Chapter 792 – Forcing The Great Figure Back

The will of a great figure has descended within the Prime Blood God Flags! Baili Yan’s expression suddenly turned grim when she heard this. Under these circumstances, an existence that was capable of causing his will to descend was absolutely an existence above the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

Everyone present acutely sensed that the imposing aura of the Prime Blood God Flags rose steadily and surged with a might that was 10 times more formidable than before. Merely its aura struck numerous cultivators to the point of fainting on the spot.

“Haha! I sacrificed 3,000 years of my lifespan to communicate with the spirit of the blood river in the Netherworld to draw support from the might of the true Prime Blood God Flag. Unless a Heavenly Immortal arrives here, all of you will have to die!” Priest Zi Yun howled with laughter while his hair hung loosely on his shoulder, and his countenance was ghastly pale as his eyes flickered with flames of madness. This sort of secret technique that consumed his lifespan caused him to suffer severe injuries, and it was even to the extent that it was already impossible for him to take another step forward in his path towards the Dao.

But at this moment, he couldn’t care about anything else!

Chen Xi’s display was too overbearing and too terrifying, and it caused him to sense a fatal threat. So if he still didn’t execute this secret technique, then he was worried that he would perish here today.

Instead of that, wouldn’t it be better to risk his life? He didn’t stint to take himself down with Chen Xi!


Draw support from the might of the true Prime Blood God Flag?!

Everyone felt their hearts twitch fiercely, and they were shocked to the point of almost suffocating. Isn’t this sort of secret technique too terrifying? This is the Mortal Dimension, yet that Priest Zi Yun was actually able to link up with the might of the blood river in the Netherworld? This simply exceeded the imagination of all of them.

Chen Xi’s face darkened as well, and he circulated his entire cultivation while mobilizing the Talisman Armament with the intention of enveloping Priest Zi Yun once more and using all his strength to crush Zi Yun.


However, never had he expected that the Prime Blood God Flags would actually become terrifying to the extreme. Before he could even slash out with a strand of sword qi, it actually transformed into a screen of blood that covered the sky and swept his entire body into it.

Everyone present here became restless when they witnessed this scene, and they didn’t dare believe that a young man with peerless divine might like Chen Xi would actually even lack the strength to resist it.

If Chen Xi were to perish, who amongst them would be a match for Priest Zi Yun? And their end would probably be…

Everyone didn’t dare continue thinking about this, and they couldn’t help but shudder with fear.

Priest Zi Yun roared endlessly with sharp laughter. “Little Brother, this is the consequence of going against me! No matter how extraordinary your natural talent is, or how heaven defying your strength is, you’ll still die for sure after encountering me!”

He was extremely delighted. Even though he’d exhausted 3,000 years of his lifespan, being able to exchange it for the life of a heaven defying and monstrous genius like Chen Xi was enough!

At this moment, he was waiting for Chen Xi to be crushed before washing the estate with blood and seizing the treasure map to the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain from Wen Tianshuo because if he was able to locate the treasure vault within the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain, then its value would absolutely exceed the value of 3,000 years of his lifespan!

This was Priest Zi Yun’s plan, and it was ruthless, decisive, and unscrupulous. Not only was he ruthless to his enemies, he was the same to himself. He was absolutely a desperate and ruthless figure, and one who didn’t fear being cut into pieces dared to pierce apart the heavens!


A river of blood surged while savage and ruthless evil spirits and ferocious souls raged about. It was world that was like a hell of blood, and Chen Xi was restrained within it like a piece of duckweed floating on the clear ocean, pitiably insignificant.

He tried his best to struggle but was only barely able to defend himself, and he was utterly incapable of struggling free.

Because these Prime Blood God Flags contained the terrifying and monstrous will of a great figure, and it was like the Artifact Spirit of an Immortal Artifact and possessed a strength comparable to a true Heavenly Immortal!



“What attractive aura of Blood Essence. I’ve already been hungry for over a thousand years, and I’m unbearably hungry and thirsty!

