Chapter 790 – The Netherworld Register Demonstrating Its Might

The devilish chain seemed like a whip that tore through the sky as it whipped down, and it carried a savage and unnatural roaring and rumbling while it pressed down like a devilish mountain that lay across the sky that possessed an extremely terrifying imposing aura.

Everyone was terrified because this strike was too terrifying, and ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm experts would be whipped by this strike to the point their flesh and skin split apart before they were obliterated.


Chen Xi’s back seemed as if it had eyes. The apertures on his entire body opened up like hedgehog that was revealing its spines, and his entire body erupted with numerous fierce sword qi that deduced creation and developed a myriad of profundities. It directly minced this whipping strike into pieces while numerous strands of sword qi amongst them shot at Bei Huang.

Bei Huang’s face went grim, and he didn’t dare take it head on, so he retreated hastily and avoided it. The consequences Huai Ming faced earlier were still vivid in his mind, so how could he possibly dare resist this terrifying sword qi head on?

Everyone present was shocked when they saw this. What a heaven defying young man. He has fallen deeply into a hopeless situation yet is still capable of launching an overbearing counterattack. Exactly how formidable is his strength!?

“Hmph! What a desperate struggle! Let me see how long you can struggle for!” Priest Zi Yun’s eyes were filled with a cold expression as he urged the Prime Blood God Flags to transform into a bloody screen that covered the sky, and then they pressed down in unison from the positions of the five elements towards Chen Xi who was in the center.

This expanse of the heavens and the earth were completely blood red. Chilly winds billowed, vengeful spirits wailed, boundless blood surged, and the glow of sin flowed about, causing it to seem to have transformed into a hell of blood. The world was confined, and the pressure emanated onto the world multiplied explosively!

The others didn’t feel anything, but this pressure affected Chen Xi like a large mountain pressing down onto an ant, and it was terrifying to the extreme, causing his blood, skin, and bones to seem to be on the verge of exploding apart.

But Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as the strange expression on his face grew deeper.

Priest Zi Yun smiled lightly and felt victory was within his grasp. He waved the snow white horsetail brush in his hand, causing a blood red thunderbolt to be struck out and tear through the sky as it struck at Chen Xi with the intention of crippling Chen Xi’s body.

“Uncle Yong, can you break through these Prime Flame God Flags? Otherwise, Chen Xi will be in danger!” Baili Yan spoke with a low voice while she revealed an expression of extreme anxiousness.

“It’s difficult to achieve unless we utilize an Immortal Artifact like the Eternal Bell of Kings because even though these Prime Flame God Flags are copies, their combined might is no different from a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact. But Princess, we didn’t bring along such a divine weapon when we come out this time.” The nearby old servant shook his head.

“Little Brother, you’re still too young and haven’t matured, yet you dared boast about enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens? Even I can’t bear the sight of it, so I can only destroy your cultivation and give you a lesson that’s impossible to forget for your entire life.” Priest Zi Yun grinned as he spoke with a kind and benevolent expression, yet his movements weren’t slow in the slightest, and he caused the blood red thunderbolt to slash down while boundless lightning enveloped Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s entire body rumbled. “Old goat, do you think you’re really all-powerful?”

Accompanying his voice was a lofty aura of light that surged out abruptly from his body, and unlike normal light, this light had a deep, solemn, and vast aura!

In next to no time, numerous vortexes revolved and rumbled on the surface of his body.

Everyone noticed to their shock that the blood, sin, and even vengeful spirits surging out from the Prime Blood God Flags were devoured by the vortexes and before merging into Chen Xi’s body.

Numerous Rocs seemed to be whistling about within those vortexes, and they charged into the nine heavens and wandered the universe. Moreover, an ancient book that was glowing faintly appeared briefly even deeper within the vortex.

This was the miraculous scene caused by the combination of the Netherworld Register and Stellar Lightningform.

The Netherworld Register was an extremely mysterious book that came from the Netherworld. It was inherited from the third Netherworld Emperor from the Primordial Era, and it was the supreme divine book of the Netherworld. At the same time, it was a precious treasure that surpassed the might of nature.

