Chapter 824 – Like A God

Swish! Swish!

Within the Talisman Tower, Chen Xi’s expression was serene while his mind was blank, and his slender and white fingers fluttered about with unparalleled speed as they drew out fine and graceful afterimages in midair.

True Essence that was fine like threads flowed out from the tips of his fingers, and they were like the most precise tip of a brush as they fluttered about on the walls all around him and drew out strands of talisman markings that carried graceful auras.

This scene was like a master painter was at work and repairing his masterpiece, and it was natural and filled with an aura that was pleasing to the eye and mind.

The difference was that Chen Xi had split up his attention by countless times, and he was reconstructing, repairing, and perfecting the countless talisman formations within the Talisman Tower at the same time and by himself.

Even though he was all alone, yet he seemed like a myriad of Talisman Formation Masters making a move at the same time. Every single talisman formation was within the envelopment of his Divine Sense, and every single inch of damaged talisman marking structures were accurate grasp by his True Essence that was like the tip of a brush.

If another Talisman Formation Master was here and saw such a scene, that person would surely be shocked out of his mind because such attainments in the Dao of Talismans had simply attained a state of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Without an enormous Divine Sense to control everything, exceedingly thick True Essence as the source of energy, and a complete understanding of the structure of the countless talisman formations within the Talisman Tower, it was absolutely impossible to accomplish this.

In the eyes of others, perhaps talisman formations that were numerous like the stars in the sky within this 30km Talisman Tower had to be repaired one by one, and it was like a boundlessly vast project.

But in Chen Xi’s eyes, the entire Talisman Tower was equivalent to a talisman formation, and the countless talisman formations within it were merely like the talisman markings that formed this talisman formation.

This was like how an ordinary person looked up into the sky while a god looked down from above the sky.

The height they’d attained was different.

Similarly, if it was another Talisman Formation Master here, then the person would probably only be thinking about how to repair the internal structure of this Talisman Tower and not exhaust 20 plus days to deduce it like Chen Xi because Chen Xi didn’t just seek to repair it but wanted to achieve a type of creation as he intended to bring forth the maximum might of this Talisman Tower!

This was Chen Xi’s attitude towards the Dao of Talismans, he was like a stubborn madman that diligently strived for perfection and the extreme.

It was precisely because of this that his attainments in the Dao of Talismans were able to arrive at its current state, and he’d exceeded the imagination of everyone in the world a long time ago.

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, if he wanted to repair this Talisman Tower to a state that he was satisfied with, then just a month would be sufficient! 


Along with the passage of time, another 15 days passed, and the atmosphere in Golden Mulberry Village gradually calmed down from its initial wild joy. A shapeless atmosphere of worry and anxiousness enveloped the hearts of every single villager once again.

The reason is very simple. Wen Tianxiao and Yao Luwei might be able to obtain sufficient Virtue Energy after experiencing another Cosmos Beast assault, and they would leave Golden Mulberry Village.

On the other hand, after he entered the Talisman Tower, there wasn’t any movement from Chen Xi, and there was no sign of the Talisman Tower being repaired at all.

All of this caused these simple locals to worry about their future days.

Losing the help of cultivators wouldn’t be terrible to the point of causing them to feel despair because they could rely on the protection of the Talisman Tower. But they were very aware about how damaged the Talisman Tower was long ago, and it was like a rotten piece of wood that was damaged by worms and would crumble sooner or later.

If they were to lose the Talisman Tower, then Golden Mulberry Village would surely fall beneath the iron hooves of the Cosmos Beasts, and they would have no chance of surviving…

Such an incident wasn’t something that had never occurred. Some nearby villages like the Azurecrow Village, Willow Water Village, Deer King Village, and so on and so forth had been annihilated recently because of the destruction of their respective Talisman Towers.

When facing an impending calamity, they felt no different than as if they were waiting for death to arrive.

Elder Xue Ming had begged Wen Tianxiao and Yao Luwei to stay back, yet he only obtained some vague and perfunctory answers, and this caused him to feel despair.

Even if the Ninth Rank Hall sent more cultivators to assist Golden Mulberry Village after they left, Xue Ming didn’t dare be certain that the Talisman Tower could persist until that day.

10 days later.

Another round of Cosmos Beasts was slaughtered completely, and Wen Tianxiao roared with excitement as he’d finally gathered 300 stars of Virtue Energy, whereas, Yao Luwei similarly had achieved this and had a smile on her face.

Their joy didn’t cause the villagers to become happy, and it covered their faces with despair instead.

They knew that these two cultivators were bound to leave.

Wen Tianxiao noticed the strange atmosphere, and he restrained his smile as he said with hesitation, “Why don’t we stay for another period of time?”

“It’s useless even if we continue staying here. Could it be that you didn’t notice that the Virtue Energy isn’t increasing any longer after attaining 300 stars? This means that we can only go to the cities, and we’ll only be able to gain even more Virtue Energy there.” Yao Luwei remained unmoved and said indifferently. “Moreover, the strength of the Cosmos Beasts that are appearing in the vicinity of this village is growing, and even you saw that more than one 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm Cosmos Beast appeared in the battle earlier. If we continue staying here, then our lives will probably be threatened. Are you willing to take this risk?”

Wen Tianxiao was stunned, and he said irritably, “This fellow Chen Xi is really a bastard. There’s still no news from him until now. If he can’t do it, then why try to show off?”

He was really concerned about Chen Xi because he’d already taken Chen Xi to be a friend after losing the bet that day, so he naturally wouldn’t just abandon Chen Xi without doing anything.

