Chapter 785 – Great Sinners

Chen Xi’s denial was so resolute and decisive that it didn’t just cause everyone else to be astounded, even Baili Yan had never expected it, and she was slightly stunned before her beautiful eyes revealed undisguised fury.

This fellow is too irritating. His tone seems as if I’m shamelessly asking him to get to know me. He’s truly detestable!

Baili Yan gnashed her teeth with hatred before turning around with indignation. However, she didn’t leave but intended to stay at the side and calm her feelings.

She was very worried that if this were to continue, then she would surely be angered to the point of getting into a fight with Chen Xi, and that wasn’t her original intention.

As soon as Baili Yan left, the two old servants behind her naturally left along with her, and the gazes of everyone started to move towards Chen Xi.

Some young men were even extremely delighted when they saw this, and they swarmed over like a swarm of lascivious men that did everything in their power to please her because they wanted to form a relationship with this young woman with an otherworldly appearance and mysterious origins.

In next to no time, Baili Yan was surrounded like a true bright moon that was surrounded by a host of stars.

Of course, some people of the older generation with ample experience had already discerned that this peerlessly beautiful young woman surely possessed an extraordinary background, so they warned all their juniors not to act rashly. 

There were still many people that shot their gazes towards Chen Xi. After all, all of them noticed that since this young man actually dared to speak like that to the peerlessly beautiful young woman, his background would probably not be simple as well.

Wen Tianshuo didn’t leave either. As the owner the estate, he would naturally not be short-sighted to the point of thinking that a young man who dared speak like this to Baili Yan was a rash and ignorant young man.

“Then may I know Young Hero’s name?” In the next moment, Wen Tianshuo spoke with a warm smile on his face.

“My surname is Chen.” Chen Xi replied yet wasn’t willing to reveal his identity. He’d come for the sake of taking a disciple this time, and if they were to find out about his identity, then their attitudes would surely change greatly.

If it was like that, he was very sure that the possibility of him successfully taking a disciple would increase greatly, but he would be unable to comprehensively observe exactly what sort of person this potential disciple of his was. In this way, he might become prejudiced, and this wasn’t something that he hoped to see happen.

“Oh, so it’s Young Hero Chen.” Wen Tianshuo completely didn’t mind that Chen Xi was unwilling to reveal his identity, and he said with a smile, “I presume Young Hero Chen has come for the sake of my son, right?”

“Exactly, I’ve come for the sake of taking a disciple.” Chen Xi nodded and spoke sparingly.

“Then what do you think about my son?” Wen Tianshuo had a burning gaze as he asked with a smile.

“I’m temporarily unable to discern anything, and it will depend on my assessment,” replied Chen Xi. From the beginning until the end, he didn’t even spare a glance at the nearby Wen Hua.

His attitude caused Wen Tianshuo to be unable to help but be stunned, and he seemed to be lost in thought.

But his son, Wen Hua, was slightly displeased in his heart because he was still young and impetuous. As the Junior Marquis, he received solemn treatment wherever he went. For example, in these recent days, even if those experts of the various powers saw him, all of them would praise him repeatedly and were extremely approving of him. There was rarely anyone that was indifferent like Chen Xi.

Coupled with Chen Xi’s young and unfamiliar appearance, and Chen Xi having come here alone. Moreover, merely based on outward appearances, he didn’t seem like an expert that came from a large sect. So all of this caused Wen Hua to feel slight aversion towards Chen Xi.

But even though he was young, he was absolutely not a rash person, and he’d sensed a trace of unusualness from his father’s attitude towards Chen Xi, so he’d constantly restrained the feelings in his heart.

Yet now, when he heard that Chen Xi was even stingy with an evaluation, he was slightly unable to restrain himself and couldn’t help but ask. “Young Master Chen, may I know exactly what sort of assessments are needed to become your disciple?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly drew the attention of many because some that had come here this time them were representatives of the various powers that were determined to take Wen Hua as a disciple for their sects, so all of them walked forward with vigilant expressions.

They seemed as if they were deeply afraid that the meat in their plate would be snatched away by someone else.

Chen Xi glanced inadvertently at Wen Hua when he heard this. This little fellow looks to be respectful, yet he intentionally raised his voice slightly when he spoke these words to draw the attention of everyone. He undoubtedly wants to rely on the influence of the others to test me.

Of course, since he possessed such a scheming ability at a young age, he could really be considered to be wise and intelligent, but Chen Xi didn’t like others playing such tricks before him.

“My assessment is very simple. Even if the person that I chose possesses inferior natural endowments, I’ll surely foster him with all my might, whereas if it isn’t someone I select, then even if the person is an innate saint, that person would be like trash to me and would be of no consequence.” Chen Xi replied indifferently.

Wen Hua’s brows raised as he discerned the warning within Chen Xi’s words.

Wen Tianshuo patted Wen Hua on the shoulder to indicate that Wen Hua should calm down. He was similarly slightly displeased by Chen Xi’s words, but he wouldn’t display it on his face because he still possessed this level of subtlety. 

But someone was unable to restrain himself. An old man with grey hair and beard sneered. “How conceited! Everyone in the world knows that cultivation is difficult, so how could a weakling be compared with a genius?”

Someone else said coldly, “I have to say, this friend is too naïve. Selecting a disciple and passing on the Dao is such an important matter, and it’s related to the flame of inheritance of a sect. If one only takes in those of inferior natural endowment, then the Dao inheritance of a sect will be destroyed in no time!”

Someone was even more direct, and he berated. “You’re simply treating it like child’s play! Cut the crap!”

