Chapter 826 – Thousand Fortune Granny

A cold breeze whistled through the sky and flashed past the wilderness that was desolate like an expanse of ruins.

A stone tower that was suffused with mottled traces of age stood towering and silently on this barren rocky ground, and even though it was old and ancient, it seemed as if it would never crumble forever.

This was a place built between villages and cities for cultivators to recover their strengths.

The boundless wilderness was filled with infinite danger and killing intent, and a group of Cosmos Beast might suddenly descend in the next moment and rampage through the world.

Besides that, the distance between villages and cities was too far, and the existence of these rest areas seemed to be extremely important.

The rest area only had a single use, yet it was the most practical. When one rested within it, it could separate the entire aura of a person, so one would absolutely not be noticed by Cosmos Beasts.

At this moment, Chen Xi sat cross-legged within one of them, and he held a blood crystal in each hand while making the best use of his time to recover his Shaman Energy.

These blood crystals came from the Lightning Spirit in the 60th level of the sword cave, and its blood qi surged like an ocean. Its value was even more shocking than an Immortal Stone, and the reason his clone was able to advance so quickly in cultivation was mostly because of the contribution of these blood crystals.

Presently, his clone had already advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm and another few tens of these blood crystals remained, so it was sufficient to persist until his main body recover completely and left the world of stars.

Once my main body recovers completely, I’ll make my clone enter into closed door cultivation in the world of stars and comprehend the rare Dao Insights of Paramita, Oblivion, Obliteration, Eternal, and Creation, and various others Dao Arts and Divine Abilities all day and night, whereas my main body will focus on combat. In this way, I can save a great deal of time used to comprehend in meditation… Chen Xi pondered deeply as he recovered his strength.

His time was tight right now, and there wasn’t much left. He utterly didn’t have the time to spare to comprehend in meditation behind closed doors, and he could only rely on this method to cultivate.

Fortunately, the Temporal Laws in the world of stars was 10 times slower than the outside world, and it was absolutely safe. So if his clone were to comprehend Dao Insights, Dao Arts, and Divine Abilities in meditation there, then it was entirely possible to attain an effect that was much more shocking than an ordinary closed door cultivation.

On the other hand, the experience he obtained from his comprehensions could similarly become the experience of his main body. Moreover, when he encountered extreme danger, his clone could fight alongside his main body.

In this way, not only did he make up for the problem of being unable to comprehend in meditation, he was even able to make his clone a trump card to carry out a counterattack in a moment of extreme danger.

Crack! Crack!

After the time for an incense stick to burn, the two blood crystals in his hand transformed into powder and vanished without a trace.

The Shaman Energy in Chen Xi’s body attained a peak state once more, causing seething vital blood to whistle around his body like the roars of dragons, and it was like an ocean!

The Laws of the Heaven Dao in this Talisman Dimension are really strange. It actually caused me to be unable to sense a shred of the aura of the heavenly tribulation. No wonder Senior Sister Li Yang would bring me here. At the very least, I don’t have to worry about the divine lightning of judgment being sent down by the Heaven Dao to annihilate me, this ‘variant,’ before I leave the Talisman Dimension… Chen Xi looked up to the sky and heaved a long sigh of relief.

Presently, regardless of his body refinement or qi refinement cultivation, they had both attained the extreme of the Nether Transformation Realm, and it was almost impossible to improve even a bit. Only by advancing into the Earthly Immortal Realm would he undergo a qualitative transformation rise into the sky from mortal to immortal.

But his current strength was sufficient for him to wander the Talisman Dimension, and unless he encountered an extremely terrifying existence, otherwise no one was capable of doing anything to him.

“Thousand Fortune Granny, Senior Brother Chen Yuan, the rest area is right ahead. Let’s go rest here for a while.”

“Alright, entering this rest area is equivalent to entering the vicinity of the Crimson Swallow City, and we’ll be able to arrive there in less than half a day of time. It isn’t bad to recuperate and build up our strength here.”

“Let’s go!”

In the distance sky, three divine rays of light that were like waterfalls suddenly appeared and tore through the sky, and their figures hadn’t arrived here, yet their voices had.

Chen Xi raised his head before his eyes narrowed, and a wisp of vigilance surged out into his heart.

Liang Bing had informed him before he arrived at the Talisman Dimension that the Talisman Dimension was like a training grounds, and there were two great dangers existing within it. The first danger was the assaults of the Cosmos Beasts, and this was the greatest threat because most cultivators from the three dimensions that had come to temper themselves in the Talisman Dimension had died within the mouths of Cosmos Beasts.

The second type of danger was being killed by another in the Talisman Dimension because the Talisman Dimension had no rules or restrictions. Everything was dependent on strength, and so long as one possessed the strength, no one would interfere even if one made a Heavenly Immortal into a servant, made a divine beast into a slave, or made a dragon into a mount.

Presently, Chen Xi had gradually come to understand the meaning behind this.

Especially the second danger could absolutely not be overlooked because the Talisman Dimension didn’t possess any spirit energy, causing immortal stones, immortal liquids, and similar items to become extremely important existences.

Under these circumstances, it was very difficult to not arouse the greed of others when one encountered a stranger.

Because every time one seized some Immortal Stones, it meant one didn’t have to use the Virtue Energy one obtained painstakingly to exchange for some, and it greatly shortened the amount of time one needed to enter a city, county, or the imperial city.

After all, only by possessing sufficient Virtue Energy could one enter any place within the Talisman Dimension, otherwise, it would be difficult for one to go anywhere.

