Chapter 813 – Hello, I’m Liang Bing


Sword Purification Pool.

At the banks of the clear lake, the flowers and plants swayed as a peerlessly beautiful face appeared there, and she possessed curved brows and jade white and smooth skin. She was precisely A’xiu.

She looked up into the empty sky and couldn’t help but heave a sigh as she muttered. “Sixth Uncle was right, the inheritor of Oracle Mountain is really rather shocking.” 


“Holy land of talismans?”

“Exactly, it’s a world created by four great figures with extraordinary might, and they created it at the frontline of the battlefield of the three dimensions. So cultivators from the Dark Reverie are very rarely able to enter it.”


“Because the Dark Reverie is too far from there. Even if a Heavenly Immortal executed cosmic teleportation, it would require spending a thousand years. Moreover, it’s utterly impossible to get there without anyone showing the way.”

“Err, why is that?” 

“Stupid, the starry space in the universe is filled with countless spatial walls and shattered chaotic flows of space-time. Even a Heavenly Immortal would be like an ant upon falling into them and would be instantly devoured.”

“I really didn’t know this…”

“You’ll understand once you advance into the Heavenly Immortal Realm.”

“Right, Senior Sister. I still don’t know your name…”

“Just call me Li Yang.”

A wisp of chilly starlight flickered within the universe, and it instantly vanished within the depths of the pitch black and deep starry sky.

Chen Xi’s entire body was coiled by strands of starlight, and when he looked out towards his surroundings, he was only able to see expanse after expanse of warped and strange multicolored sheens. This was a phenomenon caused by the activation of spatial energy, and it represented one’s speed had already attained an extremely shocking state.

This sort of movement technique was called Cosmic Teleportation, and it was a movement technique that was even more terrifying than regular teleportation. Only terrifying existences at the Heavenly Immortal Realm or above were capable of grasping it.

Because this teleportation technique was already related to the utilization of the Laws, whereas only Heavenly Immortals could grasp the Laws.

Chen Xi had never heard or seen anything like this in the past, and if it wasn’t for him experiencing it right now, it would absolutely be impossible for him to imagine that he would be able to wander through the universe and starry sky once he became a Heavenly Immortal…

At this moment, he was simply like a fledgling, and everything he heard and saw was so novel and shocking. Moreover, all the knowledge and experienced he’s grasped in the past were utterly useless now.

Fortunately, his Senior Sister who called herself Li Yang was by his side, and she’d explained a great deal of things to him all along the way.

For example, according to Senior Sister Li Yang, the holy land of talismans was actually a world that was created on the frontline of the battlefield of the three dimensions. But due to it being too far away from the Dark Reverie, it wasn’t well known to everyone in the Dark Reverie.

“Senior Sister Li Yang, is that holy land of talismans really so miraculous and capable of dealing with the problem of my advancement into the Earthly Immortal Realm?” Chen Xi pondered briefly and couldn’t refrain from asking.

He was truly too curious because normally speaking, a cultivator had to experience the Azure Lightning Tribulation to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm. As the saying goes, the Grand Dao is like a clear sky that allowed one to rise rapidly. After one overcame this tribulation, one’s mortal body would transform into a quasi immortal body, and one would leave the ranks of cultivators while one’s life would undergo a qualitative leap.

True Essence would transform into Immortal Energy.

Divine Sense would transform into Immortal Perception.

But it wasn’t so easy to overcome the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm’s tribulation, the Azure Lightning Tribulation. Especially to him, due to his fate being concealed by the workings of the heavens, he would be taken as a ‘variant’ when he attempted to overcome the tribulation. At that time, the lightning tribulation wouldn’t be so simple like the Azure Lightning Tribulation, and it would be the divine lightning of judgment!

This was a terrifying lightning tribulation that carried the greatest might of slaughter and judgment. Even a Golden Immortal was unable to resist it, let alone Chen Xi who was a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, so once he encountered it, he would die without a doubt.

On the other hand, according to Senior Sister Li Yang, there was actually a method to deal with this problem in that holy land of talismans, so how could Chen Xi not be surprised?

After all, it there was really such a method, it would simply be no different from stealing a life from the heavens, and it would absolutely be a true heaven defying act!

“There’s no need to worry, there are too many techniques in the world that can avoid the detection of the Heaven Dao, and the path I chose for you is greatly beneficial to your future cultivation.” Li Yang smiled lightly. 

Chen Xi nodded and didn’t ask any further.

“Right, Little Junior Brother, how did you trick that little girl from the Xuanyuan Clan to your side? The origins of that little girl aren’t simple.” Li Yang suddenly turned around and her clear eyes stared at Chen Xi while she grinned, and her smile was filled with a teasing expression.

“Xuanyuan?” Chen Xi was stunned, and then pondered carefully before he said with astonishment, “Senior Sister, you’re talking about A’xiu?”

All the companions by his side now were those that he knew through and through, and the only exception was the mysterious and formidable young woman called A’xiu.

Li Yang nodded. “Exactly. If I’m not wrong, she has probably snuck out from her clan. Otherwise… Haha.”

Chen Xi asked curiously. “Senior Sister, exactly what are A’xiu’s origins?”

Li Yang blinked her eyes and grinned. “It would be too boring if I tell you. Don’t you think so too?”

Chen Xi had a speechless expression, and he said after a long time, “I feel it’s very boring right now.”

Li Yang smiled as she patted Chen Xi on the shoulder. “It’s fine. I’ll introduce a great beauty to you in a while, and with her as a guide for you in the Holy Land of Talismans, I can leave with my heart at ease.”

“Senior Sister, you’re not coming with me?” Chen Xi was surprised.

