Chapter 794 – Audacious Servant

An array of stars flickered in the night sky.

Within a room for honored guests in Marquis Wen’s Estate.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged while his entire body emanated a golden light that stretched out for 30m into the surroundings. It wasn’t dazzling but mellow and gentle instead, causing the air in the surroundings to seem as if it was cheering and jumping with joy because it was bathed beneath this divine radiance.

It was the energy of virtue that innately carried an aura that conformed with the heavens and the earth and favored by everything in the world.

Numerous objects that were filled with a bloody glow and coiled with sin lay before him, there was a variety of magic treasures and various extremely vicious materials like skeletons, the Blood Essence of vengeful spirits, and so on and so forth.

All of these were obtained from Priest Zi Yun and the others, and after he carefully looked through them and saw that they were useless to him, Chen Xi immediately decided to completely refine them so as to avoid them falling into the outside world and bringing disaster to the world.

Moreover, he was able to obtain a certain amount of Goldlight of Virtue from refining them, and it would consolidate and condense his cultivation of the Dao Heart, so it was an unexpected gain instead.


The sin on numerous evil objects was cleansed and purified, whereas Chen Xi’s Blackhole Word was suffused with the Goldlight of Virtue, and it was like a golden rain had descended from the skies and dyed the entire heavens and earth with a layer of pure, clear, divine, and perfect sheen. Everything within his Blackhole World was within a tranquil atmosphere as if it was the paradise that members of the Buddhist Sect dreamt of.

At the same time, the Heart Energy within his soul started to condense gradually, and it became clearer.

When Chen Xi completely refined the Prime Blood God Flags, his Heart Energy had already condensed into the size of a chicken egg, and it was a core shaped object that was pure and round!

This was the Golden Core of Virtue that was also called the Heart Core. It emanated a myriad of rays of golden radiance that illuminated all the internal organs within his body, and it seemed like they were plated with a layer of divine crystal and were suffused with a pure and holy sheen.

Presently, Chen Xi was already aware that the so-called Heart Core was condensed from the mysterious energy that came from his Dao Heart. This sort of energy was extremely unique, and it seemed to not have any cultivation technique at all. This also determined that it was extremely difficult to grasp.

At the very least, he was far from being capable of grasping it with his current cultivation.

On the other hand, if he wanted to improve his cultivation in Heart Energy, there were methods to be found. For example, slaughtering great sinners was the most direct and most obvious method.

At present, the benefits brought about by Heart Energy to Chen Xi was extremely shocking.

This sort of energy was capable of allowing him to increase his endurance in battle, and he wouldn’t have to suffer like before when even though he possessed the Dark Parasol Sapling to ceaselessly provide him with True Essence, he felt exhausted and weary because he’d exhausted himself mentally.

If it was said that True Essence and Shaman Energy were the source of energy for battle, then the Divine Sense was a type of method to control one’s strength, and this Heart Energy was a type of energy that increased one’s battle endurance instead.

It seemed to be inconspicuous. But when a battle really occurred, then under the circumstances that the cultivation and combat strength of both parties were equal, it would depend on the Heart Energy to decide the final victor.

As the saying goes, a battle of endurance was based solely on a single word, dawdling. After one dawdled until the end, it would be a competition of the tenacity of one’s mind! 

Of course, this was merely the only effect that Chen Xi had unearthed for now. Perhaps, only along with the ceaseless improvement of his cultivation would Chen Xi be able to comprehend exactly what sort of profound uses the Heart Energy possessed.

After he cleaned up all these objects that had the energy of sin coiled around them, Chen Xi heaved a long sigh of relief, and he didn’t feel much in his heart when he recalled the battle during the daytime.

He’d attained the ‘extreme realm” amongst his peers in both cultivation and Dao comprehension, and he possessed a terrifying combat strength at the Exalted Realm.

