Chapter 80 – Battling The Roc King

Chapter 80 – Battling The Roc King

The black clothed man had a skinny and pale countenance. His figure tall, with black violet hair that fluttered in the wind. His eyes were jade green and shiny like a blazing flame, and they seemed as if they possessed a magical charm that was capable of sucking a person’s soul in.

The moment this person appeared, demonic qi that covered the heavens and the earth madly surged into appearance, transforming into roiling black mist the coiled around his body. His imposing manner was extremely astonishing.

“Roc King!” Du Qingxi exclaimed involuntarily, then swiftly said, “Chen Xi, you have to watch out. This fellow’s cultivation in body refinement and qi refinement have both attained the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm. His strength isn’t inferior to an ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivator in the slightest!”

Dual cultivating both qi refinement and body refinement?

Both at the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm?

Chen Xi was secretly shocked as he gazed at the black robe Roc King that was over 30 meters away. He actually dual cultivated both qi and body refinement like me, but his cultivation is too much higher than me. I’m probably in danger this time.

“Azure Python, you return to the pill refinement room first to look after the cauldron, leave this to me.” The Roc King stood proudly as he instructed indifferently.

“Big Brother, this fellow killed Dark Wyrm, you absolutely must not let him off!” The Azure Python King hatefully glanced at Chen Xi before turning around and leaving.

“You’re really not bad. Possessing a cultivation at the initial-stage of the Violet Palace Realm, yet able to comprehend the Dao Insight Stage of cultivation in the Martial Dao. I presume you’re a rather rare genius amongst you human cultivators.” The Roc King’s gaze stared faintly at Chen Xi. Seeming to have already seen through Chen Xi’s limits, he said in a light voice, “However, you’re far from being a match for me. Although the comprehension abilities of demon-kind are far inferior to you humans, I’ve already cultivated for over 10,000 years. Regardless of body refinement, qi refinement, or cultivation in the Martial Dao, they’re all far deeper than yours, so I advise you to give up. No matter how you struggle, your end is only death!”

Over 10,000 years!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart once again. The roc family were originally extremely terrifying existences from the primordial era that were formidable. According to legend, adult rocs with a pure bloodline were an entire few thousands of kilometers in size, and when they spread their wings, it was even able to cover the entire sky. Swallowing seas and mountains with a single gulp, soaring into the sky with a single flap of their wings!

Although the Roc King before Chen Xi wasn’t so instilling of terror and despair like his ancestors, he was still an extremely formidable existence. He’d cultivated for over 10,000 years! Even a stupid being would probably have already grown into an expert that dominated an area after experiencing these extremely long years.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. Although the natural talent of the roc family is extraordinary, his natural endowments are extremely deplorable, and only being able to cultivate to the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm after 10,000 years is sufficient to prove this point. If it was during the primordial era, this fellow would at most be a baby that had just learned to walk within the roc family.” Song Lin hurriedly spoke out.

The Roc King didn’t become furious and his expression was gloomy as always, without the slightest change as he said in a light voice. “Everything you said is correct, but all this is meaningless, right?”

It was indeed meaningless, and Chen Xi admitted this. Because a fact was right in front of his face, the Roc King was the one with the strongest cultivation and the most terrifying one present here; this was something that no one was able to deny.

“I spoke so much because I actually don’t have the heart to kill you, as I feel sympathy for a talented person like you. I hope that you’re able to become my subordinate, follow me to create a Grand Dao together and proudly roar out our names in the world!” The Roc King said seriously, “Of course, if you refuse, then I’ll surely kill you today. After all, your comprehension ability is too shocking, and once you grow, you’ll surely become a great calamity in the future. I couldn’t eat and sleep in peace if I didn’t kill you.”

Du Qingxi and the other were all stunned as they seemed to have never expected that the Roc King would look so highly upon Chen Xi.

“Impossible!” Chen Xi didn’t even think before resolutely refusing.

