Chapter 803 – Turning Around An Adverse Situation

Rumbling shook the heavens while blazing radiance enveloped the heavens and the earth.

Everyone was unable to see exactly what had happened, and they stared with eyes wide open, while shock couldn’t help but appear on their faces.

“It’s actually horrifying to such an extent! That’s a formidable existence at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm that even possesses a Buddhist Treasure Immortal Artifact, yet he has been pressured by Chen Xi to such a state!”

“I heard that he’s a disciple from a minor world that entered the Dark Reverie just a few years ago. But now, he has already grown to such a heaven defying state, and it’s truly difficult to imagine exactly how he cultivated.”

“There’s no justice in this world, truly no justice. A junior in the Nether Transformation Realm is actually capable of rivalling a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert. This…”

Everyone discussed animatedly, and even Leng Chan’er couldn’t help but clench her fist tightly, causing her nails to sink deep into her flesh while she felt anxious and perturbed to the limit.


Then Chen Xi and Elder Yun Zhu finally split apart after the terrifying collision.

Dust and smoke effused out.

Chen Xi’s snow white hair fluttered along with his clothes, and the vital blood in his entire body was rapidly declining while his entire body seemed to have instantly aged. It seemed as if a thousand years had passed in this moment, and the passage of time occurred in an instant.

His imposing aura suffered an enormous decline as well!

This was the sight of the Godslaughter Burst’s might vanishing before its side effects erupted. It would cause his cultivation to instantly return to its original state and cause him to become extremely weak and dispirited because of the enormous exhaustion of his spirit, energy, essence, and quintessence energy.

Even though everyone present didn’t know that Chen Xi had executed the ultimate technique of the Yazi Clan, when they witnessed this scene, all of them had a strong feeling that the current Chen Xi was like a tiger that had its fangs pulled out, and he was in a ceaselessly weakening state!

On the other hand, Elder Yun Zhu’s figure stood there without moving while his eyes stared fixedly at Chen Xi, and what he was thinking was unknown as he actually stayed silent.

Who exactly won this battle?

A wisp of bewilderment arose in the hearts of many.

Leng Chan’er’s beautiful brows raised instead while she beamed. Merely based on the outward appearance of things, Chen Xi’s state seemed to be much more inferior after this strike, and he was on the verge of collapsing in defeat.

However, right at this moment, Elder Yun Zhu suddenly said, “The Godslaughter Burst… Not bad, little kid… Unfortunately, you’re bound to follow in my footsteps today…”

His voice came and went, and it was extremely hoarse and revealed a horrifying aura.

Follow in his footsteps… What does this mean?

In next to no time, everyone came to an understanding because as soon as Elder Yun Zhu finished speaking, his head suddenly tilted to the side before falling off his neck.


A stream of scarlet red blood sprayed out like a fountain from his severed neck, and it dyed the sky red. Under the illumination of the first ray of sunlight, it was suffused with a horrifying yet gorgeous sheen.

Elder Yun Zhu’s head had actually been cut off during the previous collision, and it seemed that because the sword qi was too sharp, his head only fell off after he finished speaking!


Everyone present gasped when they saw this scene, and they were frozen on the spot like clay statues.

A higher-up of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert had actually been beheaded by the number one figure in the younger generation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, causing blood to rain through the sky!

“Martial Uncle Yun Zhu!!!” The happiness on the corners of Leng Chan’er’s mouth froze before transforming into deep disbelief. Her chest rose and fell rapidly when she couldn’t endure the grief and fury in her heart any longer, causing her to emit an extremely miserable and shrill cry.

She was unable to accept such a situation. Her Martial Uncle Jing Kong and the others had perished, the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation had been taken, and at this moment, even her Martial Uncle Yun Zhu with the highest cultivation had perished on the spot, causing her to be left all alone.

How could she possibly accept such a scene?

“You deserve death! Chen Xi, you deserve death for your crimes!” After that, she swiftly raised her head while her eye stared fixedly at the distant Chen Xi, and her resentful gaze seemed as if she wished for nothing more than to skin Chen Xi alive.

“Even though Martial Uncle Yun Zhu has fallen, you probably don’t feel well yourself, right? There’s no need for you to forcefully hold on because I’ve already discerned that the energy within your entire body is flowing out rapidly, and you’re on the verge of exhaustion. So how can you fight me?” Leng Chan’er suddenly started roaring with laughter while she spoke with a grim voice, and her beautiful and exquisite face was actually suffused with a savage and mad expression.

“You can come over and try.” Chen Xi stood in midair, and his expression remained unchanged as he spoke coldly.

Even though he spoke like this, but the ceaselessly weakening aura on his body was impossible to be concealed, and it was clearly noticed by everyone in the surroundings.

They couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts. Looks like it’s just as Leng Chan’er said. After that Chen Xi experienced the battle from before, he’s probably on the verge of death and can’t hold on for much longer…

Leng Chan’er’s laughter didn’t reduce in the slightest as her eyes surged with flames of madness, and she chuckled. “Chen Xi! Oh! Chen Xi! Do you think everyone in the world is blind!?”

As she spoke, her face suddenly turned cold as she gritted her teeth and said, “Even if you still have a bit of strength remaining, but what if everyone present here makes a move against you?”

