Chapter 817 – Four Immortal Artifacts

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle aged representative raised his hand and gestured.


The pitch black door was opened and a devilish shadow that 1.5 times the height of a man leaped out from within, and it caused the ground to quake upon its descent.

This was a savage variant beast that was like a violent ape. Its entire body was completely pitch black, and its skin seemed as if it was made from steel and was covered in sharp scales. It possessed fangs within its wide mouth, claws that were like hooks, a pair of scarlet red eyes, and it emitted a ferocious, violent, and bloodthirsty aura.


Its movements were extremely swift, ferocious, and violent, and it was swift like a bolt of sharp lightning. As soon as it appeared, it howled and roared and intended to charge into the crowd, but it was suppressed with a palm strike of the middle aged representative, causing it to be smashed onto the ground with a bang and not dare make any further rash movements.


Everyone gasped as they were naturally able to clearly sense how terrifying and formidable this variant beast was.

“Bloodhorn Devilape!”

“I heard this Bloodhorn Devilape is the most massive existence amongst the Cosmos Beasts, and it possesses boundless physical strength and moves swiftly like a bolt of lightning. It possesses great endurance, its skin is almost impossible to penetrate with blades, and it possesses physical strength that’s an entire three to five times more formidable than a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, so it’s extremely difficult to defeat.”

“The condition of the test is to slaughter a Bloodhorn Devilape?”

Chen Xi gradually felt confident in his heart as he listened to the discussions of these powerful disciples.

“Exactly. The condition for all of you to pass the test is to slaughter a Bloodhorn Devilape! But I have to tell all of you that this is merely the weakest Bloodhorn Devilape!” The middle aged representative spoke with a deep voice. “If all of you want to select a good village to be your starting points, then I’ll prepare an even more formidable Bloodhorn Devilape for you.”

According to what the middle aged man said, the strengths of these Bloodhorn Devilapes were divided into low, mid, high, and extreme grades.

The strength of this Bloodhorn Devilape before them was the most ordinary, and it was a low grade existence that was roughly equivalent to an ordinary cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, whereas a mid grade and high grade Bloodhorn Devilape respectively corresponded to a first-rate and peak expert in the Nether Transformation Realm.

An extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape was the rarest and most terrifying. It was a king amongst Bloodhorn Devilapes, and it was equivalent to an Exalted Rank cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm.

Because the Bloodhorn Devilape had great endurance, its physical strength was a few times more than  a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, causing it to be even more terrifying, and an extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape was even capable of annihilating an existence at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

“Remember, no one will save you if you encounter danger during the test, so please select the strength of your opponent carefully, and don’t play with your lives!” The middle aged representative instructed once more before starting the test. “The first, Hua Feihong from Sixfuse World!”


A black clothed young man replied and cupped his fists as he said, “I choose a mid grade Bloodhorn Devilape!”

The middle aged representative had an emotionless face as he crushed the Bloodhorn Devilape beneath his hand, and then he waved his hand, causing another Bloodhorn Devilape to charge out explosively from within the pitch black door.

But this one was even more formidable, and its imposing aura was even more ferocious. The scales that covered its entire body were suffused with a bloody sheen, and it was like a puppet of slaughter that lacked a consciousness.


As soon as this Bloodhorn Devilape appeared, it directly transformed into a black shadow as its fingers clawed down at Hua Feihong.


Hua Feihong seemed to have never expected that the battle would begin so quickly, and he seemed to have been deterred by the ferocious and violent aura from the Bloodhorn Devilape, causing his actions to be slightly slow. As he dodged, the magic treasure shoulder guard he wore was instantly crushed while five long bloody marks appeared there, and if it wasn’t for him dodging swiftly, even his head might have been crushed by this claw.

The eyes of many people present here focused when they saw this mid grade Devilape was actually so formidable and ferocious, and they revealed slightly heavy expressions.

Even Chen Xi was slightly surprised because this Bloodhorn Devilape was really extraordinary. Even though its strength was comparable to a first-rate Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, its battle style was resolute, ferocious, and ruthless, so even a first-rate Nether Transformation Realm cultivator might not be able to resist it.

Instantly, the Bloodhorn Devilape chased up to Hua Feihong and fought him violently at the center of the battlefield. Every single move it made was ruthless, striking the stomach, heart, and head, causing it to be extremely horrifying.

The surroundings of the battlefield were defended by a grand formation, so there was no need to worry that the Bloodhorn Devilape would charge out during the battle. But the person that was participating in the test was similarly unable to escape or admit defeat, so the person could only kill or be killed.

This fellow is doomed… Chen Xi discerned with a glance that Hua Feihong had the initiative stolen from him yet didn’t grit his teeth and charge forward in the face of attacks but chose to dodge constantly instead, so he was already bound to lose.


Sure enough, just when this thought had flashed within Chen Xi’s mind, Hua Feihong’s head was directly crushed apart, causing blood and brain matter to spray out. His body was still struggling, yet it was munched down into the stomach of the Bloodhorn Devilape while strands of scarlet red blood seeped out from its mouth, causing it to be an exceedingly horrifying scene.

Many people couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty when they saw this extremely bloody scene, and their footsteps seemed to shrink back slightly. Some women were even terrified to the point their beautiful faces turned pale.

With that living example, many people in the subsequent tests chose the most ordinary low grade Bloodhorn Devilape to undergo the test with.

Such a bloody and horrifying scene didn’t occur in the following tests. But Chen Xi was slightly bored from watching this because such battles were simply like children playing games to him now, and it didn’t arouse the slightest interest from him.

While he waited for his turn to be tested, a young man on Chen Xi’s left glanced at him before suddenly whistling frivolously, and then he said, “Hey, kid! Why aren’t you watching the battles? Are you afraid? Why is a pussy like you coming to participate in this test? Watch out or your balls might be crushed, and you won’t be able to play with girls anymore in the future.”

