Chapter 795 – Enemies Drop In

The expressions of the father and son pair, Wen Tianshuo and Wen Hua, changed indeterminately.

Chen Xi’s words had allowed them to finally understand that this damnable and lowly servant before them had somehow obtained the favor of Chen Xi, and Chen Xi wanted to take him as a disciple!

“Why!?” Wen Hua cried out with agitation, and his face was covered in a disgruntled expression. “Senior, in which aspect am I, Wen Hua, not superior to this servant? In terms of natural talent, I possess the Goldstar Body; in terms of status, I’m the Junior Marquis of Marquis Wen’s Estate; in terms of cultivation, even though I’m young, I’ve advanced into the Golden Core Realm a long time ago. Why would you choose a servant as your disciple and not choose me?”

He’d knelt down with the intention of acknowledging Chen Xi as his master in front of everyone earlier today, but he was disregarded by Chen Xi, causing flames of rage to pile up in his heart. Now, when he saw Chen Xi had actually taken an extremely lowly servant as his disciple, Wen Hua was instantly unable to control his feelings and completely vented the flames of rage in his heart.

Of course, he didn’t dare question Chen Xi, so his tone and expression seem extremely aggrieved like a youth that was complaining tearfully and begging his senior.

A child that cried would get candy.

As the Junior Marquis of Marquis Wen’s Estate, Wen Hua had been nurtured by his father since a young age, causing his mentality and shrewdness to far exceed an ordinary person, so he naturally understood this deeply.

Unfortunately, how could these little tricks escape Chen Xi’s detection?

The more he acted in this way, the more Chen Xi disliked him instead because he was so full of trickery at such a young age, then how would it be when he grew up?

Perhaps a person like this would become an overlord of an area and possess the ability to command the winds and clouds. But he was too selfish and emotionless, so once his interests were harmed, he would surely consider himself first and not others.

It was even to the extent that it was very likely for him to abandon kindnesses from others, friendships, and family relationships for the sake of himself, and he would become someone that refused to acknowledge his relations.

Chen Xi didn’t like such a person, and he similarly didn’t hope for his personal disciple to become such a person.

Wen Tianshuo hurriedly spoke with a smile when he saw Chen Xi staying silent. “Young Hero Chen, you have seen it as well. My son is absolutely sincere in wanting to acknowledge you as his master, how about…”

Chen Xi waved his hand to interrupt Wen Tianshuo before he could finish speaking. “Young Wen is extraordinary indeed, and it’s a matter of course that he would be able to join one of the 10 great immortal sects with his natural endowment.”

Wen Tianshuo and Wen Hua’s expressions rose with spirit when they heard this.

“But I’ve already said it before earlier. Even if the person that I chose possesses inferior natural endowments, I’ll surely foster him with all my might, whereas if it isn’t someone I select, then even if the person is an innate saint, that person would be like trash to me and would be of no consequence.”

The following words Chen Xi spoke caused the expressions of the pair of father and son to stiffen, and they slightly didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi would refuse so directly.

On the other hand, Chen Ya was completely relieved, and he felt even more admiration and grateful towards Chen Xi.

“Senior, can you tell me the reason?” Wen Hua took a deep breath and was still disgruntled, so he asked slowly.

Chen Xi frowned and disregarded him before leaving Chen Yan back into his room.

“Why? Could it be that I, Wen Hua, am inferior to a lowly servant in your eyes?” Wen Hua completely erupted when he saw this, and he gritted his teeth as he obstructed the path before Chen Xi and raised his head with a disgruntled expression.

Chen Xi turned around to glance at Wen Tianshuo.

Wen Tianshuo hurriedly pulled Wen Hua back when he saw this, and then he berated. “Shut up! Show some respect to your seniors!”


The door to the room closed tightly, and he shut the door on the father and son pair.

Wen Hua was driven to dejection when he saw this, and he knew that there was no chance for him to be master and disciple with Chen Xi any longer. 


