Chapter 793 – Stirring The Dark Reverie

Priest Zi Yun’s face went grim, while he was driven to distraction in his disbelief.

At the same time, everyone within the estate noticed the unusualness within the Prime Blood God Flags.

“It seems…as if the Prime Blood God Flags have become weaker again?” Someone was surprised and bewildered because he acutely noticed that compared from before, the strength of the Prime Blood God Flags had simply weakened by more than 10 times!

“The will of that great figure has vanished!” Earthly Immortal Realm experts like Wen Tianshuo, Qing Ping, Hui Zhong, Lou Qi, and the others very clearly determined the changes within it, and all of them were extremely horrified. Could it be that all of this was done by that young man?

“Uncle Yong, can you discern what sort of change has occurred within it?” Baili Yan stared blankly and was bewildered.

“I can’t.” The old servant shook his head and frowned. “A force capable of forcing the will of a great figure back is truly impossible to be determined. Unless…Chen Xi carries an extremely terrifying secret treasure in his possession.”

“Exactly. No matter how heaven defying his strength is, he’s restrained by his cultivation, and it’s utterly insufficient to go against the will of a great figure. Based on this inference, he surely possesses an extraordinary treasure.” The other old servant pondered briefly before he spoke as well.

“An extraordinary secret treasure?” Baili Yan was shocked in her heart, and then she muttered. “Could it be the ultimate treasure of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the Chaotic Magic Sword? Impossible! That’s the great weapon of slaughter that only the Sect Master of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect can possess, and it holds down the karmic luck of the entire sect. How could it possibly be passed down to be used by Chen Xi?”


Right when everyone was surprised and bewildered, extremely violent trembles suddenly arose from within the Prime Blood God Flags, and then it suddenly shattered apart with a bang.

A wisp of dazzling sword qi that seemed capable of reaching the heavens surged out with a bang, and it shot into the sky and surged through the surroundings!

After that, under the astounded gazes of everyone, a tall figure stepped out from within the shattered Prime Blood God Flags, and his clothes fluttered with the wind while he revealed a gaze that was like bolts of lightning. It was Chen Xi.

At this moment, as they looked at this figure, everyone was shocked speechless, and the atmosphere was perfectly silent.

A young man that was obviously only at the Nether Transformation Realm had actually forced the will of a great figure back and slashed apart the Prime Blood God Flags that were comparable to an Immortal Artifact. Is there anything in the world that can stop him?

Who exactly is he?

How could such a heaven defying and monstrous figure suddenly appear in the Dark Reverie?

At this instant, even Wen Tianshuo, Qing Ping, and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts couldn’t help but feel a deep feeling of frustration in their hearts, and they didn’t dare take Chen Xi to be a junior any longer.

“You… You… You…” Compared to the shock of the others, Priest Zi Yun was shocked out of his wits, and his face was covered in deep disbelief and terror.

He simply seemed as if he’d seen a ghost.


A wisp of Creation Sword Qi flashed. The head of Priest Zi Yun who hadn’t awakened from his shock was chopped off directly, causing fresh blood to spray out as he perished. He couldn’t figure out exactly how this young man before him had accomplished all this no matter how he wracked his brains.

At this point, eight Earthly Immortal Realm experts and great sinners that were ranked in the top 100 of the Villain Rankings had been completely wiped out!

The person that accomplished this was merely Chen Xi alone!

Such a splendid and magnificent accomplishment in combat had simply created history because throughout the ancient times until now, it was capable of being called world shaking and a record that has never been attained and will never be attained again.

Everyone believed that if news of this battle were to spread, the entire Dark Reverie would fall into extremely great shock.

The battle had ended, and the sky was still suffused with a dense and pungent smell of blood.

Chen Xi didn’t become free. He executed his techniques to completely wipe out the energy of sin here, and then he swept out with his sleeve, causing all the broken pieces of the Prime Blood God Flags to be put away.

After completing all this, Chen Xi put the sword away and descended back to the ground.


The crowd seemed to tacitly and automatically open up a path for Chen Xi to tread on. The faces of every single one of them was covered in deep reverence that came from the heart, and they seemed to be welcoming a king respectfully.

All of them were clearly aware that if it wasn’t for Chen Xi, then they would have probably died a long time ago, and they would utterly be incapable of safely surviving until now.

There was nothing embarrassing about admitting this. After all, it was eight great sinners at the Earthly Immortal Realm! It was even to the extent that there was no need for all of them to make a move before they could crush every here like ants!

So the reverence and gratitude they felt towards Chen Xi was absolutely from the heart.

“It’s all thanks to Young Hero Chen’s life saving grace that everyone within my estate was able to survive this calamity. Please accept my gratitude.” Wen Tianshuo took a large stride forward with a serious expression, and then he bowed.

“Thank you, Young Hero Chen, for your life saving grace!”

No matter their cultivations, everyone bowed deeply in unison when they saw this because such a great kindness of saving their lives was worthy of them treating him in such a way.

Those cultivators that had lashed out at Chen Xi earlier even revealed embarrassed expressions, and they were extremely anxious, causing the degree of their bows to be much greater than the others. Moreover, they wished for nothing more than to bury their heads into the ground in order to seek the slightest forgiveness from Chen Xi.

“Everyone, it’s fine. I was just lucky enough to be here at the right time.” Chen Xi raised his hands slightly when he saw this, causing a gentle and shapeless force to surge out and help up the bowed figures of everyone.

“Young Hero Chen, you’re too modest. I’m unable to repay such a life saving grace as well. If Young Hero Chen doesn’t mind, then I’m willing to use the treasure map in my possession as an invite, and I hope that you’ll head to the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain with me in the future to carry out this important matter!” Wen Tianshuo spoke with a serious expression.