“You’re not going to consider it a little longer?” The Roc King asked.

“There’s no need to consider it. Following you will undoubtedly be helping the wicked conduct wicked deeds and bring calamity to the world. Although I, Chen Xi, am not a sage that pities all humankind, I have my own Dao Heart on the path to the Dao. The path you’ve given isn’t suitable for me.” Chen Xi spoke out word for word.

At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly felt that the pressure the Roc King gave him had been weakened a great deal, as if his words had resonated with his soul, causing his Dao Heart to become even more firm and immovable. It became clear and illuminated.

“Alright! In the three thousand Grand Daos, everyone has their own path to tread. Unfortunately, you’ll be losing your life on your path today.” The Roc King sighed. “Follow me if you’re afraid of affecting your friends. Don’t worry, since it’s a battle, then I’ll kill you openly. I’ll let you know how you died, and will absolutely not attack you by surprise.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Roc King swung his black robe, and within the demonic mist that suffused the air, he’d already flashed towards outside the center of the mountain. He actually didn’t spare Chen Xi another glance, as he if he was entirely unafraid that Chen Xi wouldn’t follow him.

“Chen Xi, don’t go. Quickly flee and don’t care about us,” Du Qingxi said hurriedly as soon as the Roc King left, her clear eyes were filled with worry and anxiousness, and she spoke with wholehearted sincerity.

“Right! Flee! Live to fight another day! We’re dead, but you can’t throw away your life because of this.”

“Du Qingxi is right, you’re far from being a match for the Roc King. You should flee quickly.”

Duanmu Ze and Song Li spoke out at practically the same instant, their expressions firm and serious.

“All of you… How can all of you be like this? How would you know before trying? Once Chen Xi leaves, wouldn’t all of us be refined into medicinal pills? All of you are willing, but I’m unwilling!” At the side, Murong Wei who’d never spoken all this time cried out in a sharp voice. She was from the Dragon Lake City’s Azurewood Institution and possessed an appearance that was delicate, attractive, and elegant; however at this moment, her expression flickered between an ashen and lived expression, and there was a trace of rage within her eyes.

Chen Xi still remembered that Murong Wei, Yu Haobai, and the twins Du Quan, and Du Qui were all similar, they’d only followed the lead of Chai Letian and obeyed everything he said. Although they never did make things difficult for him in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, when Chai Letian made things difficult for him, she’d instead added fuel to the flame from the side, like a servant that only knew how to wag her tail to curry favor with Chai Letian.

Now, the twins Du Quan and Du Qui had died in the sword immortal’s abode, Chai Letian and Yu Haobai had died at his hands, and only Murong Wei remained.

In the beginning, Chen Xi rather sympathized with her bitter experience, but when he heard her words now, there was instead a wave of uncomfortableness in his heart.

“Miss Murong Wei is correct. Chen Xi, the lives of everyone are grasped within your hands now. Don’t let down the hopes of everyone.” At the side, Cang Bin spoke shamelessly.

“Despicable! Motherfucker, all of you participated in trying to harm my Brother Chen, now all of you want to lead him to death as well? No way!” Duanmu Ze was angered to the point he let loose a torrent of abuse.

“Cang Bin, I remember that you and Su Jiao seemed to wish for nothing more than to kill Chen Xi, right? Don’t you feel what you just said is shameless?” Song Lin was extremely furious as well.

Chen Xi couldn’t bear it any longer when he saw Du Qingxi about to speak, and he spoke out in restraint. “Enough. I came here this time for the sake of rescuing all of you. If worst comes to worst then it’s only death. But if I don’t fight until the end, then I’ll absolutely not give up!” The sound of his voice hadn’t finished sounding out when Chen Xi’s figure had already transformed into a gust of wind that floated away.

In the sky above Moonhowl Ridge.

Black clouds billowed as demonic qi swept throughout, the Roc King stood in the sky with his hands behind his back, as the demonic qi on his body violently danced about and whistled, causing his black robe to flutter, his imposing manner dashing to the skies!

