Chapter 802 – Taia Nine Spiral Bell

Stomp! Stomp!

Steady footsteps resounded out within the oppressive and silent atmosphere, and it jolted everyone present back to their sensed.

Chen Xi’s white hair fluttered while killing intent surged throughout his body, and the Talisman Armament in his hand was suffused with a dim sheen under the first ray of daybreak, causing it to seem oppressively fierce and terrifying.

“Chen Xi!”

“It really was him!”

“My god! He was actually able to walk out from the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation!”

As they looked at the tall figure in midair and recalled all the rumors related to this young man, everyone present couldn’t restrain the shock in their hearts and exploded into an uproar.

At this moment, daybreak had arrived upon the world, wheres, on the day that had just passed a moment ago, this young man had just slaughtered eight great sinners at the Earthly Immortal Realm before shocking back the will of a great figure by himself, and he’d blasted apart the Prime Blood God Flags!

Now, he’d broken out of the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s renowned slaughter formation and successfully broke out from an encirclement. These splendid accomplishments in battle proved a step further exactly how heaven defying his strength was.

At this moment, could anyone maintain their composure while facing this peerless and monstrous genius?

“You’re…actually alive!” Leng Chan’er’s body trembled while her beautiful face turned pale.

She’d met Chen Xi once around five years ago, and she’d utilized an extremely arrogant attitude to persuade Chen Xi not to interfere with the relationship between Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi.

At that time, she similarly had never expected that Chen Xi would actually be able to cause such a commotion in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss and even cause her Senior Brother Yan Shisan to lose miserably at his hand.

Later on, Bing Shitian personally made a move and crippled Chen Xi’s Blackhole World, and at the same time she felt regretful, she couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in her heart. She knew that premature destruction of this peerless genius was equivalent to eliminating a future trouble for the Heavenflow Dao Sect.

But no one had expected that not only did Chen Xi survive, he even repaired his Blackhole World, causing his cultivation to improve greatly. As soon as he appeared in the world, he slaughtered her Senior Brother Yan Shisan and even crushed the top experts from the Eternal Spirit Mountain, shocking the world once again.

On the other hand, Leng Chan’er had never expected that in a mere five years of time, Chen Xi’s cultivation would actually leave all his peers far behind and attain an inconceivable state, and the feat of annihilating eighth great sinners at the Earthly Immortal Realm was sufficient to prove all this.

Every single genius in the world would be cast into a shade before such a figure because it was practically impossible to find another person in the world that could rival him!

It was precisely because of this that she’d accompanied the seniors of her sect to annihilate Chen Xi this time, and it was also the reason why they didn’t just deploy over 10 Earthly Immortal Realm experts, they even borrowed a great weapon of slaughter like the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation. These forces were sufficient to sweep through any first-rate sect in the Dark Reverie.


They’d still lost!

Not only did Chen Xi survive, even the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation was refined and taken possession of by him.

If she didn’t witness it with her own two eyes, Leng Chan’er felt that everything she’d experienced today was like an extremely absurd nightmare, and it was so unreal and so difficult to accept.

“You’re actually still alive?” This was obviously an unnecessary question, and it obviously showed how strong the shock in Leng Chan’er’s heart was.

“Of course I’m alive. Unfortunately, those seniors of yours are dead.” Chen Xi replied indifferently, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning as his cold gaze locked onto Leng Chan’er. “All those years ago, even Bing Shitian personally crippling my Blackhole World was unable to kill me, do you think you can annihilate me by relying on those old goats? Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourselves?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone in the surroundings was astounded. It could be said that this was the first time they’d heard that Bing Shitian had actually personally made a move to cripple Chen Xi’s Blackhole World many years ago!

On the other hand, Chen Xi was alive and well, and he even possessed a heaven defying combat strength now. In other words, not only was he not crippled, he’d reconstructed his Blackhole World and obtained a terrifying improvement in strength within a short few years of time.

The minds of everyone shook. Isn’t this a little too shocking? If news of this was to be spread out, it would probably instantly stir the entire cultivation world and even cause a head on conflict between the Heavenflow Dao Sect and the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!

After all, this incident was truly too despicable. Bing Shitian was a dignified Heavenly Immortal, yet he actually disregarded his dignity and made a move against a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. If the Nine Radiance Sword Sect didn’t react in the slightest before such an incident, then would it have any face to stay ranked amongst the 10 great immortal sects?

Leng Chan’er’s countenance turned ghastly pale. This incident had always been kept a secret, and even if it was in the Heavenflow Dao Sect, only a small group of people knew about. Now, when she saw Chen Xi reveal it in front of everyone, her fear and fury was obvious.

“Little kid, you actually dared to slander Lord Bing Shitian like this. You can only atone with your death!” Suddenly, Elder Yun Zhu shouted explosively as he flashed out, and he executed a teleportation technique. In the next moment, he’d arrived before Chen Xi, and his fingers were like hooks that stabbed fiercely towards Chen Xi’s head.


Even though it was five fingers, yet it was formidable like magic treasures. They were coiled with Immortal Energy and emanated an exceedingly terrifying force field that enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body with the intention of annihilation him, so as to avoid him talking nonsense.

“Old dog, trying to silence me? Fuck off!” Chen Xi shouted fiercely with a voice that was like thunderclaps, and he raised his hand and slapped towards this strike from Yun Zhu.


A wave of ear piercing sounds of bones breaking resounded out. Elder Yun Zhu was directly blasted flying, and his figure swayed while his expression alternated between a livid and ashen expression. Moreover, his entire right hand had been struck to the point all its bones had split apart.

Leng Chan’er gasped. He actually forced Martial Uncle Yun Zhu back with a raise of his hand!

