Chapter 828 – Special Treatment

Bloody froth sprayed before her eyes, and it was like a waterfall that poured down before her.

The beautiful woman’s sharp cry stopped abruptly, and he stared blankly at this scene while she muttered. “My god! Looks like you really aren’t willing to watch me fucking die…”

Chen Xi smiled in the distance before turning around to charge towards the nearby Cosmos Beasts. His hand swung out as if he was pushing a mountain as he moved, and he completely crushed everything in his surroundings.

“Hey! Little Brother, your strength isn’t bad, huh!” The beautiful woman recovered from her shock, and then her eyes locked onto Chen Xi before she held the crescent blade and charged over to fight alongside Chen Xi.

Her beautiful and fluffy hair was tied into a bun, her skin was jade white, and her fine slanted eyes were bright and charming. She wore a slim dress the color of water, and every single move she made emanated a coquettish and unrestrained feeling.

“The strength of the nearby Cosmos Beasts is very strong. I advise you to kill your way back as soon as possible so you’ll be able to retreat to the city if you encounter any danger,” said Chen Xi.

The strength of this beautiful woman was very strong indeed, and she was a step into the Earthly Immortal Realm. But in the depths of these Cosmos Beasts that covered the heavens and the earth, she seemed to be too weak.

“What would I be afraid of with you here? Right, what’s your name?” The beautiful woman smiled sweetly while her pretty eyes glowed, and she didn’t take herself to be an outsider at all.

“Shouldn’t you introduce yourself first before asking others?” asked Chen Xi. He noticed that not only did this beautiful woman act boldly, even her skin was much thicker than others.

“Jin Fengniang, a local from the Talisman Dimension.” The beautiful woman smiled and answered with a sweet voice.

“Chen Xi from the Dark Reverie.” Chen Xi swept his gaze at the beautiful woman with surprise because he never imagined that she would actually be a local from the Talisman Dimension.

“Interesting. You came to the Talisman Dimension alone, right? Do you have any interest in joining our Hunting Hall? Don’t worry, our Hunting Hall isn’t a sect; it’s only an organization, so you don’t have to leave your sect.” Jin Fengniang grinned as she invited. She’d already discerned that since the strength of the handsome young man before her was so extraordinary, he was surely a great genius in his sect, so she naturally wasn’t stupid enough to ask him to leave his sect.

“Not interested.” Chen Xi spoke with irritation. Discussing things like this in the depths of the surging army of Cosmos Beasts caused him to have a stronger feeling that the charming and bold woman before him was either clueless or ballsy.

“Young Brother Chen Xi, don’t refuse me so heartlessly, alright? You’ll surely be interested in the future.” Jin Fengniang didn’t mind in the slightest, and she smiled as she spoke while obviously revealing an expression of burning eagerness from noticing her prey.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. This woman is really full of nonsense.

He turned around and paid no further attention to Jin Fengniang as he concentrated on killing.

Unexpectedly, Jin Fengniang didn’t intend to let him off, and her mouth was like a machine gun that shot out a string of questions like Chen Xi’s age, if he had a Dao Companion, what sort of women he liked, if he had any special hobbies, and so on and so forth.

Chen Xi felt a headache and didn’t hesitate to directly grab onto her arm before she could react, and then he swung her out towards the city.

“Young Brother Chen Xi, even though you’re very heartless, but the Hunting Hall will still welcome you…” Jin Fengniang’s sweet shout sounded out from afar.

Chen Xi said in his heart, I’ll never join the Hunting Hall in my entire lifetime with you there!


Kill tirelessly!

During an entire night, Chen Xi had killed a few tens of thousands of Cosmos Beasts, and the army of Cosmos Beasts was finally slaughtered completely when dawn arrived.

A strand of sunlight shot down and shone on the lofty and enormous lake, causing it to be dyed in a layer of golden glow, whereas the ground outside the city was dyed blood red.

