Chapter 796 – Dao River and Dragon Mountain

Wen Tianshuo’s body stiffened when he heard the conditions Leng Chan’er had put forward. She’s going to take my son as a disciple of the Heavenflow Dao Sect and take me as an elder?

These were absolutely extremely tempting conditions.

As an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Wen Tianshuo was only capable of commanding the clouds and wind in the Golden Supremacy Kingdom, and he was utterly nothing in the entire Dark Reverie, let alone compared to an extraordinary power like the 10 great immortal sects.

For a time, Wen Tianshuo was greatly moved in his heart. If it was like this, then even if Chen Xi was killed, he would have no worries for his Marquis Wen’s Estate. After all, no matter how large his estate was, there were only a few hundred people that were the closest clansmen to him, and he was entirely able to move them all to the Heavenflow Dao Sect.

At that time, as an elder of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, he would be entirely capable of striving for a better future for his clansmen!

“Father, I’m willing!” Before Wen Tianshuo could speak, Wen Hua was already unable to restrain the excitement in his heart, and he replied in a loud voice. “That Chen Xi humiliated me like that, so what are you hesitating for, Father?”

Wen Tianshuo’s brows raised as he hurriedly stood up and looked out of the room as if he was deeply afraid that someone would overheard.

“Marquis, don’t worry. We’ve already sealed off this place when we came, so any sound in an area of 300m in the surroundings will be unable to be transmitted to the outside world.” Leng Chan’er laughed in a carefree manner, and she had a confident appearance as if the entire situation was within her grasp.

Wen Tianshuo was really worried that everything that had occurred here would be heard by Chen Xi. After all, Priest Zi Yun and the others had died miserably at Chen Xi’s hand in the daytime, and with Chen Xi’s cultivation, even the slightest rustle of leaves within an area of 5,000km would probably be unable to escape his detection.

He was much more at ease when Leng Chan’er said this.

“Miss Leng, to tell you’re the truth, Chen Xi’s current strength is extremely heaven defying. Even though he’s only at the Nether Transformation Realm in cultivation, his combat strength is sufficient to against a fifth level Earthly Immortal Realm expert…” Wen Tianshuo was still hesitant and pondered briefly before he spoke.

Before he could finish speaking, Leng Chan’er interrupted him. “We’ve already found out about all of this before we came. There’s no need to worry, Marquis. Since we dared to come, we naturally possess methods that would absolutely annihilate him.”

When she spoke up to here, her beautiful face was silently suffused with a wisp of a resolute and murderous expression.

She wasn’t exaggerating. When he heard that Chen Xi had left the sect to carry out assignments, Bing Shitian had already arranged everything. Not only had he sent out 12 Earthly Immortal Realm experts, he’d even prepared an ultimate weapon for them!

It was for the sake of achieving the whole task at one go and annihilate Chen Xi.

Especially when he heard Chen X had annihilated eight great sinners by himself, Bing Shitian had even sent out a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Elder Yun Zhu, without the slightest hesitation!

It would be a joke if they were still unable to kill Chen Xi under these circumstances!

Wen Tianshuo was absolutely not an irresolute and hesitant figure, and he briefly pondered before gritting his teeth and nodding. “Alright, I agree. I’ll listen to Miss Leng’s instructions in everything!”

Leng Chan’er couldn’t help but grin slightly when she heard this, and she said in her heart. Chen Xi! Oh! Chen Xi! If I’m still unable to do anything against you this time, then I admit that you have the qualifications to be together with Martial Ancestor Qing, and if you die, then you can’t blame anyone else. Who asked you to go against Lord Bing Shitian?



A few hours before dawn.

Outside Corona City.

Chen Xi patted Chen Yan on the shoulder and said, “It’s over 6,800km from here to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. It’s a long way there, and there are numerous dangerous places all along the way. Take care. You’ll be considered to have passed the test if you’re able to arrive there safely.”

Chen Yan nodded without the slightest hesitation and said firmly, “Senior, don’t worry. Even if I crawl, I’ll crawl into the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!”

Chen Xi smiled and withdrew a jade talisman from his pocket and passed it to Chen Yan. “Keep this jade talisman. Crash it if you encounter danger, and it’ll protect your life once.”

Chen Yan received the jade talisman, and then put it away carefully before he knelt down and said, “Thank you, Senior! Chen Yan will surely cherish this opportunity to the extreme!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he rose up and left, and his thin and small figure quickly vanished within the deep cover of the night.

“Little Fellow, I’ve even give you the Cosmic Immortal Talisman. Don’t let me down…” Chen Xi muttered and sincerely hoped that Chen Yan would be able to pass through this test smoothly.

The gentle night breeze carried a trace of coldness, and Chen Xi stood there staring into the distance for a long time before he turned around and left.

So long as nothing unexpected happens, the assignment of passing down the flames can be considered to be completed. As for the enforcement of justice on behalf of the heavens, I still lack two great sinners… Chen Xi pondered deeply as he walked.

Chen Xi raised his head thoughtlessly, and he looked from afar at the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain that stood towering in the distance and couldn’t help but think to himself. Since entering Corona City, I still haven’t entered the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain to search it. Since I have nothing else to do, I can go look through it first.


In the next moment, he’d vanished on the spot.

The icy moon hung high in the sky while the array of stars flickered. Chilly silver radiance that seemed like a mist suffused the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain that rose and fell continuously, causing it to seem as if it was covered in a soft silver veil.

This ancient mountain spanned for a few tens of thousands of kilometers, and it was luxuriant and lofty. Under the moonlight, dense mist and clouds curled up while waves of wild beast howls sounded out frequently from within it, causing it to seem mysterious and dangerous.

