Chapter 784 – I Don’t Know Her

This garden in Marquis Wen’s Estate was very large; it was covered in a carpet of grass and neighbored a clear lake, causing its scenery to be gorgeous.

No matter how distinguished they were, all the guests that had come to participate in the 14th birthday banquet of the Junior Marquis, Wen Hua, were gathered here, and it could be said to be filled with distinguished experts. Moreover, all the outstanding young men and women from Corona City, and all the renowned and influential figures from all over were gathered in groups of two or three. They were drinking wine and chatting at ease, causing it to seem rather bustling.

When once looked carefully, one could notice that by the side of these neatly dressed distinguished figures were beautiful attendants that were serving them carefully and were deeply afraid of not taking care of them well enough.

On the other hand, there were only a few young men like Chen Xi who had unfamiliar appearance and had come alone, and even if an attendant did come to attend to them, it would be in a neither warm nor cold attitude.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t care about all this, and he was interested in how this young man by his side, Chen Yan, was able to enter the estate.

This young man had dark skin, a firm expression, and wore simple clothes. Even though their clothes were washed clean, it wasn’t difficult to discern that his clothes had been worn for many years.

Merely based on this alone, it could be determined that his living circumstances weren’t good.

The banquet here had gathered renowned figures from Corona City itself and representatives from the various powers throughout the surroundings. All of them were dressed up like beautiful peacocks, and they were as gorgeous as gorgeous could be.

So someone that wore simple clothes like Chen Yan seemed to be extremely conspicuous instead.

Most importantly, Chen Xi noticed that the young man was intentionally hiding behind him, and the young man seemed to be deeply afraid of being dragged out by others.

This caused him to be unable to help but be curious, and he couldn’t refrain from asking. “You’re called Chen Yan?”

The young man was stunned and seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would speak to him, and then he nodded repeatedly and hesitate for a long time before he said cautiously, “Young Master, I’ll just be staying here for a short while, alright?”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Of course you can. But shouldn’t you tell me the reason first?” Chen Xi voice was warm, and it caused others to unconsciously put down their guard.

Chen Xi’s warm attitude caused Chen Yan to be much more at ease, and he puckered his lips and went silent for a long time before he raised his head and gritted his teeth. “I… I. Want to take someone as my master!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Chen Yan seemed to feel much more relaxed, and his speech became much smoother. “Young Master, to tell you the truth, I’m only a servant in this estate. I was gambled away into the estate at a young age and constantly suffer humiliation from other cruel servants, yet no one upholds justice for me. Even though I felt angry, yet I’ve never blamed the heavens or others. I knew that if I didn’t change myself, then even if I obtained the assistance of others, it would only be temporary in the end, and the only way to change my situation is to make myself stronger!”

When he spoke up to here, the space between Chen Yan’s brows were filled with a firm expression. “So, three years ago, I started to learn to read in secret. Moreover, I observed others training and tempering themselves every single day for the sake of obtaining the favor of an expert one day and becoming that experts disciple, so that I don’t suffer the pain of enslavement any longer.”

Chen Xi went silent. He was very sure that Chen Yan wasn’t lying because at Chen Xi’s level of cultivation, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense Chen Yan’s soul, and he was similarly able to judge if Chen Yan had lied.

It was precisely because of this that a wisp of admiration couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart after he finished hearing Chen Yan’s account. Experiencing humiliation yet feeling no resentment, suffering a myriad of torment yet having the bravery to improve himself. When such a temperament was present in a young man at Chen Yan’s age, it was much more important and attention catching than the so-called natural talent and natural endowment.

“To tell Young Master the truth, I’m actually rather perturbed in my heart when I came here this time because I’ve risked everything. If I’m noticed, then I’ll surely suffer heavy punishment. After all, I’m still just a servant before I’m able to become strong, and the reason I’m hiding behind Young Master is for the sake of hiding myself and avoiding detection.”

“Perhaps others can accept this opportunity with ease, but it means everything to me. It’s too important. If I let it slip by just like this, then I presume I won’t be able to encounter such an opportunity in my entire lifetime.” Chen Yan spoke in self-ridicule, and then he fell into silence.

He’d been sparing in speech all through these years, and he silently suppressed all the hardships he suffered in the depths of his heart. He hadn’t opened up his heart and poured it all out in a long time. At this moment, even he felt it was unbelievable that he’d actually spoken about so many things that weighted on his mind to a stranger.

Right at this moment, a wave of clamorous noise suddenly sounded out from afar, and the crowd became restless.

“Whose daughter is she? How beautiful! This Young Master has wandered throughout the 38 cities and towns of Golden Supremacy Kingdom and am accustomed to seeing all sort of beauties, but I’ve never seen such a beautiful young woman.”

“Delicate skin and natural born beauty, she’s simply like a Celestial Maiden from the Ice Palace that has come down to the mortal world!”

Numerous exclaims of admiration sounded out, and it caused the gazes of most people present here to shook over. Moreover, even some female guests whose limelight had been seized away couldn’t refrain from looking over.

After that, they saw a beautiful young woman in a violet dress walking over lightly. Her legs were long and slender, her fine waist was like a flexible willow branch, her neck was long like a swan, her skin was snow white and crystalline, and her appearance was beautiful like a painting. Every single move she made revealed an extraordinary and proud bearing, and it caused the others to be unable to help but feel ashamed of their inferiority.

As she walked over, she’d practically drawn over the gazes of everyone all along the way. No matter if it was man or woman, all of them looked towards here in unison, and even some renowned seniors had flickered gazes and were fiercely shocked.

