Chapter 789 – Prime Blood God

Sword howls surged out like a tide that shook the nine heavens.

On the other hand, Priest Zi Yun’s expression had turned gloomy. “I’m unworthy of speaking about fortune with you? Very good, it’s truly slightly a surprise to me that you possess such courage at such a young age.”

When he spoke up to here, he looked down and swept his gaze past everyone in the estate and said, “Everyone, I advise all of you to be obedient and don’t move, and perhaps you’ll have a chance at survival. Otherwise, I can only send all of you on your way!”

Everyone shuddered with fear while they revealed struggling and indeterminate expressions.

Especially Wen Tianshuo, Qing Ping, Hui Zhong, and Lou Qi, they were struggling intensely within their hearts. Truthfully speaking, if it was before Priest Zi Yun and the others had arrived, they would absolutely not hesitate to make a move and help Chen Xi annihilate Huai Ming and Bei Huang.

But now… They were hesitant.

The reason was actually very simple, and it was because the strengths of Priest Zi Yun, Chi Ya, and Lord Huang Jiao was too terrifying and far from something they could resist.

Now, it seemed to be impossible for Chen Xi to be as bold and powerful as he was before while alone. After all, his opponents were five Earthly Immortal Realm experts whose hands were covered in blood.

Under these circumstances, how could Wen Tianshuo and the others struggle?

What should we do?

Should we help, or not?

They were very aware that a single wrong decision might cause them to die a graveless death today, and it caused their expressions to become indeterminate.

Even ants clung on to life, let alone existences like them that had lives for countless years. The older one got, the more one would treasure one’s life, so they couldn’t be blamed for being so troubled.

“I forgot to tell you something. I left the sect to wander the world because I had to complete an assignment of my sect, and I must kill 10 great sinners. I just counted, and if I kill all of you, I would still lack two more. It’s truly a pity.” Chen Xi’s green clothes fluttered within the wind while he seemed more and more fierce, and he was like an emperor of the sword as two cold bolts of lightning shot out from his eyes.

An assignment of his sect?

Everyone was shocked in their heard, and they finally dared confirm that this young man before them really possessed an extraordinary background, and he might be a mysterious existence from the Unknown Lands.

After all, he’d killed three Earthly Immortal Realm experts with ease just moments ago, and it seemed to be impossible for a single young man like this to appear in the 10 great immortal sects.

Priest Zi Yun smiled lightly. As an overlord amongst evil cultivators who’d slaughtered countless people, how could he be affected by a few words from Chen Xi? So he said right away, “Since you’re looking for death, then you can’t blame me.”

Instantly, he flicked his violet colored sleeve, causing five blood colored tiny flags to fly out before swiftly enlarging. Instantly, they transformed into 30km tall blood red flags that fluttered with the wind, and they were like a screen that covered the heavens and painted the heavens and the earth blood red.



These five blood red flags seemed as if they were pulled up from an ocean of blood. Their surface was covered in fresh blood that seemed ready to drip out and had countless strange and ghastly restrictions drawn upon them. At the instant they appeared, they emanated waves of miserable and shrill cries that shook the heavens and the earth.

Countless evil and vengeful spirits were visibly floating and sinking within the blood red flags, and they were roaring with rage, causing everyone to have the misconception that they’d entered into a hell of evil spirits.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The five blood red flags that covered the sky transformed into five bloody glows that were inserted into the surroundings of Marquis Wen’s Estate according to the positioning of the five elements, and they cooperated with each other from a distance to completely seal up this expanse of space. It was utterly impossible to see anything that was occurring within the estate from the outside, whereas everyone within the estate was similarly incapable of establishing any connection with the outside world.

Such an ability simply seemed like it had forcefully separated and sealed off this expanse of space, and it was practically godlike!

Everyone wanted to take a step back as they were afraid of being swept into it. However, all of them noticed to their shock that the entire estate had actually been confined, while they weren’t able to move at all as if they’d fallen into a swamp.

“Shit! Why can’t I move?”

