Chapter 815 – Virtue Plate

According to what Liang Bing said, a Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact was capable of attaining the terrifying speed of moving a lightyear in an instant!

Under this speed, this Cosmos Beast was actually able to obstruct their path, it was obvious how terrifying its strength was.


But before Chen Xi could sigh with emotion or feel shocked, a flexible, long, and thin pitch black whip appeared within Liang Bing’s slender and white hand, and it struck out like a black colored bolt of lightning that shattered the space before it and emitted an extremely ear piercing howl.


In the next moment, the Cosmos Beast that was like a 3km tall enormous mountain charge at them was directly whipped flying, and its flesh burst apart into countless pieces. It didn’t even have the time to let out a shrill cry before it was completely annihilated.

The might of a single whip was actually so terrifying! 

Chen Xi couldn’t help but gasp as he stared blankly at this young woman that was filled with the formidable bearing of a queen, and he didn’t dare believe that this was something she was capable of.

Because this scene was too shocking. According to his estimation, the strength of that Cosmos Beast was at least around the Heavenly Immortal Realm, but it was like paper before Liang Bing and another to withstand a single strike. So exactly how terrifying would her strength be?

Liang Bing’s expression was still icy cold as before when being stared at by Chen Xi like this, and her white and slender fingers lightly stroked the thin and black whip in her palm as if she’d done something that couldn’t be anymore easier.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that the whip in Liang Bing’s hand wasn’t ordinary. It was thick like a thumb, pitch black and lusterless, and its surface was densely covered with a string of strange patterns that were dense like the patterns on flower and it emanated a horrifying aura.

It was like being stared at by a venomous snake that intended to swallow one up!

“That’s one of the types of Cosmos Beasts, and it’s called a Shala Vile Beast. Its strength is sufficient to kill a Heavenly Immortal. Of course, a beast like this is only capable of patrolling around the Talisman Dimension but is incapable of entering,” said Liang Bing.

Shala Vile Beast? Kill a Heavenly Immortal!?

At this moment, Chen Xi was completely stunned, whereas the terrifying strength Liang Bing revealed caused him to not dare underestimate this gorgeous and icy cold young woman with an imposing aura.



The Talisman Dimension’s sky was clear like the color of glass, and it was clean and translucent.

This was a rather prosperous city called Leaping Tiger that was filled with people coming and going. Countless cultivators moved on magic treasures or in streaks as they hurried over from all directions with the intention of entering the city.

Because there were too many people, they had no choice but to line up outside the city.

A variety of mounts and magic treasures started to circle in the sky. Some extraordinarily luxurious treasured vessels had insignias of various shapes and sizes carved upon them, and it was the symbol of monstrous authority and enormous wealth.

The locals of Talisman Dimension only accounted for 20% of the people here, and the others were all cultivators from the 3,000 worlds. Moreover, it was impossible for anyone that was capable of arriving at such a peculiar world as the Talisman Dimension to be an ordinary figure.

After all, if one wanted to arrive at the Talisman Dimension, merely travelling in the universe required an infinite amount of time, and one had to experience countless spatial walls and chaotic flows of space-time, so how could someone capable of arriving here safely be ordinary?

Just as Liang Bing had said, the Talisman Dimension was a unique place of training, and the top powers in the 3,000 worlds would send their disciples over to be tempered and receive training.

Leaping Tiger City could only be considered to be a medium sized city in the outer area of the Talisman Dimension, and it was far from being able to compare with large scale counties. But due to a branch of the Ninth Rank Hall being present in Leaping Tiger City, it seemed to be extremely bustling and prosperous because of this.

At this time every single year, Leaping Tiger City would draw over thousands of young men and women from all over, and there were both locals and cultivators that came from other worlds.

Moreover, the amount of people that had arrived at Leaping Tiger City was exceptionally numerous this year, and there was no lack of disciples from great powers that possessed monstrous arrogance. There were many reasons for this, but all of them were related to the upheaval of the three dimensions that was about to occur.

Even though it was early in the morning, the outside of Leaping Tiger City was already filled with all sorts of streams of people, and most of them were young men and women who were filled with vigor and heroic spirit.


A wisp of silver radiance flashed by, and it directly disregarded the long line outside the city gate and whistled into Leaping Tiger City.

“Fuck! Who was that? That person actually charged into the city in such an arrogant manner? Isn’t your Ninth Rank Hall going to interfere?”

“Disregarding the rules and audaciously entering the city without authorization. That person is simply more arrogant than this Young Master. Let me see how this fellow dies.”

“Exactly. The Talisman Dimension is unlike other places, and there are rules to enter a city. If the Virtue Plate in one’s possession doesn’t possess sufficient qualifications, then one will be directly captured on the spot and punished heavily, whereas those who dare enter the city without authorization will absolutely die!”

Outside the city gate, those people in line exploded into an uproar when they saw someone actually not stop and directly charge into Leaping Tiger City, and they either sneered, took pleasure in that person’s misfortune, or were filled with righteous indignation.

However, to their surprise, the guards of the Ninth Rank Hall in the surroundings of the city gate seemed as if they’d gone blind at this moment, and they didn’t move in the slightest and didn’t take any action!

“Big Brother, someone charged into the city without authorization earlier!” Someone was displeased and shouted.


Before that person’s voice could finish resounding in the air, a whip had directly struck on his body, and it struck him to the point his flesh split open and blood sprayed out. Moreover, his entire body was struck flying, causing him to let out a shrill and miserable cry.

