Chapter 825 – Terrifying Will

Within the veil of night that was like ink, the bronze Talisman Tower that towered 30km into the sky emitted a rain of light that flowed through the sky like tiny gold particles that illuminated the entire heavens and the earth, causing it to be gorgeous and magnificent.

The villagers were delighted to the point of being unable to restrain themselves from dancing with joy.

Elder Xue Ming wept bitterly, and he stared blankly while keeping silent.

Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart when he saw such a scene. This is how ordinary people are, so long as they are given the hope of survival, they would be the easiest to satisfy.

Chen Xi glanced at the jade slip Yao Luwei left behind that was in his hand, and he didn’t hesitate to leave Golden Mulberry Village silently.

After he finished repairing the Talisman Tower, 300 stars were instantly lit on his Virtue Plate, and coupled with the Virtue Energy he’d accumulated earlier, it had already arrived at over 320 stars, so it was sufficient for him to enter Crimson Swallow City.

Similarly, he wasn’t worried about the safety of Golden Mulberry Village any longer. After it experienced his repair, the might of the Talisman Tower had already attained its limit, and it was even more formidable than before. Unless it encountered the attack of a Heavenly Immortal, otherwise, no one could shake it within 10 years and no one could sway its foundation in 100 years!

This was the only thing Chen Xi could help the Golden Mulberry Village with, and now that it was done, it was time for him to take his leave.


When they found out that Chen Xi had left, the villagers knelt down in unison under Elder Xue Ming’s lead and kowtowed three times while carrying deep gratitude, and they revealed sincere and serious expressions. 

They were only ordinary people. They were born here, grew here, and aged here. Perhaps they wouldn’t know in their entire lifetimes if gods really existed above the sky.

But at this moment, Chen Xi’s status in their hearts was equivalent to a god!

They felt wholehearted gratitude towards this young man, and they would never forget what he’d done for Golden Mulberry Village and for them.

The golden rain of light drifted through the sky while the bronze Talisman Tower that had stood towering here for countless years flowed with a divine radiance. Its radiance seemed eternal and enveloped the entire Golden Mulberry Village and the villagers within it.

If the Talisman Tower had a spirit of its own, then perhaps it was thanking this young man that had helped repair its damaged body? 


On a deserted plain, desolation covered the ground, and it was covered with a reddish brown rocky ground and precipitous and hideous ravines that were completely barren. Violent winds whistled by and gave rise to sands that covered the sky, and it seemed like an expanse of abandoned ruins.

After he left the village, the scene in the wilderness was like this. It was cold, desolate, and seemed like an expanse of death. Every single inch of earth seemed to have been trampled on countless times by Cosmos Beasts, causing it to be beyond recognition.

Chen Xi flew through here like a flowing ray of light, and he flew along a fixed pathway towards the extreme distance.

Because he wasn’t enveloped by the energy of a Talisman Tower, he was able to clearly sense that the sky above him seemed as if it was naked, and it was completely exposed beneath the starry sky of the universe, so if a meteor were to descend here, it would surely be able to fall to the ground without the slightest obstruction.

Perhaps those Cosmos Beasts invaded the Talisman Dimension just like that?

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

After flying for an entire 10 minutes, he suddenly stopped as a wisp of alarm arose in his heart. 

A gully covered in craggy rocks was beneath him, and shattered stones lay scattered all over. Chen Xi flew swiftly into the gully, and at the same time, he started vigilantly ceaselessly scanning for anything unusual in the surroundings.

Suddenly, his Divine Sense detected a tiny black shadow was floating above the extremely distant sky.

The black shadow wasn’t tall and was completely covered in a black robe, and even the person’s figure couldn’t be seen clearly. Based on the person’s outline, it was probably a human. However, when Chen Xi’s Divine Sense touched this mysterious person, this person instantly seemed to have noticed and lowered his head to look towards the area Chen Xi was at!

Chen Xi was horrified and instinctively withdrew his Divine Sense and withdrew his entire aura right away before circulating a supreme profound technique to conceal his aura, temperature, and even all his sense of perception, causing him to seem like a rock.

He’d just finished doing this when a peerlessly enormous will flashed past the heavens and the earth and swept past him!

This strand of will was extremely terrifying and indescribably icy cold and gloomy. Chen Xi instantly felt as if he’d fallen into a pitch black and bottomless abyss, and he felt helpless as if he was on the verge of suffocation.

It was even to the extent he was already unable to sense fear, and he just felt that he absolutely be doomed if this strand of will were to lock onto him!

Chen Xi practically desperately suppressed all his will and perception into the depths of his body while madly trying to maintain the calmness and clearness of his mind. The bad premonition in his heart grew more and more intense, and it seemed as if so long as he relaxed slightly, he would fall completely into this bottomless abyss and be unable to wake up forever.

After an unknown period of time, this ghastly and cold will withdrew like the tide, and the feeling of helplessness as if he’d fallen into a pitch black and bottomless abyss gradually left Chen Xi’s world.

Just like a person that was on verge of drowning to death and had been suddenly reduced, Chen Xi couldn’t refrain from gasping for breath while the terror in his heart gradually calmed down after a long time.

How terrifying!

That was absolutely a supreme will possessed by a true expert at the Heavenly Immortal Realm or even higher!

Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered. He was unable to figure out why he would actually encounter such a terrifying existence in the wilderness of the Talisman Dimension, an existence that almost destroyed his firm Dao Heart that had been tempered through blood and battle with the sweep of a single strand of will, and such might seemed to be even more terrifying than the might of a Heavenly Immortal.

