Chapter 79 – Prison Battle

Chapter 79 – Prison Battle

The eight people bound to the iron pillars raised their heads when the Azure Python King spoke, and all their grieved and dispirited faces emitted an expression of extreme hatred.

“What’s the point of hating? All of you don’t even have the strength to tie up a chicken after your True Essence was sealed. If I’m willing, I can take your lives with a swing of my hand.” The Azure Python King grinned as he said this, then his gaze continuously stared closely at Du Qingxi. In his eyes, even though Du Qingxi’s expression was haggard, her beautiful face that was like a picture was still so gloriously appealing. It caused him to feel greed and desire, and he couldn’t help but move closer and stretch his hand to stroke Du Qingxi’s face.

“I’ll execute a Secret Art and commit suicide right away if you dare touch a finger of mine!” Du Qingxi turned her head to the side to avoid his finger, and her clear eyes were filled with the flames of rage and hatred.

Secret Art? Suicide?

The Azure Python King was stunned for a moment before smiling as he sighed. “All you humans are really strange, it’s like all of you cultivate secret arts for committing suicide. Could it be that all of you prepared long ago to use it in a situation like this?”

Although he said this, the Azure Python King didn’t dare arbitrarily act rashly. After all, the refinement of the Bloodsoul Fortune Pills required blood and souls that were full of vitality. If Du Qingxi died from suicide, he would feel extremely pained from the loss as well.

“Why bother struggling? If you obey me, then I guarantee I will properly satisfy you. I’ll make you experience paradise and make you unable to stop wanting more, then you’ll completely fall in love with this king.” The Azure Python King’s gaze brazenly scanned Du Qingxi’s entire body. His gaze was promiscuous and his words were filled with dirty and filthy things. It caused Du Qingxi to be angered to the point her beautiful face went pale as she bit her lips tightly as her entire body ceaselessly trembled.

“Despicable! Azure Python King, come at me if there’s anything! Aren’t you ashamed for bullying a girl?” The nearby Duanmu Ze roared in rage.

“Is it your place to interrupt when this King is speaking?” The Azure Python King snorted coldly, then leaped over to stand right before Duanmu Ze as he stuck out his hand and heavily slapped Duanmu Ze’s face. Five red and swollen finger marks instantly appeared on his handsome face.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” Duanmu Ze seemed to be in a state of madness as he desperately struggled, wanting to rip open the binding of the iron pillar. Yet it was a futile effort.

A slap was a method that was most embarrassing to another. A resounding and clear slap combined with a disdainful and arrogant attitude would be like sharp knife gouging the chest, stimulating the most furious and insane feelings within a person’s heart.

Since Duanmu Ze was born in the Duanmu Clan, he was a figure like a proud son of the heavens, handsome and elegant with graceful bearing. When had he ever suffered such a humiliation? Killing him was just a matter of will, but this slap… It was truly too hurtful!

“Enraged? Despairing?” The Azure Python King was like an atrocious devil as he grinned. “You want to kill me? Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to do it. Although there’s a youth called Chen Xi who came to rescue all of you, he’s now trapped within the Thousand Illusion Maze Formation. Oh, if I think about it now, he’s probably already dead in the hands of Dark Wyrm.”

“Chen Xi!” Duanmu Ze’s figure trembled, then abruptly roared with all his strength. “Chen Xi, flee quickly! There are three demon kings here and you’re absolutely not his match!”

Beside Duanmu Ze, Du Qingxi’s body stiffened as she muttered, “Chen Xi? He… why is he here? Isn’t he giving away his life? How silly…” Although she said this, a stream of dense warmth and emotion surged into her heart. So many days had passed since she’d been captured in the prison within the center of this mountain, and she’d despaired long ago. She only hoped that she could die a swift death and not suffer torture and humiliation. However, at this moment, how could she not be moved when she heard that Chen Xi was on the way to save her?

“Dammit! Isn’t this courting death? Scram! Quickly scram, I won’t let you fucking save me, scram!!” Song Lin raised his head and roared as he gnashed his teeth, yet his eyes were already getting moist.