“We’ll discuss this matter later. I just want to have a good rest now.” Chen Xi changed the topic of conversation.

“Of course, of course.” When he saw Chen Xi didn’t refuse directly, Wen Tianshuo instructed right away. “Quickly prepare the best room for Young Hero Chen!”

As he spoke, he glanced at the nearby Wen Hua in an imperceptible manner.


Wen Hua understood what he meant, and then suddenly knelt down on the path ahead and kowtowed as he spoke in a loud voice. “Senior is righteous and possesses an extraordinary cultivation. I admire Senior extremely, and I earnestly request that Senior takes me as a disciple!”

Chen Xi glanced at the young man on the ground with a calm expression, and not the slightest fluctuation could be seen on his face before he walked away. From the beginning until the end, he didn’t speak a single word, nor did he make his stand clear.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this scene, and some of them were unable to figure out what was going on. According to their thoughts, Chen Xi was entirely able to smoothly take Wen Hua as a disciple at this moment. After all, this little fellow was born with the Goldstar Body and extraordinary natural talent. Coupled with Marquis Wen being willing to share the treasure map with Chen Xi, taking Wen Hua as his disciple could be considered to satisfy both parties, so why not?

Unfortunately, they were unable to figure out Chen Xi’s thoughts, nor did they dare to question him. So they could only bury this bewilderment in their hearts.

But Wen Hua who knelt on the ground was slightly embarrassed. He’d been disregarded by Chen Xi in front of so many people, causing him to feel extremely embarrassed, and a wisp of indignation flashed inadvertently in the depths of his eyes.

Wen Tianshuo had similarly not expected that Chen Xi’s attitude would be so cold and indifferent, and his expression stiffened slightly before recovering to normal, then he patted the shoulder of his son as he smiled. “Oh you, you’re too eager to acknowledge him as your master. Young Hero Chen just experienced a great battle, and he’s tired and exhausted, so how could he have the mood to pay attention to you? Quickly get up. It isn’t too late to pay a visit to Young Hero Chen after he rests.”

Wen Hua nodded as he knew this was his father giving him a way out of the predicament, and he stood up along with this. But his expression was slightly depressed as he couldn’t figure out why Chen Xi would be so cold and indifferent to him.

In next to no time, everyone within the estate dispersed because witnessing the shocking battle from before had caused their minds to be worn to the extreme, and all of them felt slightly exhausted.

But they didn’t disperse for the sake of resting but for the sake of reporting the news of what had occurred here to the various powers behind them. Most importantly, they wanted to investigate the identity of that young man!

After all, the incident that had occurred today was too shocking. Eight great sinners had been annihilated by him alone, and such a heaven defying and monstrous figure had to be clearly ascertained.

Besides that, the matter of Wen Tianshuo possessing a treasure map to enter the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain was extremely important as well. The matter was related to everything possessed by the Sky Dao Palace, so they had no choice but to attach great importance to it.

As for Baili Yan and those two old servants of hers, they seemed to not intend to continue pestering Chen Xi, and they left Corona City on that very day to return to the Eternal Spirit Mountain that night.

Baili Yan met Chen Xi once more before she left. On the contrary to how she usually acted, she didn’t continue pursuing the question of how Chen Xi had comprehended and grasped the Eternal profundity. She seemed to know as well that no matter how she questioned Chen Xi, Chen Xi wouldn’t give her a clear answer.

She only chatted with Chen Xi about some topics of no importance like the upheaval of the three dimensions, the Xeno-race, and various other situations in the world. When she left in the end, she even cordially invited Chen Xi to drop in at the Eternal Spirit Mountain when he was free.

According to what she said, even though Chen Xi wasn’t a disciple of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, since he’d already grasped the Eternal Dao Insights and the Five Moves of the Eternal, he was already no different than an inheritor of the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

Chen Xi naturally knew that this was because Baili Yan was helpless against him, and since she knew very well that she was unable to do anything to him, she intended to form goodwill with him and win him over.

Chen Xi accepted this with pleasure. After all, there was no enmity between him and the Eternal Spirit Mountain, so it couldn’t be any better if they were able to become friends.



On this day, a piece of news seemed as if it had grown wings and flew out of Corona City, and it spread towards the various powers in the Dark Reverie and caused a mighty uproar.

Eight great sinners at the Earthly Immortal Realm had been annihilated!

A treasure map related to the Sky Dao Palace had appeared!

Such inside news caused the entire cultivation world to be stirred. After they understood all of this clearly, practically every single power was guessing who exactly the young man that was surnamed Chen was?

Before long, some powers caught the true answer through various clues – Chen Xi!

Actually, it was very easy to guess. Chen Xi had once said that killing Priest Zi Yun and the others was for the sake of completing an assignment of his sect, and it just happened that many great powers had obtained the news that the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s disciple, Chen Xi, had just recently been promoted to an elder. Now, he’d left the sect to complete the two assignments of ‘passing down the flames’ and ‘enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens.’

Once these two things were combined, the answer naturally surfaced.

In practically a single night, Chen Xi’s name shook the entire Dark Reverie once more, and it drew the attention of the various powers.

After a long period of five years, this young man that had ceaselessly created miracle after miracle and done numerous deeds that shocked the world had appeared once more in the world!

It wasn’t just that, he’d actually slaughtered eight great sinners at the Earthly Immortal Realm with a cultivation at the Nether Transformation Realm. This magnificent feat of surmounting a realm to ‘slaughter an immortal’ caused the various powers to be extremely shocked because how many people since the ancient times until now were capable of accomplishing this? 

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