Chapter 818 – I Won’t Fucking Accept This

An extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape was an existence capable of annihilating an expert at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

At the same time, it was the strongest Cosmos Beast amongst those that were provided for the test this time.

Everyone was extremely shocked when they heard Wen Tianxiao wanted to challenge such a beast. After all, since the test began until now, the most formidable participant had only annihilated a high grade Bloodhorn Devilape, and there wasn’t a single person that challenged an extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape.

Wen Tianxiao couldn’t help but feel complacent when he saw everyone was shocked by him, and he glanced provocatively at Chen Xi as if he was saying ‘Kid, take a fucking good look!’

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged and seemed to be carefree.

Wen Tianxiao couldn’t help but roar with arrogant laughter when he saw Chen Xi acting in this way.

The middle aged representative waved his hand with the intention of letting an extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape out. But right at this moment, a voice that was pleasing to the ear resounded out. “Wait.”

A graceful figure walked out from the crowd. She possessed bright eyes, white teeth, and a peerlessly beautiful appearance, and she caused the crowd to be stirred as soon as she made an appearance.

Obviously, they’d recognized this young woman.

On the other hand, Chen Xi noticed that she was precisely the young woman with a cultivation at the Exalted Rank of the Nether Transformation Realm that he’d noticed earlier.

“Yao Luwei!” Wen Tianxiao was stunned, and then he said with displeasure, “What? You want to disturb this Young Master’s bet?”

The young woman called Yao Luwei shook her head and said, “Since it’s a bet, then I want to join in as well. I wonder if Brother Wen dared to agree to this?”

She asked if he dared, and not if he was willing, whereas her tone seemed to be calm, yet was a type of provocation instead.

Sure enough, Wen Tianxiao suddenly roared with laughter. “I heard a long time ago that the Spirit Pond World’s Yao Luwei was called the number one outstanding young woman in the world and acts like a heroine. Now it would seem like you really are bold. But you’re far from capable of being able to compete with this Young Master, so I advise you not to interfere.”

Yao Luwei had a composed expression and asked once more. “Let me ask you again, do you dare or not?”

Wen Tianxiao’s face sank instantaneously. He glanced at Yao Luwei before glancing at Chen Xi, and then he couldn’t help but sneer. “What? You really want to stand up for that kid?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone else reacted to the meaning behind it. Right, Yao Luwei wouldn’t have come out to cause a disturbance at this moment because she’s companions with that young man, right?

Chen Xi was extremely surprised. After all, he hadn’t heard of the Spirit Pond World before arriving here, let along become acquainted with this young woman before him called Yao Luwei.

Why did she act in this way? Could it be that she really can’t continue watching and is standing up for me out of righteousness?

Chen Xi shook his head and stopped thinking any further.

When facing Wen Tianxiao’s question, Yao Luwei just smiled lightly and gave no definite answer.

The middle aged representative frowned when he saw this, and then he said coldly, “I’ll cancel both your qualifications to take the test if you continue delaying!”

As a member of the Ninth Rank Hall, he naturally possessed the confidence to speak these words, and he utterly didn’t care how extraordinary their origins were. Since they’d come to the Talisman Dimension, everything would be done according to the rules of the Talisman Dimension!

“Alright! I hope you’ll be able to take out four Immortal Artifacts when you lose!” Wen Tianxiao glared fiercely at Yao Luwei and was rather depressed in his heart because he felt that no one took him seriously after he entered the Talisman Dimension…


The middle aged representative waved his hand, causing an enormous black shadow to flash out abruptly from the pitch black door.

Its figure was an entire 9m tall and almost two times more enormous than an ordinary Bloodhorn Devilape. The scales on its entire body were suffused with a dazzling golden sheen, and it seemed like it was formed from layers of sharp blades.

As soon as it appeared, it howled towards the sky while an extremely violent and ferocious aura rumbled out from it, and its imposing aura was so terrifying that it shook the surrounding space to the point of fluctuating violently.

