Chapter 811 – Reunion

Corona City, Marquis Wen’s Estate.

It was cold and desolate while everyone was in fear and panic, and it had lost its former bustling and clamorous atmosphere.

At this moment, all the clansmen and servants of the Wen Clan were gathered on an empty area within the estate, and they were like lambs awaiting slaughter and carried terrified expressions as they trembled with horror.

Not far away from them, the Junior Marquis, Wen Hua, was tied to a thick iron pole. His hair was disheveled while blood flowed from the corners of his mouth, and his entire body was covered in terrifying scars.

There was a rocking chair placed before him, and a white clothed young man lay on it while drinking wine in a carefree manner.

The young man had sharp slanted brows, starry eyes, red lips, white teeth, and a peerlessly handsome appearance. Even though he lay on the rocking chair, he still emanated a fierce and oppressive sharp aura that seemed like an unsheathed sharp sword.

There was another robust young man standing by the side of the white clothed young man. He possessed a cold and fierce appearance, and his eyes revealed a jade sheen. At this moment, he had his arms crossed before him while staring coldly at Wen Hua who was tied on the iron rod.

These two people had suddenly appeared within the estate three days ago, and they attacked without providing the slightest reason. They were like two Fiendgods that slaughtered countless experts from the estate, and they only stopped when they captured the Junior Marquis, Wen Hua, later on.

It was also at that moment that everyone finally understood that these two had actually come for the sake of taking revenge for Chen Xi!

Instantly, the entire Marquis Wen’s Estate lost any strength to resist, and they could only watch helplessly as their Junior Marquis was tied up on an iron pole and suffered an entire three days and three nights of torture.

Some people felt grief and indignation, and they couldn’t continue watching, causing them to charge over with the intent of putting up a desperate fight. But all of them died on the spot without exception.

The two of them were simply like invincible devil gods that utilized cold blooded slaughter to crush their will to fight.

Thus, the scene before their eyes had appeared. Everyone from the estate stood at the side and watched helplessly as the Junior Marquis was tortured, yet no one dared to come forward to assist him, and they didn’t even dare say a word!

“Kill… Kill me.” Wen Hua’s lips were dry and flowing with blood, and they trembled as he parted them to speak with a dry, hoarse, and weak voice.

“Want to die? How could it be so simple?” The robust young man laughed coldly as he gazed at Wen Hua with an icy cold and cruel gaze, and he completely disregarded that Wen Hua was only a 14 year old youth.

“Don’t pay attention to him. I’ll make him regret being born into this world if Chen Xi doesn’t arrive!” The white clothed young man drank a cup of wine with a calm expression as he spoke in a light voice.

“I’m only worried that…” The robust young man frowned, and his cold and fierce face revealed a wisp of worry.

Before he could finish speaking, the white clothed young man interrupted him. “Don’t worry. Chen Xi will absolutely not die so easily. Let’s just wait, because if I was him, I would surely come back to take revenge.”

“If you have the guts then kill me, you devils! You’re simply devoid of any sense of shame and despicable to the extreme for humiliating and bullying a child like me!” Suddenly, Wen Hua became agitated, and the chains around his body clanged while he exerted the last strand of strength he had to roar with a grim voice.

“It’s only right and proper that the son repays the debt of the father. Little Fellow, stop acting like you’re pitiable. Who can you deceive with those little tricks of yours? You want to die? I just won’t allow you to have your way.” The white clothed young man spoke with disdain.

“You…” Wen Hua was dejected and had an expression of despair while deep bitter regret surged out into his heart. Why did I have to advise Father to agree to the conditions of the Heavenflow Dao Sect that day?

“Ling Bai, Mu Kui, why are both of you here?” Right at this moment, a tall figure appeared in midair. The figure had a handsome appearance and an extraordinary bearing, and it was exactly Chen Xi. He glanced at Wen Hua who was tied on the iron pole before looking at the white clothed young man and robust young man at the side, and then he couldn’t help but speak with pleasant surprise.

The white clothed young man stood up abruptly and cried out with excitement. “Chen Xi, you bastard! You’ve finally come!”

The nearby robust young man’s expression froze, and then he cried out loudly. “Master!”

These two people were precisely Ling Bai and Mu Kui.

Chen Xi hadn’t met them since he entered the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and now that they’d reunited in this estate, the excitement they felt was obvious.

On the other hand, when they saw Chen Xi make an appearance, the figures of everyone within the estate including Wen Hua shook, and then they revealed a wisp of a complicated expression of despair.

Who would have imagined that this benefactor that had rescued everyone within the estate on that day would transform into an irreconcilable enemy of theirs through a strange combination of circumstances?

Chen Xi flew to the ground and walked over to pat Ling Bai and Mu Kui on the shoulder, and then he said with relief, “I knew both of you would surely be alive!”

Since the moment he found out that Ling Bai and Mu Kui had suffered the oppression of Yue Chi, he’d always been worried about their circumstances and was deeply afraid that they would encounter misfortune.

After such a long period of time, he’d finally seen the two of them, and it felt like an enormous mountain on his heart had been lifted, causing his entire body to feel relaxed.

“Chen Xi, what should we do with this little fellow?” Ling Bai knew as well that it wasn’t the time to catch up now, and he asked while pointing at Wen Hua.

At this moment, Wen Hua similarly raised his head to stare at Chen Xi, and his gaze was filled with mad hatred.

“Master, this kid’s heart is filled with hatred. He has already established a vow under the Heaven Dao before Ling Bai and I arrived, and he’d vowed to take revenge on you in the future…” Mu Kui explained from the side.

