Chapter 783 – Marquis Wen’s Estate

The Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain was situated at the southeast area of Golden Supremacy Kingdom, and it was a luxuriant and towering mountain that continued for a few tens of thousands of kilometers.

Compared to the Darchu Dynasty, this Golden Supremacy Kingdom was undoubtedly much larger. It covered a vast territory and possessed abundant resources, and it was a rich land that fostered outstanding talents. The forces of cultivators within the kingdom was rather formidable, and they were distributed into over 20 first-rate powers that were of varying sizes, causing it to be flourishing and prosperous.

Corona City neighbored the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain, and it was the most flourishing enormous city in the southeast area of Golden Supremacy Kingdom. Marquis Wen’s Estate was situated here, and the Marquis Wen Tianshuo was a renowned Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

Recently, along with the imminent arrival of the Junior Marquis, Wen Hua’s, 14th birthday, Corona City was bustling to the extreme, and cultivators were frequently arriving in the city.

To the members of the Golden Supremacy Kingdom, the age of 14 meant adulthood.

The Junior Marquis Wen Hua who was about to become 14 was born with the Goldstar Body, and he was a genius young man that was renowned throughout the city. So his ceremony of adulthood would naturally be exceedingly grand and received the attention of many powers.

Most importantly, the Marquis Wen Tianshuo had already decided that once the 14th birthday of the Junior Marquis passed, he would select a power for the Junior Marquis to join, and he would stop restraining or supervising him.

So there was no lack of experts from various powers that has come over after hearing the news, and they hoped to take the Junior Marquis, Wen Hua, as their disciple. After all, if a sect wanted to expand and strengthen itself, then it could never do without the entrance of fresh blood.

On the other hand, the Junior Marquis was born with the Goldstar Body, and he was intelligent, resolute, and mature. A genius young man like this was absolutely a good seedling that was one in a million, and there was no power that wouldn’t be moved.

Of course, sects that possessed the confidence and qualifications to take Wen Hua as a disciple were first-rate powers or above, because ordinary powers were utterly unable to receive the acknowledgement of the Marquis Wen Tianshuo.

After all, Wen Tianshuo was an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, so how could he possibly take a fancy to an ordinary power?



That’s the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain.


A treasure vessel flashed through the sky and stopped within the clouds. Chen Xi stood upright at the stem while looking at the lofty mountain that rose and fell continuously in the distance, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. This Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain has a beautiful landscape with rivers close to the mountain, and it converges the spirit energy of the heavens and the earth. It’s absolutely a rare place of good fortune.

If it wasn’t for the Sky Dao Palace being annihilated overnight, the vicinity of this mountain would probably be even more prosperous, and it would absolutely be a supreme paradise of cultivation in the hearts of all cultivators. Chen Xi stared at it for a short moment before his gaze swept downwards, causing a magnificent and enormous city to be reflected within his eyes.

The Junior Marquis Wen Hua? Let me see exactly what sort of young genius he is. I hope he doesn’t disappoint me… Chen Xi put the treasured vessel away amidst his mutters, and then he drifted down to the ground before walking towards the city.

As soon as he entered the city, a wave of clamorous noise assaulted his face, and everywhere that met the eye were stores, restaurants, teahouses, medicine stores, medicinal pill stores, precious treasure pavilions, and so on and so forth. All of them were exquisite, richly ornamented, and had endless streams of people moving up and down. It was countless times more flourishing and prosperous than Silken City.

“Have you heard? Not only will the various powers of Golden Supremacy Kingdom be sending experts during the 14th birthday of the Junior Marquis, even some renowned sects will be arriving.”

“Haha! What’s so strange about that? Our Junior Marquis was born with the Goldstar Body, an outstanding talent that’s one in a million. Such natural talent can be considered astounding and extraordinary even in the 10 great immortal sects.”

“I wonder which sect the Junior Marquis will choose. Unfortunately, if it was in the past, the Sky Dao Palace would be right beside our Corona City, so there would be utterly no need to choose and he could directly join the Sky Dao Palace.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. How many years ago was that? If the Sky Dao Palace was really so formidable, then it would be impossible for it to have been annihilated overnight.”

The streets were filled with discussions about the Junior Marquis, Wen Hua’s, 14th birthday. Obviously, everyone in Corona City was paying most attention to this.

Chen Xi placed his hands behind his back as he walked in through the bustling streets, and he heard a great deal of similar discussions all along the way, causing him to be unable to refrain from frowning. The various powers have sent experts to recruit disciples? If it’s like this, then it’ll probably be slightly troublesome to take Wen Hua as my disciple.

After that, he shook his head. Even though he’d left the sect this time for the sake of completing those two tests of the sect, he didn’t intend to act perfunctorily on the matter of taking a disciple.

After all, so long as he succeeded, the person would be his own disciple, and taking a profligate disciple with a bad character was absolutely not something Chen Xi wanted to see happen

Forget it. What I hear may be false, but what I see is true. I’ll head over to Marquis Wen’s Estate first and see exactly what sort of nature Wen Hua has. If he’s unable to obtain my acknowledgement, then worse comes to worse, I can just walk away. Chen Xi pondered briefly before heading directly towards Marquis Wen’s Estate.

Marquis Wen’s Estate.

Group after group of guards were standing before the grand entrance to the estate, and all of them were actually Rebirth Realm cultivators. Moreover, all of them were emanating strength, and they were top figures amongst their peers.

Especially the old man that led the groups. He was a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, and he had a cold expression as he stood proudly before the entrance with a bearing that was heavy like a mountain, causing others to not dare cause trouble upon catching sight of him.

At this moment, people were moving about and going in and out of the entrance. All these people had come to congratulate the Junior Marquis on his 14th birthday, and it caused the estate to seem extremely bustling.