A very long time ago, Ji Yu had once said that the third Netherworld Emperor was absolutely a great figure that roamed freely through the ages and shocked the three dimensions. Moreover, he controlled the six paths of reincarnation and had once discussed the Dao for 10 years without losing against the master of the Mansion, Fuxi!

He had lofty aspirations and intended to bury the gods, annihilate the devils, and reconstruct the order of the laws in the three dimensions, so he could give the myriad of worlds a flourishing age of peace.

But it was precisely because of this that he’d enraged the gods and devils of the three dimensions, causing him to be jointly annihilated by them, and he died with hatred in his heart.

The Netherworld Register was just like the Condemn Evil Brush, both of them were treasures utilized by the Netherworld Emperor when he roamed the world, and they were peerlessly sharp weapons to slaughter evil and devils. The Netherworld Register formed a world of its own within it. It formed the path illuminated by fire with Paramita Flowers, used the muddy sea of bitterness to link up the other side, whereas the other side were the six paths of reincarnation of the Netherworld.

Moreover, the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush complimented each other. The Condemn Evil Brush managed life and death, whereas the Netherworld Register managed leading souls to the other side.

Any dead soul that was killed by the Condemn Evil Brush would have its sins purified by the Netherworld Register before its crimes would be determined by the order in the Netherworld Register. After that, it would be lead to the six paths of reincarnation to be reborn.

Earlier, when Chen Xi suffered the suppression of the Prime Blood God Flags, the Netherworld Register had suddenly emitted fluctuations that caused him to instantly realize that the Netherworld Register was an existence that innately countered this evil treasure.

Thus, Chen Xi took the opportunity to circulate the Stellar Lightningform and devoured the energy within the Prime Blood God Flags. Sure enough, the pressure that surrounded his body started to reduce greatly.

Moreover, he was able to notice clearly that expanse after expanse of Goldlight of Virtue was surging into appearance within his Blackhole World, and it was like golden flowers were descending from the sky, causing his energy of virtue to increase swiftly while the cultivation of his Dao Heart rose along with this!

It was even to the extent that he was able to clear sense the existence of the ‘mysterious energy from his Dao Heart’!

This was absolutely an unexpected gain. The reason was very simple, the Prime Blood God Flags had been refined by Priest Zi Yun for a few thousands of years, and the sin, vengeful spirits, and blood contained within it were practically monstrous and like an ocean. After it was absorbed by the Netherworld Register, the energy of sin was dissolved while the vengeful souls were led to reincarnation, causing this energy of virtue to naturally be given to Chen Xi.

“Eh, I underestimated you,” said Priest Zi Yun. That blood colored thunderbolt he struck out had been completely absorbed and merged into Chen Xi’s body, causing Chen Xi’s imposing aura to rise swiftly.

“Shit, dammit! This little brat is actually devouring the energy of my Prime Blood God Flags!” After that, Priest Zi Yun noticed something was off, and his expression instantly turned extremely gloomy while he was furious to the extreme.

At this moment, even everyone within the estate was able to clearly sense that Chen Xi’s body was like a bottomless abyss that was madly absorbing the energy of the Prime Blood God Flags, and it was exceedingly astounding.

All of them didn’t dare believe how this energy that was mixed with sin, vengeful spirits, evil spirits, and blood could possibly be absorbed! Not to mention having seen such a scene in their lives, they hadn’t even imagined it!

“Uncle Yong, is that the profundity of Reparation from the Dhyana Forest Temple?” Baili Yan was surprised and asked while staring blankly.

“It’s probably not. The Reparation Dao Insight carries the sympathetic aura of ‘putting down one’s weapon to repent,’ and it’s completely different from the imposing aura he’s revealing at this moment. It seems like…that’s the aura of the Netherworld. But it’s extremely obscure, and I can’t be sure as well.” The old servant frowned and shook his head as he spoke.

“Fellow Daoists, make a move together and kill this brat!” Priest Zi Yun’s face was suffused with killing intent, and he didn’t dare hesitate any longer and roared angrily.