Chen Xi went silent while his gaze turned cold.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Do you think that they wouldn’t dare make a move against you? Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten that not only do you possess an Immortal Sword in your possession, you even possess the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation of my Heavenflow Dao Sect. Moreover, the treasures left behind by those 13 martial uncles of mine might have fallen into your hands as well.” When she saw Chen Xi staying silent, Leng Chan’er couldn’t refrain from roaring with laughter. “Tell me, when facing a tiger that has lost its power, would they be able to restrain themselves from making a move? Or will they tear of your tiger skin and divide up all the treasures in your possession?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it really caused everyone in the surroundings to become restless.

It was even to the extent that the eyes of some cultivators that were hidden in the shadows couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of blazing excitement.


Chen Xi was heavily injured and on the verge of death now, whereas there were many shocking treasures in his possession, and there was no lack of Immortal Artifacts amongst them. He was simply like a human shaped treasure vault, so how could it not draw out their greed?

Men die in the pursuit of wealth just like birds die in the pursuit of food.

Just as Leng Chan’er had said, under the stimulation of sufficient benefits, not to mention Chen Xi who was the number one figure in the younger generation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, they would even dare to go against a god!

“Very nicely done.” Chen Xi finally spoke, and his expression still remained cold and calm as he said coldly, “But do you think they’d let you off after killing me?”

Leng Chan’er was stunned, and then her expression changed indeterminately. She knew that Chen Xi was speaking the truth. If these people seized the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession, then they would surely not obediently hand over the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation and the treasures left behind by her martial uncles.

Moreover, for the sake of keeping this incident a secret, killing her to silence her was undoubtedly the only choice.

“So what if I die?” In the next moment, Leng Chan’er revealed a ruthless expression while she spoke resolutely. “Do you think that I have the face to return to my sect under these circumstances? Since it’s like this, why don’t I drag you down with me!?”


As she spoke, she suddenly charged explosively while holding a dark blue colored sword in her hand, and it slashed out horizontally at Chen Xi.

Sword Qi surged and transformed into a dark blue ocean that whistled over, and it carried a firm and ruthless imposing aura. Even though she only possessed a combat strength at the Nether Transformation Realm, it was sufficient to be lethal to the current Chen Xi.

Just like everyone present here had noticed, his current state was already weak and dispirited to the limit, and his body was utterly not capable of battle any longer.

It was even to the extent that he was worried he would collapse from the slightest movement.

After all, since the battle had begun until now, from being trapped in the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation to executing the Godslaughter Burst, and then finally to colliding head on with Elder Yun Zhu just moments ago. He’d exhausted an enormous amount of energy, and he’d overdrawn the strength of his body a long time ago.

The reason he was still able to stand in midair was entirely because he was relying on a strand of fortitude and willpower to support himself.

On the other hand, Leng Chan’er had dared to charge straight at him precisely because she’d noticed this, otherwise, with her character, she would absolutely not make such a desperate decision in such a short period of time.

Even the other nearby cultivators were restless, and they seemed as if they would charge forward to divide up Chen Xi’s treasures as soon as Leng Chan’er succeeded.

Right amidst this critical situation, Chen Xi who stood in midair suddenly started laughing, and a wisp of deep disdain appeared on the corners of his mouth.


In the next moment, a figure suddenly appeared before him as if it had teleported over, and at the instant it appeared, it raised its hand and grabbed out, causing its hand to transform into an enormous hand that covered the sky!

This enormous hand had fingers that were like pillars capable of holding up the sky. They were coiled with a myriad of chilly starlight and circulated with the five elements while lightning and wind resonated together, and it emanated a vast imposing aura that was desolate, mysterious, and seemed to contain everything in the world.

As soon as it appeared, it completely crushed the dark blue sword qi that assaulted him!

Rumble!Blazing rays of light rumbled as Leng Chan’er’s entire body was blasted flying by the residual wind emitted by this strike, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out of her mouth while her gorgeous and exquisite face was covered in dense terror.

Who is it!?

Could it be Chen Xi’s reinforcements?

It wasn’t just her, even the pupils of the other nearby cultivators constricted from the shock of having witnessed this sudden scene, and their figures that were about to charge forward froze on the spot.

“Leng Chan’er, there was no enmity between us, yet you provoked me repeatedly. Could it be that you really think I wouldn’t dare kill you because you’re a woman?” The dust and smoke dispersed while a calm and icy cold voice suddenly sounded out. At the same time, Chen Xi’s figure appeared once more within everyone’s field of vision.

However, when they saw his appearance clearly, all of them were stunned.

At this moment, he wore an apricot yellow Daoist robe while his long hair had become dense and jet black. Moreover, he possessed an extraordinary bearing while there seemed to be the sun and moon alternating within his eyes, and his entire body seemed like a god of devils standing in the heavens and emanated an immovable aura.

Everyone was able to clearly sense the changes in Chen Xi’s bearing. If it wasn’t for his appearance remaining the same, everyone would almost think that this Chen Xi and the one from before were two different people!

“An External Avatar!” Someone exclaimed with shock.

“No, the External Avatar is an ability of the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement. Moreover, it’s absolutely impossible to utilize an External Avatar while the main body is damaged.” Someone shook his head.

“Then…it wouldn’t be a real clone, right? My god! That’s an ability only a Heavenly Immortal may possess. For example, Bing Shitian descended into the world with a clone!”

“Impossible! That sort of clone already contained the energy of the Laws and Will. Chen Xi is only at the Nether Transformation Realm, so how could he possibly comprehend the Laws and possess the will of the Immortal?”

Everyone was surprised and bewildered. They were unable to discern exactly what sort of ability Chen Xi had executed to actually produce such a clone.

But without any doubt, this clone was extremely formidable, and it walked purely on the path of Fiendgod body refinement!

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