Chapter 788 – Goldlight Of Virtue


As soon as the three infamous great sinners, Huo Yi, Xue Feng, and Bai Kong, were killed, three strands of dense and almost material jet black glow of sin shot into the sky before transforming into chilly winds, vengeful spirits, skeletons, and evil creatures that whistled and raged through the heavens and the earth.

Instantly, the heavens and the earth seemed to have fallen into a terrifying and ghastly hell.

That was the energy of sin that was of the utmost evil and malice!

This scale of the glow of sin could only be condensed into form from torturing and killing countless living beings, and the amount of crimes that aroused widespread indignation had been committed by these three Earthly Immortal Realm experts was obvious from this scene.

The hearts of everyone trembled when they saw this scene. On one hand, they were shocked by how resolutely Chen Xi acted, and on the other hand, they were terrified by how great this glow of sin was.

After all, if such energy of sin were to spread out, the myriad of lives in the entire Corona City would be tainted, have their souls seized, and perish on the spot.

Huai Ming and Bei Huang were instantly shocked and furious to the extreme when they saw Huo Yi and the others being killed, and they didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi would actually act so ruthlessly. But when they noticed that glow of sin that shot into the sky, both of them couldn’t help but be moved.

They practically didn’t hesitate in the slightest to open their mouths at the same time and suck fiercely like a whale taking water in, and the glow of sin that covered the sky rumbled as if transformed into torrents that charged towards them.

The glow of sin was undoubtedly a greatly beneficial thing to evil cultivators like them, and it was like how righteous cultivators consumed immortal wine. It possessed unbelievable benefits to their cultivations.

Huai Ming and Bei Huang even firmly believed that so long as they completely absorbed the glow of sin from Huo Yi and the others, they would even be able to charge into the next level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in a short period of time!

After all, this was the energy of sin that had been condensed throughout the lifetime of three Earthly Immortal Realm experts, so how could it possibly be ordinary?


However, right when the two of them had just taken action, an enormous bang that shoot the nine heavens resounded out, and it rumbled out from within the surging glow of sin. After that, a golden lotus platform that was like a mountain floated up into appearance, and it radiated a myriad of dazzling golden light and emanated waves of the sound of Buddhist chanting, causing it to seem like the chanting of the gods and the rumbling of the Grand Dao.

Instantly, the entire heavens and earth surged with a grand aura of eliminating all sin and cleansing all evil.

The 12 Lotus Platform Deliverance Dao Art!

As soon as this golden lotus platform appeared, the jet black glow of sin the enveloped the heavens and the earth was like the night that had encountered the radiance of the sun, like snow melting in boiling water, and it emitted waves of extremely ear piercing and miserable shrill cries that seemed like it was howling for mercy and struggling to escape.

However, under the illumination of the golden light from the lotus platform, all of this was futile.

Everyone present could clearly see that the vengeful spirits, ghosts, evil creatures, and so on and so forth that covered the sky were crushed, obliterated, and purified. Not to mention escape, they didn’t even have the room to struggle.

It was even to the extent that after the gold light spread out, it shocked Huai Ming and Bei Huang to the point of retreating repeatedly before executing techniques to defend themselves. This golden light contained the true essence of ‘universal purification,’ and it innately countered all evil. It even carried an extremely terrifying destructive force towards the glow of sin, causing them to have no choice but to take precautions against it.

At the same time, Chen Xi clearly sensed a wisp of ‘Goldlight of Virtue’ effuse out within his Blackhole World, causing his Blackhole World to be even purer and firmer. It was even to the extent that it faintly carried a trace of the aura of natural virtue and peace.

Instantly, Chen Xi felt his Dao Heart become much more solid, and the imperceptible mysterious energy in his Dao Heart started to become clear. Even though it was still extremely weak, if it were to develop according to this momentum, then it probably wouldn’t be long before it would condense into an almost material ‘energy of the Dao Heart!’

It was a force that came from the Dao Heart, and it was extremely mysterious. Even terrifying existences at the Heavenly Immortal Realm were rarely capable of grasping and cultivating it because this energy was too imperceptible and elusive.

Just like the elusive Dao of the Heavens, the ‘energy of the Dao Heart’ was similar an existence that was the most difficult to comprehend.

“I never expected that I would even be able to condense the Goldlight of Virtue and solidify my Dao Heart after annihilating great sinners. Other spirit pills can’t compare with such a miraculous effect.” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

At this moment, the energy of sin that covered the sky had already vanished, whereas the gazes everyone within the estate shot at Chen Xi had already changed from their initial astonishment and shock to transform into deep reverence.

All the techniques executed by this young man were unbelievable and terrifying to the extreme, and they had no choice but to feel reverence.

“Now, do the both of you still have anything to say. Or perhaps, both of you want to wait for your backup?” Chen Xi raised his head abruptly with a gaze that was like lightning, and it locked coldly onto the distant Huai Ming and Bei Huang.

At this moment, both of them had indeterminate expressions. Chen Xi’s strength caused them to feel extreme terror, and they were clearly aware that if they relied solely on their strengths, they might really not be a match for Chen Xi.

Especially when this kid was extremely ruthless, resolute, and utterly unafraid of all threats. They were slightly at a loss for what to do when facing a stubborn and overbearing figure.

Right at this moment, a violet cloud suddenly drifted over from the distant horizon. If one looked carefully, the violet cloud was surprisingly condensed into form from numerous droplets of violet blood, and it emitted an extremely horrifying ghastly and bloody aura.

As soon as this violet cloud appeared, this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth was filled with a ruthless, evil, and extremely icy cold aura that seemed like a cold and brutal devil had suddenly emerged from hell into the realm of the living.