In terms of Dao Arts and Divine Abilities, the Allheaven Truth he’d grasped was the ultimate inheritance of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, whereas the Creation Sword Insight he’d comprehended was even the inherited from the Exalted Ant Emperor from the primeval times. Besides that, his other Divine Abilities like the Eye of Divine Truth and Wings of Disruption were top and supreme Divine Abilities in the three dimensions.

In terms of weapons, he possessed the Immortal Artifact Nethermist Feathered Armor to protect himself, the Talisman Armament that was on par with a true Immortal Artifact as a weapon of slaughter, and he even possessed the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush to rely on.

Under these circumstances, slaughtering Priest Zi Yun and the other seven Earthly Immortal Realm experts was something that happened when the conditions were ripe, and it would be strange if he was unable to kill them.

Moreover, his clone was in closed door cultivation within the world of stars now, and it was charging into the Nether Transformation Realm. With the assistance from the blood crystals condensed from the Lightning Spirit and coupled with the unique Temporal Laws in the world of stars, there was no need to worry that his clone would be unable to advance into the Nether Transformation Realm within a short period of time.

At that time, exactly how much would his strength increase when his clone fused with his main body?

Chen Xi really looked forward to the arrival of that day.

With my current combat strength, I’m barely able to defeat a 4th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert, and even a 5th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert would probably be unable to prevent me from escaping… Chen Xi was pondering deeply. He knew very well that this was in terms of ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and once he encountered those figures at the Earthly Immortal Realm who possessed peerless natural talent, he would probably only be able to flee.

After all, the Nether Transformation Realm was separated by an entire realm from the Earthly Immortal Realm, and it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth. So no matter how formidable his combat strength was, he was merely able to deal with ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

Hmm? Right at this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something, and he raised his eyes to look out his window. 


Beneath the veil of night, Chen Yan silently made his way to Chen Xi’s room, and then carefully inspected the surroundings before heaving a sigh of relief in his heart when he noticed that there was no one guarding this place.

But when he stood before the door at this moment, he was slightly hesitant and indeterminate instead.

As a servant of the estate, he’d witnessed Chen Xi’s battle with the eight great sinners during the daytime as well, and at that moment, he was shocked to the point his soul almost left his body.

Never had he imagined that the Young Master that spoke to him with a warm and amiable attitude would actually possess such a terrifying combat strength and was almost like an all-powerful god of war!

He possessed an aura of supremacy and overflowed with overbearingness as he slaughtered Earthly Immortal Realm experts as if he was slaughtering chickens! That sort of peerless graceful bearing and techniques that shook the heavens and the earth caused him to forget to breathe as he watched, and he still couldn’t avoid feeling a wisp of shock when he thought about it now.

This Young Master is neither a friend nor relative of mine, and he merely spoke a few words to me. Would I cause him to be unhappy by disturbing him rashly, and cause him to kick me out?

Alas, Chen Yan! Oh! Chen Yan! Your opportunity is right before you, could it be that you’re willing to let it go just like this? Could it be that you’ve forgotten the trampling, disdain, rejection, and bullying from all these years?

Right! I have to become strong, and I must strive for it myself! A nobody isn’t pitiable, but it’s pitiable when even I look down upon myself. Then would there be any meaning in living?

I must try my best to fight for it, even if I only have a slim hope for success. Even though it’s tiny, at least I tried, and I’ll have no regrets and a clear conscience. But if I don’t even dare to fight for it and give up directly, it would be equivalent to giving up on my life!

Give it your best! Chen Yan!

Chen Yan muttered in his heart while cheering himself on, and the pair of eyes on his dark and firm face gradually became firm and bright.

An existence like Chen Xi was simply like a supreme god to him, and Chen Xi was so far away from his reach. On the other hand, the decision he made at this moment was like disturbing a god, and the agitated and perturbed feeling in his heart was obvious.

But in the end, he intended to give it a try. So he took a deep breath and took a step forward to raise his hand and knock the door.


However, before his hand could touch the tightly closed door, the door actually opened from within.

