Chapter 823 – To Leave Or To Stay

Chen Xi had never come into contact with a Talisman Tower, so he didn’t dare make any guarantees that he would be able to repair it, and he intended to give it a try first.

But his words drew out the surprise of Wen Tianxiao and Yao Luwei. It couldn’t be helped, the two of them were truly unable to figure out why such a formidable fellow like Chen Xi would waste time studying the Dao of talisman formations.

After all, even if it was in the 3,000 large worlds, the Dao of Talismans was publicly acknowledged as the most complicated Grand Dao and attaining accomplishments in the Dao of Talismans was absolutely not something that could be completed overnight.

Thus, perhaps alchemists, equipment refiners, and tamers were very common in the various worlds, but only Talisman Formation Grandmasters seemed to be extremely rare and could be described as akin to phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

Elder Xue Ming was similarly stunned, and then he said with great joy, “It’s fine as well. If you’re able to repair it, then it couldn’t be any better!”

At this moment, he couldn’t care about anything else, and he was entirely making a last attempt because persuading Chen Xi to stay and try wasn’t bad at all. If he was able to repair the Talisman Tower, then his Golden Mulberry Village wouldn’t have any more fear about facing destruction in the future.



The Talisman Tower was extremely tall and completely constructed from bronze. Just like the mysterious sacrificial altar, it seemed as if it had already existed since countless years ago, and it was exceedingly ancient.

Chen Xi didn’t delay and directly arrived within the Talisman Tower under Xue Ming’s lead.

He had to return to the Dark Reverie within three years because Bai Wanqing was very likely to return from the battlefield outside the three dimensions at that time. If he were to miss the opportunity to meet her, then Chen Xi would absolutely regret it for his entire lifetime.

Because the main objective he entered into the Dark Reverie with was to meet Bai Wanqing and understand the situation of his parents. But now, many years had passed yet he hadn’t met Bai Wanqing. So no matter how great his patience was, he couldn’t help but feel a trace of anxiety.

So he had to obtain sufficient Virtue Energy within these three years and arrive at the Imperial City of Four Emperors before entering the Grand Deduction Tower so that he could find the method to deal with the problem of his advancement into the Earthly Immortal Realm!

On the other hand, as far as he was concerned, repairing the Talisman Tower wouldn’t just provide him with Virtue Energy, and it might be related to the Grand Deduction Tower.

Inside the Talisman Tower.

As soon as he entered, Chen Xi was dazzled and felt as if he’d entered into an ocean of talisman markings.

The walls were densely covered with countless complicate talisman formations, and they were layered up until the top of the tower. The talisman formations were suffused with a hazy glow, causing them to seem like a myriad of flickering stars, and it gave others an extremely strong visual impact.

It could be said to be like a river of stars, and it was a magnificent sight.

Chen Xi stopped and stared for a long time before walking towards a wall and sizing it up carefully.

The damage is really too severe, and the most basic talisman markings within it have been damaged. It won’t be long before it will shatter and be completely destroyed… Chen Xi’s attainments in the Dao of Talismans had arrived at the acme of perfection a long time ago, so he noticed with a single glance that the internal area of the Talisman Tower was densely covered with countless talisman formations that were extremely damaged. It was like a rotten piece of wood that was on the verge of withering to death, and it wasn’t able to hold on for much longer.

He didn’t anxiously start to repair it but carefully inspected it first. He didn’t leave any wall unchecked and went up layer by layer, and merely this inspection exhausted three days of his time.

He did this for the sake of completely repairing the Talisman Tower to its initial state and not miss any damaged parts of it.

Not bad, not bad. There are many talisman marking structures here that I’ve never seen. If I’m able to repair it,  then it would be greatly beneficial to the improvement of my cultivation in the Talisman Dao… Chen Xi let out a long breath of air when he finished inspecting the final talisman formation at the top of the tower, and he pondered deeply for a long time as he was contemplating about how to repair the tower.

Even though this Talisman Tower was 30km in height and densely covered in countless talisman formations that were complicated to the extreme, it wasn’t really difficult to him and only required him spending a certain amount of time to repair.

The troublesome matter to him was instead that if he were to completely repair the Talisman Tower according to the trace of the previous talisman formations, then this Talisman Tower would face destruction once more in less than three years.

In his opinion, if he did repair it, then he would repair it to a flawless state. At the very least, he had to guarantee its vitality and vigor for over a hundred years!

No one asked this of him, but due to the infatuation towards the Talisman Dao that he had in his bones, he had extremely harsh requirements towards everything that was a work of his.

It was precisely because of his persistence to pursue the extreme that his ability in the Dao of Talismans could attain its current height.

Exactly how should I do it…? Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ground as he fell into deep contemplation, and he madly deduced countless talisman formation diagrams in his sea of consciousness.

If I use the Yellowearth Divine Talisman as the foundation and fuse the myriad of talisman formations into it, then its defensive strength would undoubtedly attain an extreme. Unfortunately, this would shrink its defensive area, and more than half of Golden Mulberry Village will probably be exposed…

Oh, I can use the core of the Blackwater Divine Talisman… No, this will only weaken its defensive capability.



A type of method to arrange the talisman formations being overruled meant that a myriad of talisman marking structures had been overruled. If it was an ordinary Talisman Formation Master, it would probably be impossible for a single method of arrangement to be deduced in a month.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was capable of accomplishing all this in 10 minutes, and it was even to the extent that if it wasn’t for his desire to maintain the existing talisman formations in the tower, he would be even faster!

In the blink of an eye, 20 plus days had passed.

