Chapter 831 – Breaking The Rules

Ling Qingmo was both angry and annoyed when she heard Daoist Ling laugh loudly, and she said, “I’m telling the truth!”

Daoist Ling hurriedly shook his head. “Right, my Qingmo is very right.”

Ling Qingmo couldn’t help but roll her eyes. She was naturally able to discern the teasing intent in her grandfather’s tone, and she didn’t know how to explain it to him.

After groaned for a long time, she said angrily, “Regardless of if you believe it or not, in any case, I believe it.”

At this moment, Daoist Ling’s expression became slightly serious, but he shook his head right away. “Forget it, so what if a young little fellow was really a Talisman Formation Grandmaster?”

As he spoke, he’d already held the young woman’s hand and said, “Come, Grandpa will bring you to see a few real Talisman Formation Grandmasters. If you’re able to get into their good graces, it will be extremely beneficial towards your cultivation in the Dao of Talismans in the future.”

Ling Qingmo was very frustrated and depressed, and she muttered to herself. They’re only a group of old geezers. Even I would have become a Talisman Formation Grandmaster a long time ago if I arrived at their ages… 


“What? He lost 8,000 stars of Virtue Energy!?” When he found out from Teng Lan that Wen Tianxiao had lost 8,000 stars of Virtue Energy in a bet, even Chen Xi was shocked because this number was slightly too shocking.

“Exactly. If he’s unable to hand over sufficient treasures of equivalent value, I’m afraid…” Teng Lan didn’t finish speaking, but the meaning within his words was very obvious. If Wen Tianxiao was unable to hand it over, then only death awaited him.

“Virtue Energy can be used to bet with?” Chen Xi frowned. He couldn’t be said to have a deep relationship with Wen Tianxiao, but they’d fought together after all, so it wasn’t good for him to stand idly by when he heard of this matter.

“Of course. Every single star of Virtue Energy is an enormous wealth. In the Talisman Dimension, so long as you possessed Virtue Energy, you’re entirely capable of exchanging it for anything. Of course, it’s impossible to exchange items for Virtue Energy.” Teng Lan nodded and said, “8,000 Virtue Energy is already sufficient to exchange for two true Immortal Artifacts.”

Chen Xi was shocked once more. Doesn’t this mean that 4,000 stars of Virtue Energy is sufficient to exchange for an Immortal Artifact? This value of exchange is truly slightly shocking.

“I remember that fellow possesses another two Immortal Artifacts.” Chen Xi suddenly recalled that even though he’d won four Immortal Artifacts from Wen Tianxiao that day, he’d only taken two in the end.

“Those two Immortal Artifacts have already been lost by him,” said Teng Lan.

“So in this way, these 8,000 stars of Virtue Energy were owed by him after that?” Chen Xi was speechless. Isn’t this fellow’s addiction to gambling too strong? Only a few days have passed yet he has already lost to the point of being deep in debt.

He simply loses every bet he makes, yet he just happens to be so madly addicted to gambling. I’m afraid no one wouldn’t like such a sucker.

“Where is he now?” said Chen Xi.

“He’s in the same courtyard residence where you reside.” Teng Lan replied. “It was I who received him and Yao Luwei when they arrived in Crimson Swallow City the day before yesterday, so their residences were arranged by me.”

Chen Xi nodded when he heard this, and he intended to return to his residence to take a look at the situation.

“You want to help him?” Teng Lan followed up to Chen Xi.

“At any rate, we’d journeyed together for some time, so I can’t leave him to die.” Chen Xi replied without the slightest hesitation.

“I told you all this out of goodwill, and to ask you not to interfere.” Teng Lan spoke with a frown on his face.

“Why?” Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving and frowned as well while asking.

Teng Lan went silent for a long time, and then his expression became extremely solemn as he said in a serious tone, “The reason is very simple, the power that he bet with is too enormous, so once you’re swept in, even I’m unable to be of much help.”