Within a beautiful and majestic room.

Wen Tianshuo and Wen Hua sat facing each other with extremely gloomy expressions.

“That damnable servant! He actually dared to seize away my fortune, I’ll surely kill him! Kill him!” In his own territory, Wen Hua completely tossed aside all disguises and roared endlessly with rage.

The space between Wen Tianshuo’s brows were filled with rage as well. The fortune of his own son being seized away by a servant of his own estate caused him to be furious as well, and if it wasn’t for the exceedingly terrifying strength that Chen Xi had revealed earlier, he would have burnt the bones of the servant and scattered his ashes a long time ago.

“And that Chen, he looks down upon everyone else and disregarded me repeatedly. He really thinks he’s a great figure. Once I, Wen Hua, grow up, I’ll surely have my revenge!” Wen Hua’s handsome face was completely livid while his gaze was filled with resentment, and he’d actually hated Chen Xi as well.

“Enough!” Wen Tianshuo frowned and slapped Wen Hua on the face, causing Wen Hua’s face to swell up while a strand of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Wen Hua was in disbelief and stared blankly at his own father. If memory served, this was the first time his father had struck him since he was young.

“Idiot! Don’t you know that calamity comes from the mouth!?” Wen Tianshuo berated. “It wouldn’t be late to speak these words when you’ve truly matured. Now you better shut your mouth obediently, or I’ll be the first one to cripple you if you dare speak anymore nonsense!”

Wen Hua couldn’t help but shudder with fear, and he muttered after a long time. “But I can’t accept this!”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Right at this moment, a wave of clear clapping sounded out from outside the room. At the same time, a clear voice resounded out. “It’s good if you’re disgruntled. If you don’t even have the courage to be angry after being refused, then you’re just trash.”

Who is it!?

Wen Tianshuo and Wen Hua’s expressions went grim as they stood up in unison.

This was the depths of the estate that was heavily guarded and covered densely with countless restrictions. Now, someone had actually approached it soundlessly, and they didn’t even notice it!

Especially Wen Tianshuo, he had an extremely heavy expression. He was at the Earthly Immortal Realm yet had actually not noticed anyone approaching, so exactly how terrifying was the cultivation of this person?

The voice hadn’t finished reverberating in the air when the door to this room was opened from the outside.

After that, a group of people entered in single file. The person in the lead was a beautiful young woman in a gorgeous robe embroidered with a phoenix, and the was followed in by a group of people that were like a host of stars surroundings a bright moon.

This beautiful young woman had an exquisite and gorgeous appearance, a tall and graceful figure, and her skin was supple, translucent, and crystalline. There was a red colored mark between her brows while her eyes were actually sky blue, causing her to possess unusual beauty.

This was absolutely a peerlessly elegant young woman.

But the most terrifying to Wen Tianshuo were the people behind the young woman. There were an entire 10 plus of them, and all of them were actually Earthly Immortal Realm experts!

Especially astonishing to him was the black robed old man that was gaunt like a bamboo only lightly glanced at him, yet he couldn’t help but feel coldness arise from his heart, and the black robed old man’s strength could simply be described as unfathomable.

The beautiful young woman, the black robed old man, and over 10 Earthly Immortal Realm experts. Such a group of people had suddenly arrived deep into the night, and the shock they created was obvious.

At this instant, the expressions of both Wen Tianshuo and Wen Hua went pale as they stood stiffly on the spot while feeling at a loss for what to do, and they were even slightly panicked.

After all, the might represented by these forces was too shocking, and it was even more shocking than Priest Zi Yun and the seven other great sinners.

“Marquis, there’s no need to be alarmed. We’re from the Heavenflow Dao Sect. I’m the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Core Disciple, Leng Chan’er. We’ve come to your distinguished estate this time because we have an extraordinarily good thing that we want to cooperate with Marquis to accomplish.”