Even though they didn’t suffer any harm to their bodies while being captured here, the constant cursing and humiliation they suffered from the various demons caused them to feel that this place was virtually like a hell that made death sound good! A den of monsters!

“HAHAHA! Looks like all of you didn’t hear me clearly, Chen Xi is almost assuredly dead by now, what’s the use of wasting any more of your strength to shout?” The Azure Python King let out a deafening laugh, his laughter revealed inexplicable complacency and confidence. “Give up, all of you will be awaiting his arrival forever, forever!”

“Unfortunately, I’ve disappointed you.” Suddenly, an icy cold and indifferent voice swiftly sounded out. At practically the exact instant that this voice appeared, a wisp of a chilly sword light that seemed like a spark of lightning tore through the air as it swept towards the Azure Python King’s neck.

The sword light was like a shuttle as cold lights appeared on it, the Sword Insight that was like ice was pure and condensed, as if it could shatter and pierce through anything. The instant it appeared, that swift, fierce, and dazzling sword light had already lit up the entire prison, dazzling to the point one was unable to open one’s eyes.

“You’re courting death!” The Azure Python King’s reaction was extremely quick as well. With only an intention, a large hammer that was coiled in azure lights appeared within his hand and fiercely smashed towards the sword light that shot straight towards him.

This large hammer was called Cobalt Glaze and it was an intermediate-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasure refined from cobalt steel, then placed by the Azure Python King into his body to be cultivated for a thousand years. It possessed sufficient spirit, and with a wave of the hammer, violent strong azure air blasts burst out, the strong winds whistling with an extremely astonishing force.

However, that sword light seemed as if it possessed intelligence, it changed its direction to move along the side of the Cobalt Glaze hammer before swiftly attacking once again, forcing the Azure Python King to retreat in a sorry state and lose the initiative.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Another few more sword images emerged and the sword lights that were like flashing gales contained the sound of wind and thunder as cold lights that seemed like ice were faintly emitted from them.

The speed of the Windflow Divination Sword’s gale, the violence of the Seventhgold Swordbamboo’s violent thunder, and the coldness of the Ice Crane Technique’s ice were combined together with Sword Insight that surged like a rainbow in the clear sky, causing an extremely ghastly scene.

The person capable of executing this level of sword technique was naturally Chen Xi, without a doubt.

He’d already silently snuck in when the Azure Python King entered the prison, then he executed his Traceless Aura Technique to conceal himself nearby. He’d clearly heard everything that happened within the prison, especially when he heard Du Qingxi’s group of three roaring with all their might when they knew of his arrival. It caused his heart to feel at ease for no reason, as if he’d removed a burden from his heart. His Dao Heart became illuminated and his thoughts cleared. At the same time, it made his resolution to save them become firmer.

However, because the prison room was narrow and cramped, it would be extremely easy to injure Du Qingxi and the other if he were to battle the Azure Python King in the prison room. So, Chen Xi had already exerted his full strength the instant he decided to launch an attack, and he would attack aggressively, step by step, so that he would be able to kill the Azure Python King in a short amount of time.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sword light was like lightning and the terrifying energy condensed on the tip of the sword forced the Azure Python King to repeatedly dodge backward in an extremely sorry state. Bright lights shook intensely on the Cobalt Glazed hammer in his hand as numerous terrifying sword marks were left on its surface.

Chen Xi pressed on. The Windflow Divination Sword was executed by him to the limit and he’d already forgotten how many sword moves he made as he stabbed, pierced, slashed, chopped, flicked, and swept. Every sword strike contained a strand of Wind Dao insight and was extremely swift like lightning. The originally cramped and narrow prison was filled with a myriad of Sword Insight that was like lightning and wind, and the peerlessly fierce and swift might of the sword seemed to almost crush space itself.

“Chen Xi!”

“He actually killed his way in…”

“When did this fellow become so formidable?”

