Chapter 830 – Talisman Formation Grandmaster

Ling Qing Mo.

Obviously, this was the name of the young woman from before. 

Chen Xi pondered for a moment before placing the Virtue Plate back where he found it. Losing one’s Virtue Plate in the Talisman Dimension was equivalent to losing one’s reliance for survival, and it would make it impossible for one to do anything in the Talisman Dimension.

He believed that the forgetful young woman who seemed to be beautiful, pure, and gentle, yet actually possessed an explosive temper, would surely return.

In the next moment, Chen Xi stopped pondered, and he held the dark green talisman brush before he spun the tip of the brush like a precise and cold scalpel and started to draw on the Talisman Diagram Screen.

Ling Qingmo was depressed, extremely depressed. She’d tried to repair a damaged talisman diagram before the screen repeatedly 89 times, yet she hadn’t succeeded once in the end. She simply didn’t dare believe this was true.

My cultivation in the Dao of Talismans isn’t bad. Ling Qingmo bit her pink and moist lips while feeling extremely irritated. She could already be considered as a top existence amongst Talisman Formation Masters and coupled with her coming into contact with the Dao of Talismans since a young age and her good natural talent, she’d received the praise of many Talisman Formation Grandmasters and possessed a good reputation.

In the end, she’d repeatedly knocked against a wall in the Talisman Diagram Grandhall, so this caused her to even suspect if she was really so inferior.

“Truly damnable!” Ling Qingmo gnashed her teeth with hatred.

“Qing Mo, how many stars of Virtue Energy did you obtain?” She was walking and thinking when this suddenly sounded out from beside her, causing her to turn around and look, and she noticed her older brother Ling Qingshan was smiling while looking at her.

“Virtue Energy? Cheh, don’t mention it. I didn’t even earn a single one!” Ling Qingmo pursed her lips and was very irritated, and then she muttered in her heart. Shit! My Virtue Plate!


In the next moment, she’d already dashed back like a gust of wind.

The hall was crowded with people and gathered a few thousands of Talisman Formation Masters because everyone knew that they could gain generous amounts of Virtue Energy here while improving their cultivation in the Dao of Talismans.

So the Virtue Plate had naturally become a necessity when earning Virtue Energy.

When one repaired the structure of the talisman diagrams on the screen, they had to place their Virtue Plates within the screen. In this way, the Virtue Energy earned from every successful repair of a talisman diagram would be clearly recorded within it.

On the other hand, it would be a trivial matter if someone utilized it when one didn’t retrieve the Virtue Plate from the screen, but if the person were to make off with it, then the consequences would be unimaginable. 

After all, there were too many Talisman Formation Masters in the hall, and their positions weren’t fixed because Talisman Formation Masters were leaving at practically every single moment while others surged in. So once one lost their Virtue Plate, there was practically no hope of finding it.

Ling Qingmo rushed over impatiently, and she really did see that fellow from before utilizing her Virtue Plate while meticulously repairing the talisman diagram on the screen.

Moreover, the damaged talisman diagram on the screen was precisely the talisman diagram she’d been repeatedly incapable of solving!

She didn’t even have the chance to shout when she saw a flawless talisman diagram appear on the screen, and it flashed on the screen as if it was breathing!

He succeeded already? Ling Qingmo was instantly stunned. A flawless talisman diagrams flashing on the screen represented that the Talisman Formation Master had completely dealt with the damaged talisman diagram, and it was equivalent to a notification of success.

But just how long was I away? 10 breaths of time? 20 breaths of time?

Ling Qingmo took a deep breath and predicted that it was absolutely no more than 30 breaths of time!

The outcome was that this talisman diagram that she’d repeatedly repaired for 89 times and failed 89 times had been ‘annihilated’ by this fellow in less than 30 breaths of time?

Ling Qingmo fiercely pinched the back of her hand, and the pain she felt told her that this was no dream. She couldn’t help but be dazed, and she even forgot to charge forward to grab her Virtue Plate back.

She really looked forward to this fellow repairing another talisman diagram so as judge is he was really so formidable.

But to her disappointment, this fellow withdrew his own Virtue Plate and checked it for a moment before muttering with extreme bewilderment. “My Virtue Energy didn’t increase? It shouldn’t be like that…”

Ling Qingmo was instantly speechless when she heard this, and she said to herself, Could it be that this fellow doesn’t know that it’s impossible to gain Virtue Energy if he doesn’t place his Virtue Plate within the screen?

My god!

Why is this fellow such an idiot?

Is he really an expert in the Dao of Talismans?

Ling Qingmo really doubted the scene she’d witnessed earlier. Was it really this fellow that did it? But when she looked left and right, she noticed that it was really this fellow that had occupied this place when she left earlier.

“Strange. Could it be that repairing a single diagram isn’t sufficient to light up a star in my Virtue Plate?”

Ling Qingmo couldn’t restrain herself from asking when she heard this fellow say this. “Big Brother, it couldn’t be your first time in this Talisman Diagram Grandhall, right?”

Chen Xi turned around and saw Ling Qingmo staring at him with her eyes wide open, and he nodded. “It really is my first time here.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to take the Virtue Plate at the corner of the screen, and he passed it over to her. “Here, you forgot to take it when you left earlier. Don’t be forgetful next time.”

“You’re the one that’s forgetful!” Ling Qingmo scrunched her nose and grunted before stretching out her hand to receive it, and she noticed two stars had really lit up in her Virtue Plate!

She couldn’t help but raise her head and look at Chen Xi with a strange gaze. “Didn’t someone tell you how to obtain Virtue Energy here while you were on the way here?”