“Dammit! My body has been confined as well. I can’t even circulate my True Essence!”

Everyone was horrified, and then they looked at the five blood red flags that covered the sky because they understood that it was surely caused by this terrifying magic treasure that emanated a surging bloody glow.

This set of magic treasures was too terrifying, and it was no wonder that Priest Zi Yun was unafraid because this was absolutely a great and astonishing weapon capable of confining space and locking down everyone.

“Everyone, there’s no need for panic. So long as you stay there obediently, then I’ll surely leave all of you a chance at survival.” Priest Zi Yun spoke slowly with an indifferent tone.

This was a sort of deterrent force, and it was similarly a type of conceit as well because a single set of magic treasures were capable of sealing off the heavens and the earth and causing all the cultivators within the magic treasure’s scope of effect to suffer varying degrees of suppression.

All of them were horrified, anxious, and uneasy. Some were even trembling and were terrified to the point of collapsing onto the ground.

Even Wen Tianshuo, Qing Ping, Hui Zhong, and the few other Earthly Immortal Realm experts felt a wave of fear. Fortunately, I didn’t charge out impatiently earlier. This Priest Zi Yun is too terrifying. The resources and reserves of an old fellow that has lived for over 10,000 years is truly extraordinary.

Regardless of if it was Baili Yan or the two old servants behind her, all of their expressions were extremely heavy. They were similarly within the area that was enveloped, so they were naturally able to sense the terrifying might emanated by the five blood red flags.

“Fellow Daoists Huai Ming, Bei Huang, Chi Ya, and Huang Jiao, each of you take charge of a Prime Blood God Flag and completely seal off this place.” Priest Zi Yun instructed with an indifferent tone.

Huai Ming and the others smiled cruelly before transforming into four bloody streaks of lights that went to carry out their orders.

“Prime Blood God Flags! Sure enough, it’s this precious treasure of evil.” Baili Yan spoke while a wisp of shock suffused her face.

“What? Those are Prime Blood God Flags? The flag said to have been possessed by Ancestor Blood River in the Netherworld during the primeval times? The flag that’s capable of annihilating the five elements, dying the three dimensions with blood, and instantly transforming a myriad of living beings into vengeful spirits!?” Many people were shocked.

The reputation of the Prime Blood God Flag was too great. It had once revealed extraordinary splendor during the primeval times and created a reputation for itself through slaughter, and it had killed countless great figures that shook the heavens and the earth.

Supposedly, this Prime Blood God Flag was refined from the soul of a god within the longest river of blood in the Netherworld, and it formed a world of its own called the ‘Blood River World’ within it. It was a great weapon of slaughter that had shocked the primeval times.

There were many legends about this precious treasure of evil. All those years ago, Ancestor Blood River possessed it, and he almost conquered the six paths of reincarnation in the Netherworld and took control of the entire Netherworld. He was only a step away from becoming the ruler of a world.

Later on, even though Ancestor Blood River was suppressed by the Netherworld Emperor, the various rumors related to this Prime Blood God Flag had been spread out.

“The Prime Blood God Flag has been suppressed within the Netherworld a long time ago, so how could it possibly emerge once more into the world? This is probably a copy, and it can only exert the might of an Immortal Artifact when there are five flags executed jointly.” One of the old servants behind Baili Yan spoke in a low voice.

Everyone was shocked when they heard this. It’s only a copy, yet it possesses such might. Then what if the real Prime Blood God Flag emerges into the world, how formidable would it be?

At this instant, even Chen Xi was apprehensive in his heart. The five Prime Blood God Flags suppressed the surroundings and ceaselessly emanated a fluctuation that caused him to feel heavy pressure, and it was like he’d fallen into a cage and couldn’t struggle his way out.

But right after that, his heart jerked abruptly as he sensed a strand of unusual fluctuation coming from within the Buddha’s Pagoda. In next to no time, his expression returned to normal, but the corners of his mouth flashed with a strange expression.

