Chapter 799 – Breaking Apart The Five Elements

Group of old dogs?

The expressions of the yellow robed old man and the others darkened when they heard this.

Every single one of them Earthly Immortal Realm elders from the Heavenflow Dao Sect had cultivations at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and they’d lived for countless years. Now, they were actually insulted as ‘old dogs’ in their faces by a junior, and this was simply an enormous disrespect!

“You’re courting death!”

“Kill! Kill this suckling kid!”

“Senior Brother Jing Kong, let’s make a move. There’s nothing to say to a lawless little bastard!”

The group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts were infuriated, and they berated him successively with low voices.

The person addressed respectfully at Senior Brother Jing Kong was exactly the yellow robed old man, and he was similarly infuriated to the extreme, and he sneered immediately. “Junior Brothers Ding Yuan, Ding Yu, Ding Rong, Ding Zhen, and Ding Ping, make a move and annihilate this kid!”

As soon as he finished speaking, those five Earthly Immortal Realm experts that formed the Grand Five Element Heavenflow Slaughter Formation were already unable to restrain themselves and attacked brazenly.


Terrifying Immortal Energy rumbled as it transformed into five strands of sword qi that could pierce through the heavens, and they assumed the state of a chain of the five elements before smashing down at Chen Xi!

This was an attack from five 3rd level Earthly Immortal Realm experts that held Immortal Swords in their hands, had formed a grand formation, and attacked with rage, and it seemed practically capable of obliterating the heavens and the earth and crushing everything in the world.

If it was placed in the outside world, merely this strike was sufficient to crush 50,000km of landscape!


Chen Xi didn’t dare resist this strike forcefully as well. He held the Talisman Armament in his hand while executing the Wings of Disruption with all his might, and he was like a flowing light that moved through space and flickered between reality and the void.

At the same time, the Talisman Armament in his hand flickered with sword lights that deduced the energy of creation as it slashed repeatedly, and it dispersed all attacks against Chen Xi. Every single move he made naturally carried a calm, composed, majestic, and powerful imposing aura of its own.

Instantly, the two parties had exchanged over a hundred blows, and they fought to the point the sky dimmed, rocks and dust fluttered in the air, and mountains and rocks shattered. Vast and mighty sword qi that were terrifying like a tide rumbled and surged as it stretched out towards the surroundings, and it threw the entire surroundings into great chaos.

Chen Xi grew more valiant as the battled progressed. Sword qi whistled freely through the surroundings, and a Grand Five Element Heavenflow Slaughter Formation was actually incapable of doing anything to him, and it was instead on the verge of being beaten to the point of collapse!

These five Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the Heavenflow Dao Sect were only at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and if it wasn’t for them possessing Immortal Swords and forming the slaughter formation, they would have been slashed to death by Chen Xi a long time ago.

After all, his current combat strength was already sufficient to slaughter experts at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and even if a 5th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert were to make a move, he had sufficient confidence to escape safely!

On the other hand, in terms of magic treasures, the Talisman Armament in his hand was even comparable to a true Immortal Artifact, and it even contained a strand of Chaotic Source Qi within it. When these two factors were combined together, it was like adding wings to a tiger, so why would he be afraid of the Immortal Swords in their hands?

Even if it was the Grand Five Element Heavenflow Slaughter Formation, it was nothing in Chen Xi’s opinion. His cultivation in the Dao of Talismans that had attained an otherworldly state a long time ago, and coupled with the supreme Divine Ability in three dimension, the Eye of Divine Truth, it was sufficient for him to easily see through the flaws and secrets of all formations in the world.

The only thing he was afraid of was that the tacit cooperation between these five Earthly Immortal Realm experts was too extraordinary, causing them to execute the slaughter formation to a flawless state. Even if there was a flaw, it was only momentary and utterly didn’t give him an opportunity to seize.

But he disregarded all this. He intended to overcome everything with force and destroy all with his sword!