This was provocation.

Chen Xi glanced at him and said indifferently, “It’s really a miracle you were able to survive until now with this observational power of yours. If you want to maintain this miracle, then you better not annoy me.”

The young man instantly laughed in an exaggerated manner and said, “Oh, how terrifying! Do you know who I am? Yet you dare speak like this?”

“No matter who you are, it can’t help you once you enter the test area, right?” Chen Xi replied with a question.

The young man was instantly stunned, and then he said furiously, “How arrogant! Kid, I won’t fucking rely on my background to play tricks in this test. Since I can’t bear to see the sight of you, I naturally have to win in a clean and beautiful manner!”

“Win against me? You really aren’t capable.” Chen Xi started laughing and spoke in a carefree tone, and his attitude was even more hurtful than disregarding someone.

The young man’s face darkened instantaneously. “Do you dare to have a bet with me?”

Before Chen Xi could speak, he stretched out his hand and withdrew an azure colored necklace and arrived before Chen Xi, and then he swung it as he said, “We’ll bet on the outcome of the test this time! If I lose, then this Azuresky Treasureheart Necklace is yours!”

The necklace was fine and long, and it was suffused with a golden and cold azure color. A duramen hang at the end of the necklace, and it was verdant, flowed with a hazy Immortal glow, and emanated a holy, pure, and vast aura.

Chen Xi noticed with a single glance that this necklace of the young man was probably a true Immortal Artifact!

He couldn’t help but ask with surprise. “How is this treasure used?” His tone seemed as if he’d already taken this treasure to be his.

The young man was infuriated, and he started laughing out of extreme rage. “It wouldn’t be late to tell you once I defeat you!”

“He’s probably a disciple from the Woodheart World’s imperial sect, the Azurewood Dao Sect!”  Someone spoke in a low voice that carried a trace of shock and bewilderment.

The conversation between Chen Xi and this young man drew the attention of everyone nearby. Especially when the young man took out the Azuresky Treasureheart Necklace, it even drew a great deal of people to fix their gazes over here.

The young man’s spirits were refreshed when he saw the others had recognized his identity, and he raised his chin while glancing at Chen Xi in an arrogant manner. “How about it? Will you bet or not?”

“What are the rules?” Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he asked with an indifferent tone.

The young man laughed coldly. “It’s very simple. The person that kills a Bloodhorn Devilape with the highest grade wins!”

“Oh.” Chen Xi said while seeming to be lost in thought, “Then what if the Bloodhorn Devilape we kill is of the same grade?”

The young man felt even more at ease when Chen Xi inquired to such a detailed extent, and he said with an unruly expression, “Then I’ll consider it as your win!”

“Alright!” Chen Xi nodded and said, “But the wager is too small. Why don’t we make it bigger? Right, how many Immortal Artifacts do you have in your possession?” 

The young man was stunned, and he said with annoyance, “Kid, you’re being too arrogant! I have a total of four fucking Immortal Artifacts in my possession, take out four as well if you have the balls, and I’ll use all of them to have a bet with you!”


Chen Xi didn’t speak but replied in action. He stretched out his hand, causing four Immortal Swords to flash out and circle around his palm, and they emanated strands of fierce Immortal Energy.

These were some of the spoils he’d obtained from killing Elder Yun Zhu and the other 13 Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the Heavenflow Dao Sect in the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain. He’d obtained a total of five Immortal Swords, eight Immortal Artifact rank sword drawings that combined into the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation, a Buddhist Treasure Immortal Artifact, Taia Nine Spiral Bell, and various other treasures. They formed an enormous amount that Chen Xi had thrown into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

The young man was stunned once more, and he stared at the four Immortal Swords while slightly not daring to believe that these were produced by Chen Xi.

It wasn’t just him, even the attention of the other cultivators nearby was drawn by this, and they stared their eyes wide open while revealing astounded expressions.

“What, are you a pussy now?” Chen Xi asked with an indifferent tone.

The young man almost fainted from anger, and he shouted loudly. “Alright! I’ll fucking go big with you!”

As he spoke, he took out another three more Immortal Artifacts, they were respectively a folding fan made of green wood, an Immortal Sword suffused with a silver radiance, and a pair of pitch black and soft gloves.

“The Azureheart Soul Annihilation Fan, the Bright Nine Profundity Immortal Sword, and the Blacklight Devil Suppression Gloves… It really is him. The number one profligate disciple of the Woodheart World’s Azurewood Dao Sect, Wen Tianxiao!”

“Exactly, it’s him. Supposedly, his Ancestor is a great figure in the Immortal Dimension, and he was spoiled since a young age, causing him to become overbearing and arrogant. But even though he’s a profligate disciple, he dares to act and bear the responsibility of his actions, and his cultivation is extremely terrifying as well. His Ancestor had once cleansed his body with a supreme ability, and his combat strength is supposedly at the Exalted Rank of the Nether Transformation Realm.”

Some people recognized the identity of the young man, and they discussed animatedly while exclaiming endlessly with shock. This was a renowned figure from the Woodheart World, and he possessed shocking strength and background, so it was no wonder that he was capable of producing four Immortal Artifacts.

The young man laughed proudly when he heard these discussions, and he didn’t speak anymore and just grunted coldly before silently waiting for his test to begin.

“Next, Woodheart World’s Wen Tianxiao!” After a short moment, the middle aged representative spoke with a deep voice.


Instantly, the gazes of everyone converged onto the young man, and he seemed to have been waiting impatiently since a long time ago, so he flashed out into the battlefield and pointed out a single finger in a very arrogant manner. “Give me an extreme grade Bloodhorn Devilape!” 

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