Chapter 829 – Talisman Diagram Grandhall

Crimson Swallow City, Ninth Rank Hall.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned when Teng Lan brought him here. This is the holy land of the Dao of Talismans that the Talisman Formation Masters of the various worlds yearn for?

Teng Lan smiled and didn’t explain. He just brought Chen Xi into the Ninth Rank Hall, then through an extremely long passageway and through numerous layers of tightly guarded checkpoints before finally entering an extremely vast hall. 

When he saw the scene within the hall clearly, Chen Xi’s tranquil and solid cultivation of the Dao Heart couldn’t help but be slightly shaken.

This hall was extremely vast; its ground was paved with clear, bright, and glossy steel that contained specks of gold. As soon as he stepped into the hall, the scene before his eyes was extremely dazzling. He saw numerous screens that were like silver waterfalls hanging from every inch of space above the hall, and it seemed like a silver river was flowing down from the nine heavens.

Every single screen flowed with strings of talisman marking diagrams, and when a myriad of these screens were added together, it was like an ocean of talisman markings was floating before him, causing an extremely strong visual impact.

“This is the Talisman Diagram Grandhall.” The nearby Teng Lan pointed towards a screen and explained. “This is a Talisman Diagram Screen, and the talisman diagrams that flow on it are from within the Talisman Tower at the center of Crimson Swallow City.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and sobered up.

“The function of the Talisman Diagram Screens is very simple, and they reveal all the damaged portions within the Talisman Tower on them. Talisman Formation Masters don’t have to head over into the Talisman Tower and are able to clearly see the damaged talisman diagrams before providing a method to repair it.”

Teng Lan explained patiently from the side. “There are a total of 3,600 Talisman Diagram Screens in the Talisman Diagram Grandhall. Every single screen respectively records the damaged talisman diagrams in the various parts of the Talisman Tower. This is capable of greatly saving the time needed to repair the Talisman Tower, and the division of work is specific, causing everyone to perform their own respective function, so there’s no need to worry about any unnecessary disputes occurring.”

Chen Xi nodded, and he quickly understood the profundity behind it, causing him to be unable to help from expressing admiration in his heart.

Simply speaking, this Talisman Diagram Grandhall was like a shadow shot out from within the Talisman Tower, and this shadow had been divided into 3,600 parts. Moreover, every single part records the various damaged talisman diagrams within the Talisman Tower in detail.

All these various damaged talisman diagrams that were revealed within the Talisman Diagram Screens had become the strings of talisman marking structures that flowed like waterfalls before him.

On the other hand, Talisman Formation Masters just had to inspect the screens in the hall before they would be able to provide various methods to repair the talisman diagrams. It was simple and direct, and there was no need to enter the Talisman Tower.

Moreover, there were a total of 3,600 screens in the hall. In other words, it was capable of allowing 3,600 Talisman Formation Masters to participate in the repair of the Talisman Tower, and they performed their own respective function without disturbing each other, so it undoubtedly greatly saved the time needed to repair the Talisman Tower.

“There is entirely no need for Talisman Formation Masters to repair it themselves here, and they just had to provide a method to repair it and record the method within the screen. After that, a specialist would head to the Talisman Tower to repair it. In this way, there was no need for Talisman Formation Masters to exhaust their Divine Sense and True Essence to repair the tower.” Teng Lan said with a smile, “It seems to sound very complicated, but it’s actually very simple. The screens provided numerous problems, whereas Talisman Formation Masters had to provide detailed steps to solve the problem. Everything else would be done by another.”

Chen Xi naturally understood this principal, but he still carried a trace of bewilderment and said, “This is the core of the Talisman Dimension?”

As far as he was concerned, this Talisman Diagram Grandhall showed extraordinary creativity and ingenuity. Actually, at the bottom of it all, it was still the repairing of the Talisman Tower, and there was no difference in its essence.

So it was very difficult for him to understand how this place had become the core of the Talisman Dimension?

Tang Biao seemed to have expected Chen Xi would ask this, and he said with a solemn expression, “It’s very simple. The foundation of the Talisman Dimension are these Talisman Towers. If you make the entire Talisman Dimension into a talisman, then these Talisman Towers were the foundation of this talisman!”

Make the entire Talisman Dimension into a talisman?

Instantly, an indescribably wisp of shock couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart. A talisman, a world, had those four great figures taken this point of view that was almost like the point of a view of the lord of creation to create the entire Talisman Dimension?

He couldn’t help but recall the grand sound of the Dao that he’d heard from the mysterious and ancient sacrificial altar beneath the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain — The boundless universe would only be a grain of sand wherever one’s heart was directed.

Compared to that, there was nothing wrong with taking an entire world to be a talisman.

As the saying goes, a world can exist within everything.

Tang Biao continued when he saw Chen Xi had come to an understanding. “Talisman Formation Masters come over for the sake of studying the Dao of Talismans contained within the Talisman Towers, and it contains the knowledge and comprehension of all the four great figures in the Dao of Talismans. Even though they are repairing the Talisman Tower, they were able to comprehend a great deal of profundities in the Talisman Dao during this entire process, and this is something that can’t be found in other worlds.” 

At this point, Chen Xi had finally come to a complete understanding.

“Eh, it’s actually Lord Teng Lan? What are you doing here?” Right at this moment, a voice that carried pleasant surprise suddenly sounded out.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over, and he saw around eight old men surrounding a screen in the distance, and they seemed to be discussing something. One of them noticed Teng Lan and couldn’t help but speak out in pleasant surprise before walking over towards them.