“Fellow Daoist Huai Ming, you can make a move and kill this little kid now. It can be considered to be revenge for Fellow Daoists Huo Yi, Xue Feng, and Bai Kong.” Priest Zi Yun instructed with a flat voice.

He was very confident that no matter how heaven defying Chen Xi’s combat strength was, Chen Xi wouldn’t be able to resist once the Prime Blood God Flags were utilized. After all, he’d exhausted a few thousands of years to gather an innumerable amount of blood and souls to forge this precious treasure. Even though it was a copy, its might was even more formidable than an ordinary Immortal Artifact, and it was comparable with a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact!

Priest Zi Yun had dealt with countless fatal disasters by relying on it, and it could be said that he was able to roam about freely until now mostly because of the contribution of this precious treasure.

“Haha! Thank you, Big Brother Zi Yun, for helping me achieve my wish!” Huai Ming roared with laughter as he walked out with large strides, and his eyes emanated dense killing intent. “Little Kid, let me fucking see how you’ll complete that bullshit assignment of your sect once you’re dead!”


In the next instant, Huai Ming transformed into an expanse of bloody light that assaulted Chen Xi, and he intended to seize and completely refine Chen Xi’s Blood Essence to be supplement for himself.

Such a heaven defying young man was absolutely someone favored by the heavens, and his entire body was a treasure and had converged a great deal of karmic luck. So swallowing him was absolutely a great tonic that was benefit to Huai Ming’s cultivation.


Suddenly, a strand of jet black light sprayed out abruptly from between the brows of Chen Xi who was confined to the point of being unable to struggle. The jet black light contained a strand of an energy that was a taboo, and it was icy cold, mysterious, and filled with a terrifying aura that seemed capable of eradicating all techniques.

As soon as it appeared, the surrounding space seemed as if it had suddenly been confined, and everything fell into a type of strange state of absolute motionlessness!

Everyone noticed to their shock that the expanse of bloody light that Huai Ming had transformed into was frozen by Chen Xi, and it was in a sluggish state in midair as if it was a fish that had been suddenly frozen in the water.

“Hmm? The Light of Eradication! Such a supreme Divine Ability that’s ranked in the top 30 of the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions has actually been grasped by a little kid like you!?” Huai Ming was shocked, and then he laughed savagely. “Unfortunately, you haven’t cultivated it to a high level, and your strength is too weak. Such a Divine Ability falling into your hands is simply a waste of god’s give gifts, so how could it injure me?”


As he spoke, his entire body shook and directly broke free of the Light of Eradication’s restraint, and then he pounced once more towards Chen Xi with a monstrous imposing aura, causing it to seem like a devilish cloud was pressing down towards Chen Xi.


However, Chen Xi opened his mouth and spat out a strand of sword qi.

The sword qi was dazzling and boundlessly resplendent. It deduced the profundities of boundless mysteries, and it created the changes of the past and present!

This was the Creation Sword Qi, and it was inherited from the Exalted Ant Emperor of the primeval times!


The sword qi struck out and caused a muffled bang to resound out. Huai Ming’s chest was directly penetrated while the Creation Sword Qi invaded his wound, causing blood to spray out while it actually became difficult to heal.

He knew he’d been careless. This Sword Insight was too terrifying and had already attained the state of Sword Light Dispersion. It minced his skin and flesh without end, and it terrified him to the point his entire body went cold, causing him to forcefully endure the intense pain while swiftly retreating.

No one had expected that such an unexpected event would actually occur. Chen Xi was suppressed by the fluctuations of the Prime Blood God Flags yet was still able to exert his might. Not only did he execute the Light of Eradication, he even spat out a terrifying strand of sword qi and injured a great sinner at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

“I’ll kill him!” A ghastly shout exploded out as Bei Huang charged over and attacked from behind Chen Xi. He’d learned a lesson from Huai Ming and didn’t go close, and he withdrew a pitch black chain that was coiled with the glow of blood before fiercely whipping it down from midair instead.

It was like the chain of the god of devils was whipping down at the world! 

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