There were truly too many corpses that piled into mountains outside the city, and scarlet red blood had soaked the ground and emanated a dense and strong bloody smell.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. If it wasn’t for his Dao Heart’s cultivation condensing a ‘Heart Core’ a long time ago, this sort of high intensity battle was something he would have absolutely been unable to persist through in the past.

Even then, as the battle neared its end, he had no choice but to recover his Shaman Energy with blood crystals as he continued fighting.

When he checked his Virtue Plate, another 200 plus stars had surprisingly been lit, allowing him to attain a total of 550 stars.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Numerous cultivators that had battled while drenched in blood until dawn had transformed into flowing rays of light that returned to the city. At the same time, group after group of cultivators surged out from within the city.

The cultivations of these cultivators weren’t high, and they were all beneath the Rebirth Realm. They’d dashed out of the city only for the sake of gathering the materials on these Cosmos Beasts bodies before exchanging it for Virtue Energy in the city.

But the Virtue Energy gained from clean-up assignments like this was usually very little, and it was far unable to compete with personally killing the Cosmos Beasts.

Chen Xi naturally couldn’t be bothered and directly flew towards the distant Crimson Swallow City.

Crimson Swallow City.

A vast, magnificent, and lofty city that was numerous times more enormous than Dragon Lake City, Silken City, and Icesky City that Chen Xi had seen, and it seemed to be boundlessly vast.

An extremely striking Talisman Tower that seemed to hold up the sky stood towering at the center of the city, and it was completely made out of bronze. It wasn’t like a tower but like an exceedingly enormous bronze fort instead, and it shot into the clouds and emanated an extremely majestic aura.

Merely the scale of this Talisman Tower had far surpassed the Talisman Tower in Golden Mulberry Village by thousands and thousands of times!

Merely based on this, Chen Xi was able to clearly distinguish the difference between a village and a city, and an enormous and magnificent city like this really could only be defended by a huge Talisman Tower like this.

The teleportation formation before the city that had been silent for a long time was activated as soon as dawn arrived, causing batch after batch of cultivators that had just arrived at Talisman Dimension to line out outside to enter the city while carrying their curiosity in their hearts.

This caused Chen Xi to recall how the gorgeous and icy cold Liang Bing led him to charge like a bolt of lightning into the city and arrive directly before the Ninth Rank Hall when he’d just arrived in the Talisman Dimension, and she’d completely disregarded the rules in a overbearing and aggressive manner. Compared to the cultivators that were lining up obediently before him, it could be considered to be a form of ‘special treatment’…

“Chen Xi, you’ve finally arrived.” The tall representative of the Ninth Rank Hall, Teng Lan, seemed to have been waiting respectfully before the city gate a long time ago, and when he saw Chen Xi walking over, he smiled as he moved over to greet Chen Xi.

“You’ve been waiting here all along?” Chen Xi was surprised. It was Teng Lan that had escorted him when he left Leaping Tiger City to Golden Mulberry Village.

He knew that Teng Lan was instructed by Elder Mo Jiang of the Ninth Rank Hall, and the reason Mo Jiang had done this was entirely out of respect for Liang Bing.

Teng Lan smiled as he shook his head. “When Fellow Daoists Wen Tianxiao and Yao Luwei arrived the day before yesterday, I found out that all of you had completed the assignment in Golden Mulberry Village, so I waited here for your arrival at dawn for the past two days.”

“What if I never came?” asked Chen Xi.

“Then I’d continue waiting.” Teng Lan’s answered in a manner that seemed it was very logical and natural.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly moved because of this, and he was even more certain that Liang Bing who his Senior Sister Li Yang was acquainted with was absolutely not an ordinary person. Otherwise, her subordinates would have no reason at put their hearts and soul into serving him.

“Let’s go, I’ve already arranged a residence for you in the city.” Teng Lan led Chen Xi in and similarly disregarded the extremely long line before the city gate as he entered Crimson Swallow City under the respectful gazes of all the guards at the entrance.

