Chapter 804 – Ruthlessly Crushing A Flower

His apricot yellow Daoist robes fluttered as Chen Xi stood above the clouds, and the Shaman Energy in his entire body surged like an enormous raging river. Even though he stood there without moving, he naturally carried an oppressive imposing aura like a sovereign that had descended into the world.

This was his clone!

This body was formed according to the Worldmend Technique passed down to him by A’xiu and with his own Blood Essence as its foundation. Regardless of if it was consciousness, comprehension in Dao Insights, or cultivation experience, it was completely alike to Chen Xi.

It was like the relationship between one’s right hand and left hand, and besides their cultivation, everything else was completely the same. 

This clone had always been silently comprehending and improving its cultivation within the world of stars, and under the nurturing of the blood crystals from the Lightning Spirit, it was undergoing a transformation at practically every single moment.

Coupled with the speed of time moving around 10 times slower in the world of stars when compared with the outside world. At this moment, this clone’s body refinement cultivation had broken through the Rebirth Realm to attain the Nether Transformation Realm a long time ago!

In other words, Chen Xi had relied on this extremely miraculous technique, the Worldmend Technique, to overcome the curse and restrictions of the Fiendgods now, and his body refinement and qi refinement cultivations had attained the Nether Transformation Realm!

This was absolutely a magnificent feat that made history, and it could be said to be unprecedented and will never be achieved again. It seemed impossible to find another existence like him in the entire heavens and the earth!

At this moment, it was the first time Chen Xi’s clone had appeared in before everyone in the world, and it forced Leng Chan’er back in one go, causing all the nearby cultivators to be shocked.

“How could this be possible?! This is absolutely impossible!” Leng Chan’er’s pupils dilated while she cried out repeatedly, and she didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi who was obvious exhausted would be able to instantly recover his combat strength.

She couldn’t bother to wipe of the bloodstains that flowed from the corners of her mouth, and she seemed like an abandoned and resentful wife while her beautiful and gorgeous face was covered in resentment and anger.


Dark blue sword qi shot into the skies and transformed into tempestuous waves that struck towards Chen Xi once more. She was unable to accept such a situation, or perhaps, she’d been shocked by everything that had happened today to the point of losing all reason, and she was like a mad woman that was fearless towards death.

“Even if I die today, I’ll drag you down with me!” A mad and fierce cry sounded out from Leng Chan’er’s mouth, and it revealed boundless resolution and resentment.

“Are you even worthy of dragging me down with you?” said Chen Xi with a cold voice. As he spoke, his figure flashed and charged right at her before punching out, and it caused a myriad of thunderstorm vortexes to rumble as they collapsed and shattered the surrounding shape.

Stellar Lightningform, Devourer Dao Insight!


His fist carried enormous might as it pushed forward with indomitable might, and it directly blasted apart the dark blue rain of sword qi that covered the sky before charging towards Leng Chan’er without losing momentum in the slightest. After that, it instantly transformed from fist into palm and tightly grabbed onto her neck.

This strike was all-powerful and relaxed to the extreme. No matter how formidable Leng Chan’er was, she was only a top figure in the Nether Transformation Realm in the end. She was far from being able to compare with Xueyan, let alone be a match for Chen Xi.

In just a single strike, she was held up by the neck like a chick, and no matter how she struggled, she was unable to escape Chen Xi’s grasp.

All the nearby cultivators gasped in their hearts when they saw this, and they seemed as if they’d been doused with cold water, causing the blazing greed in their hearts to disperse greatly.

Even though it was a mere single strike, it allowed them to clearly notice that Chen Xi’s current state seemed to be on par to when he killed all his enemies earlier, and he wasn’t weak and exhausted as he was before.

Being grabbed by the neck caused Leng Chan’er to flush from suffocation, and her face warped while her gaze was filled with resentment, yet this resentment was quickly replaced by terror.

At this moment, she who was on the verge of death was stimulated by the aura of extreme danger, causing her to suddenly awaken from her resentment and fury and sense unprecedented terror.

Even an ant struggled for life, let alone a genius from the Heavenflow Dao Sect like her?

“You… You can’t kill me!” Leng Chan’er’s teeth chattered as she spoke with terror and fury.

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s gaze didn’t contain any emotion, and it was icy cold and indifferent. Even if she was a woman, she’d repeatedly carried the intention of harming and killing him, so her crimes were unforgiveable!

Not to mention, in Chen Xi’s eyes, so long as one was an enemy, then there was no difference of gender and age!

“Martial Ancestor Qing cares deeply for me, and she has always taken me as a disciple. If you want to regain her feelings, then you can’t kill me!” Leng Chan’er spoke swiftly.

She was able to sense Chen Xi’s killing intent, so time was of the essence. She didn’t dare hesitate in the slightest as she was deeply afraid being slightly slow might cost her life.

“Oh?” Chen Xi gave the same reply once more, and merely based on his expression, it was utterly impossible to discern exactly what he was thinking in his heart.

But Leng Chan’er couldn’t care about all this, and she continued. “You’ve seen it as well. All the people pursuing you are great figures at the Earthly Immortal Realm from my Heavenflow Dao Sect, but they acted according to my orders. Do you know why?”

Before Chen Xi could give any reaction, she answered her own question. “Very simple, it’s because Lord Bing Shitian instructed them to act in that way. The reason he did that is for the sake of winning me over to help him ease up his relationship with Martial Ancestor Qing.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she raised her eyes to stare at Chen Xi’s eyes before her expression recovered slight calm and composure, and then she said, “Now, you finally understand how important I am in Martial Ancestor Qing’s heart, right? Let me go, and once I return to the sect, I’ll help speak good things about you before Martial Ancestor Qing…”


Her voice stopped abruptly.