Chen Xi nodded, and then shook his head. Even though Teng Lan had brought him here, Teng Lan didn’t have the chance to tell him everything before being invited away by someone else.

Ling Qingmo was both amused and speechless when she saw Chen Xi’s puzzled appearance, and she hurriedly guided him and told him everything.

Chen Xi came to an understanding and smiled. “No wonder, so that’s how it is. Let me try again.” 

As he spoke, he placed his own Virtue Plate in the screen and casually chose a talisman diagram, and then he sized it up briefly before holding the dark green talisman brush while drawing and repairing on the screen.

Ling Qingmo still remembered this talisman diagram. Its structure was extremely complicated, and its difficulty was much greater than the talisman diagram she’d selected earlier. Moreover, she’d instantly given up at first glance of this talisman diagram earlier.

The reason was extremely simple. With her current cultivation in the Dao of Talismans, she was utterly incapable of distinguishing the structure of the talisman markings within it, let alone repairing it.

At this moment, when she saw Chen Xi only size it up briefly before starting to repair it, Ling Qingmo instantly stared with eyes wide open fixedly at the screen because she was deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

She was truly curious if this fellow that looked to be extremely young was actually an expert in the Dao of Talismans.

Hiss! Hiss!

Chen Xi’s expression was calm and composed. His right wrist was as flexible as if there were no bones in it, and it was extremely agile. Under his control, the dark green talisman brush seemed as if it had transformed into a precise and cold sharp sword, and it drew numerous graceful and beautiful talisman marking on the screen.

His movements were very swift, as if he didn’t have to think, and every single movement and step seemed to come easily to him. It was graceful, smooth, and gave others the feeling that it was accomplished without thinking.

What a terrifying speed, what a precise and profound talisman marking pathway… Unknowingly, Ling Qingmo’s entire mind had been drawn by it. She was able to see Chen Xi’s face from the side at this angle, and the outline of Chen Xi’s face that was far from being able to be considered extremely handsome emanated shocking charm because of his concentration at this moment.

She was suddenly slightly dazed because this young man before her that didn’t seem to be much older than her seemed to really possess a cultivation in the Dao of Talismans that had attained a height she was far from and unable to reach.

She was already unable to see the immaturity and green feeling that conformed to his identity, nor did he carry the complicated expression of someone at his age. His expression was indifferent and composed, and he possessed qualities that far surpassed what those at his age ought to possess.

His appearance that could only be considered to be good looking caused him to seem like an ordinary boy next door, and he wouldn’t become the center of attention no matter where he was.

However, it was precisely this appearance that couldn’t be considered to be shocking that was emanating such dazzling brilliance at this moment. Presently, he was concentrated intently while making unrestrained and free movements, and it was sufficient to make others firmly remember such a young…Talisman Formation Master!

In a short period of a few breaths, a bright light flashed as a completed talisman diagram appeared, and it seemed to breathe before vanishing silently.

Another talisman diagram was repaired successfully!

And it was even completed in such a short period of time!

Ling Qingmo suddenly recovered from dazed state when she saw this scene, and then she took a deep breath to restrain the surprise and shock in her heart before she said, “You… wouldn’t be a Talisman Formation Grandmaster, right?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “I should be.”

He’d always been indifferent towards things like titles. He lowered his head to inspect his Virtue Plate and really noticed three stars light up on it.

This caused him to be delighted in his heart, and then he said to himself, According to this speed, I’ll be able to gain around 200 stars of Virtue Energy within an hour. In a day, I’ll be able to light up around four thousand stars. Perhaps I’ll be able to gather the Virtue Energy needed to enter Eastern Emperor County in less than 10 days!

“What do you mean by should be!?” Ling Qingmo waved her snow white fists about and shouted with excitement. “If you aren’t a Talisman Formation Grandmaster, then everyone else can kill themselves!”

Chen Xi was stunned as he never expected the young woman’s reaction to be so intense because he didn’t know how great the shock Ling Qingmo had received from that scene from before.

Ling Qingmo’s voice was clear and resounding, and it drew the attention of some of the nearby Talisman Formation Masters. All of them were slightly displeased because it was disrespectful to make noise in the Talisman Diagram Grandhall.

Especially when they noticed the young woman actually addressed the young man by her side as a Talisman Formation Grandmaster, everyone nearby revealed expressions of disdain. Young people nowadays are really boastful!

It was even to the extent that some Talisman Formation Masters were slightly unable to restrain themselves, and they intended to come over and teach Chen Xi and Ling Qingmo a lesson.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but have a headache when he saw this.

“Chen Xi, come with me. There’s something I need to tell you.” Teng Lan just happened to make an appearance, but his expression seemed to be slightly serious while his brows were knit together.

Chen Xi’s heart shook as he faintly sensed that something bad seemed to have occurred. So, he took his Virtue Plate right away before leaving hastily under Teng Lan’s lead.

“Hey, don’t go! I still don’t know your name.” Ling Qingmo was shouting while chasing after them, but she was stopped by a grey haired old man on the way.

“Qingmo, you know Chen Xi?” Shockingly, the old man was Daoist Ling.

“Grandpa, that’s a Talisman Formation Grandmaster that concealed his ability. Why are you stopping me!?” Ling Qingmo cried out with agitation, and her delicate and beautiful little face was covered in displeasure because she was slightly unhappy from being stopped by Daoist Ling.

“A Talisman Formation Grandmaster? Haha!” Daoist Ling was stunned, and then he couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He seemed to feel that this method of address being placed on a young man was very laughable. 

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