Chapter 807 – Dao Platform To Impart Knowledge

A dignified marquis, 2nd level Earthly Immortal Realm expert, and overlord of an area like Wen Tianshuo knelt on the ground and kowtowed with a sorrowful expression like a pitiable little maggot. If this were to be known by the public, it would surely cause their jaws to fall.

But Chen Xi wasn’t moved, and he felt this fellow seemed to be too shameless and lacking in backbone. Up until this moment, he was still avoiding taking responsibility and pushed it all onto the Heavenflow Dao Sect, so Chen Xi wondered how such a figure cultivated to the Earthly Immortal Realm.

“Young Hero Chen, my crimes deserve death, but I can swear to the heavens that from the beginning until the end, I had absolutely no intention of harming you. I only hope that you can let me off.” Wen Tianshuo begged with a dejected expression and a pitiful voice. “Even you’ve noticed that the Sky Dao Palace’s treasure vault is only a step away. So long as you let me off, I’m willing to give up the entire treasure vault to you.”

“I’ll similarly be able to obtain the entire treasure vault after killing you.” Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he said indifferently, “Actually, I intended to slaughter you and hang your corpse on the walls of Corona City to show the public…”

Before he could finish speaking, Wen Tianshuo’s expression had changed greatly as he cried out. “Then Young Hero Chen intends to spare me now?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “You can’t escape a disaster of your own making.”

Wen Tianshuo had a ghastly expression as he muttered without end. “Could it be that this is the sorrows of a nobody? I couldn’t afford to offend the Heavenflow Dao Sect, yet I’m not tolerated by your Nine Radiance Sword Sect…”

As he spoke, he suddenly charged out from the ground with palms that were like blades that suddenly slashed fiercely at Chen Xi’s Dantian.

This strike could be said to be sudden and impossible to guard against. If it was another, that person would absolutely not have expected Wen Tianshuo would actually launch a surprise attack at a time like this. Moreover, his actions were so resolute, ruthless, decisive, and without the slightest hesitation, causing it to carry the essence of a sneak attack.

However, Chen Xi seemed to have expected all of this long ago. As soon as Wen Tianshuo made a move, his right palm swung down like a mountain crushing down, and he struck before Wen Tianshuo.

Wen Tianshuo’s head was smashed apart like a watermelon, causing brain matter to spray all over. Besides that, his arms that he’d just lifted fell weakly from midair, and then his entire body fell to the ground with a thump.

This strike had completely destroyed his Soul Core and body, causing it to be impossible for him to have any chance of resurrection.

I knew that as an overlord, how could you accept your fate so easily? Unfortunately, you still died in the end. You can’t blame it on anyone but yourself for repaying kindness with enmity. Chen Xi shook his head before moving his gaze towards the walls in the surroundings of the hall.

The hall was empty and without the slightest decorations. Only those four walls of it still faintly revealed numerous drawings like landscape, flowers, birds, insects, fish, the star, the moon, stars, and so on and so forth that were inscribed on them.

But the strange thing was that the core of these drawings had been forcefully stripped off by someone, and it only left behind some decorative drawings of sceneries.

Merely from its outward appearance, it was utterly impossible to discern if it possessed any value.

Chen Xi recalled the drawings of an old sovereign reading the scripture, the drawing of a Black Tortoise shaking the earth, the drawing of a dragon and tiger in the form of Yin and Yang, and so on and so forth that Wen Tianshuo had mentioned, and he couldn’t help but mutter. “Could it be really as he said? Someone has been here before, and that person cleaned out everything within this hall?”

Chen Xi pondered briefly before his gaze descended towards the deepest depths of the hall. At that place was a door, and according to the records of the treasure map, the only path that led to the treasure vault was behind the door.


Without wasting anymore time, Chen Xi transformed into a wisp of flowing light and charged directly into the door.

After he entered the door, the first thing that entered his eyes was a lake. It was enormous and possessed clear water with numerous lotus flowers floating on it. The lotus flowers had leaves that were crimson red in color, and it blazed like flames and was suffused with divine radiance. However, the flowers had been gathered by someone a long time ago.

Crimsonray Flamestreak Lotuses. These are precious treasures of the heavens and the earth, and a single lotus flower is comparable to a Quasi Immortal Weapon in value. Now, this enormous area of flowers has actually been gathered completely… Chen Xi frowned, and then he moved past the lake to notice a garden. The garden had fertile soil and was suffused with dense Immortal Energy that assaulted his face. Moreover, there were various spirit materials and spirit medicines that flickered with bright lights and were faintly dyed with a brilliant glow.

This was probably a herb garden, and it was filled with numerous precious and aged medicine that were rare in the world, and some had even become extinct in the outside world like the Violetvortex Soulrecover Herb, the Silverspot Goldeye Flower, and so on and so forth. Even if it was in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, this herb garden was rare, and if it did exist, it would surely be guarded closely.

But now, the spirit medicines and spirit materials within this herb garden revealed signs of withering. The fruits, flowers, stems, and roots that were of shocking worth had already been completely gathered, and only a mess was left behind.

Chen Xi kept silent and continued forward when he saw this.

All along the way, he saw numerous lofty and ancient palaces. Some were medicinal pill halls, treasures weapon halls, scripture halls, martial practice malls, and so on and so forth. Every single one of them was extremely magnificent and suffused with a solemn and ancient aura.

But these halls were mostly empty and covered in a mess. It was like a group of extremely greedy bandits had plundered it, dug three feet into the ground, and completely cleaned it out to the point nothing remained.

