Chapter 819 – Blasted To Death With A Single Strike

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was stunned on the spot.

Because at this moment, they’d already discerned that Yao Luwei obviously had the intention of siding with Chen Xi when she joined this bet, and it was obvious from the fact that she didn’t take the Immortal Artifacts Chen Xi had bet with.

So his actions of not knowing how to show gratitude and persisting on pursuing a so-called fair bet was slightly unreasonable.

Unfortunately, everyone had overlooked something — From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t sought Yao Luwei’s help at all.

Or perhaps, they felt subconsciously that no matter how formidable Chen Xi was, he was probably incapable of surpassing Yao Luwei, so they had such an understanding of the situation.

“Right!” Wen Tianxiao cried out abruptly. “This kid hasn’t undergone the test, so how can we possibly evaluate the outcome now?”

As he spoke, he looked at Chen Xi with an excited expression and roared with laughter. “Kid, I didn’t notice that you’re an upright and aboveboard person. Merely based on this, even if I fucking lose, I’m willing to make friends with you!”

“You’ve already lost.” Yao Luwei frowned as she spoke. She was stunned as well when she heard what Chen Xi said earlier, and a trace of an uncomfortable feeling gushed out from her heart. But she quickly restrained these feelings of hers.

At this moment, her clear eyes swept out to descend onto Wen Tianxiao, and she said indifferently, “Regardless of what the outcome of that Young Master’s test is, you don’t have the chance to turn around the situation any longer, right?”

Wen Tianxiao’s face sank. “Even then, I’m still willing!”

“Young Master, since you said that, then please enter the battlefield to undergo the test.” Yao Luwei smiled indifferently, and she paid no further attention to Wen Tianxiao as she looked at Chen Xi instead.

Her voice was calm and didn’t carry the slightest feelings. But when it entered into the ears of everyone present here, they sensed that she seemed to be slightly displeased with Chen Xi’s attitude, and she was blaming Chen Xi for not knowing what was good for him.

“Alas, this fellow is simply a blockhead. Isn’t this like going to another’s doorstep to send Immortal Artifacts over?”

“Unless he’s able to annihilate three or more extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes, otherwise it makes no difference. But is that even possible?”

“Oh, perhaps he really possesses this ability. Let’s just wait and see.”

Everyone whispered in discussion, and most of them didn’t look favorably upon Chen Xi. But a portion of the people felt that perhaps Chen Xi would really be able to create an outcome that exceeded their expectations, and they were able to sense a slight inkling of this from his ability to casually withdraw four Immortal Artifacts.

Chen Xi was indifferent towards all of this, and he directly entered the battlefield before he cupped his hands to the middle aged representative and said, “May I ask Senior exactly how many extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes are present within that cave?”

Everyone was stunned. What does he mean by this?

The middle aged representative was stunned, and then he pondered briefly and said, “There are two more left. If you want to challenge even more, than I can send people to go capture more, but it will take some time.”

Everyone knew that he was speaking the truth because no matter if it was magic treasures, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, or certain grade of Cosmos Beasts, everything in the world that carried the word ‘extreme’ would usually mean that it was rare and difficult to obtain.

Just like this extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape. There might not even be one amongst over 10,000 Bloodhorn Devilapes, so it’s naturally extremely difficult to capture them.

But everyone wasn’t interested with this. What they were interested with was whether this fellow had asked this because he wanted to challenge even more extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes.

Even Wen Tianxiao and Yao Luwei were stunned, and they seemed to have never imagined that this young man who seemed to keep a low profile would actually be even more arrogant than them in his bones!

“Forget it, I’ll just make do with two.” Chen Xi pondered briefly and decided.

He didn’t think there was anything wrong with these words he spoke, but when it entered the ears of everyone present here, it caused them to be stirred. Isn’t he too arrogant?

What’s the meaning of ‘forget it?’

What’s the meaning of ‘I’ll make do with two?’

Could it be that he thinks that two extreme Bloodhorn Devilapes are only passable and unable to satisfy his requirements?


Truly too arrogant!

At this instant, everyone had the feeling as if they’d finally seen the true face of this kid, and his arrogance aroused great dislike in their hearts!


The middle aged representative waved his hand, causing two extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes to roar as they charged out, and they were like two pitch black bolts of lightning that clawed at Chen Xi as soon as they appeared.

The battle began!

Instantly, the attention of everyone was drawn over, and all of them wanted to see exactly how formidable was the strength of this fellow that seemed to keep a low profile yet was actually arrogant.

“Die!” At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi moved like a dragon that had left its lair, and he didn’t use a single magic treasure as he directly stretched out his hand and slashed down. He seemed as if he controlled the world and could move the sun and moon, and his imposing aura instantly rumbled as it rose explosively to the limit.

In an instant, everyone seemed to have seemed a god soar into the world in their daze, and this god was majestic and powerful as he overbearingly took control of the world!


Most horrifying of it all was the might of a mere bare handed slash had actually cut the extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape into two!


Everyone gasped while their limbs went cold and their scalps went numb. They almost thought they were seeing things.

The figures of Wen Tianxiao and Yao Luwei froze while their pupils constricted with disbelief.

Even the middle aged representative at the side of the battlefield couldn’t restrain the corners of his mouth from twitching, and his emotionless face was finally moved and revealed a horrified expression.