Chen Xi’s figure was like a wisp of flowing light that flickered through the layer of clouds and between the group of mountains, and his Divine Sense that was comparable to an Earthly Immortal Realm expert stretched out as he carefully searched the ground below him.

A very long time ago, the Sky Dao Palace’s sect was constructed within this luxuriant mountain range, and after experiencing the passage of countless years, it had completely changed since then, so it was impossible to find the slightest signs of human habitation here.

All along the way, Chen Xi saw many evil spirits, wood spirits, stone creatures, and there was even no lack of demons with extremely formidable auras. But under the scan of his Divine Sense, all these beings in the mountain trembled with fear and could only stay obediently on the spot.

“According to what Huai Ming said, Zi Yun, Huang Jiao, and Chi Ya were originally standing on guard within the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain, and they were only waiting for Huai Ming to seize the treasure map before they intended to explore the treasure vault. I wonder where the place they were stationed at was…” Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown slightly as he’d flown for an entire 10 minutes yet came up empty handed. However, right at this moment, he suddenly noticed something, and his figure flashed. In the next moment, he’d already descended on a nearby craggy mountain and concealed himself.

A short moment later, a few streaks of light flashed over from the extreme distance.

“Be careful. Even though Priest Zi Yun and those other old freaks are dead, the news about the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain’s treasure map has already spread throughout the cultivation world, and there are numerous experts rushing here overnight.”

“Senior brother, have you found out where Priest Zi Yun and the others noticed the scouts from Marquis Wen’s Estate?”

“It’s 3,500km ahead, at the peak of a mountain that’s the shape of a dragon’s head. That mountain is extremely special, and there’s a river coiling nearby it. When looked down from high above in the sky, the river winds and flows to actually form the ‘’ character, and it’s extremely miraculous.”

“Oh? There’s even such an unusual place? It would seem like that mountain might be the place the Sky Dao Palace resided on all those years ago!”

“Hmph! If it was so easy to distinguish, then the treasure vault left behind by the Sky Dao Palace would have been unearthed a long time ago. In my opinion, there’s surely a secret behind this.” All these cultivators were around the Nether Transformation Realm. Even though they were communicating via voice transmission, how could they conceal it from Chen Xi’s detection? So the content of their discussion was instantly and completely heard by Chen Xi.

A mountain that’s the shape of a dragon and a river that’s the sake of the character ‘’ that represents the Dao? After all of them vanished, Chen Xi walked out from the shadows and pondered briefly, and then he didn’t delay any longer to flash out towards the distance.

The river roiled while the clean and crystalline flow of water was dyed by a layer of hazy silver radiance under the moonlight. The mountain at its side was extremely high and could hold up the heavens. It was like the head of a dragon raised up high to stare at the universe, and it carried a powerful imposing aura.

When Chen Xi arrived here and saw all of this clearly, he couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration in his heart.

At this moment, he was hidden within a layer of clouds high above in the sky, and from his field of vision, the winding and flowing river was like strong and vigorous strokes of a brush, and it wrote a ‘’ character that emanated an ancient aura on the ground!

It felt as if it was a masterpiece of the lord of creation. It was so natural and written with divine skill. But even though it seemed to be natural, it revealed a shocking energy that pointed directly towards one’s heart


Weren’t all the living beings and cultivators in the world pursuing this mere ‘word’ for all their lives?

The mountain that towered in the sky was extremely miraculous as well. It was shaped like the head of a dragon looking up into the sky and carried a powerful imposing aura. Moreover, it emanated a vast aura of looking down onto the world, intending to break through the shackles of the world, and wander through the universe.

It really is a combination of the miraculousness and beauty of nature. Such an outstanding location is simply a superb place for cultivation in the heavens and the earth. I wonder why no sect has established themselves here until now… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought because he noticed a trace of unusualness just from this.

Moreover, he noticed as well that many auras were concealed beneath the dragon head shaped mountain. Some were extremely obscure, some weren’t concealed in the slightest and were vast to the extreme. He roughly estimated that there was actually no less than over 100 people concealed there!

Looks like most of these people obtained some information and rushed over successively with the intention of trying their fortune. Chen Xi pondered deeply and stood there for a moment before turning around and leaving.

He’s already carefully inspected the dragon head shaped mountain with the Eye of Divine Truth, and he hadn’t noticed anything. Moreover, he’d even utilized the Sky Key to sense the area yet came up empty handed, so continuing to stay here would be a waste of time as well.

Instead of that, wouldn’t it be better to leave first? Perhaps he would discover something from the treasure map in the possession of Wen Tianshuo.

Moreover, Chen Xi firmly believed that even if he didn’t take Wen Hua as his disciple, Wen Tianshuo wouldn’t dare stop him from inspecting the treasure map. After all, if it wasn’t for him having slaughter Priest Zi Yun and the others that day, Wen Tianshuo’s estate would have been obliterated a long time ago.

If such a life saving grace couldn’t be exchanged for a chance to expect the treasure map once, then even the heavens wouldn’t tolerate it!

10 minutes later, Chen Xi returned to his dwellings.

Unexpectedly, he’d just entered the courtyard while Wen Tianshuo was already waiting there.

“Young Hero Chen, you’ve finally returned.” Wen Tianshuo seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief in his heart before greeting Chen Xi with a smile.

Chen Xi was surprised. “Marquis, is there anything you need from me?”

“To tell you the truth, the reason I came to pay a visit to you deep in the night is the treasure map of the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain.” Wen Tianshuo smiled bitterly. “After all, the news has already been spread out today, and I’m worried that undue delay may bring trouble and cause an unexpected event to occur. So I decided to head to the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain earlier than planned and explore it!” 

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