Chapter 827 – The Enemies Are At The Gate

A little bitch?

Chen Yuan and Bi Yin looked at each other, and no matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to figure out how a little bitch would be so important to the point of affecting the situation in the entire Talisman Dimension.

Even Chen Xi’s heart shook when he heard up to here, and he smelled an unusual smell from all this.

It was common knowledge that the Talisman Dimension was created on the frontline of the battlefield of the three dimensions, and it was jointly created by four great figures from the primeval times — the Eastern Emperor Tai Zhen, the Dark Emperor Yuan Xun, the Phoenix Queen Yin Ge, and the Demon Forefather Luo Shang.

Presently, the entire Talisman Dimension seemed to be controlled by the Ninth Rank Hall on the surface, but it was actually controlled by the ancient Liang, Gu, Yin, and Luo clans.

The ancestors of these four clans were the Eastern Emperor, Dark Emperor, Phoenix Queen, and Demon Forefather.

When he heard this Thousand Fortune Granny had come for the sake of the Luo Clan and seemed to intend to participate in a great clash, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be curious. Who exactly is that little bitch?

It wouldn’t be a great figure from one of the four great clans, right?

“Alright, let’s set out.” Right at this moment, Thousand Fortune Granny stood up abruptly, and she held her vulture headed cane while looking towards the distance as she muttered with annoyance. “These damnable rules of the Talisman Dimension. It just has to require obtaining sufficient Virtue Energy to enter the city. After I catch that little bitch, I’ll surely suggest that Second Young Master Luo should discard this rule…”


As she spoke, she’d already transformed into a ray of light that vanished in the horizon.

Chen Yuan and Bi Yin were stunned and hurriedly followed up. But both of them swept Chen Xi with an icy cold gaze when they left, and they didn’t conceal the warning within their gazes.

They are actually not killing me to keep me quiet? Looks like my existence is insignificant to the extreme in their opinion... Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh with self-ridicule as he looked towards the direction where they vanished.

Originally, he’d already prepared for battle. After all, if it was anyone else, the person would probably arouse the intention to kill Chen Xi and keep Chen Xi quiet after Chen Xi heard these extreme secrets.

On the other hand, these three actually left just like this and completely disregarded him. So there could only be a single reason, and it was that in their opinions, he was unable to cause any trouble for them even if he knew…

Chen Xi was truly unable to figure out where they got this confidence and sense of superiority from. Not only did they possess such haughty attitudes, they even acted so recklessly?

Perhaps this is the common failing of great and respected figures that feel they are superior?

Chen Xi shook his head and thought no further, and he stayed in the rest area for a short moment longer before standing up and departing. 


Beneath the sky.

Thousand Fortune Granny that was flying forward suddenly stretched out her scarlet red tongue and licked her lips while a wisp of excitement suffused her cold eyes. “What pure vital blood! If I’m able to suck a mouthful of his blood, the taste will surely be extremely wonderful.”

The nearby Chen Yuan and Bi Yin were stunned, and then they asked. “Granny, are you talking about that kid from before?”

Thousand Fortune Granny took a deep breath and smacked her lips before she nodded, and then said, “Exactly, the vital blood of that kid from before was clean and translucent, and it even carried a trace of the aura of the Dao. Its taste is far better than an ordinary cultivator.” 

“Then why didn’t you kill him earlier, Granny?” Bi Yin’s cold and arrogant eyes were suffused with a wisp of coldness. “If we kill him, we can even seize some immortal liquid, and it’s better than nothing. Most importantly, Granny will have some delicious food in the future.”

“No, that kid is really not simple.” Thousand Fortune Granny seemed to be lost in thought as she spoke. “Not only did a little fellow who cultivated in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement dare to wander through the wilderness by himself, he didn’t reveal the slightest trace of fear since we appeared. This isn’t normal.”

“Perhaps he was only bluffing.” Chen Yuan spoke disapprovingly.