“The world is about to be thrown into disorder…” Li Yang seemed to have thought of something, causing her smile to be restrained as she sighed faintly. “Master has left for a very long time and hasn’t returned since. Some of the old geezers in the three dimensions are busy preparing and planning, so as a disciple, I have to do something as well, right?”

Before Chen Xi speak, she cracked a smile and said, “Don’t worry, the upheaval of the three dimensions this time was something that had been predetermined a long time ago, and even if the heavens collapse, there’ll be someone to stop it. All you have to do is relax and cultivate.”


After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi felt his entire body shake while his field of vision suddenly brightened.

A vast starry sky was reflected within his eyes. The myriad of stars were circulating within the starry sky, and they formed rivers of stars, constellations, flowed endlessly like a meteor shower… They were grand and gorgeous to the extreme.

At the end of the boundless stars was actually an extremely dazzling light barrier. It was like an exceedingly enormous chicken egg that had countless stars circulating in its surroundings, and they flickered will illuminating this entire expanse of the universe.

“That’s the Holy Land of Talismans, and it’s also called the Talisman Dimension. It’s was jointly created by four great figures during the primeval times called  the Eastern Emperor Tai Zhen, the Dark Emperor Yuan Xun, the Phoenix Queen Yin Ge, and the Demon Forefather Luo Shang.” Li Yang pointed at the vast world in the distance that was shaped like an egg shell and spoke slowly.

Chen Xi was shocked. Only by seeing it with his own two eyes was he able to completely sense exactly how extraordinary the ability to create a world was. It was simply like being an existence that was like the lord of creation!


Li Yang’s slender and white right hand waved out and executed a profound technique that transformed into a ray of light that directly tunneled into space and vanished.

“Alright, someone will come receive you in a moment.” Li Yang turned around to stare at Chen Xi and said, “Little Junior Brother, no matter what the reason is. Since you’ve stepped foot on the path of cultivation, then you must never forget your true intentions.”

Chen Xi’s expression turned solemn as he nodded seriously.

At this moment, he suddenly recalled the vast and dignified voice he’d heard in the first level of the Heavenpeak of Trials within the Manor in the jade pendant when he entered it for the first time. “The Grand Dao is profound and Divine Abilities are born from nature, born from deriving the boundless secrets of the heavens. Is it good fortune? Or is it misfortune? To comprehend the Heaven’s Dao, one must stay true to one’s heart. Cultivate diligently and bitterly, and not let go of one’s heart that yearns for the Dao…”

To comprehend the Heaven’s Dao, one must stay true to one’s heart!

Chen Xi took a deep breath and cupped his hands as he said, “Thank you, Senior Sister, for your guidance.”

Li Yang smiled and suddenly stretched out her hand to pinch Chen Xi’s cheek. “You’re always to serious. I wonder why those little ladies like you.”

Chen Xi was extremely embarrassed.

“A’Li, is this that cousin brother of yours?” Right at this moment, a chilly voice suddenly sounded out from afar, and then a shuttle shaped magic treasure flashed over with a long trail of light behind it. 

The magic treasure flashed to reveal the figure of a young woman.

She possessed a ramrod straight and slender figure while her striking golden long hair was tied into a bun behind her head, revealing a matchlessly beautiful face with sharp angles. Her forehead was clean and white while her nose was fine and straight, and her red lips were plump and sexy, causing her to be peerlessly gorgeous!

This was indeed a downright great beauty. She was extraordinarily beautiful and was blessed with natural beauty. But her expression was extremely icy cold. She walked over with large steps and in a straightforward manner, causing her to resolute disposition to be obvious.

But Chen Xi was curious because the clothing of this gorgeous and icy cold young woman was completely different from what he’d seen in the past. Her top seemed to be slim fit, causing a pair of plump outlines to be drawn out alluringly, and it was even to the extent that a wisp of dazzling snow white was faintly revealed.

She wore a short skirt below and revealed a pair of flawless and slender thighs that were extremely hot and seemed white like ivory. Moreover, even the shoes she wore were shiny and sharp like a pair of awls.

In short, regardless of if it was in terms of appearance, figure, or even dressing, this gorgeous and icy cold young woman before him was hot and alluring to the limit. She was filled with an indescribable charm that was simply like the fusion of ice and fire, and it gave others a strong visual impact.

“How is it? She’s a great beauty, right?” Li Yan raised her chin while carrying a smile on the corners of her mouth, and she whistled frivolously.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose, and he didn’t know how to reply.

“If there’s nothing else, then I’ll be leaving.” The gorgeous and icy cold young woman spoke with a chilly voice that seemed melodious like pearls falling on a jade tray, and she spoke in a straightforward manner.

“Wait.” Li Yang said, “This is my cousin brother, Chen Xi.”

The gorgeous and icy cold young woman nodded and indicated she understood.

“Chen Xi, this is Liang Bing, a great beauty from the Origin Dimension. She’s cold on the outside and warm on the inside, and if you’re able to capture her, then Big Sister will buy you anything you want.” Li Yang grinned as she spoke, and her voice wasn’t concealed in the slightest, allowing both of them to hear it clearly.

Chen Xi had a speechless expression. Those who were aware of the situation would know that she was introducing them, but those that weren’t aware would think it was a matchmaker pairing them together…

Most surprising to him was up until this moment, Li Yang seemed to be concealing her identity and addressed him as ‘cousin brother,’ and not ‘Little Junior Brother.’ What’s the reason for this?

“Hello, I’m Liang Bing.” The gorgeous and icy cold young woman’s expression remained unchanged as she stretched out her right hand.

Does she want to hold hands with me?

Chen Xi was stunned and was slightly unable to figure out what sort of meeting formality this was…

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