Instantly, Chen Xi seemed to have become a criminal that had been condemned by the public, and he was stared at furiously by everyone. A commotion like this caused the gazes of everyone in the surroundings to be drawn over.

Only Baili Yan was sneering in her heart. These bastards are really ignorant. If they find out about Chen Xi’s identity, then their expressions would probably be very colorful, right?

Of course, she didn’t have any intention to expose Chen Xi’s identity because if she did that, it would only grow Chen Xi’s influence, and she wasn’t willing to see that scene occur.

Chen Xi’s expressions remained unchanged, and he seemed carefree as he silently listened to everyone ‘denounce’ him. He waited until they spoke to the point their mouths were dry before he swept everyone with his gaze. “Are all of you finished?”

Everyone couldn’t help but be stunned. What sort of attitude is this?

“Marquis, there are too many people in the world that gain a reputation by deceit now. If you’re going to select a master for the Junior Marquis, then you have to be careful, so as to avoid holding back the Junior Marquis’s outstanding talent.” Someone suggested to Wen Tianshuo.

Everyone else chimed in when they heard this, and they’d branded Chen Xi as a person that gained a reputation by deceit.

Wen Tianshuo knew he had to stand out when he saw this, and he roared with laughter right away. “Fellow Daoists, I know that everyone is thinking for the sake of my son, but all of you have spoken in a slightly biased manner.”

Everyone was stunned, and someone frowned as he said, “Marquis, what do you mean?”

Wen Tianshuo glanced at the nearby Chen Xi and said with a smile, “In my opinion, this Young Hero Chen is absolutely not an ordinary figure, and what he said has a certain level of truth as well.”

Wen Hua said from the side as well, “Right, Young Master Chen seems to have a composed bearing and isn’t like someone who talks nonsense. Since he spoke like this, he surely possesses an extremely formidable strength.”

As he spoke, he looked towards Chen Xi and actually revealed a wisp of respect and admiration.

The hearts of everyone couldn’t help but tighten when they saw this scene. Shit! The Junior Marquis actually seems to look favorably upon this kid…

Chen Xi glanced at Wen Hua instead, and then he didn’t speak any further.

“I’m very curious, exactly what sort of ability does this Young Hero Chen possess.” A grey clothed old man suddenly stood out and stared at Chen Xi with a burning gaze. “I’m unoccupied and have nothing do. I wonder if Young Hero Chen will have a spar with me and broaden my horizons?”

The others were burning with eagerness as well. They wanted to completely destroy Chen Xi’s influence in this way and make the Junior Marquis to change his opinion.

Chen Xi noticed with a single glance that these 30 plus cultivators were mostly at the Nether Transformation Realm, and only a few were at the Earthly Immortal Realm.

These Earthly Immortal Realm experts had maintained silence from the beginning, and they seemed to be tranquil yet were extremely arrogant instead. Obviously, they disdained to waste their breath on him.

“Haha! Fellow Daoists, don’t lose your temper. It’s my honor that all of you can do me the favor of gathering at my estate this time, and fighting would be unpleasant instead.” Wen Tianshuo laughed as he spoke and stood out to make peace.

“Marquis, this person is arrogantly talking nonsense, and I suspect he has ulterior motives.” The grey clothed old man that challenged Chen Xi earlier spoke coldly.

Chen Xi originally didn’t intend to pay any attention to all this, but he couldn’t help but frown when he heard this grey clothed old man slander him like this. “You’re already so old, so you better take responsibility for your own words!”

Wen Hua’s spirits were instantly refreshed when he heard this, and his eyes revealed a wisp of excitement. They’re finally going to fight, and I’ll know right away if this fellow is really so formidable.

The grey clothed old man exploded with rage when he saw Chen Xi actually trying to teach him a lesson, and he was just about to speak when an unexpected event occurred right at this moment…

“Haha! How exciting! Brothers, surround Marquis Wen’s Estate, and don’t allow anyone to leave!” A wave of cackling sounded out and shook the heavens and the earth.

Accompanying this voice was a surging cloud of blood that covered an expanse of 30km converging together, and it enveloped the entire sky above Marquis Wen’s Estate and emitted a dense aura of blood and killing intent.

At the same time, a few figures tore through the sky. All of them wore blood red robes and possessed monstrous auras as they stood proudly in midair and look down at everyone within the estate. They were like numerous bloody suns whose entire bodies emanated a terrifying aura that was evil and vicious.

Even the naked eye could clearly see strands of dense and almost material halos of sin coiled around their bodies, and they were filled with the glow of blood and resentment that shot into the sky, causing others to be unable to help but feel their scalps go numb from just looking at them.

In merely an instant, the entire world fell into a dark red color. Gloomy winds surged while baleful qi coiled up into the sky, and it was like a peerless demon had walked out from purgatory, causing the scene to be extremely shocking.

No one had expected that such a shocking and unexpected event would actually occur during the 14th birthday of the Junior Marquis, and it caused everyone in the estate to instantly fall into great panic.

“It’s Huai Ming, Huo Yi, Xue Feng, Bei Huang, and Bai Kong!” The expressions of Wen Tianshuo and the others turned grim. These five Earthly Immortal Realm experts were devils with heavy sins, and they were ranked in the top 100 of the Villain Rankings. They were renowned evil existences in the entire Dark Reverie.

Presently, these evil devils that spread poison throughout the world had come here jointly. Obviously, they’d come with ill intent!

“Great sinners?” Chen Xi was calm and composed instead, and he was even slightly delighted. He never imagined that the situation would unfold in such a coincidental manner. He was just worrying about how to complete the assignment of enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens, and his enemies had obediently given themselves up to him!     

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