Chapter 781 – Villain Rankings

An infant was born!

This infant’s eyes were closed tightly as it sat cross-legged in midair, and its skin was white and tender, causing it to seem pure and flawless. Strands of the aura of the Dao coiled around its body and emanated a blazing sheen.

The instant that Chen Xi’s gaze swept over, the infant suddenly opened its eyes, and their gazes collided in midair before a strange and indescribable connection was instantly formed between them.

The step of strengthening the True Essence and molding the soul was successful!

Chen Xi took a deep breath and swiftly executed the visualization technique with both his Soul Cores at the first possible moment.


Within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness, his Soul Core that was much smaller sat cross-legged while the enormous Fuxi Divine Statue rumbled into appearance in the sky, and it was 30km tall and emitted an ancient and vast aura. It seemed to be suppressing the times, transcended the six paths of reincarnation, and it stood towering above the Grand Dao, eternally free!

His Soul Core bathed beneath the warm divine light emanated by the Fuxi Divine Statue, and it started to stabilize and recover at a speed visible to the eye.

On the other hand, within the body of that infant.

A Soul Core was visualizing the Fuxi Divine Statue as well, and it emitted boundless radiance.

Both the Soul Cores that had been split apart were respectively comprehending the Fuxi Divine Statue while growing and recovering swiftly, and the swiftly improving strength of these Soul Cores were growing larger and larger like a rolling ball of snow.

This process continued for an entire month.

When Chen Xi opened his eyes once more, he saw that the infant had transformed into a young man that wore an apricot yellow Daoist robe, had shoulder length hair, handsome features, a tall figure, brows that were pitch black like ink and shaped like swords, and his entire body was suffused with strands of the aura of the Dao, causing him to seem extraordinary.

Shockingly, he was another Chen Xi!

It’s finally complete. The Soul Core of my main body has roughly recovered by around 70%, and it requires another period of time to recover completely… Chen Xi took a deep breath before falling into meditation once again.

“Oh, the Congenital Realm.” Chen Xi who wore the apricot yellow Daoist robe stood up instead, and then he gazed at his main body before a strange feeling of familiarity surged out into his heart.

The main body and clone could be said to possess similar memories, and they could share cultivation experiences and comprehension in Dao Insight. But they were independent individuals in other aspects, and it was like a second life.

The only difference was that the clone couldn’t share the cultivation and strength of the main body.

This was different from the ‘External Avatar’ that body refiners at the Nether Transformation Realm possessed. The External Avatar didn’t possess a Soul Core but possessed the strength and combat strength of the main body, it was purely condensed from Shaman Energy and was controlled by the main body to do battle.

On the other hand, the Worldmend Technique Chen Xi cultivated relied on splitting the Soul Core into two to forcefully construct a second life!

Worldmend, Worldmend, it took from the excess to make up for the deficiency!

This cultivation technique A’xiu passed down to him was absolutely a top rate treasure in the world, and it an extremely rare existence that was almost like stealing a life from the heavens.

Chen Xi even suspected that if this cultivation technique were to be exposed, he would surely suffer the wrath of the heavens! After all, it was simply no different from robbing nature and reversing life and death.

Similarly, this cultivation technique was different from the so-called action of stealing the body of another to achieve rebirth. Because the bodies of qi refiners were destroyed, they utilized the Soul Core to seize the body of another, but there was a huge problem with this, and that was the compatibility of the Soul Core and body was terrible. No matter how good the body was, the problem of conflict between the soul and body would occur after the body was seized, and the slightest mistake might cause one’s body to explode and die from the conflict.

Even if one was able to deal with the conflict between the soul and body, it required spending an extremely long period of time to break-in. So unless there was no other choice, there wasn’t any cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm that would choose to seize the body of another to achieve rebirth.

On the other hand, the Worldmend Technique was different, it utilized one’s own Blood Essence to construct an embryo before utilizing one’s own Soul Core to construct the soul, and then it condensed a clone from this. So the problem of conflict between soul and body utterly didn’t exist.

Very good. The physique of this clone is pure, and it’s coiled with the Aura of the Dao, it’s simply on par with the various ‘innate Divine Bodies.’ Coupled with my experience in cultivating and Dao comprehension, and the supplement of various spirit medicines, it would surely be able to charge into the Nether Transformation Realm within a short period of time…

A wisp of a smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth as the apricot yellow robed Chen Xi sensed the condition of this clone, and he didn’t hesitate any longer to withdraw a blood crystal.

This blood crystal was refined from the corpse of the Lightning Spirit on the 60th level of the sword cave, and he’d refined over 10 of them. They were fist sized with blood qi that seethed like lava, and they carried an unbelievable miraculous effect towards body refiners.

After all, the Lightning Spirit was an existence equivalent to a 5th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert, so how enormous would its blood qi be?


Chen Xi circulated the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Technique and caused a large amount of essence to be ceaselessly absorbed from the blood crystal and transform into Shaman Energy that rumbled within his flesh, and it circulated endlessly like a surging torrent.

Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking, Second-Wood Shaman Marking, Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking, Third-Fire Shaman Marking…

In merely the time for a few breaths, nine Shaman Markings had fully appeared on his back! He directly broke through to the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement in one go!

If this sort of crushing cultivation speed of breaking through repeatedly from the Congenital Realm to the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm was place in the outside world, it would absolutely be able to terrify anyone.

But it was very normal when Chen Xi thought about it. Presently, this clone of his was like a reincarnated Immortal that had awakened his memories. His Dao comprehension, Dao Heart cultivation, cultivation experience, and so on and so forth had attained an unprecedented height and coupled with the large amounts of blood qi essence condensed within the blood crystals from the Lightning Spirit, cultivating to the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement in one go wasn’t strange.