After they entered the room, the beautiful young woman spoke directly and proclaimed the name of her sect with an indifferent expression while carrying a calm and composed aura.

The Heavenflow Dao Sect!

Wen Tianshuo heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. This was one of the 10 great immortal sects and couldn’t be compared to those great sinners, so they ought to have not come specially to deal with him.

But right after that, he was terrified in his heart. They wouldn’t have come this time for the sake of that treasure map to the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountains in my possession, right?

Even though he thought like this in his heart, he’d already recovered a little bit of composure, and he hurriedly invited them to take a seat before ordering his son, Wen Hua, to personally pour tea for them. He said respectfully after he finished doing all this, “Then may I know what Young Miss and the others want to cooperate with me to do?”

He’d already discerned that even though Leng Chan’er’s cultivation was only at the Nether Transformation Realm, she was the core figure amongst this group and akin to a leader.

Not to mention she represented one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Heavenflow Dao Sect, whereas he was a tiny Marquis in Golden Supremacy Kingdom. Moreover, the gap between Earthly Immortal Realm experts between these two powers were too great, so he had no choice but to be reverent and respectful.

“It’s very simple, to kill a person,” replied Leng Chan’er indifferently.

“Oh?” Wen Tianshuo was relieved in his heart because it was fine so long as they didn’t come for the treasure map. “Then may I ask who exactly this person is to actually dare offend the Heavenflow Dao Sect. He’s simply tired of living.”

“That person is called Chen Xi.” Leng Chan’er glanced deeply at Wen Tianshuo. “Marquis has probably heard of this name, right?”

Chen Xi? Wen Tianshuo was horrified and said, “That’s the number one figure in the younger generation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. It seems…seems…” When he spoke up to here, he seemed to suddenly realize something and cried out involuntarily. “That Young Hero Chen wouldn’t be Chen Xi, right!?”

Leng Chan’er nodded and grinned. “Exactly, we came to kill him.”

Wen Tianshuo was completely dumbstruck. That person is actually really Chen Xi! This name was like a thunder that reverberated in his ears. Causing a great commotion in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, slaughtering Yan Shisan, defeating the top disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, and a string of other great deeds that shook the world were all done by Chen Xi, so how could he have possibly not heard of this name?

The thing that he truly never imagined was Chen Xi had actually appeared within his estate, and he just happened to have not recognized Chen Xi!

It was even to the extent that his son had almost become Chen Xi’s disciple!

At the same time, he finally understood why Leng Chan’er and the others would come over. After all, the enmity between Chen Xi and the Heavenflow Dao Sect had become the common knowledge of everyone in the cultivation world since a long time ago.

When he thought up to here, he couldn’t help but feel troubled in his heart. Why have I suddenly been swept into a storm between the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and Heavenflow Dao Sect?

He knew very well that compared to these two colossi, his Marquis Wen’s Estate was simply no different from an ant, and the slightest accident would cause his estate to be instantly obliterated without a doubt!

At this moment, Wen Tianshuo wished for nothing more than for Leng Chan’er and the others to have come for the treasure map. At the very least, he would be able to obtain some benefits, but if it was for the sake of killing Chen Xi…

Then regardless of whether Chen Xi died or not, it would probably be impossible for his estate to continue existing!

What should I do? Wen Tianshuo’s expression was indeterminate while he struggled to the extreme in his heart.

“Don’t worry, Marquis. I guarantee that so long as you agree to this, your son will be the disciple of my Heavenflow Dao Sect. At that time, even if the Nine Radiance Sword Sect wants to take revenge, it would be absolutely impossible for it to affect your son.” Leng Chan’er silently waited for Wen Tianshuo to consider it for a long time before her red lips parted lightly, and she said slowly, “As for you, Marquis, you’re completely able to join my Heavenflow Dao Sect. Even though you’ll be unable to assume a high position, striving for a position as an elder is an extremely easy thing.” 

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