Looks like someone has really arrived before me, and this person’s methods are actually so ruthless. He didn’t even leave some scraps for me… No matter how composed Chen Xi was, he couldn’t help but reveal a gloomy expression after witnessing these scenes.

Presently, he could already be sure that this place was undoubtedly related to the Sky Dao Palace, and it might even be the place the sect resided.

Now, everything here had been completely cleaned out by someone, so how could Chen Xi not be depressed?

After all, the Sky Dao Palace was one of the 10 great immortal sects all those years ago! So how shocking would the treasures left behind by it be?

It was immeasurable!

It was obvious just by looking at the current Nine Radiance Sword Sect, as an extraordinary power in the Dark Reverie, there was an enormous amount of various treasures and inheritances within ii, and it wasn’t exaggerated to describe it as vast like an ocean and dense like a river of stars.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi dared say with certainty that if all the treasures he’d seen all along the way here were added together, it would be sufficient to establish a great power and start a sect!

Not to mention him, even other Earthly Immortal Realm experts or a figure that was a Sect Master of a power would probably be filled with rage.

Fortunately, this is merely the outer area, and the true treasure vault of the Sky Dao Palace has probably not been discovered. After all, the key to the treasure vault is still in my possession. As he thought like this, the depression in his heart eased up greatly.

He didn’t hesitate any longer and stopped exploring as well, and he directly flashed swiftly towards the depths of the area according to the indications on the treasure map.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, according to Chen Xi’s speed, he’d flown for at least a few tens of thousands of kilometers before he’d arrived before an ancient group of buildings.

This was the final location recorded on the treasure map.

Chen Xi glanced over and noticed that the surroundings of these buildings were covered in a shapeless restriction that separated it from the world, and it was like the end of the world with no path forward.

These sort of restrictions were extremely terrifying. It seemed like a dimensional wall that forcefully split apart this expanse of the world, and it was interwoven with countless Laws of the Heaven Dao, so not to mention Chen Xi, even a Heavenly Immortal would find it impossible to surmount.


Chen Xi flew up into the sky and looked down below, and he saw an extremely shocking scene.

The eight ancient palaces were in a circle and in the position of the eight trigrams. Every single ancient palace revealed a different style, and they cooperated with each other from a distance to guard the surroundings.

There were four sacrificial altars at the center of the eight palaces. The sacrificial altars were completely constructed from limestone, and they were ancient like towers that were used to offer sacrifice to the heavens. They stood in the position of the Four-Symbols, and they guarded the surroundings.

There were two rivers flowing between the four sacrificial altars, and it was like two dragons that wound about just like the circulation of Yin and Yang, causing the area to carry profoundness internally while reflecting the Four-Symbols and eight trigrams from the outside. 

If it was just like this, then this expanse of buildings couldn’t be considered to be too magnificent, and they were only an extremely ordinary and small composition only.

But to Chen Xi’s surprise, this ‘river of Yin’ flowed crisscross through the four sacrificial altars and took the position of water in the five elements, whereas the ‘river of Yang’ intersected with the eight palaces to take the central position in the nine palaces of the eight trigrams.

Because of the circulation of the Yin and Yang river, a composition that was originally extremely ordinary had caused the atmosphere within this entire group of buildings to become extraordinary. It was grand, magnificent, and contained boundless evolving profundities, causing it to seem like it embraced the fortune of the world within it.

Even with Chen Xi’s knowledge in the Dao of Talismans, he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart upon witnessing this scene. For example, the great achievement of utilizing the formation to the limit like this and having it synchronize with the heavens and the earth could absolutely be called as something that shocked the world.

But no matter if it was the palaces, sacrificial altars, or the rivers of Yin and Yang, all of them could only be considered as external forces, and the Dao Platforms at the center were the true core of the formation!

Amazing! Small details tell a great picture! The Sky Dao Palace surely possessed extraordinary and superior attainments in the Dao of Talismans. I wonder why such a power would vanish overnight. Logically speaking, the greater the attainments in the Dao of Talismans, the deeper its knowledge towards the circulation of the workings of the heavens. Putting aside predicting the future and deducing fate, they would at least be able to turn calamities into blessings. Chen Xi pondered briefly yet was unable to wrap his head around it. So he shook his head and flashed past the eight palaces to fly directly towards the Dao Platforms at the absolute center.

The Dao Platforms were ancient and ordinary. They only covered an area of 300m and were branded all over with the corrosion of time and mottled marks. Chen Xi stood amongst them and couldn’t help but feel a heavy and solemn atmosphere.

He faintly seemed to see a Daoist sitting cross-legged on a meditation cushion with a carefree appearance and was passing down the Dao. All the disciples by his side were either seated or standing in a carefree manner, and they were either pondering silently, seemed to be lost in thought, or were beaming…

“The Grand Dao is shapeless, nameless, without logic, and without interest. Those that are lost within it take the heavens as the Dao, Immortality as the Dao, and the Laws as the Dao, then what would be outside the heavens, above immortality, and within the Laws?”

“Man seeks the Dao all through the entire heavens and the earth, yet it isn’t in the heavens, the earth, immortality, or mortality. It’s only in the hearts of all. If there is wisdom in one’s heart, then everything in the world carries the Dao, and the boundless universe would only be a grain of sand wherever one’s heart was directed at.”

A wave of a voice that was grand like the chime of a bell faintly resounded out by his ear, and it was thought-provoking and pointed straight towards the heart, causing Chen Xi to be stunned instantaneously. 

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