Chen Xi soared through the sky with a gaze that was like a bolt of lightning, and his body transformed into an ocean of talisman markings. The pitch black and lusterless Talisman Armament was like a blade that ploughed through the sky, slashed Yin and Yang into a chaotic state, tore space apart, and carried the terrifying aura of boundless creation and the obliteration of both past and future as it slashed down.


The Earthly Immortal Realm expert that resided in the position of ‘metal’ in the five elements was the first to bear the brunt. He was slashed by this strike to the point his entire body trembled while he staggered back, and then a sweet taste entered his mouth before a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed out from his mouth.

He had an astounded expression as he dodged repeatedly.

“Old dog! Die!” Chen Xi shouted explosively and stepped forward as if he’d shrunk the distance into an inch. As soon as he took the stride, a terrifying strand of Creation Sword Qi directly arrived before the Earthly Immortal Realm expert, and it carried an oppressive imposing aura of advancing boldly without ever stopping.

If one wants to break out of an encirclement, then first kill one of them. The slaughter formation would break up on its own because its strength would reduce greatly.

“How dare you, little bastard!” Right at this moment, four Immortal Swords tore through the sky and slashed down right towards Chen Xi’s heart, eyes, head, and Dantian, and they carried fierce sword qi that were ghastly and murderous to the extreme.

Those four Earthly Immortal Realm experts that stood in the other four positions within the five element sword formation saw that the situation was bad and came to assist him, and they aimed to rescue the besieged by besieging the besieger instead. As far as they were concerned, Chen Xi would surely dodge if he wanted to survive, and in this way, all danger would be smoothly overcome with ease.

However, never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually not dodge!

Moreover, he seemed as if he hadn’t noticed these attacks and was still charging forward as if he wanted to take the Earthy Immortal Realm expert down with him. Chen Xi slashed down with his sword and split open the Earthly Immortal Realm expert before him.


Fresh blood sprayed out as the Earthly Immortal Realm expert before him was blasted into a ball of bloody foam by this sword strike before exploding in midair. The scene of his death was horrifying to the extreme, and he didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry!

This scene caused the eyes of the other nearby Earthly Immortal Realm experts to almost split apart while blood oozed out from them, and their faces were covered in deep disbelief.

But at the same time, Chen Xi suffered the blast of four Immortal Swords.


The death of their companion caused those four Earthly Immortal Realm experts to shout explosively while filled with extreme rage. They naturally didn’t hold back in the slightest upon grasping onto this opportunity to annihilate Chen Xi, and they attacked with all their might.

Chen Xi did indeed have nowhere to escape and was unable to dodge, and he seemed like a prisoner that had fallen into the grasp of shackles and could only silently await his doom. However, unexpectedly, his entire body suddenly erupted with a strand of Immortal Energy that actually blocked this lethal strike!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four Immortal Swords collided fiercely with Chen Xi’s body and emitted enormous bangs that shook the heavens and the earth. It was like thunderclaps descending from the heavens, and it shook him to the point of being blasted flying like a kite that had its string cut off. He coughed up blood repeatedly while the sounds of bones breaking echoed out throughout his entire body.

Even though he seemed to be in a miserable state, he survived in the end!

It was even to the extent that as soon as his figure stabilized, the injuries that covered his entire body recovered instantaneously, and besides his countenance being slightly pale, he actually seemed to be completely unharmed!

It was too swift!

From the moment Chen Xi annihilated the Earthly Immortal Realm expert and suffered a counterattack, this string of actions happened extremely swiftly, and it was swift to the point that Elder Jing Kong and the others that resided in the other eight positions didn’t even have the time to make a move before all of this had occurred.

“An immortal armor! He’s actually wearing an immortal armor!”

“How could this be possible!? A precious treasure like this is comparable to a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact, so how could it be possessed by a kid at the Nether Transformation Realm?”

“Dammit! What a cunning and ruthless little bastard!”

“It’s over. Junior Brother Ding Zhen didn’t fall to the heavenly tribulation but died at the hands of a despicable little bastard…”

“Kill! Activate the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation and attack together with full force. I want to burn the bones of this kid and scatter his ashes, I want him to be unable to enter the cycle of reincarnation forever!”

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts were furious, and their roars shook the heavens.