Leng Chan’er stared with eyes wide open while muffled groans sounded out from her throat, and she seemed to not dare believe that Chen Xi would suddenly act ruthlessly and twist her neck…

In the next moment, her vision turned black as she lost all consciousness.

“Could it be that you don’t know that if Xiuyi knew how your chased after me with the intention to kill me, she would annihilate you in the first possible moment?” Chen Xi raised his hand and tossed Leng Chan’er’s corpse out, causing it to drop from midair and fall into the river with a thump.

Everyone in the surroundings was shocked. The conversation between Chen Xi and Leng Chan’er was carried out via voice transmission, so they hadn’t heard it. But at this moment, when they saw Chen Xi suddenly acting ruthlessly and directly ending Leng Chan’er’s life, they still couldn’t help but be terrified.

He was even able to do that to such a peerlessly beautiful young woman?

“You’re actually so ruthless at such a young age, I truly can’t watch on. I’ll seek justice for these fallen fellow Daoists from the Heavenflow Dao Sect today!” An old man suddenly stood out, and he directly teleported to arrive before Chen Xi as he spoke, and then his palms overlapped into a mysterious seal before slapping down at Chen Xi.

Extremely blazing Immortal Energy flowed on his palms, and he seemed to have already utilized all his might.

“Old Goat, you speak with such righteous intent, but aren’t you just greedy and intend to take a share of the treasures in my possession?” Chen Xi sneered and was unafraid as he stepped forward, and it caused the heavens and the earth to tremble. His entire body was coiled with a myriad of arcs of lightning, causing his entire body to seem like an enormous thunderstorm vortex as he collided head on with the old man.


Both of them collided with each other like two volcanos smashing against each other, and it caused a bang that shook the heavens.

After that, under the astounded gazes of everyone present, the old man was blasted flying while repeatedly coughing up blood.

Moreover, he didn’t even have the chance to dodge when he was enveloped by an enormous thunderstorm vortex before his entire body was minced and obliterated instantly by the thunderstorm vortex.

In a single strike, he’d annihilated an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

Witnessing this scene cause everyone in the vicinity to not dare carry any hope in their hearts, and they revealed expressions of terror.

Just as Chen Xi had said earlier, there were still some fellows amongst the nearby cultivators that had been blinded by greed, and they couldn’t forget the treasures in his possession.

They originally thoughts that no matter how formidable Chen Xi was, since he’d battled until now, he was probably on the verge of collapse, and perhaps they didn’t even have to make a move but would be able to obtain some benefits.

However, the horrifying and bloody scene before their eyes was like a sledgehammer that directly shattered the trace of hope and dreams that still remained in their heart.

This kid can’t be defeated!

At this moment, the same thought couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of every single cultivator in the surroundings.


However, to everyone’s surprise, Chen Xi actually transformed into a ray of light that shot into the river below him and vanished in the blink of an eye.

What is he doing?

Everyone was stunned, and then someone seemed to have come to an understanding and said doubtfully, “He wouldn’t have gone to unearth the treasure vault of the Sky Dao Palace, right?’

“It’s possible!” Someone seemed to have suddenly thought of something and said, “Chen Xi helped the Marquis Wen’s Estate annihilate eight great sinners, and Wen Tianshuo promised to share the treasure map in his possession with Chen Xi!”

“Could it be that the treasure vault of the Sky Dao Palace is beneath the river?” Everyone was in an uproar, and they couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of excitement.

Hadn’t they come to the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain this time precisely for the treasure vault?

“Wait, even if he went to go look for the treasure vault, there’s no need to leave so hastily, right? Could it be that there’s some sort of reason behind this?” Someone dissented.


That person’s voice was still resounding in the air when the space above the river suddenly exploded open, and then a mighty figure that was coiled with boundless Immortal Energy and emanated infinite light walked out from within the space with large strides.

He was entirely like a scorching sun that emanated a radiant glow. His entire body was covered in Immortal Energy and a thousand strands of auspicious qi, and they transformed into strands of the energy of the Laws. As soon as he appeared, the entire world was trembling as it was respectfully awaiting the arrival of an Emperor.

This person was too dazzling, and it caused others to be utterly incapable of seeing his face clearly.

But the more it was like this, the more their hearts trembled. The nearby cultivators and even the Earthly Immortal Realm experts nearby couldn’t restrain their hearts from palpitating at this moment.

A Heavenly Immortal!

This is absolutely a great figure at the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

Everyone was astounded and felt even more afraid, causing them to go silent like cicadas in the winter and not dare make a rash move. They were deeply afraid that a tiny movement might infuriate the great figure in the distance.

“I was still a step too late, they’re actually all dead…” That figure muttered with a low and piercingly cold voice that didn’t contain a shred of emotion. “Looks like I’ve still underestimated the speed of his growth. If I wait for the time limit of 100 years to arrive, then perhaps he would really be able to threaten me…”

“Very good, it’s even more interesting like this. Once that day arrives, I’ll surely prepare an enormous pleasant surprise for you!”

His voice was still drifting through the sky while that mighty and brilliant figure had vanished since a long time ago, and it seemed as if he’d never appeared.

Everyone looked at each other and went silent for a long time before someone couldn’t restrain the astonishment in his heart and let out an extremely ear piercing exclaim of shock. “Lord Bing Shitian! That was absolutely the emissary of the Immortal Dimension, Lord Bing Shitian!”

On the other hand, even more people noticed something to their horror. Chen Xi wouldn’t have noticed Bing Shitian’s arrival beforehand, so he dived hastily into the ‘’ character shaped river, right? 

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