Chapter 809 – The Thief Makes An Appearance

The source of sin!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he was slightly surprised and doubtful.

The aura of this thatched house is grand and divine, so how could it possibly have the source of sin sealed up within it?

He knew very clearly that the so-called source of sin was the source of all upheavals, calamity, and disasters, and it was condensed from the energies of evil, curses, sin, and so on and so forth.

Just like the Grand Dao of the heavens and the earth, sin was a type of quintessence energy as well. So long as the myriad of beings in the world possessed intelligence, and there was Yin and Yang in the world, then the energy of sin would never dissipate.

Just like light and darkness promoted each other, Yin and Yang opposed each other, and good and evil fought each other, the existence of sin was the opposite of righteousness, and it was impossible to be eliminated by the roots.

But this sort of energy wasn’t tolerated by the Heaven Dao, and it was rejected by the people of the world. In the countless years of the past, this quintessence energy had long since been suppressed by righteous of the world and buried in history.

All in all, the source of sin was too ethereal, and it existed in the bottom of the hearts of the myriad of living creatures and within every single thing in the world. But when it was all converged together, its might was sufficient to drown the entire world!

Presently, that little gold bear had actually said the source of sin was sealed within this thatched house, so how could Chen Xi not be shocked?

“Oh, in short, just don’t open it up.” The little bear scratched its head and chuckled when it saw Chen Xi remained silent. “Right, Senior Brother, why have you only come now? I’ve been waiting so long for you.”

As it spoke, it held out its paw and started counting the time. “A hundred years? A thousand years? 10 thousand years? Oh, it has been too long, I’ve already forgotten.” 

Chen Xi stared his eyes wide open and said with astonishment, “Who’s your Senior Brother?”

The little bear was even more astounded and said, “Senior Brother, was it not Master that asked you to come get me?”

Chen Xi was dizzy, and he said while staring blankly, “Which Master?’

He did have masters of his own. Madman Liu could be considered as one, the Master of the Manor, Fuxi, could be considered as another. But he’d never known when he got such a muddleheaded junior brother.

“Oh, never mind. I’ll open up this Heaven Imprisoning Dao Shackles before chatting with Senior Brother.” As the little bear spoke, it raised up the Sky Dao and pushed it towards the golden lock on its neck. But right after that, it seemed to have noticed something and suddenly stopped what it was doing before it said with an anxious expression, “Senior Brother, hide, quickly!”

Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze yet saw nothing out of the ordinary, and he said, “Why must I hide?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt something flash before his eyes, and then his entire body was enveloped by a strange force, causing his body to uncontrollably drift up and actually enter within space!

This sort of feeling was too miraculous. It was like a space had been forcefully opened up within a tiny area, and he and the little bear were standing upright within this space.

“You…” Chen Xi opened his mouth and hadn’t finished speaking before a fluffy paw had tightly covered his mouth.

“Senior Brother, that bad guy from before has returned.” The little bear held onto Chen Xi’s neck and its 30cm tall figure hung on Chen Xi, causing it to seem like a fluffy doll as it said mysteriously, “You must not speak because even I’m no match for him if we’re noticed.”

Chen Xi finally confirmed one thing, this little bear seemed to have lived for very long, but its disposition was ignorant and naïve to the extreme. To put it nicely, the little bear could be said to have the innocent heart of a child; and to put it bluntly, it was simple minded, and the little bear could compete with A’xiu.


Suddenly, a black shadow flashed out from the stairway, and it instantly arrive before the thatched house.

This figure seemed like a god bathed in flames, its entire body was coiled in the glow of flames while only revealed a pair of brilliant and sparkling eyes that were even more dazzling than the glow of flames, and it seemed as if this figure could incinerate the sky and awe the world.

Even with Chen Xi’s current cultivation, his heart couldn’t help but constrict while he felt suffocated.

“It really has appeared. I’ve been lingering here for many days and have searched the various palaces, yet I’ve never found the location of the true treasure vault. I never imagined that it would be here.” The man that was bathed in divine flames started laughing when he saw the Daoist temple in the form of a thatched house, and his laughter was very cold, indifferent, and deep, whereas the crimson red flames in his eyes grew even brighter as if capable of incinerating everything in the world.

Chen Xi’s heart shook when he heard this, and then he recalled the mess he saw all along the way and couldn’t help but think to himself. Looks like this bastard is the fellow that cleaned out the various palaces and herb gardens.

But most shocking of it all was that the little bear had executed some sort of profound technique to actually completely cover up their figures and auras, causing the extremely formidable man that was bathed in divine flames to be actually unable to notice them!

“Hmph! I knew that Dao Platform wasn’t ordinary, and if it wasn’t for it being protected by the aura of the Grand Dao that was left behind through the boundless ages, how could this have possibly been hidden from me?” The man was bathed in divine flames as he took a step forward to arrive before the thatched house, and the he lowered his eyes to look at the iron lock that was mottled with rust on the tightly closed door before he muttered. “The treasure vault of the Sky Dao Palace is probably within here. I’ll be able to make all preparations before the upheaval of the three dimensions once I obtain it. At that time, all the natives of the Dark Reverie can wait to be slaughter and ruled!”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand, causing a myriad of flaming glows to surge out from his body and envelop the tightly closed door before him, and then it burned violently.