Of course, their actions of disregarding the rules couldn’t avoid causing a wave of displeasure and envy from everyone lined up behind.

After that, Chen Xi heard the familiar sound of whips striking and miserable howls of pain because the guards at the entrance were punishing the displeased cultivators.

This scene was exactly similar to the time Liang Bing led him into Leaping Tiger City, and the only difference was that it was Teng Lan this time. 


Crimson Swallow City, within a secluded and beautiful courtyard with a single entrance.

After he arranged Chen Xi’s residence, Teng Lan patiently explained. “The county closest to Crimson Swallow City is called the Eastern Emperor County, and if you want to enter it, you have to obtain 30,000 stars of Virtue Energy.”

Chen Xi was surprised. “30,000 stars?”

This number was a little too shocking because it was an entire 100 times more than the Virtue Energy required to enter Crimson Swallow City from Golden Mulberry Village!

After all, he’d exhausted a great deal of effort to annihilate Cosmos Beasts overnight, yet he’d only gained over 200 stars of Virtue Energy. If this was used as a base, then even if he killed Cosmos Beasts all day and night, it would at least require half a year for him to arrive at Eastern Emperor County.

Not to mention Cosmos Beasts only appeared every seven days and not once a day!

Teng Lan nodded and said, “It’s indeed 30,000 stars. This is also why so many cultivators would be gathered in the city. Most of the cultivators have already stayed in the city for more than a year, and there are even many that have stayed here for no less than 10 years, yet have been unable to obtain sufficient Virtue Energy until now. The remaining lesser of a half are cultivators that have just arrived at the city like you.”

Chen Xi’s heart constricted.

According to the most optimal plan, he would be able to leave Crimson Swallow City to enter Eastern Emperor County in half a year, then what about from the Eastern Emperor County to the Imperial City of Four Emperors? How much Virtue Energy would he need to earn? How long would it take?

At this moment, he felt strongly pressured and truly wished for nothing more than to go earn Virtue Energy right this instant.

“But according to my inference, you have entirely no reason to worry about this because you’ve already proved your ability to repair Talisman Towers in Golden Mulberry Village.” Teng Lan smiled with a tranquil gaze, and he seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thought as he said, “Moreover, if it’s in terms of the most generous reward of Virtue Energy in Crimson Swallow City, then it’s undoubtedly repairing the Talisman Tower.”

“Could it be that there’s something different about the Talisman Tower in Crimson Swallow City?” Chen Xi glanced at Teng Lan with surprise as he never expected that the matter that had occurred in Golden Mulberry Village would so quickly enter Teng Lan’s ears.

“You’ve seen it earlier yourself. The scale of the Talisman Tower in Crimson Swallow City is more than a thousand times larger than Golden Mulberry Village. Not to mention a Talisman Formation Grandmaster, it would be impossible to repair it completely even with over a thousand Talisman Formation Grandmasters. Moreover, due to the city frequently suffering the assault of Cosmos Beasts, even if the Talisman Tower has been repaired temporarily, it will be damaged once more in next to no time.” Teng Lan nodded and said seriously, “This caused Crimson Swallow City to have to commit a large amount of Talisman Formation Masters to repair the Talisman Tower. Moreover, for the sake of saving time, the process of repairing the Talisman Tower is completely different from before.”

“What’s different about it?” Chen Xi’s brows raised.

“If you aren’t tired, then I’ll take you over to have a look right now.” When he spoke up to here, a wisp of emotion couldn’t help but surge out from Teng Lan’s eyes, and he said, “That’s the core of the entire Talisman Dimension, and so long as the Talisman Formation Masters of the various worlds arrive at the Talisman Dimension, all of them would go over to have a look. Only by arriving at that place would you understand why the Talisman Dimension is called the Talisman Dimension!”

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to agree right away.

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