This person was grey haired and beard, and his face was redder than dates. His figure was tall and dignified while his body faintly flowed with traces of Immortal Energy. He was actually an Earthly Immortal Realm expert! 

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised. Since he was able to be addressed as ‘lord’ by an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Teng Lan’s identity was obviously not simple at all.

“Oh, it’s Daoist Ling.” Teng Lan smiled with a tranquil expression and a composed bearing, and this caused Chen Xi to have a deeper feeling that Teng Lan wasn’t simple.

The old man addressed as Daoist Ling smiled as he said, “Lord Teng Lan is a rare guest, could it be that you’ve come to Crimson Swallow City this time because of…”

Before he could finish speaking, Teng Lan interrupted him and said, “Come, Daoist Ling, let me introduce the two of you. This is Fellow Daoist Chen Xi. He just arrived in Crimson Swallow City, and he’s a Talisman Formation Master with extraordinary attainments.” 

Daoist Ling was stunned, he glanced at Teng Lan then glanced at Chen Xi, and then he instantly understood that Teng Lan was probably unwilling to talk too much about that Eldest Young Miss before this little fellow.

“Young Brother Chen Xi is really promising to possess attainments of a Talisman Formation Master at such a young age.” Daoist Ling smiled as he nodded to Chen Xi with a warm attitude, but it obviously carried a slightly perfunctory feeling because he’d moved his gaze onto Teng Lan in the next moment, and then he said, “Lord Teng Lan, you’ve come just at the right time. Those old friends of mine have come to pay me a visit today, and all of them are Talisman Formation Grandmasters that have made a name for themselves a long time ago. It’s rare that all of us are able to be gathered together, so how about you guide us for a while?”

“This…” Teng Lan pondered for a moment. Talisman Formation Masters were nothing, but if it was a Talisman Formation Grandmasters, then he had to attach important to the person, not to mention it was an entire group of Talisman Formation Grandmasters.

“Brother Teng Lan, go ahead. I’ll look around carefully,” said Chen Xi with a smile. As he spoke, he’d already turned around and walked towards the depths of the hall.

“Alright, I’ll go look for you later.” Teng Lan spoke from afar, and he was at ease when he saw Chen Xi wave his hand without turning back to indicate his understanding.

Brother Teng Lan? A wisp of surprise couldn’t help but flash briefly in the eyes of the nearby Daoist Ling when he saw this scene, and he only started attaching slight importance to Chen Xi at this moment.

After all, it was very rare for such a young man to dare address Teng Lan like this. Moreover, based on Teng Lan’s expression, he seemed to not be displeased or feel aversion towards it. Thus, it was obvious from this that the origins of that little fellow called Chen Xi wasn’t simple.



The hall was very spacious, and even if it was densely covered with 3,600 screens, it didn’t seem to be very crowded or cramped.

There was a meditation cushion placed before every single screen. At this moment, most of the cushions in the hall had been occupied, and Chen Xi didn’t notice an empty cushion all along the way.

He didn’t find an empty space even when he arrived at the end of the hall.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly bored, so he stood before a screen and sized it up.

The screen seemed as if it was suffused with a rippling silver waterfall, and strings of talisman marking structures flowed on it. When he looked carefully, he noticed that most of those talisman marking structures were damaged, and some even had a mere few talisman markings left.

“The 89th time! Dammit! This is truly too damnable! I’ve failed again!” Bits of annoyed muttering sounded out.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he lowered his head to look. He noticed that a young woman was clearly sitting before this screen, and she was using the talisman brush in her hand to fiercely draw and scribble on the screen. Her intense actions caused the pony tail that was tied up high above the back of her head to sway about.

The woman before him was very young, and her appearance was beautiful, pure, and gentle. But her fierce actions of gnashing her teeth while rampaging with the talisman brush exposed the depression and annoyance in her heart at this moment.

“The strength of your strokes isn’t bad, but unfortunately…” Chen Xi clearly discerned that she was repairing this talisman diagram, and he understood that this young woman was bound to fail again.

Sure enough, the tip of her brush swished as she utilized too much force while the talisman marking’s pathway was completely wrong, causing the structure of the entire talisman diagram to instantly collapse and transform into specks of silver light that vanished without a trace.

“Dammit!” The young woman seemed to be infuriated to the extreme. Not only did she let out a curse that didn’t conform to her appearance, she even threw the talisman brush onto the ground like a little beast that erupted fiercely.

Chen Xi was just hesitating about whether he should temporarily leave this spot when the young woman had already turned around and stared at him, and then she asked angrily. “You really want to laugh from seeing me make a fool of myself, right?”

Chen Xi was stunned and didn’t know how to answer her.

“Go ahead and sit down!” Before he could answer, the young woman glanced fiercely at him before turning around and leaving.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head. Such an explosive temper isn’t suitable to cultivate the Dao of Talismans. As he thought like this in his heart, he’d already sat on the meditation cushion.

He picked up the talisman brush on the ground and sized it up for a moment. It was 15cm in length, fine like a chopstick, completely dark green, and smooth with a trace of an icy cold and brushed finish.

Unlike other talisman brushes, this dark green colored talisman brush had a very simple function, it was specially made to draw and repair the damaged talisman diagrams on the screens before him.

But when Chen Xi intended to try the effects of this dark green talisman brush, he inadvertently noticed to his shock that a Virtue Plate had been forgotten at a corner beneath the screen.

He held it up in his hand to take a look, and the surface of the plate had a beautiful name inscribed on it — Ling Qingmo.

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