As for the feelings of the villagers, even though he felt pity for them, it would absolutely not affect his decision.

Yao Luwei seemed to have expected that Wen Tianxiao would react like this since the beginning, and she couldn’t help but frown as she said, “You don’t have to worry about him. With his strength, even if he’s unable to repair the Talisman Tower, it’s sufficient for him to obtain enough Virtue Energy. So we can head to Crimson Swallow City first and wait for him there.”

As she spoke, she flipped her white hand and caused a jade slip to appear. “I’ve already left a message for him, and I’ve explained everything clearly. He’ll understand as soon as he leaves the Talisman Tower and reads this.”

Wen Tianxiao was shocked. “You intend to leave right now?”

Yao Luwei nodded. “There’s no time to lose. Don’t worry, Chen Xi will absolutely not blame us for leaving earlier once he gets an understanding of the situation.”

Wen Tianxiao rubbed his brows with anguish. “Is this the only way?”

Yao Luwei replied with a question. “What else can we do?”

Wen Tianxiao went silent for a long time, and then he gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Yao Luwei’s peerlessly beautiful face couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of a smile when she saw this. She really understood Wen Tianxiao’s character, so all of this was within her expectations.

Both of them left on that very day.

The atmosphere in Golden Mulberry Village instantly became depressed and oppressive to the limit when the villagers found out about all this.


Elder Xue Ming sat cross-legged by himself out the Talisman Tower, and his gaunt figure seemed even more aged as if it was pressed down with heavy burdens.

The nights in the Talisman Dimension seemed to be especially cold. Wind that was piercingly cold like blades whistled by and caused the golden mulberry trees in the village to rustle coldly.

Xue Ming stared blankly at the Talisman Tower for a long time, and then he couldn’t help but sigh before he took up his old wine jug and drank a mouthful of strong wine. His chest burned, yet it was unable to warm and alleviate the dense worry in his heart.

He drank another mouthful of wine and sighed. Just like this, he’d unknowingly drank to the point of getting drunk, and he collapsed right before the Talisman Tower.

He had a dream. He dreamt about how excited he was when he met a cultivator from the first time during his youth and the first time he saw the Talisman Tower reveal its might and caused a myriad of divine radiances to flow out and illuminate the world.

It was called ‘the Golden Tassels of Chaos,’ and it was the phenomenon created from the Talisman Tower’s full force. He remembered this grand and magnificent scene for all his life.

At that time, everyone in the village cheered without end, and the faces of everyone were filled with happiness, anticipation towards their stable life, and hopes for the future…

Those times…were so nice!

“It’s glowing! The Talisman Tower is glowing!” A voice that seemed to have drifted over from the horizon coiled around his ears, and Xue Ming laughed with self-ridicule. I’m dreaming again.

He’d had this same dream innumerable times recently, and his heart would be filled with disappointment every time he woke up.

“How beautiful! It’s even more beautiful than a meteor shower.”

“Haha! The Talisman Tower has surely been repaired. Where’s Elder Xue Ming? Quickly tell this good news to Elder Xue Ming!”

“He’s here, he’s here…” 

A wave of clamorous footsteps sounded out, and then Xue Ming felt his body being supported up. He struggled with irritation and roared. “What’re all of you doing!? What the fuck are all of you doing instead of sleeping so late in the night!?”

“Uncle, wake up, wake up!” A clear cry sounded out by his ear, and Xue Ming knew that it was Feng Bao’s second daughter who was only around eight year s old and was lively and cute.

“Why are you wailing!? I’m still alive!” Xue Ming mumbled angrily, and then he opened a slit in his eyes as he spoke. Instantly, he felt a wave of boundless white light surge over, and it pierced his eyes to the point he hastily closed it back.

This is? 

Even though it was only an instant of light, it still caused Xue Ming’s entire body to shake, and the intoxication in his entire body was wiped clean while indescribable excitement couldn’t help but emerged from his heart.

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes once more, and then he saw an expanse of light envelope the heavens and the earth, and it was a dazzling divine brilliance that illuminated the entire sky!

The 30km tall Talisman Tower seemed to have awakened from its deep slumber, and it emanated a blazing golden sheen under the veil of night. The golden sheen drifted through the sky like golden tassels that fluttered about, and it was like a divine brilliance that a god had send down into the world, causing it to seem as if it was daytime.

The villagers stood before the Talisman Tower and bathed beneath this brilliance. The faces of every single one of them was filled with happiness, and their gazes even carried anticipation and hope towards life.

At this instant, Xue Ming seemed as if he was struck by lightning. His entire body trembled while two rows of muddy tears flowed down, and his face was covered in tears.

The Golden Tassels of Chaos! This is the Golden Tassels of Chaos! The Talisman Tower has really been repaired! He roared madly in his heart and never imagined that he would be able to witness such a magnificent scene for a second time in his entire lifetime.

But right after that, he hesitated and was filled with disbelief as he roared with a hoarse voice. “Quickly! Quickly tell me if this is true? I’m not dreaming, right?”

“Of course you aren’t dreaming.” A clear and low voice resounded out by his ears, and it was so familiar.

Xue Ming raised his eyes to the side and saw that cultivator called Chen Xi was suddenly standing by his side, and a pair of eyes that were profound like the stars were smiling at him.

A rain of golden light flowed down like fluttering tassels as it rushed through the sky. The handsome young man’s stalwart figure stood upright amidst this, and his dense jet black hair fluttered while he revealed an extraordinary bearing.

He was like a god.

Xue Ming knew that this scene was bound to be branded within his heart and remain there eternally…

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