Chapter 791 – Killing Successively

Huai Ming perished while the energy of sin within him was completely absorbed within Chen Xi’s body, and after it was refined by the Netherworld Register, it was drawn into the cycle of reincarnation in the Netherworld.

At practically the exact same time, Goldlight of Virtue rained down within Chen Xi’s Blackhole World, causing the entire world to seem even more peaceful, tranquil, and like an immortal paradise.

His cultivation of the Dao Heart rose along with this as well. The ‘mysterious energy that came from his Dao Heart’ seemed material, pure, translucent, and effused an ethereal and hazy golden light, and it was like a ball of mercury condensing within his heart.

But after the cultivation of his Heart Energy attained this step, it seemed to have encountered a barrier that was difficult to surmount, and it was unable to improve any longer, yet seemed to become more and more condensed.

It was like a cocoon was being formed within his heart, and it surged with a strange rhythm that seemed as if so long as the day the ‘cocoon hatched into a butterfly,’ his Dao Heart cultivation would undergo a qualitative transformation.

At this instant, in his daze, Chen Xi had the unique feeling that his heart could embrace anything in the universe.

The energy of the heart was the most mysterious!

Unlike True Essence, Shaman Energy, Immortal Energy, or any other form of energy, the Heart Energy was ethereal and imperceptible, and it was impossible to comprehend like the workings of the heavens. It was a unique energy that rarely possessed any cultivation techniques in the world, and it was even difficult for Heavenly Immortals to grasp it.

During the primeval times, there were great figures that had once sighed with emotion. “Amongst the 3,000 paths of the Grand Dao, only the Heart Energy is difficult to find.”

“How audacious!” Huai Ming’s death caused Priest Zi Yun’s expression to be extraordinarily gloomy, and he shouted out fiercely while moving the Prime Blood God Flags to exert its most formidable might to blast fiercely onto Chen Xi.

Wu~ Wu~

The blood red flag fluttered while emitting the wails of ghosts and the howls of wolves, and it transformed this place into a blood ocean of purgatory. Chen Xi was actually unable to avoid it because this set of evil treasures had frozen the surrounding space into one, causing it to transform into a small world that enveloped him.

Everyone knew very well that during the primeval times, the Prime Blood God Flag had once killed countless extraordinary figures in the world, and it was truly all-powerful. Moreover, its might was so formidable that caused others to turn pale just from the mention of it.

However, no one had expected that Chen Xi would be calm and unafraid when facing this, and then he suddenly slashed out with his sword, causing talisman markings to surge and creation to be deduced as it actually went head on against the might of the blood red flags.


A bang that shook the heavens resounded out as the Talisman Armament and Prime Blood God Flags collided, and it directly blasted the latter away!

Everyone was horrified and flabbergasted. This was simply like a miracle, the might of a single sword strike had actually blasted the Prime Blood God Flags back, and if it wasn’t for them seeing it with their own two eyes, who would dare believe this?

Could it be that sword is an extremely formidable Immortal Artifact?

Some of them felt their hearts palpitate and faintly felt that even though Chen Xi’s strength was formidable, the might revealed by this strike couldn’t be done without the contribution of the sword in his hand.


At the same time, Chen Xi’s Creation Sword Qi was executed once more, and it slashed towards Priest Zi Yun with a terrifying aura while emanating dazzling light.

The expression of Priest Zi Yun had already changed repeatedly. He knew that Chen Xi was formidable, yet he never imagined that a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm would actually be able to go against the Prime Blood God Flags because as soon as this great weapon of slaughter was utilized, it was sufficient to annihilate an expert at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

Even though he thought like this in his heart, his movements weren’t slow in the slightest, and he retreated explosively repeatedly while drawing out a surging bloody light that blocked this terrifying sword qi and caused an expanse of blazing light to erupt.


Chen Xi wasn’t surprised in the slightest when he saw this, and his Sword Qi swept out horizontally to slash at Bei Huang. 


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded out as it slashed apart Bei Huang’s magic treasure and his right hand, and it terrified Bei Huang to the point his soul almost left his body.

Sword Qi whistled through the surroundings while Chen Xi seemed to meet no resistance!