At that moment, the eight people within the prison had all recognized Chen Xi. Their expressions that were dejected and dispirited suddenly became agitated and their eyes carried a trace of blazing hope.

“Dao Insight Stage! Ice attribute True Essence! Violet Palace Realm cultivation!” Three successive exclaims of surprise sounded out abruptly. If Chen Xi turned around, he would surely notice that the one who emitted those exclaims of surprise was Cang Bin, the leading figure of the Cang Clan’s younger generation that had always been following by Su Jiao’s side.

After he let out the surprised exclamations, Cang Bin seemed to have become conscious of how improper it was and he swiftly shut his mouth with a flickering expression.

The relationship between him and Chen Xi was absolutely far from being good. If it wasn’t for Su Jiao, he wouldn’t even remember who Chen Xi was. Even until just now, he’d only taken Chen Xi to be a laughable and pitiable ant, and he felt it was absurd when the Azure Python King said Chen Xi had trespassed into Moonhowl Ridge with a desire to rescue them. Would a disciple from an impoverished family that only knew talisman crafting and the culinary arts be able to survive under the attacks of a myriad of demons? Would he be able to withstand the attacks of the three demon kings?

However, at this moment, as he looked at Chen Xi relying on a sword to force the Azure Python King to repeatedly retreat without any room for striking back, only now did Cang Bin suddenly realize that the fellow that he’d always taken to be an ant had now thrown him far, far behind…

This strong contrast even caused him to be unwilling to believe that this was a fact, and he even wished for nothing more than for Chen Xi to be defeated at the hands of the Azure Python King now!

This was Cang Bin’s mentality, forever unwilling to see an ant that was countless times weaker than him suddenly become an enormous colossus that he had to look up to.

Jealousy? A warped heart? Unwillingness? It was too complicated!

No one noticed the unnaturalness of Cang Bin’s expression. Their attention was drawn by his three successive shocked exclamations from before. When they looked over carefully, they too noticed that Chen Xi’s strength actually possessed an extremely astonishing change and that his cultivation in the Martial Dao was at the Dao Insight Stage caused them to be extremely shocked even more. Because, although they were the most distinguished amongst the younger generation of Dragon Lake City, not one of their cultivations in the Martial Dao had attained such an extent!

“Could it be that this fellow obtained a great fortuitous encounter? It’s simply as if he’s a different person!” Duanmu Ze muttered; he was both shocked and glad.

“Perhaps, he was always hiding his strength when he entered the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain,” Song Lin spoke as if he thought of something.

“No matter what, by daring danger to come rescue us, Chen Xi has already taken us as friends, yet we…” Du Qingxi’s expression dimmed after she spoke a sentence. “Yet we never considered his feelings. When we were within the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, Chai Letian attacked Chen Xi by surprise and caused him to fall into the chasm. We hesitated to act due to Chai Letian’s background, we stood idly by and remained completely unmoved. I’m afraid we’ve already broken his heart, right?”

Du Qingxi’s words caused Duanmu Ze and Song Lin to look dazed, then they lowered their heads in shame.


A sound that was like tearing through rags sounded out, a long and narrow scar slashed down from the left shoulder of the Azure Python King, tearing through his clothes and flesh, and fresh blood flowed.


Another loud noise echoed out, like the sound of an iron halberd shattering, and the Cobalt Glaze hammer in the hands of the Azure Python King shattered with a bang, transforming into fragments that scattered all over the ground.

“I… I’m actually injured?” The Azure Python King’s body stuck close to the wall with an absent-minded expression, seeming to have become muddled from this successive turn of events.

How could Chen Xi let such a superb opportunity go? The Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand emitted a sharp howl as it swiftly stabbed directly towards the Azure Python King’s throat!

It was at this moment that rumbling echoed out, and the wall collapsed with a loud crash. A skinny black robed person suddenly appeared, and he conveniently grabbed the Azure Python King before instantly retreating explosively over 30 meters away, with a speed so swift that it was actually a tiny bit faster than Chen Xi’s sword technique!

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