Chen Yan was stunned, and then he saw a tall figure was smiling at him from within the room. The figure had a warm and deep gaze that caused his perturbed and anxious heart to unconsciously calm down.

“Se… Senior… I…” However, as soon as he spoke, Chen Yan instantly started stuttering, and he was slightly at a loss for how to express the reason for his arrival, causing his dark and small face to flush red.

“You want to acknowledge me as your master?” asked Chen Xi.

Chen Yan hurriedly nodded like a chick pecking on grains on the ground.

Chen Xi smiled and patted Chen Yan’s weak shoulders as he said, “There’s no need to be anxious. You don’t get an opportunity by waiting, nor do you obtain it resorting to trickery. You had to courage to come here and fight for it, so even if you encounter refusal, your accomplishments in the future will surely be limitless.”

Chen Xi asked while staring blankly at him. “Then is Senior willing to take me as your disciple?”

Chen Xi nodded. “Of course, you fought for this opportunity, so I’ll give you the opportunity to receive a test.”

Chen Yan was shocked in his heart, and then he was pleasantly surprised to the point he couldn’t help but clench his fists tightly before he hurriedly took a deep breath to forcefully restrain this excitement as he said, “Senior, please enlighten me. No matter what test it is, I’ll do all I can to complete it!”

Chen Xi smiled and was just about to say something when a deep sound of reproach suddenly sounded out from the distance. “Audacious servant! Instead of sleeping at night, you came to disturb the rest of Young Hero Chen instead. You simply deserve death! Are you still not going to withdraw yourself!?”

Along with this voice, Wen Tianshuo walked over with large strides. His figure was tall and robust, his shoulders broad, and he walked with firm strides and carried an awe-inspiring presence of his own.

The Junior Marquis Wen Hua was following by his side as well. He similarly frowned when his gaze swept past Chen Yan who was by Chen Xi’s side, and a wisp of fierce coldness flashed within his eyes.

Chen Yan seemed as if he was doused with a pail of cold water. The excitement and pleasant surprise he had before vanished instantly without a trace, and it was replaced by dense astonishment and coldness.

To Chen Yan who was a servant of the estate, Wen Tianshuo and Wen Hua were simply existence that couldn’t be disobeyed, and they possessed the authority of life and death over him. Now that the matter of him paying a visit to Chen Xi deep in the night had been exposed and he’d been caught red handed, the consequences were simply unimaginable.

“What’re you still standing there for? Leave, quickly!” Wen Huo berated Chen Yan with a low voice because he didn’t dare act too presumptuously before Chen Xi.

Chen Yan’s entire body stiffened while he revealed a struggling and indeterminate expression, and then he raised his head to look at Chen Xi before looking at the Marquis and Junior Marquis that stared at him with a hostile expression. A strand of fury arose in his heart for no reason and rhyme, and he stood on the spot without moving.

He knew that this was his only chance, and if he were to leave just like this, then his corpse would probably be dealt with soundlessly before tomorrow.

After all, he was merely a servant, so how could he possibly be able to survive when he was targeted by both the Marquis and Junior Marquis?

“You lowly servant! You actually don’t know what’s good for you and don’t follow the rules at all. What’s the point of keeping you here!?” Wen Hua was furious, and then he took a step forward with the intention of killing Chen Yan.

“Stay your hand!” Chen Xi spoke as he frowned.

Instantly, Wen Hua’s raised hand froze in midair, and he was slightly astounded.

Wen Tianshuo’s eyelids twitched inadvertently, and then he waved his hand to indicate that Wen Hua should stand back before he said with a smile, “Young Hero Chen is kind and benevolent, and is unable to stand seeing someone killed. So I’ll spare him.”

“Marquis, you’re mistaken. I intend to take Chen Yan as my disciple. If the Junior Marquis made a move against him, then the Junior Marquis’s life would be at risk, so I gave him a warning.” Chen Xi replied indifferently.

His words revealed a piercingly cold and murderous aura, causing the hearts of Wen Tianshuo and Wen Hua to thump while their faces turned pale.

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