“I’m just going to pay the debt he owes. Isn’t it just 8,000 stars of Virtue Energy? I just happen to have won two Immortal Artifacts from Wen Tianxiao, so I’ll just help him repay it for now,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

Teng Lan knew he was unable to persuade Chen Xi when he saw this, and he could only instruct Chen Xi. “Remember, don’t enter into a conflict with them, because no one will care if someone is killed in the Talisman Dimension.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he nodded, and then he couldn’t help but ask. “Who exactly are they?”

A wisp of detest flashed within Teng Lan’s eyes as he lightly spat out three words. “The Luo Clan.”

The Luo Clan!

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said with surprise, “Why is it the Luo Clan again?”

He’d already found out about some information regarding the Luo Clan from Thousand Fortune Granny, Chen Yuan, and Bi Yin while on the way to Crimson Swallow City. Even though it was very one-sided information, it was sufficient to allow him to know clearly exactly what sort of colossus the Luo Clan was.

The ancestor of the Luo Clan was one of the great figures that had created the Talisman Dimension, the Demon Forefather Luo Shang. Presently, the Luo Clan’s forces controlled the entire Talisman Dimension with the other three great clans!

“You know about the Luo Clan?” Teng Lan seemed to be even more surprised than Chen Xi.

“On the way here, I heard a few cultivators speaking about joining the forces of the Luo Clan to deal with someone.” Chen Xi answered casually.

“Oh.” Teng Lan’s gaze flashed with a strange expression.

Since Chen Xi knew of the Luo Clan, Teng Lan stopped concealing anything and guided him. “The Luo Clan’s forces are distributed in the shadows of the Crimson Swallow City, and they form a power called the Blacksoul Gang.”

According to what Teng Lan said, the Blacksoul Gang was a power that used gambling as their method to blackmail and extort cultivators. Moreover, it was a 4th level Earthly Immortal Realm outer court elder of the Luo Clan that was assisting the Blacksoul Gang.

Besides that, the Blacksoul Gang had four Earthly Immortal Realm guardians which similarly couldn’t be underestimated. Beneath them was its forces that covered the entire underworld of the Crimson Swallow City, and their number was immeasurable.

In the end, Teng Lan evaluated. “A power like this can’t be considered to be really formidable. But the Luo Clan behind it is something no one dares to offend. During these past few years, the cultivators that died at their hands were innumerable, and they act fearlessly and brazenly.”

Chen Xi listened to all of this was a tranquil expression, and not the slightest fluctuation of feelings could be noticed.

After a short moment, Chen Xi returned to his residence by himself, and as expected, he saw the surroundings of the courtyard was already occupied by numerous cultivators with cold expressions, and they numbered around a few tens of people in total.

“What have you come here for?” A man with a ferocious expression blocked Chen Xi’s path.

“I’ve come to return a debt.” Chen Xi replied calmly.

“Return a debt?” The man was stunned, and then he revealed a ghastly smile as he said, “Oh, you’re the companion of that kid? I hope you’re able to return his debt. Quickly go in!”

The other cultivators snickered without end, and they seemed as if they’d seen a plump little goat send itself into the slaughterhouse.

Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance at these minions that were at most at the Nether Transformation Realm, and his attention was completely gathered at a jade green pond that had luxuriant flowers and plants growing around it.

There was a bare chested man sitting upright there, and his figure was extremely robust. His bare chest had a pit viper with wings tattooed on it, and it coiled around his entire upper body while the head of the snake was at the center of his chest.

This was one of the four guardians of the Blacksoul Gang, an expert at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and he was nicknamed Viper. As for his real name, no one remembered it in any case.

Beside him were a few subordinates with ferocious expressions.

On the other hand, Wen Tianxiao was leisurely lying on a rock at the side, and he was lazily bathing under the sunlight with narrowed eyes. Moreover, he seemed to be completely unconcerned, and not a trace of fear couldn’t be seen on him.