They were an entire 13 Earthly Immortal Realm experts that had even set up two layers of terrifying slaughter formations, yet they actually still allowed Chen Xi to kill one of their companions right under their noses. This caused them to feel unprecedented humiliation and fury.

At the same time, they had no choice but to admit that Chen Xi’s strength was really too heaven defying, and he even possessed various formidable magic treasures. So if they were unable to eliminate such a heaven defying and monstrous genius today, he would surely become a great calamity for them in the future.

“Attack!” Elder Jing Kong roared.


In the next moment, the entire world underwent a tremendous change. The figures Jing Kong and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts that resided at eight different directions in the surroundings suddenly shook before they transformed into eight extremely vast and sword drawings.

It seemed as if the surroundings were a world ruled by Immortal Swords. It contained the world deducing profundities of Qian, Kun, Xun, Kan, Li, Gen, Dui, and Zhen that embraced everything within the world and emanated an extremely terrifying might.

Its aura practically intended to overturn the world, bring chaos to the universe, and throw everything in the world back into chaos. Moreover, a seemingly material murderous aura surged out from it.

At this moment, if it was any other cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, then merely experiencing this aura would cause the cultivator to be shaken to the point of being overwhelmed with terror and perishing!

At the same time, those four remaining Earthly Immortal Realm experts, Ding Yuan, Ding Yu, Ding Rong, and Ding Ping, had formed their formation together once more, and they stood in the position of the four-symbols and cooperated with each other from a distance.

When looked at from afar, it seemed as if the entire heavens and the earth was dominated, controlled, and commanded by these 12 Earthly Immortal Realm experts, causing them to seem like rulers that looked down upon all living beings and wielded absolute power.




Numerous roars that shook the heavens sounded out like the howls of Fiendgods, and then several extremely blazing and resplendent strands of sword qi were like a group of falling comets from outer space as they covered the heavens and the earth and smashed down towards Chen Xi from all directions!

This terrifying phenomenon simply seemed no different than the end of the world.


The heavens and the earth were collapsing, mountains were turned into ash, and the ground had numerous bottomless rifts torn open on it. Everywhere the peerless and blazing sword qi passed, everything fell into collapse, obliteration, and extermination.

Chen Xi was caught within this, and he seemed like an ant that suffered a calamity of the heavens and the earth. He seemed to be so tiny, and it seemed as if he would be obliterated in the next moment.

At this moment, his expression became extremely serious for the first time, and he practically didn’t hesitate in the slightest to utilize his entire cultivation and exert 10 times his combat strength before swings the Talisman Armament while charging towards these strands of sword qi!

Even though he was all alone and extremely tiny, he carried the courage to slaughter his way up to the nine heavens with his sword in hand.


A strand of sword qi smashed down, and Chen Xi didn’t have enough time to dodge, so he could only meet it head on.


Chen Xi was shaken to the point his figure staggered while the vital blood in his entire body roiled without end.

But he couldn’t care about all this, and he gritted his teeth while charging repeatedly with the intent to kill!

At this moment, there was no room for him to be distracted in the slightest because his opponents were 12 Earthly Immortal Realm experts, the renowned Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, and this entire world before him!

Indeed, the situation before him was no different to him going against an entire world by himself. Terrifying strands of sword qi that swarmed towards him filled the entire surroundings, and it intended to slaughter and bury him here.

Even time seemed to have slowed down.

Chen Xi charged with all his might, but the attacks that covered the heavens and the earth were too dense and terrifying. At this moment, he seemed like a worm that had fallen into a spiderweb, and he had no way to struggle free at all.

It was even to the extent that his situation was gradually becoming dangerous, and the room to turn the situation around grew smaller and smaller…


Almost 100 terrifying strands of sword qi blasted down like torrents, and they collided with Chen Xi’s body. It struck him to the point his face went pale while a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed out from his mouth, and a wave of violent cracking sounded out from the bones and tendons in his entire body while every single inch of his skin oozed strands of blood.

Instantly, he was like a blood covered figure that had fallen into a hopeless situation! 

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