These Prime Blood God Flags were his only reliance that he’d refined for a few thousands of years, and he’d refined it successfully with great difficulty. So if it was to be damaged, it would simply be like taking his life!

After all, as a great sinner at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, the strength of the heavenly tribulation he faced was 10 times or 100 times more terrifying than an ordinary person. So if the Prime Blood God Flags were to be damaged, how would he resist the next heavenly tribulation?

As soon as he finished speaking, Priest Zi Yun was the first to make a move. He urged the Prime Blood God Flags to transform into five terrifying rivers of blood that crushed down on Chen Xi.


Chen Xi’s figure shook while he was almost unable to refrain from spitting a mouthful of blood, and he was extremely shocked in his heart. These Prime Blood God Flags of his are really extraordinary. Once he executed it with his entire strength, even I will suffer a certain extent of harm.

It was because the terrifying aura of suppression was too dense, and it was like a myriad of waves pressing down. Even if countless lightning vortexes were revolving madly outside his body, they would be unable to devour it completely.

Even though it was a copy and not the true treasure that had been suppressed within the Netherworld since a long time ago, it still possessed the might of a Darkspirit Grade magic treasure. With Chen Xi’s cultivation combined with the Netherworld Register and Stellar Lightning Form, he was actually capable of resisting such might, and it was sufficient to prove how heaven defying he was.

At the same time, Huai Ming, Bei Huang, Chi Ya, and Huang Jiao made a move, and they withdrew numerous treasures that were filled with the glow of blood as they charged explosively at Chen Xi.

Everyone exclaimed with shock. If these five great sinners made a move with all their strengths while combined with the might of the Prime Blood God Flags, they would simply possess the might to destroy the world, so how could Chen Xi resist them?

“Kill!” Priest Zi Yun roared as he activated the Prime Blood God Flags with all his might, and then it smashed down with a rumble. Its might seemed to have become even more terrifying, and he wanted to confine Chen Xi completely before crushing Chen Xi into pieces.



Huai Ming and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts roared furiously as well before sparing no effort to charge at Chen Xi with the terrifying appearance of intending to instantly annihilate him.

Right at this critical moment, Chen Xi suddenly grunted coldly while his body that was originally unable to move surged abruptly with a wisp of extremely dazzling and blazing light that emitted the rumbling of the tune of the Dao and formed into a myriad of talisman markings that roiled about without end.

When looked at from afar, his entire body seemed to have become the embodiment of the Dao of Talismans. He was like an emperor of talismans that roamed the world while carrying a great imposing aura of supremacy.

The energy of confinement and suppression that surged out from within the Prime Blood God Flags actually didn’t cause him to feel uncomfortable in the slightest!

“You’ve shouting about killing since the beginning, so it ought to be my turn to make a move now, right?!” A cold and indifferent grunt sounded out. Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament and seemed like a god that had leaped out of the cage of the world and wasn’t within the scope of the five elements. He swung the Talisman Armament, causing boundless fluctuations to erupt from it, and it forcefully blocked all the attacks against him.

“Shit! How could this kid by so heaven defying?! He’s actually not affected by the confinement!” Priest Zi Yun was shocked. Never had he imagined that someone could break free from the divine might of his Prime Blood God Flags, and it was simply unbelievable.


Before his voice could finish resounding through the air, Chen Xi slashed out a strand of sparkling Creation Sword Qi with a raise of his hand, and it developed mysteries and deduced both past and present as it transformed into his strongest attack that slashed out.


The magic treasure in Huai Ming’s hands was slashed apart right away, whereas the sword qi didn’t lose momentum in the slightest and enveloped Huai Ming within it as well. A miserable shrill cry that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out while he was instantly minced to death.

In merely a single strike, Huai Ming who was at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm had been killed!

Everyone was shocked because this sparkling sword qi seemed to be too formidable. Before this sword qi that practically possessed all-powerful might that was capable of cutting down a star, it seemed like even Earthly Immortal Realm experts had become worthless!

This scene caused a strand of icy coldness to emerge in the hearts of everyone, and they practically forgot to breathe.

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