After all. Yun Zhu possessed a cultivation at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. Not to mention Nether Transformation Realm cultivators, how many Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators in the world were capable of injuring him with a single strike?

At this instant, Leng Chan’er instantly understood a piece of reality, and she abandoned the last trace of hope in her heart. She knew that her Martial Uncle Jing Kong and the others had surely been annihilated…

“You’re courting death!” Never had Elder Yun Zhu imagined that Chen Xi’s strength would actually be heaven defying to such an extent, and it was simply like a legend.

This caused him to feel disbelief, and his furious roars shook the heavens as Immortal Energy rumbled through his body, causing his right arm to instantly recover to its previous state. After that, he withdrew a copper bell that emanated divine radiance before smashing it down at Chen Xi.

This was his Immortal Artifact, the Taia Nine Spiral Bell. It was a true Immortal Artifact that contained the energy of nine spirals of obliteration. Every single spiral was a purgatory like world, and once one was suppressed within it, even though one wouldn’t die instantaneously, the degree of pain one would feel wasn’t inferior to being thrown into the 18 levels of hell. One would suffer endless torment, and it caused others to tremble with fear and go pale upon hearing it being mentioned.

Elder Yun Zhu had relied on this Immortal Artifact to create an enormous reputation for himself in the cultivation world. He’d annihilated countless formidable experts, and all of them were tormented to death by his Taia Nine Spiral Bell.

It was precisely because of this that he was called ‘the living Asura.’ His methods were extremely cold and ruthless, and it caused his enemies to hate him to the bone and fear him to the bone.


The copper bell descended from the sky while its body emanated a myriad of strands of crimson and blood red radiance. Waves of rumbles that were like a tempestuous storm resounded, and merely the shapeless soundwave shook everyone present to the point their vital blood roiled while their souls seemed to be on the verge of being extracted.


Chen Xi didn’t even spare it a glance instead, and he directly slashed out with a sword light suffused with Creation Qi.


It actually struck the bell to the point of trembling violently.

Even though this bell was formidable, then Talisman Armament in his possession wasn’t inferior. Not to mention he’d executed the Godslaughter Burst now, and his strength had multiplied explosively, so why would he be afraid of getting injured?

“Nine spirals combine into one and obliterate the world! Die!” Besides being shocked and furious, Elder Yun Zhu’s expression couldn’t help but become extremely heavy when he saw this, and he shouted endlessly with a stern voice.

At this moment, he’d taken Chen Xi to be his number one enemy, and he didn’t dare underestimate Chen Xi in the slightest any longer.


The Taia Nine Spiral Bell rumbled violently while numerous extremely vast phenomena suffused its surface. There was the mortal world, ancient temples… Countless brilliant and bright aura were converged within this bell.

It seemed as if the past, present, and future were condensed together and transformed into a kingdom that kept out all evil.

“A Buddhist Treasure! This is actually a mysterious Buddhist Treasure Immortal Artifact!” Someone with a discerning gaze recognized the origins of this Immortal Artifact, and he couldn’t help but exclaim with shock.

Everyone was terrified. Never had anyone imagined that this Elder Yun Zhu from the Heavenflow Dao Sect would actually possess a Buddhist Treasure Immortal Artifact that came from the Buddhist Sect!

Even in the three dimensions, the Buddhist Sect was an extremely mysterious existence. They lived in seclusion within secret realms while cultivating in an aesthetical manner and shutting themselves out from the outside world. They used great will and persistence to seek to prove their beliefs, and they diligently searched for the paradise of happiness and the unfettered world.

Their cultivation system formed a whole of its own and had a style of its own, and it was extremely vast. Even though they hadn’t been heard of in the world for countless years, no one dared to overlook their existence.

For example, the techniques of Deity Transformation, Heaven Eye Connection, Thought Reading, Buddhist World Palm, Compressed Lotus Mountain, Earth Penetrating Goldlight, and numerous other renowned great Divine Abilities in the three dimensions came from Buddhist Sect cultivators.

Besides that, the Buddhist Treasures in the hands of Buddhist cultivators were a type of divine weapon that was similar to a Shaman Treasure. Every single Buddhist Treasure required ‘Buddhist Intent’ and ‘Buddha Radiance’ to be refined, and its might was extremely terrifying.

Especially Buddhist Treasures that had attained the Immortal Artifact rank. They were capable of annihilating evil and driving away evil intentions while just being placed far away, and they caused the heavens and the earth to be bathed in the envelopment of Buddhist light, transforming into a place of peace, tranquility, and happiness. 

If a Buddhist Treasure was utilized with one’s entire strength, it would be like one was possessed by a warrior attendant of the Buddha, causing the Buddha to descend to the world with exceedingly terrifying might.

“What can a tiny Buddhist Treasure do to me?” Chen Xi’s entire body suddenly transformed into an ocean of talisman markings when facing this strike, and he executed the Creation Sword Insight once more, causing a few thousands of sparkling sword qi to slash out and go head on against the Taia Nine Spiral Bell.

A competition for the right to create the world!

This conflict was like two gods in battle to seize the right to control and rule over the world!

Not a single person could describe the might of this collision, the entire heavens and the earth were trembling as bangs were emitted in the air and expanse after expanse of space were shattered.

The nearby cultivators that even had Earthly Immortal Realm experts amongst them were affected by this force. All of their figures staggered while their faces went pale, and a mouthful of blood even sprayed out abruptly from the mouths of some people with weaker strength before they collapsed to the ground.

Instantly, rumbling that was strong like thunderclaps and extremely blazing light drowned out this expanse of the world, causing everyone to be unable to clearly see exactly what was occurring.

Who actually won in the end?

Even though everyone was matchlessly astounded, their eyes still stared fixedly at the battlefield with the utmost concentration, as they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

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