Chapter 82 – Incorporeal Wind Sword

Chapter 82 – Incorporeal Wind Sword

The water within the nether river surged and roiled, like a roaring and raging black enraged dragon that spanned through the sky, seeming to want shatter, crush and annihilate everything. In the eyes of everyone present, Chen Xi was like a rice straw within the black river, like a drifting leaf that floated erratically, and there was a chance he would be overturned and destroyed by the tidal waves at any moment.

He was in a critical situation!

“The King is formidable as expected! This level of ability is simply like the might to move mountains and boil seas! That kid is dead for sure!”

“Of course, the King has occupied Moonhowl Ridge for countless years. Did you see that fellow being able to harm a hair of the King? I knew the moment this kid appeared that it would surely be difficult for him to flee from the calamity of death this time!”

Within the area of 50km, all the demons endlessly exclaimed with admiration as they gazed at the battle in the sky. They were even more convinced that the human youth had no chance of turning the tides under the Tidal Dao Insight of the Roc King.

The uproarious sounds of discussion similarly entered into the center of the mountain.

The expression of Du Qingxi and the other went incomparably anxious, if it wasn’t for rescuing them, would Chen Xi have fallen into such a state?

He shouldn’t die!

“This fellow is actually going to lose? Truly too infuriating! If he knew it was going to be like this, then wouldn’t it have been better if he didn’t come? Giving others hope, yet disappointing in the end! Could it be that all men like to show off their courage and act rashly?” Murong Wei shrieked endlessly, her beautiful face already completely warped.

“It’s indeed disappointing. I thought he had the ability to turn the tide, but who knew that he couldn’t amount to much. Alas.” Cang Bin seconded Murong Wei as he sighed endlessly.

“What did you say?! Fucking say it again!” Duanmu Ze roared in rage, as he truly never imagined that such a shameless person existed in the world.

“Don’t waste your strength on them. What’s the point in getting angry with these types of unscrupulous and shameless fellows?” Song Lin said slowly.

Du Qingxi didn’t speak, but in her heart she seriously looked down upon Cang Bin and Murong Wei, and she couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with them.


“Something’s happening!”

Under the gazes of everyone, Chen Xi who was surrounded from all angles by the black colored tidal wave in the distant sky had suddenly stopped all movement, and he actually didn’t resist any longer!

“What’s this kid doing?” The Nine-tailed Fox King frowned, with the strength of his vision, he was naturally able to see that not only had Chen Xi abandoned all resistance, he had even closed his eyes.

The nearby Profound-vision Old Turtle King didn’t say anything and only locked his gaze tightly upon Chen Xi, and a trace of excitement was actually vaguely noticeable on his skinny face that was covered in wrinkles, seeming to be in anticipation and nervousness.


The Roc King in black robed appeared suddenly within the black colored tidal wave, and as he gazed at Chen Xi who was soon to be swallowed by his Tidal Dao Insight, his jade and shiny eyes lacked the delight from approaching victory, but instead had a trace of bewilderment.

It shouldn’t be like this. The battle intent of this kid is pure and firm, and his character is even tough and unyielding. How could he abandon all resistance? Suspicion grew wildly within the heart of the Roc King and he secretly shook his head endlessly. Could it be that I was mistaken earlier? This kid was actually putting up a show?


An enormous 330m tidal wave struck, sending Chen Xi flying over 100 meters away like an inconspicuous ant. His hair was disheveled and fresh blood flowed from his five orifices.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before Chen Xi’s body could even hit the ground, another few more tidal waves struck, striking him to the point the skin on his entire body was covered in wounds, and blood gushed out like a fountain, tainting his clothes completely. From afar, Chen Xi was like a man made of blood, and his appearance was extremely wretched.

But his eyes were still closed as before, and his expression was inexplicably calm, causing him to seem extremely strange.

“Something’s not right, there’s something strange with this fellow.” The Nine-tailed Fox King spoke in surprise. In his eyes, Chen Xi could be said to be in constant danger, on the brink of death, as if he might perish at any moment. But only after seeing it clearly did he notice to his surprise that there seemed to be a jet of shapeless viscous force around Chen Xi, and no matter how the tidal waves struck him from all directions, more than half of the force from them would be dispersed by this viscous force and not even 20% of its might struck Chen Xi’s body!


A trace of dense curiosity gushed out from the charming peached shaped eyes of the Nine-tailed Fox King.

It wasn’t that he’d never encountered young cultivators with peerless natural talent, but it was still a first for him to encounter one like Chen Xi. Moreover, the time since cultivating of Chen Xi seemed to be extremely short and Chen Xi’s age was extremely young, yet a little fellow like this was able to persist under the Tidal Dao Insight of the Roc King until now. Chen Xi was simply a freak to him.

“You’ve noticed as well?” The Old Turtle King’s gaze burned as his voice revealed a trace of unfathomableness, then he suddenly stretched his hand out to point at the distant sky as he shouted out loudly. “Look, quickly!”

In his hazy consciousness, Chen Xi dreamt of a sky filled with stars.

Within the clear night sky, a myriad of dazzling and resplendent stars hung in the sky, as they emitted chilly silver light. They followed a profound trajectory as they whirled around, dancing in the sky. A cool breeze whipped past the spacious grassland, and the fine and supple grass was like a wave as they flapped within the low howls of the wind.

At that time, his mind was pure and clear.

At that time, only the myriad of stars remained in his eyes, it was like an enormous hand used the heavens and earth as talisman paper and the stars as the talisman brush to paint out the mysterious and profound trajectory of the stars.

At this moment, he saw the numerous stars that studded the sky completely once again, and the ancient and vast sigh seemed to once again sound out by his ears.