“Are you questioning my discernment?” Thousand Fortune Granny’s face went cold as she grunted with displeasure.

Chen Yuan’s entire body trembled, and he hurriedly said, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare.”

“Granny, if it’s like this, then there’s greater reason for us to kill him. After all, he heard everything we said earlier, and if it’s exposed, then the consequences are unimaginable.” Bi Yin spoke quickly from the side.

“Kill him?” Thousand Fortune Granny shook her head and pondered deeply before she said, “I keep having the feel that he isn’t ordinary, and that’s why I didn’t make a move for so long. As for what we spoke about, it doesn’t matter because this matter wasn’t a secret any longer since a long time ago.”

“Then…we’re letting him go just like that?” asked Bi Yin.

“Of course not.” Thousand Fortune Granny snickered and said, “I haven’t encountered such a tempting delicacy for a very long time. We’ll head to Crimson Swallow City first. If I’m not wrong, that kid will surely arrive there as well. At that time, it wouldn’t be too late for us to investigate his background before making a move.”

“Granny’s plan is really excellent. Once we enter Crimson Swallow City, we’ll be able to get into contact with the members of the Luo Clan. At that time, we’ll be entirely capable of relying on their forces to capture him, and we wouldn’t have to make a move ourselves.” Chen Yuan flattered eagerly from the side.

“Let’s head to Crimson Swallow City first.” Thousand Fortune Granny revealed a gloomy smile. When she thought about how she would be able to enjoy a supreme delicacy in the near future, she couldn’t help but lick the corners of her lips. Coupled with her ghastly and gaunt face, she seemed to be extraordinarily terrifying. 


When Chen Xi was 5,000km away from Crimson Swallow City, he seemed to have noticed something, and he suddenly raised his head to look towards the sky.

The starry sky above the wilderness was completely clear, and he was able to see the numerous stars that flickered within it. At this moment, there was a huge group of enormous black shadows that instantly covered half the sky!

Those were numerous Cosmos Beasts that covered the heavens and the earth as they surged over like a dense torrent. They charged over from above the starry sky like meteors, causing it to be an extremely shocking scene.


When these exceedingly enormous Cosmos Beasts descended to the ground, they shattered the rocks and mountains in the surroundings while causing the earth to quake violently, and it was like an earthquake had occurred, causing the surroundings to be thrown into disorder.


Suddenly, a milky white colored beam of light shot into the sky from the extremely distant horizon, and it was like a scorching sun that gradually rose into the sky while its blazing radiance spread towards the surroundings. It formed an enormous barrier of light that formed a dome that enveloped the area.

The Cosmos Beasts had descended from the sky and the Talisman Tower in Crimson Swallow City had been activated!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly when he saw this because he really came at a bad time and encountered the moment Cosmos Beasts attacked the city.




Numerous shouts that shook the sky rumbled through the heavens and the earth like thunderclaps, and then many figures that were suffused with divine radiances charged into the sky and slaughtered their way into the army of Cosmos Beasts.

In merely the time of a few breaths, the entire heavens and earth had fallen into fierce battle while various magic treasures, Dao Arts, and Divine Abilities shot out violently beneath the sky, and they tore through the inky black veil of night as they illuminated the world.

He was able to clearly see countless cultivators transform into numerous divine rays of light that charged into the army of Cosmos Beasts before rampaging about, and they slaughtered to the point the world was cast into a shade while the sun and moon lost their radiance.

A rain of blood poured down and drenched the earth while dying the sky red.

This was an extremely vast and horrifying battle. The Cosmos Beasts charged forward fearlessly with the intention of capturing the city, whereas cultivators charged over and fought with all their might as they intended to earn more Virtue Energy.

Group after group of Cosmos Beasts fell while crowds of cultivators perished with hatred in their hearts. The aura of death was so strong amidst this large scale battle, and lives seemed to be so fragile.