Chen Xi frowned instead when he saw this young woman. Why is it her?

This young woman was naturally Baili Yan from the Eternal Spirit Mountain. She seemed to have noticed Chen Xi a long time ago, and she had a composed expression as she walked over directly.

“What? You didn’t expect that I would come?” Baili Yan’s red lips opened lightly as she stopped by Chen Xi’s side, and her graceful and slender figure emitted a strand of a moving fragrance.

“I really didn’t.” Chen Xi’s gaze swept past the two old servants by Baili Yan’s side before withdrawing his gaze. He’d already discerned that those two old servants were Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

If it was in the past, he would naturally feel pressured when facing such a lineup, but now, he wasn’t worried at all.

“This is called a pleasant surprise,” said Baili Yan with a light grin. Her beautiful face glowed and revealed moving beauty, causing the surrounding crowd to be dazed.

Chen Xi frowned instead. “Speak frankly if you have something to say.”

Baili Yan took her time instead when she saw Chen Xi being so impatient, and her clear eyes swept the surroundings before she said unhurriedly, “Actually, there’s no need for you to go through so much trouble to take a disciple. You just have to announce your name, and that Marquis Wen would surely willingly send his son to you.”

Chen Xi looked towards the side, and he noticed Chen Yan had seized the moment he started talking with Baili Yan to leave, causing him to be slightly irritated.

He knew that Chen Yan could be said to have taken an extremely great risk by coming here in his identity as a servant, and Chen Yan was most worried about being noticed by the others. However, now, Chen Yan had no choice but to leave because Baili Yan’s appearance had drawn a large number of gazes over here, and Chen Yan probably felt an extreme sense of loss.

Perhaps Baili Yan did it unintentionally. But her appearance had undoubtedly smothered the hopes of a young man to become strong, so how could Chen Xi not be irritated?

“Don’t blame me for being rude if you continue pestering me.” Chen Xi took a deep breath as he looked at the gorgeous young woman at the side, and he spoke calmly.

Baili Yan was stunned, and then suddenly burst into laughter like a flower that bloomed after the rain, elegant and moving. “I really want to know how you’ll be rude to me.”

As she spoke, she raised her snow white and long neck while her clear eyes spun, and she stared at Chen Xi provocatively.

Chen Xi suddenly started laughing as well. “Do you know about the matter of Bing Shitian’s maidservant, Xueyan, betraying him? She’s innately charming, alluring, and drop dead gorgeous, and she was even at the Earthly Immortal Realm. Now, she has become a respectful and reverent servant of mine that pours tea all day instead. How do you think it would feel if I made you like that?”

Baili Yan’s beautiful brows rose up. “How dare you!?”

She was an inheritor from the Eternal Spirit Mountain that possessed a respected status and was capable of looking down upon most of her peers. Yet now, Chen Xi had actually spoken about capturing her and making her into a servant. This was simply an extreme humiliation!

Chen Xi remained unmoved, and he replied with a question. “Do you think I don’t dare?”

Baili Yan frowned, and her eyes were on the verge of spraying flames as she stared fiercely at Chen Xi. For the first time, she noticed that the shrewdness and self-restraint she’d always been most proud of seemed to be utterly useless before this fellow, and she was infuriated and wished for nothing more than to tear this fellow apart every single time she met him.

“Haha! Distinguished guests, I’m sorry for not welcoming your arrival earlier.” Right when Chen Xi and Baili Yan were staring at each other, a deep and heroic voice sounded out abruptly and instantly drew the attention of everyone present here.

The person that came over wore a golden robe, and he had a tall figure and a dignified expression. He walked over in large strides while carrying a majestic and powerful aura. It was precisely the Marquis, Wen Tianshuo, a renowned Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

A powerfully built young man with starry eyes was following by his side, and the young man had a heroic bearing and ample spirit. There was no need to guess, this young man was surely the Junior Marquis, Wen Hua.

At the instant both of them made an appearance, they directly arrived before Baili Yan under the respectful gazes of everyone present, and then Wen Tianshuo said with a smile, “I’m Wen Tianshuo, may I know which sect Young Miss is from?”

Meanwhile, Baili Yan had recovered her usual calm and composure, and she glanced casually at Chen Xi when facing Wen Tianshuo’s question before she said indifferently, “I came here this time only for the sake of looking for someone, and I have no intention of staying for long in your distinguished estate. As for my origins, there’s no need to mention it.”

Her short words seemed to be flat yet vividly portrayed the arrogance in her bones. Wen Tianshuo was only a Marquis that was abundant in the world, and if it wasn’t for a reason, she would utterly not spare such a person a single glance. Even if Wen Tianshuo was an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, she didn’t take him seriously at all.

This was her confidence as an inheritor of the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

Wen Tianshuo was stunned, and then his expression became even more serious and solemn instead. The more Baili Yan acted like this, the more he felt her origins were extraordinary. Coupled with her having the protection of two Earthly Immortal Realm experts by her side, such a figure was absolutely not someone that would be deliberately mystifying.

“Haha. I understand, I understand.” In the next moment, Wen Tianshuo was already roaring with laughter, and then he looked at Chen Xi and sized Chen Xi up briefly before he smiled with surprise. “This Young Hero is probably the person Young Miss is looking for, right? He really does possess an imposing and extraordinary bearing.”

Chen Xi shook his head instead. “Marquis, you’ve misunderstood. I don’t know her, and I’m not related to her in the slightest.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it wasn’t just Wen Tianshuo who was stunned, even everyone in the surroundings was flabbergasted. Exactly what do these two intend to do? 

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