Chapter 832 – Attacking Flagrantly

Never had Wen Tianxiao imagined that Viper would actually speak so shamelessly, and he stared wide open eyes while his expression grew more and more unsightly. Moreover, the True Essence in his entire body rumbled as he seemed to be unable to restrain himself from bashing someone.

However, he was stopped by Chen Xi before he could make a move.

Viper couldn’t help but roar with laughter, and he said with a ridiculing tone. “I’ll tell both of you the fucking truth. No matter how great your backgrounds are or how respectable your identities are, you have to listen to me obediently in the territory of the Talisman Dimension, otherwise, you wouldn’t even know how you died!”


The ground beneath Wen Tianxiao cracked open. It was caused by the True Essence that he couldn’t restrain from seeping out, but he could only forcefully endure the flames of rage in his heart when facing the arrogant and spiteful Viper.

He took a deep breath and shouted while his chest rose and fell. “Then what do you want?”

Viper touched his chin while he spoke in an unhurried manner. “It’s very simple, hand over another Immortal Artifact, and I’ll fucking let both of you leave right away.”

Wen Tianxiao started laughing from extreme rage, and he gritted his teeth as he said, “Do you think Immortal Artifacts are things that can be bought in stalls and can be casually produced?”

Viper shrugged and said slowly, “I don’t care about all this.”

“What if we don’t hand it over?” Chen Xi spoke abruptly.

Viper seemed to have expected Chen Xi would ask this a long time ago, and he stretched out two thick fingers and gestures. “Two paths. The first is death, and the second is to establish a vow under the Heaven Dao to become my fucking Cultivator Slaves for your entire lifetimes!’

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as a cold light flashed within. “So in this way, there’s no room for discussion?”

He’s heard about Cultivator Slaves, and it was an existence similar to a normal slave. They possessed lowly statuses while their lives were controlled in the hands of another, causing them to have no freedom, and they had to do what they were told to do, so they were simply worse off than dogs.

Thus, the words ‘Cultivator Slaves’ carried deep feeling of humiliation, and most cultivators in the cultivation world would rather die than become the slave of another.

Viper glanced at Chen Xi with a seemingly pitiable expression as he said, “Little Fellow, do you have the qualifications to fucking bargain with me? Even if it’s an Earthly Immortal Realm expert here, he would have to listen obediently to everything I say!”

Chen Xi went silent for a long time before he withdrew an Immortal Sword and said, “Is this Immortal Sword alright?”

Viper was stunned and seemed to be slightly surprised that Chen Xi was actually able to produce a third Immortal Artifact. But when his gaze encountered the Immortal Sword that flowed with the glow of treasures, a wisp of burning greed instantly appeared on his face. “Not bad, it’s an Immortal Artifact.”

Wen Tianxiao grabbed Chen Xi’s arm and said anxiously, “Chen Xi, you must not…”

Chen Xi shook his head at Wen Tianxiao to indicate that Wen Tianxiao should keep quiet, and then he looked at Viper. “Now, shouldn’t you leave?”

Viper pondered for a moment before his expression changed abruptly, and he revealed a savage smile as he said, “This Immortal Sword really is extraordinary… But does it really belong to you? I have a friend that seems to have just lost a similar Immortal Artifact lately.”

Chen Xi sighed in his heart when he heard Viper’s intent to act shamelessly and dishonestly, and he finally decided in his heart. He turned around to look at Wen Tianxiao. “If I leave everyone else to you, can you accomplish it?”

Wen Tianxiao was stunned, and then he understood what Chen Xi meant, causing a wisp of an excited and bloodthirsty expression to flash in his eyes. “Not a single one will be able to escape!”

Chen Xi nodded. “Good.”

Viper’s face sank. “Little Brats, the both of you…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when his face froze abruptly, and he suddenly felt a ghastly and icy cold killing intent press down on him, and it caused his heart to jerk.

What strong killing intent! Viper even smelled a strand of a bloody aura that washed past him from head to toe like a waterfall of blood, and it simple didn’t seem like something a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm ought to possess.


Before he could react to what had happened, a wisp of flowing light rapidly expanded in his eyes, and its peerlessly fierce killing intent seemed like a peerless treasured sword was unsheathed in the darkness and tore through the sky towards him!


Space seemed like a piece of paper that was easily torn into shreds, and it emanated a deafening sharp howl and sonic boom that caused space to seethe intensely before collapsing.

This strike was extremely formidable!

It caused Viper’s skin to feel cold and tremble while a strand of an indescribable feeling of danger surged into his heart, causing his face to go grim. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to stretch out his hand and grab, causing an enormous hammer that was coiled with the glow of lightning to appear before fiercely smashing out with it.

He heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he finished doing all this, and then a wisp of self-ridicule appeared in his heart. Aren’t I too nervous? He’s only a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm, whereas I’m at the fucking 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

Viper’s true form was indeed an extremely ordinary Viper Demon, but he was very confident towards his strength. Since he started cultivating 3,000 years ago, he’d relied on his ruthlessness and cunning to possess his current strength and status. Moreover, his combat experience was extremely abundant.

Presently, even though he’d allowed a little fellow to seize the initiative, he wasn’t panicked in the slightest when he calmed down because he’d encountered countless dangers in his entire lifetime, and the situation before him was nothing.

Not to mention, his opponent was merely a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm!


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded. Both of them collided like the explosion of a star, causing the heavens and the earth to quake while a matchless raging wave surged out and caused an expanse of blazing light to rumble as it swept towards the surroundings.

Fortunately, boundless milky white fluctuations arose in the surroundings to seal up the heavens and the earth, and it sealed up this area. Otherwise, Crimson Swallow City might suffer severe destruction because a casual strike from an Earthly Immortal Realm expert possessed the might to move mountains and overturn seas.