When he saw this scene, Chen Xi finally understood what Liang Bing had said, the greatest threat in the Talisman Dimension was Cosmos Beasts, and the cultivators in the Talisman Dimension mostly fell beneath the iron hooves of the Cosmos Beasts!

He didn’t hesitate to flash over and slaughter his way into the army of Cosmos Beasts from behind.


A vast and dazzling Grand Astral Palm appeared like a palm that covered the heavens as it smashed down fiercely at the densest area of Cosmos Beasts.

In the next moment, the terrifying strength of the palm surged out explosively. Everywhere it enveloped, group after group of Cosmos Beasts fell from the sky, and it was like a rainstorm formed of a mass of black water droplets was pouring down.


A muffled sound that shook the heavens resounded out as over 100 Cosmos Beasts were crushed into mush and died miserably on the spot.

At the same time, Chen Xi had already circulated the Starsky Wings, and he charged into the army of Cosmos Beasts like a chilly ray of starlight.

The scale of the Cosmos Beasts attacking Crimson Swallow City this time was unprecedentedly vast, and it was more than 100 times vaster than the group of Cosmos Beasts that attacked Golden Mulberry City. Their numbers weren’t counted in just thousands, but ten thousands, hundred thousands, and even millions!

Such a scale of Cosmos Beasts was something villages were absolutely unable to resist, and only enormous cities like Crimson Swallow City could withstand it. As for how long it was able to withstand it, that would depend on the energy within the Talisman Tower and the strength and number of cultivators.


Chen Xi executed the Heavenly Transformation and Deity Transformation while the Shaman Energy in his body circulated to the limit, and he pierced fiercely into the back of the army of Cosmos Beasts like a sharp awl. Everywhere he passed, a rain of blood poured while shrill howls resounded out continuously, and he swept through everything that stood before him!

Amazing! There are actually Cosmos Beasts equivalent to the 1st level and 2nd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm here. Regardless of scale or might, it’s far from something a village can compare to.

Every single 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm Cosmos Beast I kill is actually capable of lighting up three stars in my Virtue Plate. Unfortunately, Cosmos Beasts like these are too scarce and are hiding within the army, causing it to be extremely difficult to slaughter them smoothly. On the other hand, even if I slaughter over a hundred of other Cosmos Beasts, it might not even be able to light up a single start. It looks like this Virtue Energy isn’t that easy to gain…

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as he smashed into the enemy ranks while quickly analyzing the situation.

“Shit! I was fucking killing happily to the point I was actually swept into the rear of this group of vile creatures!”

Suddenly, the figure of a beautiful woman staggered in the distant group of Cosmos Beasts, and she was forced to fly towards Chen Xi by the Cosmos Beasts in the vicinity, causing her beautiful brows to be raised while she couldn’t refrain from exclaiming with shock.

After that, she gritted her teeth and raised the crescent blade in her hand before killing wantonly while shouting loudly. “Contemptible trash! Lowly beasts! Junk that are only good for show! Even if I fucking die, I’ll drag all of you down with me!”

Chen Xi was speechless because these curses were truly too unrestrained…


Right at this moment, a Cosmos Beast that was 9m long, shaped like a tiger, and was covered in pitch black and sharp thorns appeared silently before it suddenly launched a sneak attack from the side and clawed fiercely at the woman’s back.

If she were to be hit by this strike, then her body would be ripped open even if she survived.

At this moment, the beautiful woman was surrounded by over 10 Cosmos Beasts, and it was impossible for her to escape. When she noticed the lethal danger coming from behind her, she was already powerless to resist, and her beautiful face couldn’t help but go pale while she cried out with a miserable voice. “God! I haven’t even played with a man in my entire lifetime, I don’t want to die!”

Right at this critical moment, a palm that was coiled with vast starlight grabbed the Cosmos Beast that was shaped like a tiger, and then it was crushed into a ball of mush with a bang!

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