So no cultivator would dare to waste even the slightest bit of Virtue Energy, and it was even to the extent that for the sake of saving Virtue Energy, seizing the immortal stones and immortal liquids of another had become an ordinary matter.

The three people that flew over were a young man in a luxurious green robe, a beautiful and arrogant young woman, and a white haired old woman who was thin, short, in black clothes, and held a vulture headed cane in her hand.

The clothes of the young man and young woman were extremely luxurious, and they possessed graceful bearings. Obviously, they possessed respected and impressive backgrounds. Their cultivations were rather extraordinary, but they hadn’t attained the Earthly Immortal Realm, so they weren’t important.

The only thing that was unexpected to Chen Xi was that the black clothed and white haired old lady’s body was coiled in a black colored mist, and she seemed to be someone from the devil sects that emitted a ruthless and icy cold aura.

As soon as they appeared here, Chen Xi noticed with a single glance that the old lady’s cultivation was at least at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and if he considered it carefully, it was on par with Elder Jing Kong from the Heavenflow Dao Sect.

Of course, this was merely judgment based on what he could discern on the surface, and he wasn’t able to determine her exact strength.

But this was already sufficient for Chen Xi to take her seriously. This was the wilderness area between the villages and cities, and it was filled with boundless dangers. So he had no choice but to be vigilant when three people like this suddenly appeared amidst the pitch black veil of night.

“Hmm? I never expected that we would encounter a fellow Daoist here.” At this moment, the group of three had noticed Chen Xi, and they were slightly surprised. When they noticed Chen Xi was all alone and was at the Nether Transformation Realm, they paid no further attention to him and walked over into the rest area before they sat down cross-legged and rested.

Even though this rest area was only a little over 30m in area, it was sufficient to accommodate over 20 people resting within it. Chen Xi sat cross-legged at the edge of the area and didn’t get in the way of those three.

After the green robed young man entered the resting area, he took out a completely blood red gourd and carefully poured out some blood into the porcelain bowl that was inlaid with gold and jade by his side.

The blood was thick and crimson red, and it emanated an extremely fragrant and sweet scent.

After he poured an entire bowl of blood, the young man put the gourd away, whereas the young woman picked up the porcelain bowl and passed it over to the old lady in a respectful and reverent manner. “Thousand Fortune Granny, please have your meal.”

Gulp~ Gulp~

The old lady called Thousand Fortune Granny received the bowl before opening her mouth and sucking, and she sucked the bowl dry of blood. After that, she stuck out her crimson red tongue and licked the corners of her mouth before she sighed with comfort.

At this instant, Chen Xi acutely noticed that a pair of sharp and snow white fangs were actually growing within the old lady’s mouth! Even though it only appeared briefly, it allowed him to instantly determine that this old lady was surely a demon cultivator!

Besides that, if Chen Xi wasn’t wrong, then that thick blood with a sweet fragrance was surely from a human cultivator! Moreover, it was the blood of an extremely formidable cultivator that possessed seething vital blood that was extremely pure!

A body coiled with devilish qi, yet she’s a demon that lives to drink blood… Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he’d already confirmed that this old lady was most probably not someone easy to deal with.

“Chen Yuan, there’s no need to use voice transmissions. It’s only a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm.” Thousand Fortune Granny suddenly waved her hand and spoke. As she spoke, her gloomy and vicious gaze swept Chen Xi while it carried a trace of arrogance and disdain.

The green robed young man called Chen Yuan was stunned, and then he looked at Chen Xi before withdrawing his gaze, and then he said with a smile, “Granny is right.”

Chen Xi feigned ignorance and acted as if he didn’t hear anything.

“Granny, that Luo Clan possesses great power and peerlessly enormous forces within the Talisman Dimension. Why would it invite us to help? I keep having the feeling that something seems to be off.” On the other side, the young woman spoke with a deep voice.

“Bi Yin, that’s because you aren’t aware of the situation in the Talisman Dimension.” Thousand Fortune Granny spoke indifferently. “Not to mention that the Luo Clan can’t be said to possess great power over the entire Talisman Dimension.”

“Indeed. The Ninth Rank Hall of the Talisman Dimension is controlled by the four great clans, and the Luo Clan is only one of them.” Chen Yuan nodded, and then he sighed with emotion. “In fact, these four clans really are extraordinary colossi. They possess terrifyingly deep resources and reserves that the extraordinary powers of the other large worlds are probably unable to compare to.”

“Hmph! They just benefited from being associated with their ancestors. This Talisman Dimension was jointly created by the ancestors of these four great clans, so the descendants being protected under the shade of their ancestors is within reason.” The young woman called Bi Yin grunted coldly, and her voice actually carried a trace of envy.


Unexpectedly, the expression of Thousand Fortune Granny became terrifyingly gloomy upon hearing this, and she slapped Bi Yin’s snow white face before she said coldly, “You can smear the other three clans, but even I don’t dare to smear the Luo Clan, let alone you? I’ll cripple you if I hear this again!”

Bi Yin held her swollen face while feeling both disbelief and terror as she lowered her head and said with a trembling voice, “Granny, calm your anger. Bi Yin won’t dare do it again.” 

Thousand Fortune Granny said with an expressionless face. “I’ll forgive you out of your ignorance.”

The nearby Chen Yuan hurriedly changed the topic and said, “Granny, exactly who are we going to help the Luo Clan deal with this time?”

“A little bitch!” Thousand Fortune Granny laughed gloomily. “All of you will understand when the time comes. So long as that little bitch is captured, then the Luo Clan will be able to obtain power over the entire Talisman Dimension!” 

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