Numerous sharp cackles filled the air and tore at Chen Xi’s eardrums. The vengeful spirits within the blood river seemed like a formidable army that laughed savagely as they pounced at Chen Xi.

Even though these vengeful spirits were numerous, they weren’t much, and what caused Chen Xi to have a heavy feeling was that this expanse of space was filled with a terrifying pressure at all times.

This pressure caused the cultivation in his entire body to be suppressed, causing him to be like a surrounded beast, a prisoner in a cage, and even if he exerted all his strength to resist it, he was only able to exert less than 40% of his strength in the end!

This was absolutely a fatal restraint. Chen Xi knew that if he didn’t break out of this predicament right away, then he would probably be like an ordinary person that had fallen into the ocean, and he would be drowned gradually and have no chance of surviving.


In the end, he gritted his teeth and put the Talisman Armament away before holding the Netherworld Register in his left hand and the Condemn Evil brush in his right!

Ji Yu had once warned him that he must never utilize these two precious treasures from the Netherworld before his strength attained a level sufficient to resist the gods and devils of the world. But at this moment, he didn’t have any other choice.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

As soon as the Condemn Evil Brush that seemed like iron yet wasn’t iron, seemed like jade yet wasn’t jade, and was completely pitch black to the extreme appeared, countless icy cold and resolute shouts resounded and rumbled through the air. The aura of slaughter shot into the sky, and it intended to judge the world and annihilate all evil!

The Condemn Evil Brush managed life and death!

When the third Netherworld Emperor controlled the six paths of reincarnation, the Condemn Evil Brush had slaughtered countless gods and devil, and he’d done it for the sake of reconstructing the order in the three dimensions.

Its might caused all the gods in the three dimensions to feel threatened, and they had no choice but to move out jointly before being able to crush the Netherworld Empire.

At this moment, this supreme divine weapon from the Netherworld had fallen into Chen Xi’s hands, and merely the energy of slaughter that gushed from it shook the Prime Blood God Flags to the point of trembling.

Swoosh! Swoosh!Chen Xi held the Condemn Evil Brush in his hand, and it formed a horizontal and vertical line that intersected together like a cross and emanated a terrifying force that caused one’s heart to palpitate. The flat and clear lines seemed to slash apart the heavens, the earth, and man into black and white, form order between good and evil, and differentiate between pure and turbid!

It seemed as if it wanted to completely judge all the evil, spirits, and disaster in the world and blast them into the cycle of reincarnation!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Everywhere it passed, the groups of evil and ferocious souls were like pieces of paper that were easily annihilated, whereas the surging and roaring river of blood was directly slashed into pieces, and it was severed into a myriad of pieces.

Its imposing aura seemed as if it was capable of sweeping through the entire world, and everywhere its tip passed, everything before it was judged!

At the same time, the thick Netherworld Register in Chen Xi’s left hand suddenly flipped open by itself, and its pages swished while it emanated a deep, solemn, and vast energy of deliverance that was blazing and resplendent to the limit.

With his cultivation, he still felt a piercing pain when he relied on the Eye of Divine Truth, and he was actually unable to clearly see exactly what was written in the Netherworld Register!

But in next to no time, Chen Xi didn’t have time to bother about all this. He clearly sensed that along with the Netherworld Register purifying the energy of sin within the group after group of vengeful and evil spirits, numerous Goldlights of Virtue swirled gracefully into appearance within his Blackhole World.

On the other hand, the pure and translucent ‘mysterious energy from his Dao Heart’ became more and more condensed, and it seemed to have been thoroughly tempered. It was gradually condensing into form from a cocoon, and it faintly revealed a completely round outline like that of a Golden Core.

The energy of virtue was the opposite of the energy of sin, and it was similarly mysterious to the extreme. It came from the Heaven Dao, and it was a type of judgment of the Heaven Dao towards everything in the world. When one possessed virtue, one would receive the protection of the Heaven Dao, and no matter if it was in terms of cultivating or karmic luck, it possessed a profound benefit.