At this moment, Chen Xi fully revealed a heaven defying strength that shouldn’t be possessed by his cultivation realm, and even those great sinners at the Earthly Immortal Realm found it impossible to stop his footsteps.

“Kill!” Bei Huang roared furiously while a bloody glow shot into the sky from his body, and it transformed into a bloody wind of Immortal Energy that was completely crimson red as it enveloped the entire heavens and the earth.

However, he didn’t charge over but turned around and fled instead. Because he knew that even the Prime Blood God Flags were unable to kill Chen Xi, so it was undoubtedly impossible with his cultivation, and continuing the battle would only lead to his death.

Unfortunately, he was still a step too slow.

Chen Xi erupted, the Talisman Armament fused with his figure, causing him to seem like a divine sword that could hold up the heavens while he exerted the Creation Sword Insight to the limit and slashed down.


The sword qi slashed down and split apart the screen of bloody radiance before slashing apart all of it, and then it cut off a head, causing scarlet red blood to spray out.

Another great sinner at the Earthly Immortal Realm had perished!

A rain of blood rained down and dyed the sky red. Everyone within the estate that witnessed this scene was shocked speechless and were unable to recover from their shock because this was the ‘slaughtering of immortals’ while surmounting the gap of a realm!

Even though it was only an Earthly Immortal, but Chen Xi’s ability to defy the heavens to such an extent with the might of the Nether Transformation Realm was sufficient to shock the world. If news of this were to be spread out, it would surely shock the world and give rise to a mighty uproar!

Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance to all of this, and he just charged past Bei Huang’s corpse. Every single step he took caused a golden lotus platform to bloom in space, and he was like a king that moved on lotuses. His fierce aura became even sharper as he charged towards Chi Ya and Huang Jiao at the other side.

“You’re going too far!” Chen Xi’s counterattack that killed his companions caused Chi Ya’s expression to be exceedingly gloomy. He raised his hand and pointed out, causing an expanse of blood colored light to rain down while blood qi coiled through the entire sky, and it carried a might akin to a mountain pressing down as it enveloped Chen Xi.

“Old goat, do you have the right so speak such words!?” This short sentence of his revealed boundless killing intent. Even though his face was gorgeous, Chen Xi had a dignified air that emanated the pressure of a sovereign that had descended into the world, and then he slashed out with a raise of his hand.


An enormous mountain suddenly surged out into appearance above Chi Ya while the glow of blood shot into the sky. The rocks, plants, trees, and everything else in the mountain was formed from vengeful and evil spirits that rumbled with a savage, vicious, and fiendish aura.

This was his true body, a spirit mountain that had been tainted by the blood of a god, and after experiencing the tempering of countless years, his true body had already transformed into a magic treasure that was comparable to an Immortal Artifact.

As soon as it surged out into appearance, it actually went head on against Chen Xi’s sword, but his entire body was blasted flying while he coughed out blood without end.

“Die!” On the other side, Lord Huang Jiao seized this opportunity strike. His fingers grew explosively as sharp and pitch black nails that were like 10 devilish weapons tore through space and grab fiercely at Chen Xi’s head.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi made a backhanded strike with his sword, causing Huang Jiao’s entire body to be slashed flying like a kite that had its string cut off, and he was so weak before Chen Xi that it caused the scalps of everyone to go numb.


In the next instant, Chen Xi charged once more towards Chi Ya. The Talisman Armament soared through the sky while it emitted a thick and large sword qi that shot into the sky, and it was lustrous, dazzling, sharp, and oppressive to the extreme. This was one of the most formidable Dao Arts he’d grasped up until now, and it was the Creation Sword Insight comprehended from the bone left behind by the Exalted Ant Emperor from the primeval times.

A single strike was capable of slashing down the stars!

This was the extraordinary technique possessed by the Exalted Ant Emperor, and it was the target Chen Xi worked hard towards – the ability to cut down the sun and moon and cause the stars to fall with a raise of his sword! This was the true bearing of a supreme exalted figure! 

Hmm? Chi Ya’s expression went grim. Even though he was at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, his strength far exceeded those that possessed a similar cultivation to him. Otherwise, how could he have possibly been invited over by Huai Ming and the others? However, Chen Xi’s sword strike aroused a terrifying feeling of horror because this sword qi was too frightening. Not only did it deter the body, it even suppressed the soul.