The Golden Mulberry Village had experienced two more assaults from Cosmos Beasts and because Wen Tianxiao and Yao Luwei were present, these two calamities were dealt with in a short amount of time, whereas the two of them earned a great deal of Virtue Energy from this.

“How much do you have?” Yao Luwei glanced at the Virtue Plate in her hand before she asked Wen Tianxiao.

“Heh, I’m still 180 stars away to gathering a total of 300 stars of Virtue Energy.” Wen Tianxiao had a complacent expression. He’d obtained 45 stars of Virtue Energy during each of these two Cosmos Beast assaults, and according to this momentum, then if nothing unexpected happened, he would be able to gather sufficient Virtue Energy to head to Crimson Swallow City in a month.

“Not bad.” Yao Luwei nodded and judged with a flat tone.

Wen Tianxiao was slightly displeased and said, “What about you?”

“I still lack 150 stars.” Yao Luwei replied.

Wen Tianxiao instantly shut his mouth because it was better to keep his mouth shut before absolute facts, and he would only be looking for trouble and shaming himself by speaking any more.

But he still couldn’t refrain from muttering, “If it wasn’t for the lack of Chen Xi, obtaining so much Virtue Energy is a dream!”

Yao Luwei couldn’t be bothered to argue with this great profligate disciple, and she said directly, “Since he entered the Talisman Tower that day, there hasn’t been the slightest movement from him. If this continues, then should we leave first once we gather sufficient Virtue Energy?”

Wen Tianxiao was stunned as he seemed to have never expected she would ask his opinion, and he couldn’t help but ask. “Err, what do you think?”

“Leave of course.” Yao Luwei glanced at Wen Tianxiao and answered without the slightest hesitation. “It’s best to leave. Could it be that you didn’t notice the amount of Cosmos Beast that appeared these last two rounds hadn’t just increased in number, even their strengths had increased greatly?”

Wen Tianxiao slapped his thigh and cried out. “I thought only I had this sort of feeling.”

“I’m worried that if this continues, then the amount of Cosmos Beasts that come to assault Golden Mulberry Village will only increase in number and strength. If we stay behind, it would undoubtedly be much more dangerous.” Yao Luwei’s clear eyes were like pools of water, and they were calm and wise as she analyzed meticulously. “It’s even to the extent that the appearance of Cosmos Beasts equivalent to the Earthly Immortal Realm can’t be excluded. I suggest that we should leave right away once we obtain sufficient Virtue Energy and head to Crimson Swallow City.

Wen Tianxiao said with astonishment, “That what about the villagers here?”

“I never expected that the renowned Young Master Wen is actually so kindhearted and cares about the safety of ordinary people.” Yao Luwei roared with laughter.

After that, she revealed a serious expression as she said indifferently, “It’s only some ordinary people. So what if they die? They’ll experience rebirth and carry out a new life, and there’s utterly no need for us to worry about.”

Wen Tianxiao said with displeasure, “Your words are too heartless.”

Yao Luwei didn’t care in the slightest. “Then will you be leaving or not?”

“I…” Wen Tianxiao hesitated, and then he suddenly thought of something and said, “What about Chen Xi? He’s still within the Talisman Tower. Aren’t you going to ask his opinion?”

Yao Luwei glanced at Wen Tianxiao with a gaze of pity and sighed. “Young Master Wen, do you think Chen Xi can earn sufficient Virtue Energy by staying in the Talisman Tower?”

Wen Tianxiao said in an irritated manner. “Let’s speak of this after we’ve gathered sufficient Virtue Energy. Perhaps there’ll be a change in the situation.”

“Don’t forget that the Grand Deduction Tower is about to be opened soon. If you think you’ll be able to rush over in time, then do as you please.” Yao Luwei glanced indifferently at Wen Tianxiao before intending to leave.

“What do you mean by this?” Wen Tianxiao pursued an answer.

“What do I mean? Young Master Wen wouldn’t be trying to tell me that you didn’t come for the things within the Grand Deduction Tower, right?” Yao Luwei stopped, and her voice carried a trace of ridicule.

Wen Tianxiao instantly went silent and didn’t speak any further.


Elder Xue Ming stood before the Talisman Tower and was staring blankly there.

Over 20 days have passed yet there isn’t any movement within the Talisman Tower. Exactly what is that cultivator called Chen Xi doing?

If he’s unable to repair it, then he would have given up a long time ago, right?

If he was capable, then why hasn’t there been any movement for so long?

Elder Xue Ming had lived for a long time and was extremely experienced. He’d received countless cultivators to the village, so he was naturally very aware that once those two cultivators obtained sufficient Virtue Energy, they would surely leave without the slightest hesitation and wouldn’t stay back at all.

This reality forced him to carry a tiny dream in his heart.

Now, he could only place all his hope onto Chen Xi, and even if this hope seemed to be so tiny, he still hoped that a miracle would appear.

Because the life of the villagers was truly too painful. If they were to lose the Talisman Tower after losing the protection of the cultivators, then it would absolutely be a blow that no one could endure.

At that time, Golden Mulberry Village wouldn’t be far from annihilation…

“Cultivators are high above while ordinary people are like ants, how unfair is this Heaven Dao? I hate that we’re so weak and can only place our hopes on others. Sad! How sad!” Xue Ming sighed deeply before turning and leaving, and his bent and gaunt figure vanished in next to no time.

He didn’t notice that at the moment he turned around and left, a wisp of a strange glow suddenly flashed on the surface of the Talisman Tower behind him.

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