Chapter 814 – Cosmos Beast

Chen Xi hesitated for a short moment before stretching out his hand to hold Liang Bing’s hand, and then he said, “He…hello, I’m Chen Xi.”

Liang Bing’s slender and white hand was soft and delicate, and it felt like holding a ball of warm and smooth cream, causing it to feel very nice. But a wisp of a strange feeling arose in Chen Xi’s heart instead, and he kept having the feeling that the contact of skin like this seemed to be too unrestrained?

Fortunately, it only lasted for a mere moment.

Li Yang noticed all of this from the side, and she blinked imperceptibly at Chen Xi with a teasing gaze before she said to Liang Bing, “Alright, I’ll leave my cousin brother to you, and I’ll come receive him once he ascends the Grand Deduction Tower.”

Grand Deduction Tower?

Chen Xi was stunned. What is that place?

Liang Bing’s eyes were suffused with a wisp of astonishment, and then she glanced at Li Yang but didn’t say anything in the end.

Her appearance was gorgeous and icy cold while her figure was hot and alluring, and she stood upright there with her hands crossed before her like a queen that was inspecting her territory and emanated a formidable aura.

When they were leaving, Chen Xi was unable to refrain from asking via voice transmission. “Senior Sister, who exactly is this Liang Bing?”

“She’s the daughter of an ancient clan in the Origin Dimension. Oh, you still don’t know what the Origin Dimension is. How do I put it, that place is also called the Ancestral Dimension, and it has given birth to numerous formidable and great figures at the Daolord Realm.” Li Yang swiftly said via voice transmission, “Once you’ve ascended to become a Heavenly Immortal, you can go wander the Ancestral Dimension. It’s the most unique existence amongst the 3,000 worlds, and numerous inheritances originated from there. Right, the scientific civilization there is really not bad as well.”

When she spoke up to here, Li Yang smiled lightly while her clear eyes were suffused with a wisp of a strange sheen, and her voice faintly carried a tempting tone. “Little Junior Brother, isn’t Liang Bing very alluring in her current outfit? Once you trick her and take her back with you, you can ask her to change into a variety of clothes in all sorts of styles for you, and it’ll surely broaden your horizons.”

Chen Xi. “…”

Li Yang smiled even more happily when she saw Chen Xi’s speechless appearance, and then she patted him on the shoulder. “Alright, go on quickly. Don’t make Little Bing Bing wait for too long.”

Little Bing Bing…

Liang Bing who originally crossed her hands before her like a queen staggered before she revealed a rare wisp of anger, and then she stared coldly at Li Yang.

Li Yang chucked and made nothing of it, and then she waved her hand at Chen Xi. In the next instant, her entire body transformed into a wisp of chilly starlight that vanished without a trace.

“Come with me?” Once Li Yang left, Liang Bing recovered her icy cold appearance once again, and she stretched out her hand and gestured, causing a silver colored shuttle shaped magic treasure to flicker brightly and envelop the two of them.


The silver shuttle shaped magic treasure was like a ferocious beast that had been waiting impatiently since a long time ago, and it charged out explosively and tore through layer after layer of the starry sky as it headed towards the extremely distant Talisman Dimension.

“This is a Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, the Silverlight Treasured Shuttle, and it’s capable of tearing apart the space-time barriers to instantly fly a light year in distance. So we’ll arrive at the Talisman Dimension in around 15 minutes.” Liang Bing’s voice resounded by his ear, and it was like a pool of icy cold water dropping into a stream.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look at this gorgeous and icy cold young woman before he nodded, and he didn’t say anything else.

He was able to discern that Liang Bing’s attitude towards him couldn’t be considered to be good, nor could it be considered bad. It was neither cold nor warm, and it was in a very businesslike manner. Chen Xi even suspected that if it wasn’t for his Senior Sister Li Yang, this young woman that was cold and proud like a queen would utterly not spare a glance at him.

When he thought up to here, he couldn’t help but feel curious in his heart. Exactly how great is the ability of this woman to actually be able to become good friends with Senior Sister Li Yang? Could it be that she’s the personal disciple of some great figure? Or perhaps she’s the disciple of an extraordinary clan?