He didn’t dare hesitate in the slightest. The blood red mountain above him rumbled while the boundless bloody glow transformed into a myriad of wailing and miserable howls, and it descended down onto Chen Xi like a comet from outer space.


Sword howls shook the surroundings. Under the astonished gazes of everyone present, Chen Xi’s sword qi actually easily slashed the enormous mountain into two like tofu, whereas Chi Ya didn’t have time to dodge and was slashed into two as well. A rain of blood flowed down while his soul was instantly obliterated by the sword qi!

Everyone was horrified to the limit. Another great sinner at the Earthly Immortal Realm has perished!

Chen Xi spirits were roused from this killing. The Wings of Disruption flapped swiftly, and he seemed like a wisp of flowing light that that moved between the void and reality. He flickered repeatedly to avoid Priest Zi Yun’s attack before directly appeared before Lord Huang Jiao and grabbing out.


Lord Huang Jiao was terrified to the point his soul almost left his body when he saw Chi Ya perishing, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to teleport with the intention of fleeing.

Unfortunately, his teleportation lost its effect under the gaze of Chen Xi’s Eye of Divine Truth, and he was directly grabbed out from within space before he was directly annihilated with the raise and descent of the Talisman Armament.

Everyone present was unable to find a word to describe their current feelings, and they were shocked speechless because these were Earthly Immortal Realm experts with monstrous crimes and hands that were dyed red with blood.

But now, they were killed without discrimination by Chen Xi as if he was slaughtering chickens, and only Priest Zi Yun actually remained after less than 10 minutes passed!

Who could have imagined this would have happened?


At this moment, Priest Zi Yun’s expression was livid to the extreme as it changed indeterminately. Everything that had occurred today was like an inconceivable nightmare that caused it to be difficult and almost impossible for him to accept.

He didn’t dare hesitate as well, and he activated the Prime Blood God Flags with all his strength, causing them to erupt with their strongest might to blast down at Chen Xi. It was simply like he wanted to take Chen Xi down with him and not stop until one of them died.

Chen Xi slashed out repeatedly when he saw this, and he slashed from all eight directions with strikes that were branded with the profundity of ‘Cage Etching.’

Instantly, the entire universe actually underwent a reversal, and it was confined by him instead!

This technique, Cage Etching, was passed down to him by the tiny cauldron, and when compared with the Grand Confinement Dao Arts, each of them had their own merits. At this moment, Chen Xi executed it with his entire strength, causing them to overlap with each other and exert an unimaginable effect.

At this moment, the Prime Blood God Flags were completely confined and trembled violently without end, but they were unable to escape the might of the ‘Cage Etching.’


A sword qi swept by, causing Priest Zi Yun to feel a chill run down his spin, and he was terrified to the point his soul almost left his body, causing him to turn around and flee. After he lost the Prime Blood God Flags, he was like a tiger without its teeth, so how could he dare fight Chen Xi head on?

However, this sword qi seemed as if it tore through space and arrive instantaneously before him, forcing him to have no choice but to withdraw a magic treasure before continuing to flee.


The magic treasure in his hand was slashed into pieces while the sword qi was like a ray of light that swept towards him. Priest Zi Yun’s entire body went cold and he exerted all his might to resist it.


But in the end, he still lost an arm.

Everything happened in a blink of the eye. Chen Xi had successively killed Chi Ya and Huang Jiao before slashing off an arm from Priest Zi Yun, and he revealed peerless and all-powerful might. He was simply like a god than had descended down to roam the mortal world.

“Blood river transform into spirit, connect to the Netherworld!” However, right at this moment, Priest Zi Yun suddenly let out a stern shout that shook the heavens, and he was like a madman as the Blood Essence in his entire body actually surged violently into the Prime Blood God Flags.

Instantly, the Prime Blood God Flags that were confined suddenly started to tremble violently. Moreover, they emitted a shocking divine consciousness that was vast like an ocean, and then they struggled free of the confinement at the instant Chen Xi was heading to slaughter Priest Zi Yun!

“The will of a great figure has descended within the Prime Blood God Flags!” The two old servants by Baili Yan’s side were terrified, and they exclaimed with shock in unison. 

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