“Fuck off if you don’t want to enter the city!” The bearded guard who was filled with a murderous air put his whip away, and then he swept everyone with his gaze as he shouted loudly with a fierce voice. His voice was like a thunderclap, and it seemed to be very impatient.

But, in his heart, he was extremely terrified. “Why has this ‘Great Madam’ left the imperial city? Please don’t have an outburst here…”

Everyone went silent like cicadas in the winter.

Some well-informed disciples from great powers vaguely guessing something, causing them to reveal shocked expressions, and they seemed to have never imagined that such a great figure would make an appearance in a tiny city like Leaping Tiger City.

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t take in everything that he passed by all along the way since entering the Talisman Dimension. After they entered the Talisman Dimension, Liang Bing had fallen into silence, and she puckered her lips and kept quiet while driving the silver colored shuttled shaped magic treasure like a ferocious beast gone berserk and rushed and swerved about madly.

Even if they’d entered a bustling city, she didn’t seem to slow down, and it drew countless astounded gazes and curses all along the way.

Of course, there were even more gazes of reverence as they seemed to have recognized the owner of this shuttle shaped magic treasure, and all of them avoided it as soon as possible and were deeply afraid of blocking its path.

Chen Xi’s intuition told him that Liang Bing’s identity was surely not simple, otherwise she would absolutely not dare be so overbearing and domineering.

In the end, they stopped before a tower that was extremely vast, 30km tall, and constructed from white jade.

After they arrived here, he could still see a long line that started from before the tall and lofty tower. Moreover, due to Liang Bing’s overbearing entrance, it had similarly caused everyone present to be stirred.

“Follow behind me.” Liang Bing’s expressions was icy cold as before when within the clamorous crowd, and she put away the silver shuttle shaped magic treasure before instructing Chen Xi. After that, she looked neither left nor right and raised her head up high before walking with her sharp and cold shoes into the tower.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The sharp bottom of the shoe stepping onto the smooth ground caused a wave of clear sounds to resound out.

As they watched this young woman with a gorgeous and icy cold appearance, a hot and alluring figure, and possessed the imposing aura of a queen walking over towards them, all the people that were lined up were extremely shocked.

“Eldest… Eldest Young Miss!?” An exclamation of surprise sounded out before a geezer ran out from within the tower, and he looked at Liang Bing with a shocked expression before waving his hand with excitement and roaring. “Bastards! Quickly get the fuck over and welcome the Eldest Young Miss!”

Everyone was shocked and filled with disbelief.

This old man was called Mo Jiang, and he was one of the managing elders of the Ninth Rank Hall in Leaping Tiger City. His status was lofty, and he possessed monstrous authority over these people that were lined up.

Yet now, when he saw this young woman, he actually revealed a reverent and humble appearance that was simply alike to the humblest servant, and he didn’t have the slightest elegant bearing left!

“We respectfully welcome the Eldest Young Miss!” A group of men and women ran out from within the tower with a swish, and they lined up into two rows before bowing in unison in a respectful and reverent manner as if they were welcoming the arrival of an Empress.

When everyone saw this, they instantly understood that the identity of this gorgeous and icy cold young woman was absolutely not simple!

Even Chen Xi was slightly shocked at this moment, and then he suddenly recalled something. According to what Liang Bing said earlier, the Ninth Rank Hall was controlled by four ancient clans. Could it be that she’s the disciple of one of these clans?

Otherwise, why would she receive such grand treatment?

As he thought in his heart, Chen Xi followed behind Liang Bing and entered the tower.

“He’s called Chen Xi. Mo Jiang, you’re in charge of registering him and arranging for a Virtue Plate. After that, arrange a training assignment for him in the shortest period of time. Remember, extend the same treatment to him as you give the others!” As soon as they entered the tower, Liang Bing pointed at Chen Xi and spoke with a cold and clear voice.

The expression of the old man called Mo Jiang turned solemn, and he replied without the slightest hesitation. “Yes!”

“Feel free to ask Mo Jiang if you have any questions.” Liang Bing turned around to stare at Chen Xi as she said, “If you want to ascend the Grand Deduction Tower, then you must first arrive safely in the Imperial City of Four Emperors. I’ll be waiting there for you. Crush this Profound Deduction Pearl if you encounter misfortune along the way.”

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and tossed, and she threw over a thumb sized and jet black pearl.

Chen Xi stroked it gently for a moment, and he felt it was cold, smooth, and suffused with a shocking aura of talisman markings. He noticed that this Profound Deduction Pearl was actually similar to the Cosmic Immortal Talisman, and it was a precious treasure for escaping.

“Of course, if you crush this pearl, it will also mean that you’ve lost the qualifications to enter the Grand Deduction Tower. I hope you won’t disappoint A’Li, and you don’t make me look upon you as trash.” Liang Bing spoke bluntly in a straightforward manner. She was overbearing and cold and coupled with her peerlessly cold and arrogant bearing of a queen, it gave others a very direct and oppressive feeling.

Chen Xi naturally sensed this oppressive and overbearing feeling as well, and he shrugged and said with a smile, “I’ll strive to return it to you with thanks.”

“I hope you’ll be able to accomplish that. I’ll be waiting for you in the Imperial City of Four Emperors. Goodbye.” As soon as she finished speaking, Liang Bing turned and left swiftly and without the slightest hesitation.

“Send off the Eldest Young Miss!” With a swish, all the men and women within the tower bowed once more, and it caused Chen Xi to shake his head from the sight of it. This Ninth Rank Hall really has a lot of rules.

“Young Master Chen Xi, please follow me.” After a short moment, the old man, Mo Jiang, walked over with a grin and a benign expression, and he smiled to the point his wrinkles were in full bloom…

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