Besides that, what sort of miraculous place is the Origin Dimension?

All of this was filled with a sense of the unknown, and it caused Chen Xi to become even more deeply aware that this world was really too huge. So if he placed his gaze merely within the Dark Reverie, then he would simply be no different than a frog in a well looking up into the sky.

Actually, it was obvious. There were 3.000 large worlds and a myriad of minor worlds distributed throughout the heavens and the earth, and there were countless civilizations and races in the boundlessly vast lands. Who could dare say that he’d grasped all knowledge in his heart?

“A’Li didn’t tell me the reason you came to the Talisman Dimension, and I don’t want to know either. My responsibility is only to lead the way and tell you some common knowledge of the Talisman Dimension.” Liang Bing didn’t mind at all when she saw Chen Xi remain silent all along the way, and she said, “You only have to listen silently and not interrupt, and I’ll give you time to ask questions after I’m done.” 

Her voice was clear and cold, and it carried a feeling of being beyond question and arbitrarily making decisions in an overbearing manner.

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t mind her attitude.

“The Talisman Dimension was created on the frontline of the battlefield of the three dimensions, and it leads to the boundless universe. So it’s the most dangerous place, and your life will be in danger at all times.

“The dangers in the Talisman Dimension are roughly divided into two types. The first is being killed by Cosmos Beasts, and this is the greatest threat to your life. Most cultivators of the three dimensions that were tempering themselves in the Talisman Dimension perished within the mouths of Cosmos Beasts.”

“The second danger is being killed by another in the Talisman Dimension. This is similarly a type of threat to your life as well. Because there are no rules and restraints in the Talisman Dimension, and everything depends on one’s strength. So long as you have the strength, then no one in the Talisman Dimension would care even if you make a Heavenly Immortal your servant, enslave a divine beast, or make a dragon your mount.”

Chen Xi listened silently. Even though he was slightly surprised in his heart, his expression was calm as before.

Liang Bing glanced at him and continued. “The Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Talisman Dimension are different from other places in the three dimensions, and it was jointly created by four great figures. So some calamities, heavenly tribulations, and many other tribulations won’t occur here. You ought to be aware of the reason. Different Laws of the Heaven Dao reveal heavenly might in a different way.”

“For example, all the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Talisman Dimension embodies the will of the four great figures that created it. So while a person is within the Talisman Dimension, no matter if that person was a great sinner in the outside world or a variant hidden by the workings of the Heaven Dao, that person doesn’t have to worry about being annihilated by the Heaven Dao.”

When she spoke up to here, her icy cold expression turned even more solemn and serious, and she said word by word, “Remember, under the Laws of the Heaven Dao within the Talisman Dimension, the only thing you have to worry about is how to survive!”


Chen Xi was stunned, and then his expression returned to normal because he’d experienced even more adverse circumstances, whereas, his Dao Heart had been cultivated to the point of condensing a ‘Heart Core,’ so his Dao Heart was naturally not affected by a few words from Liang Bing.

“You’ll know if I’m exaggerating things just to scare you once you enter the Talisman Dimension.” Liang Bing’s figure was slender and graceful, and her hands that were crossed before her caused the plump peaks on her chest to be squeezed to the point of revealing curves that shook the heart and soul, and even Chen Xi was slightly unable to bear looking at her directly.

But she seemed as if she didn’t notice how alluring her appearance was, and she continued. “I’ll take you to the Ninth Rank Hall later, and your journey will begin there.”


As she spoke, her slender and white hands swept out, causing a lifelike map to unfold abruptly in midair, and it was covered in everything one expected to find on a map, like mountains, rivers, lakes, stellar bodies, and so on and so forth.

“This is the Dimensional Map of the entire Talisman Dimension. This is the Grand Deduction Tower, and it’s located at the center of the Talisman Dimension and within the Imperial City of Four Emperors.” Liang Bing pointed at the center of the map and spoke.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over and saw the structure of the entire Talisman Dimension was very unique. Its entirety was like a completely round drawing, and there was layer upon layer of villages, cities, counties, and the Imperial City of Four Emperors at the center.