The milky white fluctuation had come from the Talisman Tower at the center of Crimson Swallow City. Perhaps, it was precisely the existence of this Talisman Tower that allowed this city to stand until this day.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Amidst the blazing light, Viper’s extremely robust figure retreated repeatedly by 10 steps. Every single step he took caused countless rifts to crack open on the ground. Rocks shattered while dust and smoke rumbled towards the surroundings, and it was obvious how strong the force of impact he suffered was.

He was obviously shocked because a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm was actually capable of blocking his strike. How terrifying is this strength? His heart shook because this didn’t conform to convention.

After all, he was a supreme Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had surpassed morality to enter immortality. He was already an ‘immortal,’ so how could the energy of mortals go against him?

“Kill! Don’t allow these two little brats to escape!” Even though numerous thoughts were arising in his heart, Viper’s reaction wasn’t slow, and he roared like a thunderclap.

There was no need for him to instruct them because since the moment Chen Xi made a move, Wen Tianxiao had already made a move as well and slaughtered his way into those subordinates of Viper’s. At this moment, he’d created another battlefield and was fighting fiercely.

At this moment, Chen Xi had already strode over. At this moment, his entire body was enveloped by violent Shaman Energy while countless blazing thunderstorm vortexes rumbled around his body, causing him to be like a Fiendgod that had descended from the darkness and was extremely shocking.

“Ha!” Viper shouted explosively as he swung the enormous hammer in his hand, causing it to transform into a silver light that crushed the heavens, and it expanded swiftly while smashed down at Chen Xi as if it could sweep away anything before it.

Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he struck out with the Grand Obliteration Fist. The might of his was extremely vast while the glow of obliteration erupted, and it was like a black and white sun had risen and directly smashed onto the enormous hammer.

The might of this fist could simply annihilate both Yin and Yang and obliterate the milky way!


Viper’s figure shook violently while his extremely robust figure was blasted flying, and his large hand that was like a fan trembled, causing him to almost be unable to grasp the enormous hammer.

His expression suddenly changed as he finally noticed that the situation was far from good because this little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm before him actually possessed a heaven defying strength that was capable of surmounting a realm to do battle!

Where did this freak come from!? How could such a figure exist in this world?

Viper was shocked and bewildered while he felt an enormous threat from Chen Xi, and he didn’t dare to be careless or underestimate Chen Xi in the slightest any longer.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi assaulted him once more with a peerlessly ferocious bearing, and Chen Xi didn’t give him the slightest moment to catch his breath.

“Little Fellow, let me see how long you can fucking maintain this heaven defying ability!” Viper gritted his teeth while his figure rose up, and he was like a lofty and enormous mountain that moved through space as the hammer in his hand whistled out.

In a mere instant, two shocking rays of light charged into the layer of clouds, and they fought fiercely in the sky.

Violent winds erupted while a cold breeze raged, and lightning rumbled. Various phenomena appeared in the sky while the two of them fought a life and death battle, and it caused various terrifying scenes to appear in the sky.

Everyone in Crimson Swallow City was astounded, and they were all alarmed. The sight of this battle dazzled their hearts and shook it to the extreme. A battle between experts at the Earthly Immortal Realm? 

This level of battle was too terrifying, and a single move was capable of destroying a mountain and flattening a city!

But due to the boundless milky white fluctuation emanated from the Talisman Tower, their battlefield was completely sealed up, causing others to be utterly incapable of discerning who the parties of the battle were.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens sounded out as Viper’s right wrist was broken with a crack, and if it wasn’t for him dodging in time, his entire right arm would have almost been shattered completely.

Even then, it hurt to the point he grimaced in pain and was extremely astounded. Isn’t this little fellow’s body too formidable?

After all it was an Immortal Artifact in his hand, yet it was actually unable to break through the force of his opponent’s fist.

“Bastard! Who exactly are you?” At this moment, Viper was finally in panic, and he howled in question because a heaven defying young man like Chen Xi was surely not a nobody.

Chen Xi didn’t answer. His expression was icy cold as his figure flashed through the sky in an imposing manner, and extremely violent thunderstorm vortexes flickered with dazzling silver light as they crushed down at Viper.

Earlier, he’d exercised patience for a long time out of consideration for the Luo Clan, and he’d even not hesitated to suffer a great loss and provided an Immortal Sword just to deal with this dispute. But never had he imagined that Viper would be insatiably greedy and take a yard when given an inch, and it completely infuriated him.

Since he’d made a move now, Chen Xi had already resolved to kill Viper, so why would he waste his breath on viper?

So what if Viper was at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm?

There were no less than 10 Earthly Immortal Realm experts that had died at his hand, and there were even those that were more formidable than Viper, so would Chen Xi take Viper seriously?

“Kid, you’re courting death! No one in the world can save you if you offend my Blacksoul Gang!” Viper was both shocked and infuriated when he saw Chen Xi acting so ruthlessly and resolutely, and he shouted explosively again and again.


Chen Xi’s gaze was terrifying as his figure flashed. In the next moment, he’d arrived before Viper and grabbed out with his hand, and he directly tore off Viper’s right arm, causing the glow of blood to flow through the entire sky like a waterfall.

A terrified and miserable cry escaped Viper’s mouth while his eyes were filled with shock because he didn’t dare believe that he would be injured at the hands of a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm, and his entire body went cold while his soul almost left his body.

He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to turn around and flee. He intended to save his life first before getting the help of others to kill this strange and heaven defying little fellow.


However, at the instant he turned around, he noticed to his astonishment than an extremely enormous thunderstorm vortex had surged out from space, and it was like a bloody mouth that had opened up in space and seemed to be waiting for him to enter it.

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