This bastard’s disposition really isn’t bad.

Chen Xi was both amused and angry in his heart, and he had no choice but to admire the great profligate disciple that was overbearing and arrogant, Wen Tianxiao. If it was any other person under these circumstances, that person would have probably been terrified out of his wits.

Everyone within the courtyard raised their heads when they heard the sound of footsteps, and their gazes descended onto Chen Xi in unison. They sized Chen Xi up in an unbridled manner before withdrawing their gazes when they saw it was only a kid at the Nether Transformation Realm.

On the other hand, Wen Tianxiao couldn’t help but slap his thigh upon noticing Chen Xi’s arrival, and then he stood up and said with a smile, “Chen Xi, you really came. I knew you wouldn’t watch me die, you’re a true friend!”

Chen Xi suddenly felt slight regret towards coming here so early, and he felt that he ought to make this bastard suffer greatly before coming over because this fellow might not be so unconcerned…

“What if I didn’t come?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask.

“Is that even possible?” Wen Tianxiao asked with an astounded expression.

It was obvious with a single glance that he’d utterly not considered that Chen Xi wouldn’t come, and this complete confidence caused Chen Xi to feel much better.

“Hehe, a great savior has arrived?” Viper suddenly raised his head while sitting on the chair, and he revealed a cruel and cold smile. “Kid, if you came a moment later, the arms of your friend would have been fed to the dogs! Cut the crap and quickly hand over what he owes!”

Wen Tianxiao frowned and said with displeasure, “What did you say?”

Viper fiercely spat out a mouthful of thick phlegm, and laughed loudly in an exaggerated manner as he said, “What? You really think you’re a big lord? You fucking owe me a whole load of fucking debt!”

Wen Tianxiao’s expression froze, and he puckered his lips while keeping silent.

Chen Xi sighed in his heart and said, “Let me see the bill, and I’ll help him repay it if there are no mistakes.”

“Alright!” Viper roared with laughter and withdrew a jade slip before tossing it to Chen Xi. “All the debts he owes are listed clearly in it. I, Viper, always do things fairly, and I absolutely don’t swindle and deceive.”

Chen Xi received it and looked through it carefully, and he’d only seen through a small portion of it when he knew this bill probably had no problems with it, so he turned to look at Wen Tianxiao as he said, “You really owed 8,000 stars of Virtue Energy?”

Wen Tianxiao stayed silent this time, and he said in a soft voice after a short moment, “Didn’t I lose two Immortal Artifacts to you in the past? Lend them to me temporarily, and I’ll return more to you once we leave the Talisman Dimension.”

Chen Xi sighed and withdrew the Azureheart Soul Annihilation Fan and the Blacklight Devil Suppression Gloves before tossing it over. “These two Immortal Artifacts are sufficient to repay a debt of 8,000 stars of Virtue Energy.”

Viper stretched out his hand to receive it, and he carefully played with it before he roared chuckled loudly. “Not bad. Not bad. The quality of these two treasures can really measure up to 8,000 stars of Virtue Energy.”

When he spoke up to here, he glanced at Chen Xi with a seemingly greedy gaze and licked his lips as he said in an unhurried manner, “But it’s far from sufficient to repay his debts. Unless…you give me another Immortal Artifact.”

Chen Xi wasn’t angry at all when he heard Viper’s words that obviously carried ill intent. He knew a long time ago that if this matter was so easy to deal with, then the Blacksoul Gang wasn’t worthy of being called the Blacksoul Gang.

But Wen Tianxiao couldn’t accept it, and his eyes stared wide open as he said angrily, “What the fuck do you mean? Are you thinking of breaking the rules?”

“What do I mean?” Viper’s face sank as he said with a ghastly tone, “As an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, I fucking accompanied a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm like you here and wasted a few hours of time, and even my subordinates suffered along with me. How should we deal with this debt?”

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