Most striking of them, between the villages and cities, between the cities and counties, and between the counties and the Imperial City of Four Emperors was numerous mountains and lakes that were marked in a pitch black color on the map.

On the other hand, the villages, cities, counties, and Imperial City of Four Emperors were marked with a snow white color. When looked at from afar, the entire Dimensional Map seemed to be formed by numerous circles that alternated between black and white.

Circles represented flawlessness, and it was a sign of boundlessness, infinity, limitlessness.

The entire Talisman Dimension appeared to be structure in such a way, causing it to seem extremely orderly and well arranged. But at the same time, it seemed to be boundlessly vast and secretly contain an aura of flawlessness.

Presumably, the Eastern Emperor Tai Zhen, the Dark Emperor Yuan Xun, the Phoenix Queen Yin Ge, and the Demon Forefather Luo Shang had given it great consideration when they created the Talisman Dimension.

But it was utterly impossible to discern its profundities from merely a single Dimensional Map. Perhaps it could only be comprehended by really entering the Talisman Dimension and comprehending it wholeheartedly.

The Grand Deduction Tower is situated at the centermost of the Talisman Dimension. Could it be that Senior Sister Li Yang asked me to go there because a technique that’s capable of allowing me to smoothly advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm exists there? Chen Xi stared deeply at the centermost place in the Dimensional Map. It was a golden spot of light, and the words Grand Deduction Tower were written in ancient characters with powerful and vigorous strokes.


Liang Bing put the Dimensional Map away before she turned around and looked directly at Chen Xi for the first time before she said, “Now, do you have anything to ask?”

Chen Xi said without thinking. “I want to know the composition of powers in the Talisman Dimension.”

“It’s very simple. 20% are locals, whereas the other cultivators are all like you, they’ve come from all over the 3,000 large worlds.” Liang Bing replied. “If it’s in terms of forces, then it can be divided into two camps. On one side is all the cultivators and locals within Talisman Dimension, and the other side is the Cosmos Beasts.”

“The only reason the Talisman Dimension was created at the frontline of the battlefield of the three dimensions was to resist the invasion of Cosmos Beasts. Compared to the other places at the borders of the three dimensions, the Talisman Dimension can probably be considered to be the safest.”

“Of course, you can take this place to be a brutal place of training because this isn’t a highly disciplined military camp, and there are no rules here at all. So internal conflicts and struggles are sufficient to take your life.”

Chen Xi was stunned and couldn’t refrain himself. “Isn’t this the holy land of talismans?”

Liang Bing nodded and said, “Exactly. The higher one’s cultivation in the Dao of Talismans, the easier it is to survive, and it’s easier to obtain everything one desires. As for the exact reason, there’ll naturally be someone that’ll specially notify you at the Ninth Rank Hall.”

“What sort of port is the Ninth Rank Hall?” Chen Xi continued.

“The Ninth Rank Hall is a colossus that’s spread all over the entire Talisman Dimension, and it’s controlled by the four great clans. Its sole duty is to give out assignments and carry out exchanges for the energy of Virtue. The people that one can’t afford to offend the most in the Talisman Dimension are members of the Ninth Rank Hall.” As soon as Liang Bing finished speaking, she suddenly raised her head while a wisp of detest appeared in her eyes.

At this moment, Chen Xi as well had noticed an enormous beast that was 3km long, and it was like a floating mountain that charged towards them.

Its eyes were crimson red while its skin seemed to be made from molten iron, and it was suffused with a metallic sheen. Its entire body was covered in terrifying snow white spikes, and they were like numerous spears that were covered in a cold glow.

It whistled as it tore through the sky and easily crushed the numerous and enormous meteors in the universe all along the way, and its imposing aura was ferocious and violent to the extreme.

Instantly, a thought couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart. This is surely an extremely savage Cosmos Beast! 

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