Chapter 821 – Dealing With The Calamity

It was late in the night, waves of horrifying howls tore through the horizon and resounded in the heavens and the earth, and it reverberated endlessly within the surroundings of Golden Mulberry Village.

“They’ve come again!”

“My god! If this continues, then the Talisman Tower won’t be far from destruction!”

“The Azurecrow Village, Willow Water Village, Deer King Village… All of them were annihilated a few days ago, could it be that our Golden Mulberry Village is going to follow in their footsteps?”

The villagers were alarmed and ran out in panic, and their faces were covered in deep worry and sorrow.


Roars resounded like thunderclaps in the heavens and the earth as countless black shadows that were enormous like mountains covered the sky as they dashed over from all directions, and they shook the entire heavens and earth.

Om! Om! Om!

Strands of milky white and vast fluctuations rumbled out from the 30k tall Talisman Tower at the center of the village, and it spread out and resisted the numerous and enormous black shadows.

If one looked down from the sky, one would be able to see that the entire Golden Mulberry Village was enveloped by a layer of milky white light, and it was like an enormous bowl was covering the village.

On the other hand, numerous savage and extremely enormous Cosmos Beasts were like a floor of steel that charged over without end, and they caused the barrier of light that shake violently and without end while emitting waves of deafening rumbling.

This was absolutely a calamity to the villagers within the village. Even though they possessed the protections of the Talisman Tower, it still caused them to feel despair and helplessness.

Every single one of them knew clearly that the internal structure of the Talisman Tower was damaged greatly, and its strength was on the verge of drying up. If this were to continue, then it wasn’t far from destruction…

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, three dazzling flowing rays of light tore through the pitch black sky and floated in midair. Their bodies were suffused with divine light that was extremely blazing, and they were like three gods that instantly drew the attention of everyone within the village.

“It’s the cultivators! Perhaps they’ll be able to help us escape this calamity!”

“Don’t get happy too early. Could it be that you’ve forgotten about those cultivators from before? All of them either died or fled, and not a single one of them was capable.”

“But it’s still a type of hope in the end, right?”

“Alas, let’s watch and see. Don’t hold hopes that are too high.”

As all of them discussed, none of them had excited expressions, and their faces were covered in worry. In the recent period of time, there had been countless cultivators that had arrived here, and every single time they saw hope, they would feel despair.

Hope after hope, despair after despair, a cycle like this caused their minds to be tormented to the point of almost being numbed. So they could only maintain a careful attitude towards the three cultivators that had arrived at the village today, and they didn’t dare have any extravagant wishes that a miracle would occur.

It was even to the extent that they weren’t really worried about whether these cultivators would be able to annihilate all the Cosmos Beasts, and they were instead worried if these three cultivators would sneak off like the others before them when facing such a brutal scene…

“Fuck! There are so many Cosmos Beasts!?” Wen Tianxiao swept the surroundings with his gaze, and he couldn’t help but cry out when he saw the dense mass of over a thousand Cosmos Beasts.

“What? Are you afraid?” Yao Luwei asked from the side.

“Afraid? I don’t even have the time to be pleasantly surprised that so many living punching bags have arrived for me to practice on!” Wen Tianxiao snickered.


As he spoke, his figure charged out abruptly like an arrow that had left the bow, and after his figure rumbled while charging out of the light barrier, the Bright Nine Profundity Immortal Sword in his hand slashed, causing a 3km long sword qi to sweep out horizontally.

Sword qi swept out horizontally and vertically, and it threw both Yin and Yang into disorder. At this moment, Wen Tianxiao emanated an overbearing aura of superiority, and as he charged amidst the group of Cosmos Beasts, he caused a rain of blood to pour down while he killed to his heart’s content.

“HAHAHA! They’re only equivalent to peak Nether Transformation Realm cultivators! How could trash like this possible block my footsteps? Kill! Kill! Kill!” Wen Tianxiao roared with laughter, and he held the Immortal Sword and was like a god of war as he roamed through the universe in an unstoppable manner!

Everyone within the village was stunned, and they felt disbelief.

“Sure enough, sure enough, they’re different than the cultivators from before. Why would we worry about being unable to deal with the urgent matter at hand if he possesses such a cultivation?” Elder Xue Ming within the village was pleasantly surprised to the point his entire body trembled, and he muttered endlessly to himself.


Right when everyone was exclaiming in surprise towards Wen Tianxiao’s divine might, Yao Luwei’s beautiful figure flashed, and she held the Twin Moon Soulslaughter Blades as she charged out like a flowing ray of light.

She possessed a composed bearing while her figure fluttered about, and her blade lights interweaved and fluttered about like glistening white moonlight. Even though she lacked the divine might Wen Tianxiao possessed, she wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to him in terms of lethality, and she swept through everything that stood in her way.

“That Big Sister is so formidable. She’s simply like a celestial maiden from the heavens. Was she sent by the gods to rescue us?” A young girl with pigtails spoke with a clear voice, and her large eyes were filled with reverence and admiration.

The villagers were originally anxious to the extreme, and they instantly started laughing when they heard this while the pressure that was heavy like a mountain in their hearts eased up greatly. They weren’t numbed any longer, and their hope started burning once more.

“Why isn’t that cultivator making a move?” Someone noticed Chen Xi who stood in midair without moving, and that person couldn’t help but asked.

“It’s probably because his strength is insufficient. But with those two cultivators assisting us, they ought to be sufficient to deal with the dangerous situation before us.”

“Yes, that’s right as well. After all, it’s impossible for the Ninth Rank Hall to send three extremely formidable cultivators to assist us in one go.”

