while his hands were like machine guns that fiercely slapped the faces of his opponent on the ground, and he slapped with great pleasure

In the end, he cursed fiercely without end. “Bloody bastards! Carry on being arrogant! Carry on watching me being made a fool of! All of you brought this upon yourselves…”

Numerous corpses lay scattered within pools of blood in his surroundings, and they’d died miserably.

Just like he’d promised Chen Xi earlier, Wen Tianxiao had already annihilated all Viper’s subordinates. With his strength that was sufficient to annihilate 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm experts, killing these pieces of trash was as easy as blowing off dust.

But he hadn’t finished venting his anger, so he left one of them alive for the sake of venting the resentment in his heart.


A figure appeared on the spot and shocked Wen Tianxiao. When he focused his gaze and noticed it was Chen Xi, Wen Tianxiao couldn’t help but speak with delight. “You’ve finally returned. Come on, let’s flee!”

As he spoke, he stomped to death his opponent on the ground that had been slapped to the point of fainting, and he charged out with the intention of fleeing.

“Why should we flee?” Chen Xi was stunned.

“Even though Viper is dead, they still have many formidable members. Once we’re caught by them, then it will be an extremely big problem for us.” Wen Tianxiao spoke hastily.

He was right because Viper was only one of the four guardians of the Crimson Swallow City’s Blacksoul Gang. After they killed Viper, it would surely draw the pursuit of the other experts from the Blacksoul Gang.

This was an obvious truth. Moreover, Wen Tianxiao didn’t even need to think to know that the members of the Blacksoul Gang had moved out after hearing the commotion here, and they were on the way here.

“There’s no need to flee. We’ll slaughter our way to the headquarters of the Blacksoul Gang and annihilate it, then wouldn’t there be no more threats to us?” Chen Xi spoke with a calm expression.

“Kill our way to the Blacksoul Gang? Annihilate it?” Wen Tianxiao’s face froze while his foot that had just strode out couldn’t be moved any longer. He felt that he was already audacious enough, yet he never imagined that Chen Xi would be even more ferocious than him and intend to directly attack their headquarters!

“What? You’re afraid?” asked Chen Xi.

Wen Tianxiao suddenly recovered from his shock and spoke with annoyance. “What the fuck would I be afraid of? I just feel… Feel…” In the end, he couldn’t help but hesitate. After all, this was truly too mad, and the slightest mistake could cause them to lose their lives!

“Don’t tell me that you don’t even know where their headquarters is after losing 8,000 stars of Virtue Energy.” Chen Xi waved his hand to interrupt Wen Tianxiao.

Wen Tianxiao couldn’t help but be embarrassed when he heard Chen Xi mention this humiliating matter, and then he gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, I’ll fucking make a trip with you and fucking clear them out!” 


The battle between Chen Xi and Viper had drawn the attention of all the cultivators in Crimson Swallow City a long time ago. So after he left the courtyard with Wen Tianxiao, he noticed the surrounding streets were filled with cultivators with surprised and bewildered expressions, and they were looking towards him.

Chen Xi disregarded them as he stretched out his hand to hold Wen Tianxiao, and then he executed the Starsky Wings, causing him to vanish like a teleporting flowing light before the nearby cultivators could see their appearances clearly.

But he knew very well that these actions could only temporarily conceal his identity, and once some time had passed, the identities of himself and Wen Tianxiao would surely be learned by the Blacksoul Gang.

So only by completely annihilating the Blacksoul Gang before they figured everything out would he have the chance of obtaining an even longer period of peace.

“How did you get into betting with them?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain from asking on the way.

Wen Tianxiao was depressed as soon as this matter was mentioned, and he sighed. “A friend of Yao Luwei’s introduced them to me. I went over to play since I was bored, but I never expected that I would lose so quickly. I suspect that they’d joined forces to deceive me.”

“Yao Luwei?” Chen Xi’s brows raised. “Where’s she?”

“Who knows? That woman is too scheming, so I don’t like to be with her all the time.” Wen Tianxiao spoke angrily.

Too scheming?

Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something, and then he nodded and said, “It’s good that she isn’t here. At the very least, she won’t be implicated by us.”

“Implicated?” Wen Tianxiao was astounded, and he acutely captured the unusual feeling in these words.