Before they could recover from their shock, Chen Xi’s figure flashed in midair, and his right leg was like an iron whip that ploughed through the sky as it smashed fiercely onto the other Bloodhorn Devilape and emitted an explosive bang that shook the sky.

After that, the entire body of the Bloodhorn Devilape shattered with a bang like it was made of paper, and scarlet red blood poured down like a rainstorm and dyed the ground red.

With a single whip of his leg, he’d blasted another extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape to death!

Everyone was instantly petrified while they seemed as if they’d seen a ghost because he was too heaven defying!

Who would have dared to believe just moments ago that this fellow would actually really be able to kill two extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes?

Who could have imagined that he’d annihilated his two opponents in two swift strikes?

After all, those were ferocious and violent Cosmos Beasts that were equivalent to 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators and possessed great endurance. It could be considered to be normal if an Earthly Immortal Realm expert had achieved this, but it seemed to be too shocking when it was done by a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm!

Wen Tianxiao gaped and was stunned speechless, whereas Yao Luwei’s mind shook, and she was unable to calm down for a long time. Even the middle aged representative was dazed, and it was the first time he’d forgotten to announce the outcome since the tests began…

At this moment, the atmosphere was perfectly silent.

An unprecedented impact shook the hearts of everyone like a tempestuous storm, and it caused them to feel that those weren’t two extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes but two weak and fragile ants.

Chen Xi paid no attention to all this, and he was slightly displeased in his heart because if it was his main body that fought this battle, he would be entirely capable of killing these two Bloodhorn Devilapes with one strike…

If the others knew what he was thinking at this moment, they would surely be angered to the point of spitting blood. How would his peers continue living if he were to continue being like this? Even if an Earthly Immortal Realm expert saw this scene, the expert would probably be embarrassed to the point of covering his face and leaving, right?

“Pass!” After a short moment, the middle aged representative took a deep breath and announced the outcome.

Everyone seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream, and their gazes shot at Chen Xi in unison. They had complicated expressions on their faces, and there was no doubt or sneers left on their faces while only reverence and shock remained.

“You’ve won!” Wen Tianxiao breathed rapidly for some time before calming his mood in the end, and then he said, “I admit defeat. These four Immortal Artifacts belong to you!” As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve and made the four Immortal Artifacts fly over towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi had indeed won. Even though he’d only killed two extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes like Yao Luwei, but she’d fought a long and fierce battle before succeeding, whereas he’d ended the battle in an instant. The superior party was within plain view.

When they saw Chen Xi was about to instantly obtain so many Immortal Artifacts, everyone felt a wave of envy because obtaining Immortal Artifacts like this was simply too easy, and it was similar to casually picking it up from the ground.

“Miss Yao, I similarly don’t want the Immortal Artifacts you bet with.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi said indifferently, “As for you, Young Master, just casually select two of them and give them to me.”

This wasn’t him showing mercy, but he was very well aware that once he really took these four Immortal Artifacts, then perhaps Wen Tianxiao would be helpless against him, however, the power behind Wen Tianxiao would absolutely not let the matter go.

After all, these were true Immortal Artifacts, and it was even four. Such a loss was sufficient to shake the foundation of any power.

Of course, perhaps Wen Tianxiao came from an extraordinary power that didn’t lack Immortal Artifacts, but not everyone would be able to swallow the grievance they felt from losing four Immortal Artifacts because of a bet.

This principle was similarly suitable to be applied on Yao Luwei. Moreover, she had indeed displayed the appearance of intending to assist him, so it wasn’t suitable to take the Immortal Artifacts from her.

In short, Chen Xi acted in this way because he was avoiding some unnecessary trouble. Sometimes, Immortal treasures were difficult to obtain, but there were times that they were extremely troublesome. He already had enough troubles, so he didn’t hope to be swept into unnecessary disputes.

Wen Tianxiao was stunned when he heard this, and he felt slight disbelief.

It wasn’t just him, even Yao Luwei and the others in the surroundings slightly didn’t believe that Chen Xi would actually refuse such a pie that fell from the sky.

Only a small portion of people faintly guessed Chen Xi’s thoughts, and they sighed with emotion in their hearts. This fellow wasn’t arrogant, he clearly possesses great ability, and that was why he dared to be so fearless, whereas this assertiveness to make such a calm decision at this moment isn’t something that anyone can achieve.

After all, there were simply too many fellows that were blinded by wealth.

“Alright! Chen Xi, I’m making friends with you for sure! I, Wen Tianxiao, don’t have any other ability. But so long as you call, then I won’t frown no matter the danger and difficulty!” Wen Tianxiao took a deep breath and spoke in a serious manner.

The hearts of everyone shook when they heard this, and they felt both jealousy and envy. After all, the sect that stood behind this fellow, Wen Tianxiao, was a top extraordinary power in the Woodheart World, and his Ancestor was even a great figure in the Immortal Dimension!

The value of these words he spoke wasn’t something that could compare with a mere two Immortal Artifacts!

One day later.

“Chen Xi, Yao Luwei, Wen Tianxiao, you three are ranked in the top three of the tests this time. According to the rules of the Ninth Rank Hall, your starting points in the Talisman Dimension will be Golden Mulberry Village!” The middle aged representative announced the outcome with an expressionless face, and then he waved his hand. “Guards, take them into the teleportation formation. Set out right away!”

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