The countless scenes of the past and the past dejection, unwillingness, hardships, ridicule, and wasted time of doing nothing had all transformed into ash. When faced with the myriad of stars, the numerous and complicated grudges of the mortal world and the past incidents that caused him to feel enraged and unwilling, seemed to be so insignificant and not worthy of mention.

His mind became completely peaceful, like a massive rock that remained towering and immovable even after experiencing 10,000 years of wind and rain.

His gaze once again returned to calm, like a vast lake without ripples.

My life was bumpy, full of grief and indignation; like winds that were both rapid and slow; like stars that were both bright and dim. The things in the world both comply and defy, and the feelings in life encompass both joy and sorrow. No matter what, I have to continue walking down the path of life; no matter how, I have to face it calmly. Like the wind, I must seek the freedom in my heart!

Whereas my freedom is…

In his mind, numerous scenes flashed into appearance once again — his grandfather’s gaze that held expectation, his mother’s affectionate repeated warning, the worship on his younger brother’s immature face, the sincere and firm dissuasion of Du Qingxi’s group of three…

All of you are my freedom!

At this moment, an indescribable profound aura poured into his entire body, and the soul within his sea of consciousness was advancing and transforming at an unbelievable speed!

As if he was being reborn in this hopeless situation.


A loud bang echoed out within his entire soul, as if it was the dawn of the world, and the scenes within the surrounding 500km were clearly reflected within his heart, like the demons that were concealed within their lairs, the roiling and surging nether river, the uneasy and anxious expressions of Du Qingxi’s group of three… Even to the extent that even the shape of a stone on the ground, the veins on a leaf, and the antennae of an ant were all clearly visible in the minutest detail. In addition to that was the winds of freedom that were everywhere!

Chen Xi opened his eyes. His gaze was clear without a shred of impurities, and his expression was neither joyous nor sorrowful, like an ancient Buddha that had comprehended karma in meditation, and his Dao Heart was completely unsoiled.

“Chen Xi, you’re too disappointing. Since it’s like this, then go to hell!” Right at this moment, accompanied by the explosive shout of the Roc King that was high pitched like a howl, the nether river in mid air suddenly started surging, like a black dragon who’d just awaken from its slumber and was swaying its colossal body that was continuous like a mountain ridge. It emitted a roar that was like muffled thunder as it surged towards Chen Xi that was tiny like an ant.

Like a dragon’s roar and seeming to possess the shape of a dragon, even the heavens and earth seemed to tremble and the sky seemed to be about to be torn into pieces. The turbulent flow of spirit energy were like blades that shot out with a bang. The rocks, plants, and river within an area of 50km were pulverized, and the demons that were located comparatively closed were even swept flying over 300m away before falling to the ground and ceaselessly spitting blood.

For a time, the sky and earth dimmed, as if it had fallen into the night that was like the end of the world.

The Roc King was going for the kill!

The same thought flashed past the minds of everyone present in unison, the thought that Chen Xi would probably lose his life under this strike…

“Wind, rise!” Right at this moment, a voice that was calm and indifferent resounded out. The voice started soft and became loud, and when it passed through the roiling black tidal wave, it was already like a resonant voice that resounded through within the entire heaven and earth.

A mere two words, yet seemed to possess a miraculous magical power to fly in the air for a long time. When heard, it was like listening to a strand of gentle wind whispering by the ear.


He still isn’t dead?

A good deal of the demons present were stunned in unison.

Right at this moment, they suddenly noticed that black dragon in midair that was formed from the surging nether river seemed as if it was bound on the spot by someone. It stopped in midair, not raging with waves nor emitting any sounds of surging tidewater, and it lost the terrifying strength that made other’s hearts palpitate with fear… Even to the extent that there wasn’t a single movement from it in the slightest!


As if it was grasped by a shapeless enormous hand, as if it was frozen by cold and fierce winds and snow, and the scene was extremely bizarre.


It was like the heavens and earth were roaring, violent winds raged within an area of 5,000km, surging as they gathered towards there like sharks that had smelt blood. The violent and explosive sound seemed as if it desired to shatter the eardrums, and was extremely astonishing.

There were even some demon-kind with slightly inferior strengths that were directly knocked out by this sound.

What’s going on?

Why is it like this?

Whereas in the distance, the Profound-vision Old Turtle King suddenly laughed soundlessly as a wisp of realization gushed out from deep within his eyes, and he muttered excitedly. “Hauled into the nine layers of hell to become a dragon… It’s really him… It’s really him!”

“Sword, descend!” The calm and indifferent voice sounded out once again. Then, everyone saw that Chen Xi whose hair was disheveled and entire body dripping with blood stepped onto the motionless nether river as he rose into the sky, and the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand slashed down.

A scene that was bound to be forever imprinted into the hearts of every demon appeared.

Along with Chen Xi’s sword slashing down, the gales in the heaven and earth swiftly transformed into an incorporeal wind sword that was an entire 33km long. Under a wave of droning that was like clear cries, numerous circles of ripples formed from the strong vibrations caused by the friction in the air spread out, seeming as if the heavens and the earth were in resonance because of the incorporeal wind sword. Whereas under this resonance, the incorporeal wind sword abruptly vanished, as if it had teleported.

Kacha! Kacha!

The nether river that was windy and rose and fell like a mountain ridge was chopped into two, then like shattered glazed glass, it transformed into a myriad of tiny water droplets which were instantly evaporated by the vibration in the air before they could even fall to the ground.


The momentum of the incorporeal wind sword didn’t reduce in the slightest as it slashed onto the ground, and it left behind a terrifying and bottomless enormous ravine that was almost 33km long, whereas the hills, rivers, rocks, and plants within were all crushed into powder.

The might of a single slash was fierce and swift to this extent!

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