“Great King!”

“The King is going into battle?”

On the ground, one the rocs… Within an area of 50km of Moonhowl Ridge, innumerable gazes had gathered towards here at this moment, and they all gazed at that towering figure in midair that was like a king that looked down upon the world.


After a short moment, another flowing light flashed, and a tall and skinny youth appeared on the sky only 300m away from the Roc King.

“Ah! It’s actually that human youth!”

“This fellow was extremely formidable in the Thousand Illusion Maze Formation, an entire 100 plus brothers of ours died beneath his sword, he’s truly detestable!”

“I heard the Dark Wyrm King was killed by him as well. But now that our King is going into battle, this human youth will die for sure!”

A wave of whispered discussion arose amongst the nearby demons when they saw Chen Xi, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi contained shock, disdain, pity, hatred, and so on and so forth.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Do you want to pledge allegiance under my command?” The Roc King’s shiny jade green eyes were like two green bolts of lightning that swiftly descended onto Chen Xi. His voice was high pitched, yet carried an aura of decisive killing.

“If you want to fight, then fight. There’s no need to say anything further.” Chen Xi’s expression was calm. He held the Seventhgold Swordbamboo tightly in his right hand, and the eight Netherezim Flying Swords were like swimming fish as they swam in patrol around his body, waiting for the arrival of the battle.

This was an aboveboard battle, and all schemes and tricks would be shattered before absolute strength. What they were competing at was strength, courage, and cultivation in the Martial Dao.

To Chen Xi, this battle was against the most terrifying opponent he’d ever encountered since cultivating to date. At the same time that his nerves were strained, a strand of blazing battle intent surged out from his heart. His eyes were completely icy cold, yet the activity in his entire body was boiling as if he was aflame. His mind was completely alert and was filled with the burning hot battle intent that was like lava.

His fighting spirit soared!

“Good! You indeed have the qualifications to fight this King, since you’re able to emit such pure and valiant battle intent.” The Roc King laughed into the air, his voice containing a trace of domineering and piercingly cold killing intent. It wasn’t inferior to a thunderclap when it poured into the ears of the nearby demons, shocking them to the point their eardrums almost shattered.

Taken by surprise, Chen Xi felt as if his heart was smashed by a sledgehammer, and the circulation of vital energy within his entire body was almost collapsed and thrown into disorder. He hurriedly circulated his True Essence and the True Essence that was icy cold like ice quickly dispersed any abnormalities.

This fellow’s killing intent is actually so dense? If it was me from before, I’m afraid only listening to his voice would throw the circulation of my vital energy in disorder and die from the eruption of my vital energy within my body?

But only by being able to battle an enemy of such level would it be satisfying!

Not only did Chen Xi not feel afraid, the battle intent in his chest grew even stronger, and his gaze became even icier cold and pure as he took the initiative to launch an attack.


Lightning flickered throughout the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, and there were even traces of airflow that were like ice suffused atop its surface. With a glance, the one meter long Seventhgold Swordbamboo seemed to have transformed into an ice dragon that was filled with the energy of lightning.


Chen Xi vanished from the spot to appear before the Roc King in the next moment. The Seventhgold Swordbamboo pierced out like lightning, causing the entire sky to seem as if a violent and raging gale had swept past, bringing along the terrifying force of crushing everything as it swept towards the Roc King.

Chen Xi didn’t hold back and exerted all his strength in this attack.

“Too weak!” The Roc King’s arms shook and a surging great river instantly appeared between his palms, the river water was pitch-black and roiling, like an ever-turning tide.


Chen Xi’s full force sword strike already contained Wind Dao Insight, yet it was like a clay oxen entering the sea, never to be seen again, as it was actually easily neutralized by this black river!


Chen Xi flashed explosively in retreat when his attack missed, and he was extremely shocked in his heart. What, what cultivation technique is this?

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