That black robed person is absolutely a terrifying existence. But why would such a great figure appear at the border of the Talisman Dimension? Could it be that he’s a supreme expert of the Cosmos Beasts? Chen Xi contemplated this scene carefully yet was unable to wrap his head around it.

Looks like I have to be even more careful in this Talisman Dimension… Chen Xi didn’t waste time here any longer, and he distinguished the direction before flashing towards the distance. 


Within an exquisite, independent, and small courtyard at the Imperial City of Four Emperors.

A young woman with soft and smooth golden hair tied in a bun behind her head and a graceful and slender figure sat upright before a desk. The desk was dark red in color, and it was constructed of first-rate 10,000 year old Coral Wood.

A brush holder made of green jade lay on the table, and a row of brushes hung on it. On the other side was a golden seal and jade slips that were piled up in an orderly manner.

This exquisite room was very clean, neat, and there was almost no decoration. There was only a scroll hanging on a wall at the side of the young woman, and there were only two words written on it ‘Advance Boldly.’

The ink of these few words seeped to the back of the paper, and it was written with powerful and vigorous strokes. Every single stroke and streak revealed resolute drive, and it was like numerous sharp swords that intended to fly out from the scroll.

The atmosphere in the exquisite room was very silent. Liang Bing sat upright while jade slips that had already been dealt with lay before her, and there was only a single jade slip that the Ninth Rank Hall had just sent over today laying before her.

Her skin was white, clear, and tender, and her forehead was plump and glistening. Moreover, she possessed clear eyes and red lips, and she seemed to be gorgeous yet icy cold. The space between her brows was filled with a tranquil expression while she seemed to be slightly colder than usual.

She stretched out her hand to pick up the jade slip sent over by the Ninth Rank Hall, and she read through it with a lack of interest.

Every few days, the Ninth Rank Hall would send over a new jade slip that recorded everything that occurred within every single village, city, and county, and it even contained some important information within the imperial city.

Especially in the recent days, the number of cultivators from the other worlds that came to the Talisman Dimension had increased greatly, and it was over 100 times more than before. So, various incidents couldn’t be avoided from happening.

Regardless of if these incidents were good or bad, they were trivial matters to Liang Bing, and they weren’t worth her attention. Moreover, there were too many things she had to worry about, so she didn’t have the time to pay attention to these trivial matters at all.

A name suddenly entered her field of vision, Chen Xi.

Liang Bing paused for a few seconds before sizing it up once more. After a short moment, a tiny arc appeared on her plump and sexy lips, and she seemed to be lost in thought. The Golden Tassels of Chaos? He really isn’t simple.

At this moment, the door to her room was knocked, and the attendant outside reported the name of the person that had arrived.

Liang Bing silently put away the jade slip into the pile of the jade slips that she’d already dealt with before standing up.

Instantly, her entire body was once again filled with a cold and formidable aura that seemed like the aura of a queen, and she didn’t conceal her strength in the slightest.

“Speak.” She looked at the old man that entered respectfully and reverently, and she spoke with an emotionless face.

“Eldest Young Miss, the Luo Clan’s Second Young Master…” The old man spoke and hadn’t finished when he was interrupted by Liang Bing. “That playboy still refuses to give up his evil intentions?” Her voice revealed dense detest and contempt.

The old man nodded, and then hesitated. “But it’s not the same this time. Luo Zixuan threatened that he would take hostile action if Eldest Young Miss still doesn’t make a decision.”

Liang Bing’s brows that were fine and like ink knit together. “Is there any need to report such a common threat to me?”

The old man’s entire body shook, and he said hastily. “There’s another matter of utmost importance that I have to report. Recently, the elders in the clan have noticed that many formidable figures from other words have snuck into the Talisman Dimension, and there are many that are…”

When he spoke up to here, the old man gulped down a mouthful of saliva before lifting up a finger and pointing up.

Liang Bing understood what he meant, and her voice carried a wisp of murderous coldness. “They are just some small figures that are living in fear and uncertainty in the Immortal Dimension, and they want to seize the opportunity from the upheaval of the three dimensions to plunder the Talisman Dimension. They really are heedless of consequence.”

The old man heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he heard this, and then he asked. “Eldest Young Miss, should we…take some action?”

Liang Bing crossed her hands before her habitually, and this was her habitual movement when she was thinking and had been developed since a long time ago in the Ancestral Dimension. Similarly, it was an assertive movement of a scientific civilization.

She contemplated for a long time before shaking her head in the end. “There’s no need. It’s better the murkier the water gets. They want the things within the Grand Deduction Tower? Hmph! That would depend on if they'll be alive to enjoy it.”

The old man intended to leave. “If Eldest Young Miss doesn’t have any other orders…”

Liang Bing interrupted him once more. “Help me keep an eye on someone, he’s called Chen Xi. At this moment, he has probably arrived at Crimson Swallow City. Don’t alarm him, you just have to send back all the information that’s related to him.”

The old man had already been following by Liang Bing’s side for a long time, and he knew her style of doing things very well. She acted resolutely and decisively, so she frequently interrupted others because according to what she said, unnecessary nonsense was equivalent to taking lives.

The old man received his orders solemnly, and then withdrew himself in a respectful and reverent manner.

A’Li, you concealed your identity and snuck into the Talisman Dimension all those years ago, yet you think I don’t know your origins? Since I’ve helped you once in the past, now that I’ve encountered some slight troubles, perhaps I can only make you help me once… Liang Bing sat once more before the desk and took up that jade slip that recorded the news from Golden Mulberry Village once more, and then she recalled that handsome young man that acted in a low profiled and calm manner.

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