“Priest Zi Yun!” Wen Tianshuo’s expression suddenly went grim when he saw this, and his heart that was originally at east couldn’t help but rise to his throat once more. If Huai Ming and the others were great devils, then Priest Zi Yun was absolutely a king of devil, and he was extremely terrifying.

Even the two old servants behind Baili Yan couldn’t help but frown when they saw this expanse of violet clouds, and they revealed a wisp of seriousness of their faces for the first time.

Instantly, the atmosphere turned back to as it was before, and everyone was anxious and fearful.

“Big Brother Zi Yun, you’ve finally come!” Huai Ming and Bei Huang revealed expressions of delight when they saw this because Priest Zi Yun possessed a cultivation at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and his strength was similarly terrifying to the extreme.

It was obvious what sort of terrifying existence he was from his ranking as 49th on the Villain Rankings.

The facts were indeed so. This Priest Zi Yun was formed from a violet cloud in the depths of the ocean of sin that had attained the Dao, and he’d cultivated for no less than 10,000 years, causing his cultivation to be extremely deep. His character was gloomy and ruthless, and he’d even slaughtered a few tens of cities that had over a million citizens for the sake of refining a magic treasure. He was absolutely an overlord amongst evil cultivators and was infamous throughout the world.

If it wasn’t for the sake of unearthing the treasures within the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain, Huai Ming would be utterly incapable of gaining the assistance of an old monster like Priest Zi Yun with his ability.

“Haha! Not only have I come this time, even Fellow Daoist Chi Ya and Lord Huang Jiao have come as well.” Warm laughter suddenly sounded out from within the expanse of violet clouds.


Along with this voice, the extremely large expanse of violet clouds suddenly shrunk to reveal three figures, and the person in the lead was an old priest that wore a violet colored Daoist robe.

He was tall, had a benevolent and kind countenance, and his face was covered in smiles. He held a horsetail brush that was snow white like silver, and he seemed sage-like and was utterly unlike an overlord amongst evil cultivators.

Chi Ya and Lord Huang Jiao were at his sides.

These two people were similarly infamous existences on the Villain Rankings. One of them was formed from a spirit mountain, and the other was a rare yellow scaled three headed wyrm.

In terms of strength, both of them were superior to Huai Ming and Bei Huang.

As soon as these three people made an appearance, the atmosphere at the scene instantly became extremely oppressive while the expression of everyone became unsightly to the extreme, and even breathing felt much more difficult.

One is at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm while two are at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. But their strengths seem to be even more formidable than Huai Ming and the others, so killing them will be slightly troublesome… Chen Xi raised his eyes to sweep Priest Zi Yun and the others with his gaze before withdrawing it, and his expression was calm and composed. Even though he felt it was troublesome, he didn’t feel any fear.

Early on before he’d returned to the sect, he’d already dared to fight Xueyan and had captured her successfully. Now, he’d entered into closed door cultivation within the world of stars for 40 years and tempered himself in the sword cave for a period of time, so his strength had attained an inconceivable height since a long time ago. Not to mention a 4th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert, he would even dare fight an expert at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

Coupled with the Talisman Armament in his hand that had advanced into a quality capable of comparing with a true Immortal Artifact after it absorbed the Chaotic Source Qi from within the Chaotic Source Crystal, why would he be afraid of a few great sinners?

“Oh? It was this little brother that killed Fellow Daoists Huo Yi, Xue Feng, and Bai Kong? That’s really extraordinary.” Meanwhile, Priest Zi Yun had found out about everything from Huai Ming, and he sized Chen Xi up with slight surprise before chuckling. “Little brother, out of consideration towards the difficulty of you attaining your cultivation, why don’t you listen to me and just leave now? I guarantee that absolutely no one will stop you.”

His voice was warm, causing others to feel as if they were bathed by a sprint breeze, and he seemed to have utterly no intention to take revenge for Huo Yi and the others.

However, when these words entered into the ears of everyone within the estate, it wasn’t inferior to a thunderclap, and it caused all their expressions to go grim. If Chen Xi were to leave just like this, then what…would they do?

Everyone shot their gazes at Chen Xi in unison, and their gazes faintly carried a trace of anticipation as if they were people that were about to drown to death and had grabbed onto a piece of lifesaving straw.

“It wouldn’t be late for me to leave after I cut off your head.” Chen Xi replied indifferently. “Besides that, it’s best you put your little tricks away. Don’t make me look down on you.”

How could he be unable to discern that this Priest Zi Yun seemed to be intending to let him go but actually wanted to dissolve his will to fight. Once he chose to leave, his will to fight would surely cease to exist. In this way, his opponent would seize this opportunity, and the consequences were obvious.

“Haha! What courage you have, Little Brother! If it was before, I might have aroused sympathy for your talents and taken you as my disciple. But unfortunately, you’ve killed those three Fellow Daoists of mine, so I can only choose to kill you this time.” Priest Zi Yun grinned as he said with a kind expression, “But don’t worry. I’ll extract you soul and refine it into my magic treasure. Even though you’ll suffer the pain of torment all day and night, it can be considered to be giving you an eternal fortune.”

The hearts of everyone went cold when they heard this. This Priest Zi Yun seemed kind and benevolent, and he spoke warmly and amiably as well. But the meaning within his words were truly vicious, ruthless, and caused everyone to feel a chill run down their spines.

“Are you even worthy of speaking about fortune with me?” Chen Xi suddenly started laughing before he stretched out his hand to flick the Talisman Armament.


A sword howl that shook the heavens resounded out, and it was like the roar of a dragon that surged through the heavens and the earth.

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