This was an extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape. Once it went on a rampage, it was capable of tearing apart all Nether Transformation Realm cultivators and annihilating 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators!

“Roar my ass! Just fucking die right now!” Wen Tianxiao glared while he emanated a monstrous and arrogant aura, and he vented his bellyful of rage onto this Cosmos Beast. His figure flashed as he withdrew a silver Immortal Sword, and then struck it towards the Bloodhorn Devilape.


The Immortal Sword in his hand was called the Bright Nine Profundity Immortal Sword, and it was a true Immortal Artifact. As soon as it struck out, Immortal Energy shot out like a rainbow while sword qi surged like a bolt of lightning before cutting out a bloody scar on his opponent.

“Azurewood River Lockdown, hinder all evil!” Wen Tianxiao howled once more while his sword qi was like a mist that enveloped a river as it surged out, and he instantly entered into fierce combat with the Bloodhorn Devilape.

One had to admit that even though Wen Tianxiao was arrogant to the extreme, his strength was indisputably formidable. Coupled with the Immortal Artifact in his possession, he already possessed the ability to surmount a realm to slaughter his enemies, so he caused the Bloodhorn Devilape to bleed without end and start howling miserably.

In the Dark Reverie, such a figure was capable of being considered as a peerless and monstrous genius, and he was more than a little bit stronger than the top disciple of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, Lu Ping.


After a short moment, his sharp Immortal Sword penetrated the skull of the ape and killed it on the spot, causing a rain of blood to spray out while its enormous figure rumbled to the ground.

“Pass!” The nearby middle aged representative’s expression remained expressionless, and he announced the outcome as usual.

Wen Tianxiao was slightly disappointed about being unable to annihilate it with a single strike, and it caused him to be slightly displeased. But right after that, he felt slightly complacent. After all, his were the best results since the tests had begun, and no one was capable of reaching it.

“Who amongst the two of you will go first!” He glared at Chen Xi and Yao Luwei as he spoke in a fierce manner.

“Me.” Before Chen Xi could react, Yao Luwei had seized the opportunity to answer Wen Tianxiao, and as she spoke, she’s already leaped into the battlefield and said to the middle aged representative, “Two extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes.” 

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was exceedingly shocked because this was equivalent to a battle against two 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm experts at the same time. So how many people in all the worlds were capable of achieving this?

At this moment, no one blamed her for participating in the test before her turn arrived.

Wen Tianxiao was stunned as well, and then he frowned as he said, “What? You don’t even want your life for the sake of winning the bet against me?”

Yao Luwei said calmly, “A single sentence revealed your incompetence. Since you’re incapable, it doesn’t mean that others are as well, right?”

“Hmph! I, Wen Tianxiao, hate sharp tongued women the most. I won’t stop you if you want to die.” Wen Tianxiao glared fiercely at Yao Luwei before turning and leaving.

“Are you sure you want to go against two?” The middle aged representative asked.

He’d encountered situations where a single person challenged two Cosmos Beasts, but it was the first time he’d encountered someone challenging two extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes at the same time like Yao Luwei. So he had to carefully confirm it.

Yao Luwei nodded. 


A curved blade appeared in both of her hands. They were in the shape of crescents and suffused with a gloomy and icy cold bloody sheen. As soon as they appeared, they were like two blood moons that had risen in the sky, and they were suffused with a terrifying killing intent.

“The Twin Moon Soulslaughter Blades!”

“This is a pair of Immortal Artifacts that possesses a might far more formidable than an ordinary Immortal Artifact!”

“My god! Why do all the young people possess Immortal Artifacts nowadays? My Ancestor still only possesses a single Immortal Artifact up until now, and he treasures it to the extreme. He wouldn’t even utilize it unless it was a moment of life and death…”

Everyone exclaimed with shock. Earlier, all of them had been fiercely shocked when Chen Xi and Wei Tianxiao withdrew four Immortal Artifacts respectively. Now, when they saw Yao Luwei utilize a pair of Immortal Artifacts as soon as she made a move, it caused their minds to be slightly dizzy.