An hour later, Chen Xi’s clone broke through once again and advanced into the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm from the Violet Palace Realm. At this moment, he was even charging towards the Golden Core Realm.

On the other hand, the nine Shaman Markings on his back had condensed into a nebula that surged endlessly, and numerous Grand Dao profundities had interwoven together there and were seething and developing…


One month later, West Radiance Peak.


Space fluctuated as a tall figure walked out from within, and it was precisely the Enforcement Elder, Lie Peng. He swept the surroundings with his gaze before gesturing to call Huo Molei over. “Has Chen Xi not come out from his closed door cultivation yet?”

Huo Molei shook his head. “Martial Uncle, Little Junior Brother is still in closed door cultivation.”

“Oh.” Lie Peng pondered briefly before he said, “Nevermind, tell Chen Xi to go look for me at my abode when he comes out from closed door cultivation.”

Lie Peng’s voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when a voice suddenly sounded out from the bank of the distant Sword Purification Pool. “Martial Uncle Lie Peng, may I know why you’ve personally come to see me?”

Along with this voice was a tall figure that flashed through the sky and arrived here instantaneously. Surprisingly, it was Chen Xi.

At this moment, he still wore green clothes. His long hair fluttered in the wind while his figure was lofty like a sword, and he carried an extraordinary bearing. But Lie Peng faintly sensed that Chen Xi seemed to have changed quite a bit.

He frowned and said, “Chen Xi, your Soul Core seems to have weakened slightly. Did you injure yourself while cultivating? You must remember that great haste does not always bring success. Presently, you’re walking far ahead of your peers, so there’s no need to force yourself like this.” His voice unconsciously carried a wisp of concern.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he nodded. “Thank you, Martial Uncle, for your concern. I’ll bear it in mind.”

“As long as you understand.” Lie Peng smiled and said, “I came here this time because of the two assignments of ‘the passing of the flame’ and ‘the enforcement of justice on behalf of the heavens’.”

As he spoke, a jade slip appeared with a flip of his hand. “Within this jade slip are some outstanding children with rather great reputation that our Nine Radiance Sword Sect has noticed all over the Dark Reverie. Even though they’re young, they’ve already revealed shocking natural talent. If you’re going to take a disciple, then you can search for one from here before heading over personally.”

Chen Xi received it and sized it up briefly before noticing that the names of numerous outstanding children were listed on it, and it included their places of birth, origins, where they stayed, and various other detailed information.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised in his heart because these outstanding children were distributed all over the Dark Reverie. Some were the distinguished children of marquis or generals, some were very ordinary youths from the countryside, some were pure blooded creatures from the myriad of clans from the Primordial Era, and there were also some descendants of creatures that lives in seclusion deep within the ocean, so it could be said to cover and contain everything.

Merely from this jade slip, it wasn’t difficult to discern how deep the resources and reserves of the Nine Radiance Sect were, and an ordinary sect was utterly incapable of gathering such detailed information.

“On the other hand, this jade slip lists the place some villains come and go from. There are demons with monstrous crimes and evil cultivators that cause harm to the world. Take it. You only have to slaughter 10 of these villains and you’ll be considered to have completed the assignment of enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens.” Elder Lie Peng took out another jade slip and passed it to Chen Xi.

“Villain Rankings?” Chen Xi noticed to his shock that within this jade slip was actually a bounty ranking that was jointly released by the 10 great immortal sects, and it was densely filled with a string of blood red names.

Accompanying these names was the illusory image of the appearances of these villains beside it, the area they usually came and went at, and the monstrous crimes that they’d committed.

Moreover, the villains ranked in the top 50 of this ranking were ferocious existences at the Earthly Immortal Realm, and there were evil cultivators and demons with surging demonic qi. As for those below the top 50, they were villains at the Nether Transformation Realm and below.

“Presently, the three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval and the outside world is filled with danger. The figures of Xeno-race experts are present everywhere, so you must be careful when you leave the sect this time.” As Elder Lie Peng spoke, he withdrew a jade talisman that flowed with a violet light from his sleeve, and he passed it to Chen Xi. “This is the Cosmic Immortal Talisman that the Sect Master asked me to pass to you. Use it to save your life.”

Cosmic Immortal Talisman!

Chen Xi’s eyes lit up as this was a supreme lifesaving treasure. All those years ago, Yan Shisan had relied on this treasure to escape from his hands, so how could he possible not know how precious this treasure was?

Moreover, according to rumor, only a great figure of the Immortal Dimension was capable of refining such an Immortal Talisman. So long as it was crushed, it was capable of passing through the boundless space and attain the effect of teleportation. It was the best tool to protect one’s life because practically no one in the Mortal World was capable of stopping it!

“Thank you, Martial Uncle Lie Peng.” Chen Xi cupped his hands. He never expected that he would be able to obtain such a treasure just by going out to carry out two assignments, and he was extremely excited in his heart.

“Haha! It’s sufficient so long as you return safely. Prepare yourself and leave three days from now.” Lie Peng roared with laughter and instructed him slightly before leaving swiftly.

Three days of time?

Chen Xi’s fingers rubbed the Cosmic Immortal Talisman as he pondered for a moment, and then he didn’t think any further before turning around and returning to the West Radiance Peak. He had to seize the opportunity of these three days of time to prepare himself properly.

“Hey, Chen Xi, come over here. I have an urgent matter that I need to discuss with you.” Suddenly, A’xiu came out of nowhere. She waved her hand while calling out in a clear voice, and she revealed a rare serious expression. 

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