For example, even though some great charitable people in the mortal world didn’t cultivate, their family business thrived, and had a long lifespan and numerous children and grandchildren. Even if they passed away, their next life would possess great wealth and even be able to possess an innate spirit body that allowed them to step on the path towards the Grand Dao.

On the other hand, once a person with monstrous sins died, they would even be unable to enter the cycle of reincarnation and be obliterated in the heavens and the earth for eternity. Even if they were lucky to enter the Netherworld, they would either be sent into the 18 levels of hell or be reduced to the path of animals and be reborn as an animal in their next life, causing them to suffer boundless torment.

All in all, the Goldlight of Virtue could be considered a blessing from the Heaven Dao, whereas the glow of sin was a type of punishment instead, and it carried an extremely great restrictive force towards cultivators.

Perhaps all of this wasn’t very obvious at the Nether Transformation Realm or before it, but once one cultivated to the Earthly Immortal Realm and faced the nine levels of heavenly tribulation, the benefits brought about by the Goldlight of Virtue would be fully revealed.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi felt his entire body become much more at ease. His spirits were refreshed while his body and mind felt as if it had been cleaned by clear water of immortals, causing him to feel extremely tranquil. Even though he was still restrained within the Prime Blood God Flags, he wasn’t tainted by the karma of blood within it.

“Hmm? It’s actually the Netherworld Register! The Condemn Evil Brush! Weren’t these two damnable things destroyed along with the Netherworld Emperor by the gods of the world!?” Suddenly, a terrifying and extremely icy cold consciousness sounded out from within the Prime Blood God Flags, and it swept past Chen Xi. It was the strand of will of the great figure that had descended into the flags, and it had noticed the existence of the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush, causing it to be unable to maintain its composure any longer and roar furiously.

Along with this roar, Chen Xi’s entire body felt cold while a chill ran down his spine, and he sensed an oppressive and deterring imposing aura.

But right after that, the Condemn Evil Brush in his hand suddenly shook before the tip of the brush swept out in midair by itself, and it seemed like a stroke that judged Yin and Yang and created the world as it slashed out horizontally.

“AH!!!” A furious cry of pain sounded out. “Bastard! The three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval. At that time, I’ll be able to escape the seal within the blood river, and I’ll kill my way into the Netherworld and completely destroy the six paths of reincarnation! I’ll make you and the Netherworld Register lose the source of your powers forever!

“And you little fellow! I’ll remember you! Wait for me to take your head during the upheaval of the three dimensions!” His voice hadn’t finished reverberating in the air when Chen Xi acutely sensed that the will of that great figure seemed to have felt threatened and fled resolutely.

This will was probably emanated by the real Prime Blood God Flag. It was actually able to break through the barriers between the Netherworld and the Mortal Dimension to descend here. The ability of this Priest Zi Yun is really extraordinary. Unfortunately, he probably never expected that I would actually possess existences like the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush in my possession… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. In the next moment, he restrained his thoughts and didn’t waste any more time to instantly put away the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush.

These two treasures couldn’t be exposed in the world!

At the very least, unless he was in a critical situation of life and death, then he wouldn’t dare take it out and utilize it until he cultivated to an extent capable of going against the various gods in the world.

Even though it seemed complicated in writing, all of this merely occurred in a short moment.

“Hmm? Why is it like this!?” When the will of the great figure vanished, it was instantly noticed by Priest Zi Yun, and his face that still carried a wisp of mad complacency instantly turned stiff to the extreme.

How could this be possible!?

I exhausted 3,000 years of my lifespan to cause a strand of a true great figure to descend here, and even a Heavenly Immortal wouldn’t be able to resist it. Why would it suddenly vanish without reason or rhyme?

Priest Zi Yun stared fixedly at the Prime Blood God Flags, and he still didn’t dare believe everything he’d noticed, causing him to be in a dazed and distracted state.

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