“Then kill him.” Chen Xi waves his hand to interrupt Mu Kui.


As soon as Chen Xi’s voice finished resounding out in the air, Mu Kui directly stretched out his hand and struck, and he annihilated Wen Hua without giving Wen Hua the slightest opportunity to speak another word.

“Then what about these people from Marquis Wen’s Estate?” Ling Bai continued.

“Let’s go find a place to drink some wine.” Chen Xi shook his head and directly left the estate.

Ling Bai and Mu Kui were stunned, and they couldn’t understand why Chen Xi wouldn’t pull out these weeds by the root. But even though they were puzzled in their hearts, they still followed him and left.

As soon as they left, everyone in the estate felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off them, and they heaved sighs of relief. Some servants even sat on the ground with a thump before crying silently.

Originally, they thought they would undoubtedly die this time, and they would suffer calamity along with the Junior Marquis and have their entire families annihilated with them. How could they have imagined that they would actually escape calamity?

After all, in the cultivation world, it was common for entire families to be annihilated because of enmity with a single person, and they’d already become accustomed to this a long time ago.

On the other hand, someone like Chen Xi who only slaughtered the culprit and didn’t extend the crime to the innocent couldn’t be said to be one of a kind, but at the very least, it could be considered as rare.

Of course, no one would thank Chen Xi. Similarly, no one dared to speak of revenge at this moment. After all, the gap between their strengths was too great, and rashly shouting about taking revenge at this moment was simply no different than courting death. 



A treasure vessel crushed the layer of clouds as it left Corona City, and it instantly vanished in the horizon.

Chen Xi and Mu Kui were sitting cross-legged before a table within the treasure vessel, and they were drinking wine.

Ling Bai had recovered his original form and transformed once more into his 10cm tall appearance. He lay with pleasure on Chen Xi’s shoulder with his right leg crossed over the left, and he held a large bone that overflowed with the fragrance of meat as he ate voraciously and spoke with a muffled voice. “Oh, Chen Xi, your culinary skill is getting better and better. I haven’t eaten the roast meat you cooked for a very long time.”

“I haven’t eaten roast meat for a very long time as well.” On the other side of Chen Xi’s shoulder, the little golden bear, A’Man, chuckled as well while his paws similarly held a piece of roast meat.

“Master.” Mu Kui couldn’t refrain himself and said, “You killed Wen Tianshuo and Wen Hua, yet you spared those clansmen of theirs and allowed them to continue living. I’m afraid it will be harmful for Master in the future.”

Chen Xi said calmly, “Every injustice has its perpetrator. There was enmity between me, Wen Tianshuo, and Wen Hua. But there’s no enmity between their clansmen and me. So why should their clansmen suffer calamity because of them?”

“But, they hold hatred in their hearts, and they’ll surely be future troubles of yours,” said Mu Kui as he frowned.

“I know.” Chen Xi sighed. “Mu Kui, I experienced an unexpected change in my clan at a young age, and I know more clearly than anyone about how being merciful brings calamity. No, there are countless people in this world that wish for nothing more than for me to die. But in the end, I’m still alive and well, and I didn’t rely on bloody slaughters or killing the innocent. I relied on my own strength!”

Mu Kui was stunned.

“Only by being strong yourself would your enemies be afraid and wouldn’t dare make any rash moves, whereas if you’re not strong enough, you’ll be annihilated by your enemies sooner or later.” Chen Xi said indifferently, “In short, the first step to cultivating is cultivating the heart. I, Chen Xi, will take revenge when I should, but I’ll absolutely not allow hatred to blind my eyes and extend calamity to the innocent. If I do that, then would I be any different to those great sinners?”

Hatred wasn’t terrifying, but it was terrifying if one’s eyes were blinded by hatred and one’s Dao Heart was tainted by it!

“Alright, Mu Kui, don’t get caught up in this. They’re just a group of trash, even if they’re given the time, what could they accomplish? When they finish growing, we’d have already ascended to become an Immortal a long time ago, and we would be freely roaming the world outside the nine heavens. So long as they aren’t idiots, they would absolutely not dare come looking for revenge from us.” Ling Bai shook his head as he spoke.

“That’s true as well.” Mu Kui nodded and didn’t speak any further.

Chen Xi smiled and was just about to say something, yet he was suddenly stunned, and then looked towards the sky. He had a strong feeling that the opportune moment for him to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm was about to arrive…

This was a very profound feeling that seemed like a sudden thought, yet it had already been destined by fate.

“Come, let’s go annihilate another two great sinners before returning to the sect!” Chen Xi stood up and stood at the stern with his hands behind his back, and his clothes and long hair fluttered with the wind while his mind and heart felt clear.

Two days later.

A treasured vessel silently entered the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Chen Xi had returned.

In less than 10 minutes, the entire sect was stirred. No matter if it was the disciples or elders, all of them knew that Chen Xi had completed the assignments of ‘passing down the flame’ and ‘enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens,’ and he’d returned safely.

Even Chen Xi had never imagined that his return would cause such a stir in the sect, and all along the way, there were people greeting him fervently.

But the way they addressed him had changed from ‘Senior Brother Chen Xi’ to ‘Martial Uncle Chen Xi.’

The reason was extremely simple, he was the deserving Master of West Radiance Peak, and one of the higher-ups and elders of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Even if he met the Sect Master, Wen Huating, he only had to address Wen Huating as ‘Senior Brother Sect Master.’

The change in his seniority represented the rise in his status, and it was similarly a form of acknowledgement towards his strength and prestige.

When Chen Xi arrived on West Radiance Peak, he noticed a young woman dressed as a man was waiting for him with a smile on her face…

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