“May I ask Fellow Daoist why you’ve come to Marquis Wen’s Estate?” Chen Xi was stopped by a guard when he wanted to step into the estate. It couldn’t be helped, he was truly too young in appearance. Moreover, he was all alone and had an extremely unfamiliar face, so it was impossible for him to not draw attention.

“To take a disciple.” Chen Xi spoke calmly, and he didn’t care about the guard’s attitude.

“You…take a disciple?” The guard stared with eyes wide open and sized Chen Xi up from head to toe once again with a doubtful expression.

Chen Xi started laughing. “Can’t I?”

“All visitors are guests, let him through!” The old man in the lead suddenly waved his hand and spoke.

The guard was stunned, and then he moved aside sulkily.

Chen Xi cupped his hands at the old man before walking in.

“Manager Wu, that kid’s identity hasn’t been examined, how could you let him leave?” That guard was extremely puzzled, and he asked the old man.

“That young man is an expert, and his cultivation is at least at the Nether Transformation Realm. Such a figure might be a top figure from a great sect.” The old man replied indifferently.

“It can’t be, right?” That guard was astonished.

“I’ve inspected countless people in my life, and I’ve never misjudged a person. On the other hand, you… Hah, you’re still too young.” The old man shook his head and smiled before falling silent.

The guard puckered his lips with an indifferent expression. 


Right when Chen Xi had just entered Marquis Wen’s Estate, a young woman and two old servants arrived successively.

The young woman was Baili Yan. But her current attire was much more simple and clean. She wore a violet colored dress, her jet black hair hung loosely on her shoulder, and she revealed a gorgeous face. She was like a hibiscus that emerged out of clear water, a carving of nature, and she revealed natural beauty.

“Looks like this fellow intends to take Wen Hua as his disciple…” Baili Yan pondered for a moment before suddenly moving towards Marquis Wen’s Estate as well.

Even though her dressing was simple, it was impossible for it to conceal her innate beauty. The noble aura she’d fostered since a young age caused every single move of hers to carry an aura of insufferable arrogance that allowed no disobedience. Coupled with the two old servants with heavy bearings that followed behind her, even the old man that led the group was alarmed at the instant she appeared at the entrance of the estate.

The outcome was that Baili Yan’s group directly entered the estate without any problems.

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Even I felt a trace of terror when facing those two old servants behind this young woman. They’re probably at the Earthly Immortal Realm. Who exactly are they? Could they be distinguished guests from the 10 great immortal sects?” When Baili Yan and the others left, the old man that led the group was still extremely shocked in his heart, and he seemed to be distracted.

“Manager Wu, you’ve inspected countless people in your life, so have you discerned their origins?” That guard from before couldn’t refrain from asking.

“You talk too much!” Manager Wu grunted coldly, and then he couldn’t help but sigh lightly. “Distinguished guests. They’re absolutely the most distinguished guests I’ve seen in all my life. Merely that bearing is absolutely not something an ordinary person can learn.”

The guard couldn’t help but be astounded when he saw how seriously the old man spoke, and he said embarrassedly, “Manager Wu, then why do you think they’ve come?”

Manager Wu frowned. He was pondering about this as well, but he couldn’t think of a reasonable explanation.

After all, in the entire Marquis Wen’s Estate, only the Marquis, Wen Tianshuo, possessed a cultivation at the Earthly Immortal Realm. But the two old servants of that young woman seemed to be on par with the Marquis. So if it was said that this group of people had come for the sake of taking the Junior Marquis, Wen Hua, as a disciple of their sect, then it seemed like they’d mobilized too many forces…

“Go report of this matter to the Marquis.” Manager Wu pondered for a short moment before instructing right away.

The guard revealed a serious expression and didn’t dare dally before rushing off.

The estate was extremely large and occupied a vast area. After Chen Xi entered the estate, he walked along a trail and passed through an ancient forest before arriving in the depths of a garden along with some other guests.

Once he arrived here, the trees here had become sparse, and the ground was covered in a grass that seemed like a mattress. There was an extremely large and clear lake ahead, and it was like an enormous gem lay there.

At this moment, numerous guests were gathered here. There were experts of the various powers that had graceful bearings, local renowned seniors, but it was mostly filled with young geniuses. They were aged from a little over ten to over 20 years old, and every single one of the were extraordinary. Many of them seemed outstanding with a single glance, and some were even eminent geniuses with shocking auras.

“These are the most outstanding young disciples in Corona City, and they could be considered to have gained advantage from the birthday celebration of the Junior Marquis and were able to gather here this time. Whether they will be chosen by an expert of the various powers and taken as a disciple will depend on their own ability.” A middle aged man laughed lightly and was chatting with his friend by his side.

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding and sighed with emotion in his heart. This Wen Tianshuo can be said to be a broad minded person. The 14th birthday of his son caused the various powers to end experts over, and he used this opportunity to gather all the outstanding disciples in Corona City here. It’s equivalent to giving them a fortuitous encounter, and if they’re able to grab ahold of it, then they might be able to soar into the sky and become a dragon.

“Work hard! I, Chen Yan, can surely do it!” Right when Chen Xi was sizing up the surroundings, a voice that was weak to the point of being almost impossible to hear sounded out by his ears.

Chen Xi was slightly stunned and turned over to look. He saw a weak and dark skinned young man in simple clothes by his side, and the young man had just clenched his fists tightly with a firm expression. 

When the young man noticed Chen Xi’s gaze, a wisp of embarrassment instantly suffused his face, and he seemed to be slightly shy and lowered his head.

A very simple young man. This was Chen Xi’s first feeling when he saw Chen Yan.

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