The villagers discussed and quickly moved their gazes from Chen Xi towards Wen Tianxiao and Yao Luwei.

Actually, with their discerning ability, they were utterly incapable of discerning the exact situation of the battle, and they could only see blazing sword qi and flickering blade lights. Everywhere these sword qi and blade lights passed, numerous Cosmos Beasts would be slaughtered while fresh blood sprayed in the sky.

But the more it was like this, the more relaxed they felt. They didn’t care exactly how formidable the cultivations of these two cultivators were, and it was fine so long as they were capable of dealing with the calamity before them.

In the sky, Chen Xi had really not made a move because he was observing the Cosmos Beasts and the fluctuations created by the Talisman Tower.

As far he was concerned, annihilating all these Cosmos Beasts was as easy as flipping his hand, but the crux was what they would do if another group arrived tomorrow after they killed this group.

If it continued like this every single day, then the three of them would gain sufficient Virtue Energy and leave successively, whereas the calamity brought about by these Cosmos Beasts would still exist. So what would the villagers do?

So if he wanted to kill, then he would eliminate then at the source!

But these Cosmos Beasts came from the depths of the universe, and he was utterly incapable of slaughtering his way there to annihilate them with his current strength.

On the other hand, the existence of the Talisman Tower was the key to solving the problem.

According to what Xue Ming said, the internal structure of the Talisman Tower is already damaged, and it can’t hold on for much longer. If I completely repair it, then perhaps I’ll be able to guarantee their long-term safety… Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time before he shook his head in the end. He knew that all of it depended on after he entered the Talisman Tower and inspected it, and he had to try to repair it before he could be sure.

Now, let me see exactly how the Virtue Energy in this Talisman Dimension is earned… A cold light flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes. In the next moment, he’d vanished in midair.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Outside the milky white light barrier emitted by the Talisman Tower, everywhere that met the eye was extremely enormous Cosmos Beasts. They flew in the sky and ran on the ground, and they practically filled the entire world.

3,260 beasts!

Instantly, Chen Xi’s enormous Divine Sense stretched out towards the surroundings as a clear number appeared within his heart, and this number represented the amount of Cosmos Beasts that had come to assault Golden Mulberry Village this time.


In the next moment, Chen Xi executed the Heavenly Transformation and Deity Transformation, and he transformed into a 300m tall figure that was coiled with boundless dazzling and resplendent thunderstorm vortexes. When looked at from afar, he was like a Fiendgod that stood towering in the world since the primeval times.


Chen Xi stretched out his hand and struck with the Grand Astral Palm, and his fingers that were thick like pillars that held up the heavens grabbed out and enveloped an area of 3km before him.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

With his current combat strength, annihilating a 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm expert was like cutting through vegetables, let alone these Cosmos Beasts that were comparable to the Nether Transformation Realm.

In merely a single grab, over 100 Cosmos Beasts were crushed and transformed into blood paste that covered the sky as it sprayed down, and it was like a blood colored rainstorm that dyed the sky red and was extremely shocking.

When they saw this scene, the faces of the villagers froze instantaneously, and they were both astounded and filled with disbelief.

The young girl with pigtails was terrified to the point of covering her eyes as she cried out in a sharp voice. “That Big Brother’s appearance is too terrifying! Too terrifying!”

No one had expected that this cultivator that they’d overlooked would actually possess such a formidable strength, and merely the might of a single strike from him had slaughtered over 100 Cosmos Beasts!

To all of them who were ordinary people, this was simply no different than a true god descending into the mortal world.

Even the nearby Wen Tianxiao and Yao Luwei were shocked by this peerlessly overbearing strike of Chen Xi’s, and only now did they notice that at this moment, this fellow seemed to be much more formidable than when he participated in the test…

This discovered caused them to be slightly terrified, and they felt they were even further away from seeing through this mysterious fellow from the Dark Reverie.

After 10 minutes had passed, all the Cosmos Beasts that had assaulted Golden Mulberry Village were eliminated, causing the world to recover its peace. Only the air in the sky was still suffused with a dense smell of blood, and it caused the villagers to be on the verge of suffocation.

But even then, they were still excited and overjoyed to the limit.

The scene before their eyes at this moment was absolutely the scene they’d dreamt of the most recently, and now that it had finally been realized, how could they not be excited?

Some old folks and women were even excited to the point of crying, and their hearts were filled with boundless gratitude towards Chen Xi and the others.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

When Chen Xi and the others returned to the village, everyone in the village including Elder Xue Ming knelt on the ground in unison, and they kowtowed repeatedly without end.

At this moment, words were unable to convey the gratitude in their hearts, and they could only proclaim it via this most ancient rite.

Chen Xi was moved, and he hurriedly flicked his sleeve and used a shapeless force to help these villagers up.

He sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart as well. Doing this can only be considered to be lifting a finger to cultivators, and it couldn’t be any more ordinary. But to these ordinary people, it means too much, and it’s heavy like the weight of lives!

“Respected cultivators, all of you have surely exhausted a great deal of energy after experiencing that great battle. Please follow me, you only require three stars of Virtue Energy to recover your entire strengths.” Elder Xue Ming walked forward and spoke respectfully. At this moment, he was devoid of the coldness, indifference, and sarcasm he carried when they first met, and his aged and gaunt face was only covered in deep gratitude and reverence.

“Three stars of Virtue Energy?” Chen Xi was stunned. When did a shapeless and immaterial force like Virtue become capable of being meticulously calculated?

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