A Xeno-race expert! Chen Xi’s eyes constricted abruptly when he heard this, and then a wisp of shock surged out from his heart as he’d recognized that the middle aged man bathed in the glow of flames was probably a Xeno-race expert. Moreover, this middle aged man was a great figure that possessed authority over others.

The middle aged man’s strength was at least at the General Rank, and it was even possible for him to be at the Marquis Rank. The Marquis Rank was an existence that was comparable with a true Heavenly Immortal!

Why would a great figure of the Xeno-race make his way here? Chen Xi had a serious expression because the appearance of this middle aged man caused him to become even more aware of how urgent the situation was. It seemed that since the moment the Dark Parasol’s Abyss opened, the three dimensions had already started to be put into the situation of an upheaval…

“Eh! You actually dare to resist me?” A wisp of a baleful expression couldn’t help but appear between the brows of the middle aged man when he saw the burning of his divine flames were unable to break through an utterly decayed door, and he couldn’t restrain himself any longer, causing the imposing aura in his entire body to rumble before it actually rose explosively by a great deal!

It felt as if he’d opened up a seal on his body, causing his strength to rise steadily, and an aura that was even more terrifying than a Heavenly Immortal seeped out from his body.

At this moment, this man was like the overlord of the world while divine flames charged into the sky from all over his body, causing him to be terrifying to the extreme and simply be on par with the white haired Xeno-race Saint Emperor Chen Xi had seen within the Door of Profundity within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss!

“Ethereal Divine Flame, incinerate the heavens!” The man shouted angrily while his hands seemed as if they were embracing a scorching sun, and he fiercely slapped down onto the iron lock that was mottled with rust.


An enormous bang shook the heavens while the iron lock that emanated a grand and divine aura trembled and seemed to be on the verge of shattering, causing the man to instantly reveal an overjoyed expression, and then his figure flashed while he was about to execute a profound technique to blast open the iron lock in one go.

But right at this moment, a tiny gap was revealed at the edge of the tightly closed door, and then a strange force surged out soundless before instantly suppressing the entire strength of the man!

At this instant, even Chen Xi’s entire body trembled as he felt an indescribably evil aura surge into his heart, causing the blood in his entire body to seem to be on the verge of stagnating while his heart was enveloped within an enormous shadow.

Exactly how terrifying is the energy of sin within this thatched house?

Chen Xi was unable to imagine it.

The great Xeno-race figure was obviously shocked while a wisp of panic appeared within his eyes, and his figure retreated explosively as he seemed to have sensed danger and intended to avoid it temporarily.

Right at this moment, a strand of black gas suddenly emerged from the gap on the door, and it transformed into a deathly grey colored palm that emanated an extremely decaying, evil, and gloomy aura.


This palm stretched out like an ancient Fiendgod that was about to be resurrected, and it carried a myriad of strands of the energy of sin as it descended once more into the world and tainted it.

“The source of sin! No! Why would such a damnable force exist in the world!? Could it be that the upheaval of the three dimensions this time will cause the three dimensions to experience an unprecedented calamity?” The man was greatly astounded as he turned and fled without hesitating in the slightest. The appearance of the source of sin caused him to sense a fatal threat as well.

Unfortunately, he was still a step too late.

The deathly grey palm that was suffused with the aura of decay and sin enveloped down while the man’s body was forcefully pinned down by an imperceptible and enormous force, causing him to stop in midair.


The man’s right hand was invaded by the energy of sin, causing it to explode instantaneously, and the intense pain and astonishment he felt caused him to let out an extremely miserable shrill cry.

After all, this was a great Xeno-race figure that was more terrifying than a Heavenly Immortal. Yet now, he was actually suppressed by merely a strand of the quintessence energy of sin. It felt like a Fiendgod trampling upon an ant, and it caused Chen Xi to feel a chill run down his spine and feel as if he’d fallen into an icy pit.

Such a terrifying force had already exceeded his understanding!

“Dammit! Dammit! Ethereal Arts, sacrifice my blood and spirit, and use my soul to grab a chance at survival!” The man roared with terror and fury before suddenly spitting out a mouthful of Blood Essence, causing the divine flames around his body to burn even more strongly, and then he actually struggled free of the restraints on him with a bang before transforming into a fiery shadow that vanished without a trace in the blink of an eye.


Right when the Xeno-race expert had just fled, the deathly grey colored palm didn’t return back behind the door, and it fiercely grabbed towards the point in space where Chen Xi and the little bear were standing in.

Instantly, he felt an indescribable aura of death, resentment, evil, and sin envelop his body and mind, and even the Shaman Energy, True Essence, and Divine Sense in his body was sealed up!

All of this seemed to have lost their effect beneath the envelopment of this palm, and it was the first time he’d encountered such a situation.

Could it be that I’m going to be buried here today? Chen Xi tried his best to circulate all the strength in his body, yet he noticed to his despair that all struggling was futile before this force.

“The might of the Sky Dao, the technique of mystery, eliminate the unreal, and slaughter evil. Suppress!” Right at this critical moment, the little bear by his side suddenly made a move. It held the Sky Key in its hand and caused the Sky Key to tear through the sky like a sharp sword as it directly slashed at the grey colored palm.

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