Even the middle aged representative seemed to be expressionless, but he was extremely shocked in his heart as well. He felt the young men and women that had come to the Talisman Dimension this time were much more ferocious than before, and an inkling of this could be noticed just from the Immortal Artifacts they possessed.

Even though he was shocked in his heart, he didn’t forget his duty, and he waved his hand and released two extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Yao Luwei suddenly made a move. Her blades emanated a myriad of strands of misty and ethereal blade qi that were like moonlight, and they were interwoven together, covered the sky, and were peerlessly dazzling. Her figure was elegant as she fluttered like a butterfly, and she was like a celestial maiden that had strolled out from the palace on the moon and moved according to a profound movement technique as she fought the two apes fiercely.

This battle was beautiful and bloody to the extreme, and it caused everyone to hold their breaths in concentration and practically forget where they were as they watched.

She was too formidable!Who would have imagined that a young woman would actually be able to equally match two Cosmos Beasts that were equivalent to the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in cultivation?

Actually, she was much stronger than Wen Tianxiao just from this alone.

But since the curtains to the battle hadn’t been drawn and the outcome hadn’t been decided, everyone didn’t dare conclude whether Yao Luwei would be able to kill her two opponents. On the other hand, not only would she lose the bet if she lost, she would even lose her life!

At this moment, Wen Tianxiao’s expression became slightly heavy while his heart thumped, and he wished for nothing more than for Yao Luwei to die right now.

However, along with the passage of time, Yao Luwei grew bolder as the battle unfolded, and she actually started to gradually suppress her opponents!

Instantly, Wen Tianxiao’s expression turned slightly pale because once he lost, he would lose four Immortal Artifacts! These Immortal Artifacts were what he relied on after arriving in the Talisman Dimension.

Moreover, if it wasn’t for the sake of allowing him to train himself properly in the Talisman Dimension and gain great accomplishments, the sect would absolutely not hand four Immortal Artifacts over to him to protect himself…

Could it be that this evil bitch knew I fucking like to gamble, and so she intentionally acted in this way? Wen Tianxiao gritted his teeth while he stared fixedly at the battle, and he felt an unprecedentedly strong hope for Yao Luwei to die as soon as possible.

Pu! Pu!

However, the scene that occurred next caused him to instantly fall into despair. Those two extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilapes actually have their heads chopped off with two strikes, and they perished on the spot!

“How could this be possible!?” Wen Tianxiao’s eyeballs almost fell out from their sockets, and he was slightly shocked out of his wits.

Everyone present went into an uproar, and they were extremely shocked. She actually really accomplished it!

The only person with a composed expression amongst everyone present was Chen Xi. He’d discerned since the beginning of the battle that Yao Luwei’s ability combined with the formidable Immortal Artifacts in her possession would absolutely be sufficient to attain victory.

“Young Master Wen, I’m sorry. I’ve disappointed you. Why don’t you hand over the Immortal Artifacts you bet?” Yao Luwei smiled at Wen Tianxiao after she left the battlefield, and she raised her eyes to sweep Chen Xi with her gaze as she spoke. “Young Master over there, if it wasn’t for you, it would be impossible for this bet to be carried out, so I won’t take the Immortal Artifacts you bet.”

“Both of you planned this! You intentionally joined forces to trick me! This is unfair! I’m not acting shamelessly, but I refuse to accept this!” Wen Tianxiao couldn’t help but shout loudly and gnashed his teeth when he heard this, and he was extremely infuriated.

“But the facts prove that I’ve indeed won this bet.” Yao Luwei spoke with a light smile, and her expression was carefree and composed.

“Since it’s a bet, then it wouldn’t be too late to pass judgment after I’ve taken the test because it’ll be fair to everyone in this way.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi who’d maintained silence since the beginning spoke abruptly.

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