“Exactly. The Blacksoul Gang isn’t terrifying, but the Luo Clan behind them is,” said Chen Xi.

Earlier, he’d restrained himself when dealing with Viper earlier out of consideration for the Luo Clan. But now that he’d already killed Viper, he couldn’t avoid taking the Luo Clan to be an enormous potential threat.

“The Luo Clan!” Wen Tianxiao was shocked, and then he cried out. “It wouldn’t be that Luo Clan which is one of the four great clans of the Talisman Dimension?”

Chen Xi nodded and instantly understood that he didn’t have to waste his breath explaining because he was able to discern from this fellow’s reaction that Wen Tianxiao knew about the Luo Clan.

“Since the power behind the Blacksoul Gang is the Luo Clan, then…you still intend to do this?” Wen Tianxiao took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart as he asked.

“It’s not me, but us.” Chen Xi corrected.

“Right, us!” Wen Tianxiao nodded fiercely, and his expression transformed into a rare solemn and serious expression.

Strictly speaking, if it wasn’t for the sake of saving him, Chen Xi wouldn’t have been implicated. So if he were to reveal fear at this moment, then he would be too ungrateful!

The northeast area of Crimson Swallow City. 

The streets here were dense like a spiderweb, and the geography was extremely complicated. It was mostly locals of the Talisman Dimension and some weak cultivators that lived here.

When the ability of a cultivator was analyzed in the Talisman Dimension, the most important wasn’t the cultivator’s strength, but the cultivator’s Virtue Energy, and this carried a principle of its own because one with a formidable strength would surely have earned a great deal of Virtue Energy.

Conversely, if one was unable to obtain Virtue Energy, then even surviving was a problem, and one could only lower one’s self and reside in this area that was crowded and didn’t have very good conditions.

Wen Tianxiao led Chen Xi through numerous narrow, long, and dark streets, and they kept changing direction before finally arrive at a comparatively empty area. If he didn’t utilize his Divine Sense, Chen Xi even suspected that he might get dizzy from spinning around here.

“It’s just ahead. Even though it looks tattered, the headquarters of the Blacksoul Gang is extremely beautiful and magnificent, and its constructed underground like an underground city.” Wen Tianxiao pointed at the distant place ahead that was covered in rubble and seemed like an expanse of ruins, and he gritted his teeth and said, “That day, Yao Luwei brought me here, otherwise who the fuck would know that this lousy place actually concealed such a palace beneath it?”

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi glanced at him and spoke in a concise manner before flashing over.

But in next to no time, he’d stopped abruptly, and his eyes narrowed while a wisp of shock flashed within. Why is he here?

A tall figure was standing on the distant ruins. His appearance was ordinary, and he wore green clothes and white shoes. Every single move he made carried a tranquil and indifferent bearing. He was exactly Teng Lan.

He seemed to have been waiting here since long ago, and he smiled when he saw Chen Xi appear. “Since the moment that dispute arose between both of you and the Blacksoul Gang, I knew that both of you would surely come here.” 

Chen Xi was surprised, and then his nose twitched as he’d suddenly smiled a dense smell of blood that seeped out from the ruins. His Divine Sense swept out, and then he instantly saw a horrifying scene.

There was a an extremely vast area 3km beneath the ground of the ruins, and there were pavilions, artificial mountains, flowing water, and everything one would expect to find. It was like an magnificent and beautiful manor.

However, at this moment, every single inch of the manor was covered in corpses while blood flowed into rivers and severed limbs were scattered everywhere, and it dyed the ground in a terrifying scarlet red color, causing it to seem like purgatory.

“This…” Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered.

“If weeds aren’t pulled by the root, then the future troubles are limitless.” Teng Lan remained calm as he smiled warmly. “Since a battle broke out, then all future problems naturally have to be eliminated.”

For no reason of rhyme, Chen Xi’s heart went cold when he saw Teng Lan’s smile. He noticed that he seemed to have overlooked Teng Lan’s existence from the beginning until the end, and he didn’t even know anything about Teng Lan’s strength or position.

The more it was like this, the more mysterious and terrifying Teng Lan seemed. This person was absolutely not a simple representative of the Ninth Rank Hall! 

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